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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • Is this what it costs to upgrade the warranty Full maintenance upgrade?

    BMW service advisor was telling me that it would cost approx $3.5K to upgrade, but I think he was stating that it included an extended warranty and full maintenance.

    I think this link from BMW's site is only for FULL MAINTENANCE.

    Anybody's experience on this?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    Yeah... I would say that the $3500 is for warranty and maintenance..

    The $1195 on the website is just for the maintenance..


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  • bradespbradesp Posts: 21
    I'm considering the purchase of a 120K mileage, 1999 528i BMW Wagon. I've never owned a BMW and have heard that if cared for properly will last a long time.

    Can anyone comment on a 1999 528i with 120K miles from the following perspectives:

    1. If cared for, how long should a model of this year/make last before a major engine overhaul?

    2. What "expensive" maintenance shoudl I be certain has been done, or will need to be done given the mileage of the vehicle.

    3. Anything else I should look out for as a buyer of this used vehicle?


  • tyarttyart Posts: 2
    Hi - I am thinking about buying a new BMW 530 and happen to be going to
    Europe in a few months. I wanted to see if anyone had done the European
    pick up before and how everything went. Thanks
  • tyarttyart Posts: 2
    I am thinking about buying my first BMW - I am thinking about the 530 - What should
    I expect to get off the MSRP. I am thinking around $2000, does that seem about right.
    What do you think about the prium sound package, it seems a little much for $1800.
    What do you think about the navigation system, it to seems a little high sense the car
    already has the screen from the I-drive. That leads me to the next question, how
    do you like the I-drive, is it helpful or a pain to workwith.

    Anything that you can tell a new BMW owner will help!

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780


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  • freddybbfreddybb Posts: 95
    Hi tyart,

    I purchased my first BMW recently as well -- a 2006 530xi (all-wheel drive) that I am delighted with. I paid $2500 off the MSRP of $58,205 in the Boston area, and was able to thankfully do all of my negotiating painlessly by email with four or five different dealerships.

    I got the Navigation and Premium Sound and think they are worth it. I am a HUGE fan of Navigation systems and will never buy a car without one. All my friends who buy cars without navigation systems end up regretting their decisions once they use one. IDrive is very easy to use for me (I work with computers although I am NOT a software engineer) and I very much like the way the console is clean and uncluttered because of IDrive. They have done a lot to make it easier to use (the programmable buttons on the steering wheel, the menu button, etc.) and it is really not a problem at all. In fact, it is beginning to grow on me and I like it.

    Hope that helps.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Got a stationwagon, and discount of three thousand...They had three on hand and were motivated at the end of the month...Tried to get a 7 and they would not come down (2500) on that so am now looking at Audi.. The navigation is o.k. but after you have had them for a while you really need to know where you are going and be careful as they will route you the long way if not careful....The upgraded stereo is very nice...Tony ps the bmw was msrp over sisty one thousand
  • I too got my first BMW in Nov ‘04 (‘05 530i) & I got the NAV.

    And the NAV is indispensable to somebody who uses their vehicle on the road a lot to earn their living, such as any sort of a salesperson, or any sort of a field person who visits clients in the field.

    And while I hear that Acura has the NAV system, BMW’s does take some getting use to, but after one long road trip with it, any driver should be comfortable with it.

    It’s the best $2K I’ve spent for this accessory, I would strongly recommend you get it & you won’t be sorry.
  • I just returned from a spur of the moment trip to Germany in whcih I had the opportunity to drive a new BMW 550i 6-speed and accompany a business partner to pick up his new 997S coupe. Well worth the frequent flier miles and slight abuse from my wife for missing my mother in law's birthday party.

    Rich545, I've got bad news for you. The new 550i is much faster than the 545i verses what BMW published test times would indicate. The engine revs much more freely and I'm guessing that in actual performance, it would split the difference between my 2002 M5 and the 545i 6-speed. It might even be closer to the M5. It's that good. The particular car I drove was a BMW executive's personal car with 8,000 kilometers on the odometer. I was assured that it was a standard production car without any extra goodies under the hood.

