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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • Funny you would ask this question! I am considering a used 750i with many bells and whistles from an independent dealer in NVA vs a new 525i or xi. Hands down the 750 has more room and a flashier interior, but the value and reliability are not as good. In looking at Consumer Reports, they gave the 06 750 a very low score for overall reliability and interior materials. One dealer (Farid at Passport BMW) in MD gave me a deal I could not refuse, so I am picking up the 525xi tomorrow.

    Good luck with your decisions.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I've been looking for a new commuter sled, and I've found several nice E39s. The one that really caught my eye was a gorgeous CPO 2003 540iA Sport at my local dealer. I especially loved the color(Topaz Blue) and the M Technic bodykit. It also had a Dinan ECU re-map and CAI. The only drawback was the slushbox(BLEAH!!!), but I figured I could live with it for as little as I'd drive it. I finally got a chance to check it out today and the bloody thing has every BMW option EXCEPT HEATED SEATS! What kind of idiot orders a $60,000 car -in Cincinnati no less- and leaves off the heated seats? Didn't even stick around to drive it. I'm about ready to get in touch with my inner redneck and buy a Charger Daytona or SRT8. Then again, I'm also looking at an E39 M5 tomorrow.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,395
    '03 V8 powered E39s are sweet cars! Dude, there is no way you'll be happy with a slushbox (maybe an '03 540iA) or an American car. The E39's driving dynamics would help ease the pain of owning a slushbox, but the Charger...I don't know.

    I'd love to get my hands on an '03 540i Sport or '03 M5 in a couple of years!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    In addition to the M5 I'm going to check out a 2003 530i Sport tomorrow. The knock on the 530 is that it's painted that boring Sterling Gray color. I can't understand why everyone wants a Bimmer in black or silver. Bleah!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "What kind of idiot orders a $60,000 car -in Cincinnati no less- and leaves off the heated seats?"

    Hey! I resemble that remark! I ordered my 2002 530i 5-Speed, PP, SP, Xenon and Premium Audio and specifically didn't order either the heat-seaters or the CWP. Why? I had them on one car, used them once, HATED the uncomfortable feeling and never used them again. So, no heat-seaters for my cars unless they are standard equipment. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,395
    Funny you should say that. My Dad's '04 X5 3.0iA SP is Sterling Grey/Black Leather while my Mom's '05 E60 530iA (non-sport) is Black/Black Leather :P The Sterling Silver on the X5 looks really sharp with the black trim from the Sports Package. After over 58,000 miles it still looks near perfect after it is washed. One of the many "perks" when you work for your Dad and it is the day after Thanksgiving and business is a little slow...."Here, go get my truck washed."

    I do agree that there are too many silver cars out there. I was behind a 996 911 Turbo coming home from work today in Silver... Don't get me wrong, it was pretty, but with colors like Speed Yellow & Lapis Blue on the Porsche Pallet how do you pick Silver?

    I really dig white BMWs, the blues are nice too. The black BMWs look downright sinister with Sport Packages.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    No offense intended, it's just that I like heated seats. Whatever car I buy will be my commuter sled for at least five years, so I'm going to make darn sure it's equipped EXACTLY the way I like it. On top of that, I was ready to buy the car Friday -just in time for a nice weekend trip- and finding the heated seats missing was just incredibly frustrating.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    When you have a long gravel driveway a black car NEVER looks clean. My black M6 was gorgeous but it only looked pristine for maybe ten minutes out of the four years that I owned it... Stirling isn't a bad color, it's just that it seems 99% of newer BMWs are either silver or black. Anyway it's a moot point; today I arrived at The BMW Store just in time to see the Stirling 2003 530i manual Sport being delivered to its new owners. And that was after being ignored at Jake Sweeney BMW, which you can read about in the "Stories From the Sales Frontlines" topic. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you how the Charger SRT8 drives tomorrow. My wife says that I'm getting in touch with my Inner Redneck... ;)
  • I am currently in the market for a new 2007 5 series vehicle. I've narrowed down my wish list to either the 525 or a 530. I have a couple of questions that I hope folks can help me with.

    1) HP
    I am not a performance nut, however I like to have adequate power while driving. I am a little concerned that the 525 w/ the 215hp is potentially underpowered especially w/ A/C on and a full load of passengers. I've driven both vehicles and I really can't tell the difference on the performance side.

    Should I buy the 530 or go w/ the 525?

    2) AWD
    I live in VA and we get bad weather from time to time. Is purchasing the Xi version of these cars worth it? I'd like to be able to drive the vehicle in the winter and I worry that the RWD i just won't cut it.

