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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Unfortunately Lexis is not what it once was as far as service goes..When my breaks had a problem four or so years ago, they replaced everything with no charge and gladly...I must admit they are expensive for routine things,but have never taken advantage of me as they have you with more than a thousand dollars for your breaks..I can`t believe that the home office won`t do something for you. Maybe another try would be worthwhile..Tony
  • Bay Ridge is listed as Lexus Elite.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289

    Well, I don't have a LS400 but my father in law has a 2000 LS400. I'll take a look at his manual the next time I'm there or he's at my place. I help him out all the time with his cars maintanance because if I didn't he would get robbed blind for stuff like tires & brakes.
    He just replaced the front brakes on his LS400 for the first time @52K miles, I sent him to a local shop that resurfaced the rotors and installed new front Lexus pads for $140. His Lexus dealer quoted him about $350 for the same work.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    If a car is left for considerable periods of time in a humid area (close to the sea for example), the rotors will rust pretty quickly and thus wear far more during the first few miles of driving again. (Rust will appear within 24 hours even in relatively good conditions, take a look yourselves.) In the north, road salt takes its toll as well. Thus the wear and tears on rotors on two cars with 50k miles will be far greater on one car that is used only on weekends vs one used every day, everything else being equal.

    I think the issue is more whether Barry5 was given an estimate before he approved the work, rather than trying to assess the need, since there are too many caveats and variables there.
  • ifpskenifpsken Posts: 39
    Which San Diego dealer took care of your CBEST change to allow door lock to occur at 12mph? I had my LS430 in today for the 5k service and the tech showed me the options which were available and the 12mph option was not listed. His explanation was that Lexus may have changed (increased) options available on the newer manufactured LS, mine was mfg'd 12/03.

    I would like to call your San Diego dealer and ask if the date of manufacture limits the various options available.

    Thanks, Ken
  • My dealer is Lexus of Carlsbad. Frankly, I think that what really happened in regard to the CBEST door locking options was that I called Lexus USA in Torrance about the problem, and they called the dealer and told them how to operate the CBEST computer that does the changes. I got a 'bafflegarb' explanation from the dealer service department about a "new" computer program "just" received from Lexus that allowed them to delve down an additional level to see more setting options. Lexus Torrance called me a few days later to see if I was happy (I was), but danced around about the fix involved, saying only that they had "discussed" the tech issues with the dealer service department. I don't think it's a date of manufacture issue. Hope this helps...

    By the way, I probably should change my name to VistaTom since I bagged it from San Diego a couple of years ago...too much Chargers ticket guarantee, Padres stadium, employee pension fund, city council ethics, traffic problems, etc. etc. ...
  • chicagoedchicagoed Posts: 69
    Tom, are you saying that the dealer did NOT get a new or updated service device or tool to communicate with the car's computer, one that had some features that were lacking from the older one? And that all that happened was that some expert at Lexus USA told the dealer how to do it with the existing service tool?
  • ChicagoEd:

    I do NOT know what happened at the dealer. They told me that they had received an update...I suspect that they were informed on how to better use the CBEST device. At any rate, it
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    Within the next couple weeks I'll be bringing my 02 in for the 30,000 mile service. Does anyone recall how much this service usually costs? I want to be a bit more informed on what to expect given all the recent messages about people being over charged and/or over serviced at some dealers. Many thanks to all...
  • chicagoedchicagoed Posts: 69
    My dealer's price list for this is $530. When I get there I will give it a lot of thought before I do it, if I do it.
  • ifpskenifpsken Posts: 39
    Thanks for the info, I will call Carlsbad & Torrance. I also have an 04 LX470, I hope that it's CBEST options have that available also.

    Thanks again, Ken
  • ckennedyckennedy Posts: 82
    Kennedy here again. I have seen all of the horry stories about the various dealers and I was wondering if you knew the 7 elite dealers if i indeed go through with buying the 2001 430ls
  • See Post #5925 for a link to all the Lexus Elite Dealers country wide.
  • barry5barry5 Posts: 49
    My Lexus mediator called me yesterday.

    1- After consultation with the manual people at Lexus they agree with me that rotors are not described in the exempt section of the warranty. and they will be rectifying that in the future, She also stated implied in the warranty is what actually covered is manufactures defect not those things which are due to wear and tear.

    2- Because they were not specific in their warranty manual Lexus will be sending me a check for $ 1,300 to cover the rotor problem and i guess pain and suffering. The check is to arrive in 3 weeks.

    3. The mediator asked me if I would buy another Lexus, I stated yes but will be awaiting the All Wheel Drive. She stated from what she is hearing it will be a 2006 model mid year release.

          Though this has been an awful experience I feel at ease and my faith is once again restored. Of course the check is in the mail and I will inform you when it arrives.

         Again thank you for all your support and collective comments and wisdom,
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Glad to see the positive outcome. When you discussed the 2006 AWD was it the LS they were referring to? If so that would confirm that 2006 is the new LS model year.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Barry5 - congratulations on your success with this!
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    Got a list of changes for 2005. For the LS the first arrivals (in port, not at dealer) will be 9/7. Only changes will be 18" wheels and tires for all configurations, and the availability of all season tires for 18" rims.
    No change except pebble beach edition to SC, no changes at all to LX.
    Big addition of options and accessories to ES (arriving 8/4)
    new engine 270HP VVTi and sport package for GX (12/8)
    RX gets 4th GEn Nav w/bluetooth, HID and AFS packaged topgether but separate from sport pkg, dropped Black Forrest/Gray and Blue Mica/Black (9/2)

    Decided to hold on to my LS until fall and get 2005 RX instead of 2004. Glad no changes to SC so no regrets ahving picked that up now.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Lexus comes through again. What a company! I smell an LS430 in my near future.....
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    GX engine - new or just tweaked? Regardless - you would expect any changes to that engine or tranny would also occur in the LX.

