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Won't crank - Calibrate on Radio

stonehousestonehouse Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Pontiac
2000 Montana with 145,580 miles. Third owner. First owner to 32k... second to 128k... now in the nickle and dime stage, it is ME (lol).

Drove fine with NO signs of any problems. Then, my wife tried to start it, the next day... and nothing. Now there are a few things to note. Lights seem to be at full power (but did try to jump it). All the shift positions are lit. Radio says "calibrate" when key is left in run position. When turning the key to attempt to start... a low volume "bump" is heard through the speakers. There is a after market starter, tried just simply un-hooking it. Still nothing, Put new (salvage yard) starter on. Jumping the solonoid produces the bendix noise... but no contact with flywheel.

100% stumped!

thanks in advance for your advice...


  • kenniekennie Posts: 38
    Dead battery.... or battery posts are corroded? I know, simple solution but it happened to me and only got clicking and lights on, radio doing funny things.
  • but wouldn't "jumping" the battery, and not starting, eliminate this? and we have NEVER had so much as even the slightest slow crank (for a lower battery). This thing ran PERFECT when it was shut off. Then the very next day... THIS?
  • poortimpoortim Posts: 3
    I have had same thing. No slow crank and then just no crank at all. Nothing in mine on the radio as in messages. BUT here is an odd thing, as I was moving after it would not start and then did 1/2 hour later all gauges and radio and lights and blinkers went off but it was driving fine. It was very strange. Any comments on this I have replaced the battery already so it cannot be that.
  • mailmail Posts: 10
    That sounds much more difficult to diagnose. This happened to me and it was my battery posts and the second time it was my battery. My lights did the same thing but my battery was practically dead. If you plan to keep your van the site: is probably the best 30 bucks you've ever spent ! I use it all the time and it is actually the best value given your time and money.
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