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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • kirmankirman Posts: 1
    I have the same car and the same key issue. I have had three keys and a new wireless controller. My jeep has left me stranded 4 times. Once I was 100 miles from my second key. Now I don't leave home without both key fobs. The dealer claims I have only had two repairs instead of 4 and Jeep says this is a problem they have never heard of. Odd how there is a 3 month back order for keys and wireless control modules when they are having no problems. I applied for lemon law reimbursement and JEEP is fighting me. I also had a defective windshield that was replaced with another defective windshield. There are about 30 scratches on the vinyl layer between the glass layers. My 7th new jeep and it's going to be my last.
  • Hi ,

    I am still having the same problem. even if I am inside the car with the key, its shows on the screen, key not detected, it even gets difficult to start the engine as it shows the same error, i tried my spare key, then it works perfectly, now that I have given my 2 keys and my car to Jeep to re program the both. hope when i get it back i don't have that issues any more. I even have problems of getting my car heated up, but again when i took my car to Jeep , they say they have not find any problems like this before. they told to leave the car, they are still trying to find the problem why my JGC 2011 is getting heated up, but still cant find why? Seriously speaking its time for Jeep to re call these cars and fix it, otherwise i love my GC.
  • xc90508xc90508 Posts: 26
    Took the JGC in to the dealer yesterday. They "reset" the radio/nav/unconnect. They said that they can do that when they attach it to their computer. (I don't see any sort of "reset" button.)

    They also said there is a software update for the nav/radio/uconnect available from Chrysler. They had to order it as it is on disc.

    Hopefully no more problems. Everything working again for now.
  • Dealer replaced batteries in the key fobs. All is fine for 2 days. Then day 3 Jeep won't start. Had it towed to a different dealer. This dealer found RRT 11-038 which is a flash update to the ECM and PCM. We will see if that works this time.
  • macemmittmacemmitt Posts: 1
    I'm an x-radar tech with Navy, so my explanation reflects what the Jeep tech and I discussed. My problem was that the push button would not turn off the vehicle. Gripe was verified and duplicated when I arrived at the dealership. First step was to verify key code to the key itself. The Jeep tech brought out a transmission box, about the size of a box of wooden matches, it was yellowing orange with multiple vertical lights. The key passed the test for transmission and for code recognition as per "pinn".
    The push button itself is a quick disconnect. Beneath is a set of contacts and another button which is housed inside the remote ignition module. On the other side of the remote ignition module is quick disconnect plug. The technician pulled the plug off to stop the car.
    Warning!!! Do this only at the dealership because if you attempt to pull circuit breakers, fuses or the plug from the remote ignition module, the anti-theft security protocol will "sterilize" any existing memory and will go into "default" as if it left the factory.
    The problem here are two competing CPU's and proprietary input qualifiers. Both the remote start ignition, whether its wireless or push button, the ignition module registers, initiates and monitors a small portion of systems where the main CPU monitors everything. This is great for anti-theft but in the normal operation of the vehicle, there is a distinct hesitation when both CPU's fight for control or release control over the transmission, all electrical controls, engine throttle control, etc, etc and etc.
    The maintenance supervisor put the push button on order, but we learned that the button itself was on "back order". Obviously, there's a bigger issue here than Jeep is letting on. The next issue was the remote Ignition module. There's a distinct possibility that if the button malfunctioned, or "shorted" or "open" which prevented the car from shutting off, the remote ignition module might be bad. Obviously, if the remote ignition module controls some of the same systems as the main CPU, then there might be some system failure, but you won't know until you put the Jeep through all its paces and test every system.
    Jeep has a master control computerized diagnostic unit which analyzes both the CPU and remote ignition module. Theoretically, this is warranty work. The Jeep MUST BE PUT ON THE DIAGNOSTIC machine to test all inputs, outputs and critical systems to ensure the CPU and remote ignition module are functional.
    I hope this helps'
  • Being an ex-IT guy, your explanation makes alot of sense and I will share it with the dealer (who still has my Jeep). Interestingly enough Chrysler from the Detroit "home office" called me and told me that the dealership is misdiagnosing the problem and the real problem is the "WIN MODULE" and further said that "we are having alot of problems with the WIN Module in the newer vehicles" and he said he would call the Dealership and let them know (which he didn't). So I told the dealership this and they laughed because the WIN module has already been replaced. With doing nothing, they said it is working fine but it did "stutter start" first. I told them to give the Jeep to a good technician and have him drive it until it fails.
  • bikerjenbikerjen Posts: 4
    My JGC is now about 8 months old, less than 9500 miles. Already battled the WIM problem, now my newest delimma for which the Jeep has been in the dealership's shop for 4 days is that the AC blows cold air on drivers side and in the rear vents, but on the passenger side blows heat. Seemed to me that it was a problem with the recirculate button or the controller on that side. It took the dealer at least a day to "duplicate" the problem, now it's been another day with no answer or explanation as to the cause. :mad:
  • kimbo67kimbo67 Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    Oh my gosh, I have had my jeep only 3 months - brand new and it's been in the shop 15 days now for the same issue - left me stranded 2x and they won't declare it a lemon. What the heck - I don't want the stupid car anymore. This is horrible - I'm sick over the whole thing.
  • jreworldjreworld Posts: 3
    Check the lemon law in your state. In CA, I think it must me in the shop for 30 days within an 18 month period, and not necessarily consecutive. I've met half of that criteria. As soon as it it meets the rest which I'm sure it will, I will get rid of it. Get yourself a lemon law lawyer, don't count on the manufacturer. Again, in CA there is a provision in the lemon law that the lawyer will not cost you anything, the manufacturer will. Good luck.
  • grimsby1grimsby1 Posts: 4
    Hi does anyone know if these key issues have been resolved at the factory level. I have a new JGC Overland on order with a build date for late this month. Does anyone know if these problems are occuring on recent builds or older models?
  • bikerjenbikerjen Posts: 4
    When mine did it (Oct 2010) it was an "unknown new" issue to them... I bought mine in August 2010 if that helps.
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    My JGC Overland was built in February and I don't seem to have any key problems.

