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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • I went to a local shop that specializes in tinting only, they are not a chain. The tint was one shade less than the back windows as per local laws. It looks very close when you are looking at the side. I have no issues with my remotes. I have it through a wash weekly with no issues. I have almost 10,000 miles on it and it has been great. More power would be nice but otherwise no regrets. I am sure there are some lemons out there and when you buy a first year vehicle you run the chance of having problems. I am keeping my fingers crossed and if I can get through a few years without any major issues, I will be trading it in for another one which by than will have the new tranny and I would expect more power. They could use a major upgrade on the NAV system, not very user friendly. GLTA

  • xc90508xc90508 Posts: 26
    Just received a CD in the mail from SiriusXM with a software upgrade to add Travel Link to 430N radio. Free for the remaining 4 months of my first year of free SiriusXM.

    Anyone else receive this and load it? Any problems?
  • xc90508xc90508 Posts: 26
    I purchased a 4 yr./48,000 mile extended warranty/service contact for my 26x Laredo 4x4 when I purchased last November. Took it in for the 6,000 mile service Wednesday. Basically an oil change, lube, and tire rotation. (Of course I had to show them the contract to get the tire rotation. They said they could only see remaining oil changes.)

    During tire rotation they discovered that two lug nuts on the back left tire were cross threaded from the factory. - Replaced under warranty.

    And also one tire was leaking slightly from the valve stem. They replaced it under warranty but insinuated that I may have hit a curb and damaged the expensive part being it contained the sensor for the tire pressure monitoring system. Wouldn't I have had to really tear up the side of the wheel to hit the valve stem?

    Anyway, no real complaints, still enjoying my vehicle!
  • Received my disk yesterday, 8/06/11. Loaded and updated without issue. Now about the issue of lost use of the Travel Link from purchase, 12/10, to now? How about an extention of our contracts for this service. I jest ofcourse.
  • qthqth Posts: 25
    I bought GC on 6/2011. First 1K miles: 18.5 MPG, 1K - 3K (trip to FL): 21.8 MPG, 1K - 5K(w/ trip 800miles): 24.5 MPG. No problem so far. Anyone gets better MPG? Please share. Thanks.
  • Purchased a '11 JGC Overland six weeks ago. Overall I like it a lot, but I have two questions I'm hoping the group can help with:

    1) When I'm pressing the accelerator in a moderate style, and the Jeep slips into what feels like 2nd gear, it seems to go into what I call "Prius mode." The power seems to fade quickly, and the engine/exhaust gets very quiet. I'm still technically accelerating, as the speedometer continues to slowly climb, but boy it feels like the vehicle practically lost power. When I start from a stop and then take off with a bit of a lead foot, there's still a noticeable "power drop" in 2nd gear, but it's short-lived, and then when it kicks into 3rd gear it takes off and sounds just like it did in 1st gear. Is there a fix for this? I read about this bulletin, would this do it?

    2) I have the suspension where you press a button and the vehicle will rise ~2", then press the button again and it rises another ~2" (maybe this is standard on all Overlands?). It's really a pretty useless feature for me EXCEPT when I go to pick up my boat on a trailer at the storage unit. Then I love the raise/lower feature as it helps me more easily hook up to the trailer as the trailer is actually a little higher up due to uneven concrete/parking area. Lately though, I push the "UP" button, and it just doesn't raise up. I re-read the manual and it says I need to have the vehicle in Park, with the doors shut. I do all that, and it still doesn't seem to want to go up - with or without the trailer attached to the hitch. Is there something else I'm missing that would correct this?

  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Are you going by doing the math, or reading off the IP? I bought a V6 4X4 same time you did, have about 2,300 on the clock and have gotten a best of 21.0 mpg on a tank.

    Going on a 3,500 mile road trip next month. I think I'll have the oil changed before we depart.

    So far loving the vehicle!
  • jeep555jeep555 Posts: 5
    Hey there, I know you posted this some time ago, about the lag in acceleration. I had an update done on my V6 that helped, but didn't completely fix the problem. Were you able to get it fixed? What's the status it?
  • qthqth Posts: 25
    Read from IP and recheck after refill the gas tank. The 3rd trip (800+ miles, 65-70 MPH)) was a very suprise for me with 24.5 MPG since GC listed 23 MPG. Yes, average is 20-21 MPG with 50city/50hwy. I have GC RWD. So far no problem and love the GC.
  • I've gotten locked out of my car 3 times this week, once I'm in, the key of course is not detected. I know I can put the pop out key in the door to unlock it and start it but that is not the point. I hope that once and for all they can fix this key issue. Has anyone had any definate results yet? Scheduled for Tuesday... unless I get stranded again before then.
  • 3xjeep3xjeep Posts: 11
    Hi, My oil change message came on at 3,885 miles, I had a free oil change coupon from the selling dealer so I thought as the vehicle was over 4 months old what the heck and had the oil change completed, there was anoter note from the factory according to the dealer that the antenna needed checking for something........I'm not sure what but mine was noted as ok :)
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited August 2011

    If you have the V6 engine, then there are some options you can try and many of us report some months ago.