    On a side note, I also got to try out a 911 S out on the Porsche test track. That was also quite an experience. Porsche is even worse than BMW in low balling the performance of the new 997 S. Their published figures show 4.6 seconds 0-60. However, the car I drove - also properly broken in - was every bit as quick as a 996 Turbo (sans X50 package). Based upon my experience, the 3.9 figure Road and Track got was no mistake. Equally impressive to me was the improvement in handling and overall build quality and refinement.

    Nice time to be in the market for a performance sedan or sports car.
  • rich545rich545 Posts: 386
    Ah man, you had to rub it in huh? That's okay, I'm sure it will be the next car I get in about 2-3 years from now, and I can live with "much faster" when it equates to fractions of seconds anyway! Glad that it was fun to drive. I'd love to try one just for comparison's sake (though my wife would kill me because she'd be convinced I'd trade the 545 in for a new 550!) I bet you're right that it's closer to the 2002 M5 performance. Hell, it might even be as fast. The '02 M5 had 394 HP at 6600 RPMs and 368 ft/lbs of torque at 3800 RPMs and weighed 4023 lbs. The 550 has 360 HP at 6300 RPMs, 360 ft/lbs of torque at 3400 RPMs and weighs 3803 lbs. So with the 200 lbs weight difference we're probably splitting hairs with perfomance in terms of speed at least.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    I searched the forums but couldn't find any recent posts on the use of regular vs. premium grades of gas in a 530. Does the talked about loss of engine efficiency i.e. poorer gas mileage completely offset the savings?
  • There were some posts about it, but I couldn't find them (I was looking for them several weeks ago). IIRC, not only does the mileage suffer, but over time the valves (?) wear as a result of the adjustments the engine makes to prevent knock. Whatever you save now you'll just be paying later in repairs, and that tradeoff is not worth it. I'll suck it up and buy premium, even though I'm going to be putting 52+ miles a day on the car just driving my son to and from school. That doesn't include picking up my daughter in the afternoons, or any other driving I have to do. :(
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,331
    You're driving a $50,000 BMW and are worried about saving $3.60 every fill up (assuming you put 18 gallons of gas in your car). No matter what the price is, the difference between regular and Premium is about $.20 per gallon.

    Put the Premuim in!

    You'll also get noticibably less performance and worse gas mileage on regular.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • jlbljlbl Posts: 1,333
    Well, coming back from a 'disconnected' holiday spent on the mountains… I have found that the liter of diesel fuel costs now 1 € in Spain. That totals 3.78 € (4.54 $) • gallon. Any class of gasoline costs here even more. (By the way, petrol price in Spain is one of the cheapest in Europe.)

    Thus, I keep skipping lunch everyday since then. I can tie my belt one more hole by now. To further economize, I also keep driving slower. I cannot say which of these nasty behaviors is making me more unhappy and irritable!

  • I only paid $39K for mine new. I guess I am more frugile than you.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    In the USA, 5 series sales were up 32.1% for one year and up 10.6% year to date.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Mea culpa. The 5 series sales were up 10.6% comparing first 8 months 0f 2005 to 2004, not up 10.6% year to date. :blush:
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    It`s the lack of food..Tony
  • Gee, I dunno about that. Driving slowly makes me pretty cranky. (Jose, why don't you pack your lunch and eat in?)
  • jlbljlbl Posts: 1,333
    Hmm, I rather skip lunch than a glass of wine at dinner! ;) Neither can I deny some fuel to my bimmer.

    I am going to slowly drive at the seaside to the very nice town of San Sebastian this afternoon to spend the week-end and then work there the first three days of the next week. San Sebastian has a very solid reputation in gastronomy, which makes me pretty miserable in my present condition.


    PS. Please receive you all my empathy because of the Katrine disaster.
  • Just came from gassing up, and paid $3.69 for a gallon of premium.

    Went out about 5am thinking I would avoid the long lines and hit a 24-hr gasoline station. They’re not 24-hrs anymore; the lower-priced gas stations are not selling gas overnight. I guess this is an effort to conserve their supply.