    How's that SC430? I think the car stays as is for the most part until 2007. But I think 2006 is the year of big change for the LS.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    Having the SC and LS. The SC is an affair, but my love is still with the LS. That's why I know I'm going back when the SC comes off lease. It was a last fling. I'm not embarrased to be a cliche, just enjoying looking for the right hat.

    The list I got from Ray Catena says "New VVTi engine (270 hp)". I'm not familiar with the car since we never considered one so I don't know how big a change that is.

    I must say that they were amazingly gracious about our change of mind. They gave me a good price on both cars as part of a two car deal, and the color my wife wanted had finally arrived. I went in to talk to them in person. I told my salesman, and he went into the office to tell the sales manager. The sales manager came out with my salesman to talk to me, and I thought he was going to try to talk me into taking the car. Instead he thanked me for coming in to tell them in person, as many people in similar situations won't even return their calls when the car comes in. No hassel about the switch, and they refunded my deposit. I can't speak highly enough about them. If there was an "elite of the elite" I'd put them on the list.
  • barry5barry5 Posts: 49
    The car that the Lexus Mediator was describing was the LS430 due mid year as a 2006 model.
  • barry5barry5 Posts: 49
    I have noticed that my Dynamic Cruise Control was picking up cars late and this problem was increasing. At times it would not lock on consistently at the car in front of it.

        I looked at the unit [right side of front bumper is a slot] and noted the lens glass and receptor glass were pitted. I assume this was due to the harsh winter in the northeast coupled with heavy road salting. I also noted a slight crack probably from road debris being thrown up.

      I tapped the glass covering of the unit and it is tempered glass. The glass cannot be replaced one must buy the entire unit.

      I believe it would make sense to make the units glass with a vinyl or mylar protector which would be self adhering and which could be replaced.

      I also feel the glass front panel should be replaceable on the unit as it is exposed and and sits low to the ground, it will be will be damaged in time. It needs some protection.

      I own a 2001 LS 430 ultra so the unit functioned well for 3 years now it needs replacement, Cost with installation $ 2,000.
  • ifpskenifpsken Posts: 39
    I called Lexus customer service, last friday, they put me on hold and called Tustin Lexus and spoke to the head service tech. He reviewed the CBEST tech manual and told me the locking option (@ 12mph) was available. He adjusted my LX470 while it was there and said it would only take a maximum of 10 minutes to adjust the LS if I could bring it by.

    Thanks again for your info.

  • leza2279leza2279 Posts: 10
    I have owned a 2004 LS430 which I thoroughly enjoy - but recently, the steering wheel has locked after the ignition has been turned off. This has happend to me and my wife 4 times and it is now causing my wife some concern as she refuses to drive the car since she is concerned that the wheel will lock on her and she will not be able to drive the car.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem - if so, what is the solution.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I've noticed that the steering wheel seems to jam more with Smartaccess in the 2004 LS. But just shake it a bit (hard if you have to), particularly with your hand juglling the starter and it comes loose very easily and quickly. When it first happened to me I thought I had my first problem with a Lexus car in 9 years. I was hesitant to shake the wheel because of the Smartaccess and thought I needed to disable it initially. Somehow I got distracted by something I had to do in my home and then came back into the car to go to the store. I completely forgot about the steering wheel and just naturally gave it a hard tug and it came free immediately. Its happened to me 4 or 5 times now and I will note it with Lexus service when I go in for my 5,000 mile service next month. But it really is not much of a deal. But if you are too easy on the steering wheel when this happens you'll never get it loose.

    By the way I love smartaccess but the lack of it in the GX is driving me nuts. Half the time I drive my wife's GX I'm trying to start it without the key in the ignition.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I'm not sure about the "locking" issue. For example, after I turn a car off (just about any manufacturer) the steering wheel typically "locks into place and it cannot be moved from side to side.

    Is that what you are describing?

    To turn the car on I just turn the key and get going. By "locking" do you mean that you cannot turn the car on without giving the wheel a hard tug?

    Thanks in advance for clarifying this for me.
  • leza2279leza2279 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the prompt reply - I did call my service manager and he told me to do the same thing, i.e., give the wheel a shake - and it works.
    But, like you, I will note it when I take my car in for the 5,000 mile service.
    Thanks again
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    The glass on my cruise control is also broken. I'm about ready to bring it in for the 30K mile check and was going to have the glass replaced. Now that I know it will cost $2K, I think I'll pass on the repair. Luckily, it's still working OK...the cracked glass must not be interferring with the unit yet.
    And I agree 100% with your comment about some kind of a protection for the glass. With the position of the unit, just about anything can be kicked up from the road and damage the unit.
    Anyway, I'll ask my dealer about replacing the glass and see if they tell me the same thing about a $2k repair job. Stay tuned. I go in on June 29th.
  • There are outfits that fix dings in windshields without replacing them. I wonder if they could fix your Cruse control glass...It would be relatively cheap if they can.

    Would be worth a call?
  • barry5barry5 Posts: 49
    Dear jbianco:

             Unfortunately on the Dynamic Cruise Control module you cannot change the glass,you have to buy the entire unit. The unit is $1,600 and they have to drop the bumper. The design is terrible. I do not know whether the 2004 have a different design.

            I am having mine repaired today and it is a $2000 job. I plan to buy a 20 mil vinyl sheet to see if I can protect the glass. Good Luck to you on your 30K visit.
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