    Should I opt for the AWD version?

    Thanks in advance for your help and recommendations.
  • Live in NVA and just picked up a 525 xi from Passport BMW. Had very good experience with Farid (salesman) and his manager. No pressure and willing to negotiate. I heard from another dealer that you can boost the engine horsepower output by installing a chip, as both the 525 and 530 have the same engine. Not sure if this true, hopefully someone out there can let us know. The 525 xi has decent power and we do not have many moutains to climb around here. The all wheel drive ought to help in the winter. Watch out for the add-on costs.
  • cassidymcassidym Posts: 108
    I live in b NVA and bought a 2005 545 from Passport (Joern is an excellent salesman). Anyway, I agonized about all wheel drive but it wasn't available on the 05 so I went with the rear wheel drive. I was unsure of this decision as my previous car (86 325) was a pig in the snow.

    But I've found this car to handle very well. It is much better balanced than the old 325...about 50-50 front-to-rear and the traction assist and DSC render it very stable. I've been through two winters and, so far, am perfectly happy with its ability to handle the snow. My car did come equipped with Summer tires and so I bought a set of snow tires which I swap out for the season. When they wear out I plan to get all season redials.

    Definitly recommend the 530...the more poweer the better. I almost out the 530 but I took my wife for a ride and afterwards she said it was the best car she'd ever ridden in but seemed a bit underpowered. Didn't take me long to change my mind!

    As for color, I got the Olivene Green and gets lots of compliments. Very pleased with it.

    And do the PDC. Don't think I could park the thing without it.

    Mike C
  • The 525 IMHO needs to be driven ONLY if equipped with the stick shift -- otherwise it is not very peppy -- not bad, just not very quick. The stick cures much of this issue.

    And, if you know me, you know I am going to swear by AWD espeically where you live.

    I am not certain the chip will do much since the car is non turbo. If it improves the so called throttle tip in, well that is not doing much for the power, just making you give it more gas with less pedal travel.

    I'd look into that.

    The 525xi with a stick shift and the 18" wheels is pretty sweet and often can be had at a good price with BMW financial's ever willing help.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302

    been out of the x3, allroad, and audi forums myself and low and behold you is here now too!

    Just placed an order for a 530i with MT, comfort seats, logic7, sirius, premium in monoco blue with Auburn interior. No Sport as I don't want to deal with runflats. I do need allseason capability and with only oneflat choice I don't want that kind of limitations and the way I eat tires Im looking at changes at 15-17k, 30-32k, and again before termination at 45k. Don't want to buy new shoes right before turning it in! I bought used tires for $165 for the allroad and they had 70% tire tread left before I turned it in!

    In NC, I can't justify the X drive (no crazy lease money on x drive in winter!) and BMW is more than willing to help me on my new lease. Money rate is .00050 and residual was 60% with 15km miles. No money down pmt is $630 with tax on a 55k car!

    The 530i is more than enough power and the incentives right now are way to good to pass up. From what I read the Spring refresh is not that intense and while the 535 will be sweet, the incentives are just too tempting. I just feel very good about my deal for this car.

    Its on order due for a late february delivery in South Carolina. I'd do a euro but im actually going to be in munich in 2 weeks and don't have time to go back.

    Given my preference to MT, I never even looked at the A6. All my choices at this time are manual trannys, the choices were all BMW 3's, X3's or a 5 series.

    funny, BMW has incentives all over the place and they are flying off the shelves yet Audi has relatively none but still seem to be doing well. BMW locally is expanding the dealership. Again!

    I hope to be back in an Audi one day as I enjoyed the experience. All these companies seem to run in cycles and this seems to be BMW's time. Im sure Mercedes will one day shine again. The consumer wins with good competition!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    That sounds like a really great car. As you might have read above, I'm considering an E39 for my new work hack. Right now I'm really giving a lot of thought to a 2002 M5. They seem tobevery reliable,and not all that hard to work on. I've also checked out a couple of E46 M3s. And, while I hate to admit it, that Charger SRT-8 is one fabulous car. How can anything SO big be SO fast? I just know I'd go through a set of pads every track day, but at least they are as easy to change as the ones on my old M6...
  • Any information on the 2008 5 series. I hear there is going to be a 525 and 535.

    A dealer in Oklahoma City told me the 08 would not be out until Nov 2007 and a dealer in Austin told me that the 08 would be out in the May 2007. Do you know when they will be released?

    I wrote BMWNA a few days ago and asked them "what was the truth" but have not received a reply.