    The pricier gas stations were open and selling gas.

    I thought things would be different.

    I remember back in the 70's when there were long gas lines, and that’s because gas stations back then weren’t 24 hrs. You couldn’t drive up to a gas station at 3am and “fill her up”; and I thought that led to the long gas lines that I remember from back then.

    I figures now a days with the 24-hr gas stations there would not be a recurrence of those gas lines, or at least not to the length that they were back in the 70's, but if 24-hr gas stations aren’t going to be selling overnight, then I wonder: “Will the long gas lines of the 70's return in this new millennium?”.

    Somebody once said “what’s old is new again”!

    Thoughts anybody?
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    I just paid 3.19 for premium and I nearly choked. I've seen it as high as $3.97. Gas stations vary wildly in the price they are charging as much as $1/gallon. The Hess station was under $3/gallon for premium, but as you can imagine the place was packed. I've never seen gas stations so packed.

    The long weekend and peoples fears of a gas shortage are causing thie run.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    What can I do to put you in this lovely 4 cylinder Honda Civic today? ;)
  • pen101pen101 Posts: 238
    ok, the other day I went to the beach. Took the canyon route. It is a 15 mile 2-lane curvy road with a few passing lanes up and over the mountains. There were 3 of us in the car (2002 530 SP 5-sp). The car handled the fast turns like a dream. There are also some steep grades to clear. I miss the days when I would take this road in my turbo Supra, spool up the turbo to full psi, double down shift and then let it go. The car would shoot forward like a sling shot to pass even on the steepest inclines. However, in the BMW, in order to pass with authority on the steep grade, it takes a lot longer to increase speed requiring more planning and strategy. Its times like this that gets me thinking that I should have gotten the 540 instead. Then when I returned home, I passed a gas station selling 91 octane at $3.39. I checked the gas mileage on the trip computer and it said 27.2 mpg. Then I thought that the 530 is not so bad after all.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    requiring more planning and strategy

    Let's just say it takes more skill...


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  • IIRC, lines were long in the seventies because there really was a shortage. This time around, there are rumors of one. So far they are only rumors...but human nature being what it is, we never let the facts get in the way of a good story, do we? (The more things change, the more they stay the same?) Hence, the run on gas.

    ABTW, the reporter who said Katrina is our tsunami was right. I've heard accounts from family of survivors, and they say that whatever you're seeing on TV doesn't do it justice--it's really a good ten times as bad as what we see. I just can't wrap my brain around that kind of destruction.
  • Recently ordered and received the 2006 525XI sleek, wonderful looking car. Sand exterior dealer called Olivin Green with tan leather interior with all the bells and whistles, to die for. I purchased it about a month ago, for the BMW experience, unfortunately I haven't been able to experience very much because I've had to bring this car in for service three times with an average stay of 4days. Approximately four days after pick-up the car's service engine light appeared, then the car began cutting off on me, the vanos unit was supposedly the culprit they went in and reset something. However, that did not work so I was back in a few days at which time they replaced something. Then the i-drive malfunctioned and I could not operate the radio, navigation, etc. However, I was still able to drive! Great! I took it back in for this problem to be addressed and it was held for six days to resolve the problem. So recently got it back and waiting to see. $50,000.00 car and it feels like I purchased a lemon. :mad: :confuse:
  • awaxawax Posts: 8
    I am in the Air Force and stationed overseas. I can order a 2006 M5 through BMWs military sales for delivery at any dealer in the US. I was quoted $83,000 for the 2006 M5 with every option available delivered in Jan/Feb 2006.

    Since I can't visit dealerships in the US, I am having trouble determining if this is a fair deal. I have tried to phone a few dealerships. As expected, they are very cautious with telephone call inquiries.

    Does anyone have any feedback for me? Good price? Are M5s expected to be a hot seller for dealerships? Limited supply?

    My other option is to go with a 2006 550i for $63,000.

    Thanks for the help!
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