    By the way, I just bought Bridgestone Blizzack DMV1 winter tires and wheels (20") from Tire Rack. I figured I would get them early while what I want is in stock.
  • grimsby1grimsby1 Posts: 4
    Thanks I take delivery in June sometime. I will come back with updates.
  • katjeep11katjeep11 Posts: 7
    Would that require the dashboard being removed? If thats the case, then they've already done that. It just depends on the day if the key wants to be "detected" or not. If it happens again, I will take it in and ask about the WIM. Thank you so much for your help!
  • katjeep11katjeep11 Posts: 7
    Do you continue to be told by the dealer that "no one else seems to be having a problem?" I think its ridiculous that its a brand new car and the dealership seems to think its my problem that I can't use all of the functions the car was suppose to do. Not detecting a key is a pretty big deal.
  • katjeep11katjeep11 Posts: 7
    I'm not sure when mine was built. How do you know that? I purchased it in mid October 2010. There were only 3 miles on it. So I'm assuming it was built around that time. I hope they have resolved the issue and will have a fix the next time it happens. Its very frustrating.
  • bikerjenbikerjen Posts: 4
    Yes, the dashboard has to come out. My uncle was my mechanic for the WIM problem as it was towed to the closest dealer not the one I purchased it from.

    When I spoke with Chrysler rep (they called me) over the WIM, the guy told me that the not detected was the first indication that the part was going bad.

