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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    After my last service visit on this it seemed like the problem went away but the weather was warm for a few days and when it got cold again it came back. Once the warm weather set in the noise went away again and has not come back so I will have to wait until next winter to see if it comes back. It is a strange one as the dealer claims they have changed every component of the suspension in the back passenger side. Otherwise, my jeep has been great, put some new wheels on it and tinted the front side windows, looks great. I just had a software update done as per Jeep service bulletin 18-012-11 which has changed the shifting off the line and at slow speeds. It is almost as good as putting the jeep in sport mode, makes a big difference in around town driving.


  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    Gbees, can you tell me more about service bullletin 18-012-11? Does it apply to the Hemi V8 JGCs. What are the symptoms that the bulletin is supposed to remedy? Thanks!
  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    It looks like it is only for the V6 and covers several issues. Take a look at this

  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Posts: 21
    For anyone having issues with V6 performance, you may want to take a look at this as I just had it done and you will see a difference.

  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    Thanks for the info! I also called my dealer who said the TSB doesn't apply to my VIN #.
  • Just took delivery of V8 JGC and hear a flutter sound at low speeds when car is cool. Sounds like playing card in bike spokes. Sounds like its coming from rear. Dealer cant hear it. Any tips?
  • bill328bill328 Posts: 5
    I also have a 2011 v8 JGC. It produces such a fluttering sound when I have one window open partially (esp back window) with all other windows closed. If I also lower another opposing window (front left and back rt) the sounds goes away.

    I have experienced this phenomenon with other vehicles.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks...this is called buffering and is actually addressed in the owners manual. The noise I am hearing sounds like its coming from the rear suspension or underside. Definitely mechanical, not wind or road noise.

    Thanks Again!
  • arhouarhou Posts: 8
    I have the same issue. My dealer stated that this is a known problem and that jeep has published a service bulletin (17-003-10) about it. They followed the corrective action on the bulletin but the noise did not go away. They went on to say that the fix on the bulletin does not correct the problem.

    I filed a complaint with Chrysler customer service. That is being worked as we speak.

    I would file a complaint with them as well. The more noise about this problem the better.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Buffeting.... I think.. :)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    I had wind buffeting on my last SUV, it was horrendious! Haven't driven with the windows down in my new JGC yet, way to hot here in Texas. Really like the ride, though, very happy with my purchase. Can't wait to take her to the Grand Caynon this year! First tank with the V6 got me 19.7. Not too far from the 20.0 I got in my 4Runner. In the Jeep, it's way too easy to find your self doing 10-15 mph over the speed limit.
  • arhouarhou Posts: 8
    There is a suspension noise associated with 2011 JGC that is referenced in bulletin 17-003-10. I have a 2011 JGC w Hemi that has been to the dealer for this noise. They stated that this is a known problem. They performed the work but also stated that fix does not correct the noise problem.

    I suggest that you complain to Jeep's customer service dept. The more complaints the better. Maybe they'll do something.
  • You are correct! Sorry
  • The correct tire for the Overland with the Off-Road Adventure II Package is the Michelin LTX A/T 2 on-off road tire. I walked away from buying one today due to the Overland having the Michelin Latitude Touring tires on the vehicle.

    The window sticker stated the vehicle had P265/60R18 OWL On/Off-Road tires.

    I told the dealer when he gets the district to pay him to mount the correct tires I will buy the vehicle. This is becoming a major issue that Jeep had better resolve.
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    Have you reviewed all the posts concerning the "wrong" tires on a jeep with the off-road package? There's a lot folks out there with the same concern.
  • Yes I have. Additionally I called JEEP-USA and a rep told me this was the first time they heard about the issue. I am waiting for the dealer to get back to me about getting the district rep to reimburse him to switch out the tires for the LTX A/T 2 tires. I can't wait to see what the dealer tells me since he wants to sell the car.

    It may be time for owners of the 2011 Overland with the ORA II package to consider starting a class action Lawsuit against Chrysler, if they bought the Overland with the Latitude Touring tires, and paid to have On/Off-Road tires put on. Another idea might be to contact your State Attorney office and file a consumer fraud report against Chrysler for the tire switch.

    Hopefully, if enough people did this it might lead to some type of litigation against Chrysler at various state levels. I doubt if the FTC would take any action since the Feds bailed out Chrysler.
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    That's a good lie the rep told you. I called them in December, 3 says after my ordered Overland came in. I know many others that also made contacted Jeep for the same issue. I dealt with a good service manager and a good customer rep fm Jeep and I finally got.the issue resolved. It took almost 4 months but I got the LTX's fm Michelin. As far as I know no one else reported the same success. I dealt with some good, dedicated people.
  • joeb24joeb24 Posts: 111
    Has anyone installed an AVIS Bugflector II (bug deflector for the hood) on a 2011 JEEP Grand Cherokee?
  • bear69bear69 Posts: 1
    I have a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the 730N Radio/Nav system. I entered all my names and addresses and phone numbers into my "Address Book". Today I went to make a phone call and found my address book was empty!!! This was the second time this happened. The first time I just thought I must have made a mistake to clear it, but this is the second time it happened. I also lost my home address and phone number. Has this happened to anyone else?
  • mp_2121mp_2121 Posts: 1
    im currently trying to find an HID bulb kit or HID bulb for my 2011 JGC 4x4 laredo fog lights. However, the manuel only provides a part number, and the dealer can only provide the part number as well. I know the low beams are H11's per the dealer. Does anyone out there know what bulb type the fog bulb is? thank you
  • kevlarskevlars Posts: 1
    I called Jeep USA last week and let my dealership know as well. Jeep USA stated that for the ADV II package the Latitude is the incorrect tire. They are waiting for the District Manager to approve the swap out.