    Thanks for your reply
  • This is just a pure educated guess from me, but with the cheap money rates on the 5 series right now I think we will see updates sooner than later. Seems like they are trying to clear out some inventory prior to the updates.

    Also, not sure but I think we will see a 528 and a 535... no more 525.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Also, not sure but I think we will see a 528 and a 535... no more 525.

    We'll also probably see a twin turbo 535d, since NA has finally decided to import some of their oil burners.
  • maccarmaccar Posts: 10
    Does anyone have a suggestion for an independent shop they have used in Dallas and been happy with? Any suggestions on how to find an independent shop in Dallas?
    I apologize if this type of solicitation is frowned upon in this forum. I searched the discussion archive and did find anything similar to this thread.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It's a fine question, no apology necessary. :) Hope someone has a suggestion for you.
  • Maccar,

    I have a 2001 525i and I have received great service from
    German Motor Works in Richardson, TX. The owner is on-site, they do great/quality work, and the prices are more than reasonable. Here is the contact info below:

    German Motor Works
    1352 S Plano Rd
    Richardson, TX 75081
    (972) 690-6623

    Hope this helps.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Any thoughts? I'm looking at one with a 6MT. Basically debating between this and an 05/06 GTO.

    Thoughts, Ideas, etc welcome.

  • I currenly own a 1985 BMW 535i. There is a computer-like device on the right hand side of my dashboard. My BMW came without a owner's manual. I'd like to learn how to operate this device: set the time, date, etc. I've familiarize myself with the timer and mph limit. Also, there is a 'code' button- how am I to find the code to my BMW? And with the code, what does it enable me to do?
  • macdadmacdad Posts: 65
    What does BMW do to increase the horsepower in the 530 compared to the 525? For those who have driven both - can you tell the difference?

    I have an '06 525 (automatic)and am considering a 530. Can the horsepower in the 525 be improved and not void the warranty and is it worth it?

    Any response would be appreciated.

  • sixpaqssixpaqs Posts: 21

    I don't know exactly what it is they do to the car, but I have driven both the 525 auto and the 530 in manual and auto (I have a manual, friend has the auto). You can definitely feel the difference between the two. The 530 is a torque-ier engine than the 525. As for improving the HP in the 525, I am sure you can "chip" it, but that usually voids the warranty. Personally, I wouldn't do that to my car, but that is my opinion.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    For the 2006 models, both the 525i and 530i have 3.0 liter engines, however, the 525i has only a "Single-stage" induction system while the 530i sports a "Three-stage" induction system. What that means in real world terms is that the path the intake charge takes through the induction system can be adjusted based upon engine RPM to obtain optimal volumetric efficiency (more air and fuel into the cylinders at any given RPM). Chipping a normally aspirated BMW engine won't get you squat in extra performance.

    Other things to consider, the 530i has a more robust manual transmission than the 525i and the brakes are larger and more capable as well so not all of the extra cost of the 530i goes into that trick intake system.

    And yes, the difference between the two engines is quite noticeable (at least in manual transmission trim, I've never driven a BMW with an automatic).

    Best Regards,
  • sixpaqssixpaqs Posts: 21
    Thanks for this info, Shipo. Very informative. I drove both the 525 and 530 in automatics, and there is a difference, especially off the line. For the money, I say go with the 530. I got mine with the a manual last week and I am very happy with the choice.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    It is the onboard computer to calculate distance to destination, elapsed time, etc. I think you can probably find a reference on the net (try posting at Or you can always buy one from ebay ( I just saw one there, search for "e28 manual"). Also, 3/5/6/7 shared the same/similar OBC, so if you have friends with those cars, you can take a look at those.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    How does one check the level of oil in your engine? Does your car have a dipstick or do you check your oil level via your iDrive interface?

    Best Regards,
  • pdmpdm Posts: 1
    Greetings. I am a former 2002 530 owner and recently bought 2007 550 MT, great car, adjusting to iDrive -- but am baffled by the center console set up. I use my cell phone constantly in and out of car and with (excellent) bluetooth system find no real benefit for me to the cradle. Does anyone have any experience with removing the cell phone portion of the center storage console?
    any input appreciated....
  • jlbljlbl Posts: 1,333
    With more power, less consume and little re-styling. Consume for 530i should decrease between 1.6 and 1.8 (manual and automatic) liters•100km——with 272 hp and 31.36 miles per gallon on the average (automatic). Also, it will have an Automatic Pilot for the traffic jams (which shall be not the Auto Stop & Start System).

    More details (Braking Energy Regeneration) in poster #630 in BMW Series-1 here in Edmunds.

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