    My A/C problem is being dealt with by the dealer where I purchased the Jeep. I've already emailed a complaint to Chrysler, I'm not holding my breath on hearing back from them.
  • grimsby1grimsby1 Posts: 4
    The dealer receives the date from the factory so they have an idea on delivery. You could ask your dealer but it may also be marked on your vehicle. On my current vehicle there is a sticker on the driver side door which indicates what plant and month of build.
  • steve358steve358 Posts: 12
    does anyone know how to remove or raise the rear seat headrest on 2011 grand cherokee
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Can I ask why you would want to? Rearward vision???
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,637
    Snugger fit for a car seat...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • steve358steve358 Posts: 12
    snugger fit for a car seat. sits on headrest, not sure how safe that is. feels solid but would rather have sit on back of seat.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Okay, thanks for clarifying. I bought a new Grand Cherokee 4X4 over the weekend. I really, really love the way it drives. We had 40 mph winds the last few days and I never once felt them in the Jeep. Just incredible!
  • steve358steve358 Posts: 12
    tilted the back seat a little, now car seat seems to be resting(supported) on back of seat and just touching the headrest. Any parents with car seats, try this.
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    I bought Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax at Walmart for about $20 today and waxed my Infernao Red GGC. It is pretty easy to use and gave a nice shine! The red was worth the extra $225!
  • coasterguycoasterguy Posts: 25
    Ok so here it is. I am between two vehicles. They are very different because a friend works at a dealer who sells certain cars.
    2011 Grand Cherokee Loredo X 4x4 or 2011 Cadillac SRX front wheel drive loaded.
    I am completely torn and have been for a week.
    I am somewhat afraid of Jeeps rep in the reliable dept. Their are already horror stories online not that you can believe them.
    What made you pick the GC? I have never owned a jeep. Though I will NOT be doing off roading I just like the jeep in looks and roominess. I like the SRX because of style and modernism. Especially the interior. UGGGHHHH
    Thanks everyone!
  • grimsby1grimsby1 Posts: 4
    Hi my wife and I had actually looked at both vehicles and have purchased a JCG Overland. I have a CTS and am a Caddilac fan so we decided to look at the SRX. I have previously owned 2 Jeeps and had no issues. The bottom line for us is we were looking for a luxurious vehicle which had good space to travel up to the cottage. The SRX while beautiful we found underpowered. GM has recognized this and the current engine will be discontinued and upgraded in 2012. This will most likely affect your resale. It is also small, no more room than an CRV. Bottom line for us was the room and the off road capability combined with the Overland cabin made it the best deal for us. Both good vehicles though a touch choice for sure.
  • Hi Coasterguy,
    I, too, had never owned a Jeep as I was concerned about poor reliability; fit and finish; material quality; etc. My wife is even more finicky, and her penchant is European cars, particularly Mercedes Benz. Yet, after examining a variety of SUV's (e.g., X5, Q7, New Touareg, Cayenne, MB GL, etc.), we elected to purchase a Jeep GC Ltd 4WD. Our rationale was multifold.
    1. Knowing that the Jeep was designed by MB from the Daimler days allayed our concerns about build quality, workmanship, etc. And, after returning from a long road trip over multiple terrains, I can speak first hand to the exceptional ride, handling, etc. of the GC.
    2. The exterior styling is quite distinctive.
    3. The price point is attractive, and the tens of thousands we saved over purchase of a European SUV has already been put to good use in the stock market.

    My two rupees...
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    edited June 2011
    The SRX was on my short list also. The FWD thing turns me off, so we drove the Jeep first. Ended up taking it home that same day. I say drive both, buy what you like. For me, the Jeep's ride was head and shoulders above the 4Runner that I traded in. Ended up buying a Larado 4X4 V6. The power delivery is different, but I'm getting used to it. Good luck in your decision! Oh, yeah, this is my first Jeep. Never thought I'd own one, until this one came out.
  • arhouarhou Posts: 8
    i too have a clunking sound from the rear suspension on my 11 v8 gc overland. the dealer tried the same fix and it didn't work. they stated it is a well known problem.

    my visit took place on 6/6/11 so it doesn't appear jeeep is making any progress from your visit of 2/11.
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