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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • I love the new 5 series and am considering a 550. Also considering an M56. One big issue for me is reliability. I currently have a GS430 and have not had a single problem with it for 95k miles. I know this may be hard to quantify, but any comments on the reliability of a new 550 vs. an M56 would be appreciated, or general reliability of BMWs. I'm thinking their record is not the best but not sure how to quantify.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 20,483
    I don't know what kind of shape your Lexus is in after 95K miles but I think you won't know how good a Fiver is until you've flipped the nines on the odometer. That's a round about way of saying that the BMW may give a few problems at first but will still be a sturdy reliable ride after the Japanese contemporaries have been melted down for razor blades

    -E39 owner-130K and counting.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • ctlctl Posts: 129
    edited January 2011
    There is a reason they say trust advices from internet at your own risk... $5,500 is the fix my friend needed last year on his 2001 E39.
  • The current statistics on my 2002 530i (5 speed, sport package, European Delivered).

    167744 miles, 26.6 MPG, 49.9 MPH average, $19,052.02 maintenance cost ($0.115/mile)
  • Are the issue HPFP resolve? Do they have other issues? Sales rep says no issues. Pls advise if need to stay away.

  • sandytozsandytoz Posts: 1
    Shopping for a 1st car for my son, found a BMW530i 1994 automatic for under $1000. Was in a wreck with most of the damage on the passenger side front quarter panel/grille/bumper. Has brake problems, power steering issues, 199,000 miles.
    The kid has good taste & a job so I'm not worried about that, anything else I should be finding out about before we pull the trigger?
    Will it be a big deal finding parts so he can fix this car up?
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 308
    Wrecked car with bad brakes and steering. Wouldn't put my kid in it but YMMV.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 126,124
    Parts are likely to be fairly expensive..

    Plus, the '94 530i is a V-8... Parts related to that engine are likely to be even pricier..

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  • I'm in the process of buying my first 98 bmw 528i , 165000 miles on it from a private owner. All I heard about bmw's are : very expensive to maintain, expensive parts. Since I have a limited budjet so Im afraid that my will be new experience with bmw would dig some big holes in my pocket. I also have no idea about the car maintenance records, previous owner(S). Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated and helpful.
  • I'm currently driving a 96 nissan maxima who aren't in a good shape, plus some cosmetics problems. so should I stick with my it or go for the 98 528i?
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