    I will let you know what I find out.
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    Good lucm with the dm. My customer rep's.supervisor had to go over him or. Bypass him to get it done. My dm refused the swap. Good luck. Keep us posted. :)
  • tombguardtombguard Posts: 2
    I have had the same problem with my 2011 JGC. I purchased it in Jan and it has about 6500 miles on it. I have had it in the shop numerous times for many different things. First the key wouldn't unlock or lock the doors and sometimes it won't even start the car. i called jeep and they told me to hold the key fob up to the push button and that should start it. So when I got it started i took it to my local dealer and they said they have been some issues with the keys fobs. So they re-coded it and it worked for awhile, but now I'm back to square one. Some times it work and others it will not. I have got to the point of video recording it so that i have a record of it. I also have had issues with the transfer case. It had to be replaced at 3500 miles because my service 4 wheel- drive light would not go off, they had my jeep for about 3 weeks before they were able to fix it. Now I'm starting to here a loud CLUNK when i put it into gear. It feels like the transmission is going to fall out. I have checked to see if I have broken a mount, but they all seem to be fine. Has anyone else had simular problems. :(
  • tombguardtombguard Posts: 2
    Hello. I am having the same problem. I started the vehicle one day and the engine reved up to 7000 RPM's . I was lucky that it wasn't in gear. I have had the transfer case replaced and even now it seems like everytime I put it into gear the transmissions is going to jump right out of the car lol. I have taken it to Jeep they seem to think its fine. I have had several Jeeps in the past and never have had that kind of problem, you would think with a New vehicle that cost 40K that it would shift smooth. :confuse:
  • These issues you are having may be related to a similar issue we have had with ours. Our harmonic balancer went at around 5000KM. The whole pulley system at the front of the engine that ties into the crankshaft let go grinding into the engine block. The had to pull a good section of the engine apart to fix it, but it has never sounded the same since. They kept telling us we got bad gas but now they have admitted they are pulling the camshaft out as it is defective and the extent of the engine damage is unknown at this point. Ours has been in the shop on and off for about half the time we have owned it with no timeframe to get it back. Big mistake buying this vehicle. :sick:
  • I bought a 2011 Grand Cherokee 4X4 V6 in January 2011 and it has been nothing but problems. The engine has had to major components defects and they are ripping it apart for the second time in the last few months because the camshaft is done. They, being Chrysler, can't or won't tell mw how much damage the engine has or if it will ever run right and we are about at the point to get LAWYER involved. This is our fourth new Chrysler product in 10 years and third Grand Cherokee and the worse vehicle we have owned in 25 years. The new 2011 Grand Cherokee is a big mistake. :sick:
  • :sick: I bought a 2011 Grand Cherokee 4X4 V6 in January 2011 and it has been nothing but problems. The engine has had 2 major component defects and they are ripping it apart for the second time in the last few months because the camshaft is done. They, being Chrysler, can't or won't tell me how much damage the engine has or if it will ever run right and we are about at the point to get a LAWYER involved. This is our fourth new Chrysler product in 10 years and third Grand Cherokee and the worse vehicle we have owned in 25 years. The new 2011 Grand Cherokee is a big mistake. :lemon:
  • arhouarhou Posts: 8
    I have about 13K miles on my 11 JGC V8. Since new, it has had the same noises you described when selecting gears. It is also hard shifting between gears when driving. My dealer says it is the transmission unloading. I've never heard of this before with any other vehicle I have owned.
  • gobettergobetter Posts: 1
    I need to have the driver and passenger side windows tinted. BUT I want to be sure they match the other window's shade of tint. Did you go to a chain to get yours tinted? if so, which and what degree of tint did they use, or do they do it from a Jeep guide of some sort. Also, did it have any affect on the remote, I know of a least one Mercedes Benz tinting that totally impaired the remotes ability to even unlock the doors. I just bought my 2011 GC and going to have the service bulletin checked when I take it in for the first oil change. Have you had yours through an automatic card wash yet .. I haven't for fear of ripping of the antennea .. thanks...
  • steve358steve358 Posts: 12
    edited August 2011
    I have the same noise in my 2011 cherokee. I did not bring into dealer, car runs fine. That is why I lease and would never buy, giving the car back in 3 years so who cares.
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