    First, call Jeep and give them your vin# to see if you have RRT to update the V6 software. Second, if you do not need to use the Hill Assist Function, then turn it off in the EVIC. It is the setup menu. I had some of the same problems and now I find the V6 power is alot better. In addition, other solutions were using the auto stick for manual shifting and using the sports mode. Check between March and April posts, a lot of good posts on this forum about the acceleration issue.

    For the Quadra-Lift Air suspension, bring it to the dealer and have the re flash the module and inspect the system. I had that done once before and it corrected the problem.

    Otherwise, I have over 7K and extremely happy.

    Best for now. :)
  • This is great info - thank you! I have an appointment to take the Jeep into the dealer this coming Friday. I'll read through the posts and give them a heads up when I get there. I really like the Jeep, but a bit anxious to get past these early hiccups.
  • I changed both the Hill Assist and Auto/Sport settings this morning before leaving for work. WOW!!! What a difference! :)

    The Jeep now takes off exactly like I thought it should from day one. So clearly there's nothing wrong w/the transmission, it's just computer controlled "stuff." Only downside now is that when I have it in SPORT mode, the warning light comes on telling me I don't have traction control. That's fine most days, but up here in Minnesota traction control comes in handy from Nov/Dec through March/April. I might put it back in AUTO mode tonight and see if that mode, with Hill Assist off, does anything.

    I'm still taking it to the dealer on Friday to address the raising/lowering suspension (forget the techie term for this feature), and will also ask them about the power lag if I still have it.
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited August 2011

    As the expression goes, glad to be of service.

    I learned the Hill Assist from Post #194 from forum member NOLAJEEP, the credit goes to that member.

    I actually changed my tires to the BF Goodrich Rugged Terrain T/A (long story). The wet traction, I must say is night and day vs the Michelin Latitude's. Sometimes, I forget to turn the sport mode off, but I still get traction. You must judge yourself the road conditions.

    A nice feature with the Quadra-Lift in the snow, when I park outside I lower the JGC to the lowest setting. When I come back later, if I have to shovel, at least it is the minimum. Raise the JGC to the highest setting and the tank will move thru the snow. (pending on the type of tire).

    Best for now. :)
  • One update and one follow-up question for you New_Jeepie.

    Update: I left the Hill Assist off, and left the mode in AUTO. It still took off better than it did in the past. It's not quite as responsive as it was when Hill Assist was off AND it was in Sport mode, but still pretty good.

    Follow up question for New_Jeepie: what's up with the tires? I've not had to drive in much rain yet. However, we did drive home from a trip up north, and we were hauling our 4,000 # boat/trailer behind us. It was raining like a mother, and we hit some kind of big "puddle" in the highway and it was the most out of control I've been in a vehicle in a long time. At the time I just figured it had something to do with the weight we were hauling, and the road conditions. But maybe it has something to do with the tires??? Did you have to pay for the tire change, or did Jeep cover it? On regular, dry pavement the current tires ride great.

    Thanks again.
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited August 2011

    If you qualify for the service RRT for the V6, IMO it made a difference and I still keep the hill assist off.

    If you are towing the boat, I might suggest to turn the Hill assist back on to prevent roll back.

    With regards to the tires, I have the adventure trail rated package that should have come with on/off road terrain tires. The Michelin Latitude is basically a touring highway tire. Chrysler/Jeep official position is that the tire is correct and many of us in this forum have tired to get the tire recalled. I understand very few had luck and the tire was change for the Michelin A/T 2.

    If you do have the Lat's the basic problem regarding wet traction is the tread depth of 10/32. With all the siping on the tire, hydroplaning does become a problem. My post # 286 goes into other details.

    Because I did not want to wait any longer I did pay for the tires. I was able to get the tires pro-rated and paid a small difference. In short, I was very lucky. Read the reviews on BF Goodrich website on the Rugged Terrain T/A.

    Best for now. :)
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited September 2011

    I am wondering if anybody has change out the factory Alpine Factory System and installed a better aftermarket headunit and amp. I am about to get ready to do so and wanted to check if anybody had problems.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best for now. :)
  • Hi --

    Since putting on the Rugged Terrain T/As, have you noticed an increase in cabin noise?

    I'm debating on the Rugged Terrains or All-Terrains (have had this tire on past trucks), but am a little concerned about increased road noise.

  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited September 2011

    I found that there is a slight increase in noise on the highway. When I asked other and different passengers from time to time, they reply it does not bother them or really hear any noticeable noise. Instead, they feel the rider is a lot smother. The internal cabin cuts out a lot of noise. When I had the window open it is hard to hear the tire noise.

    My understanding that the BFG All-Terrains are nosier due to the thread pattern.

    The Rugged Terrain T/A is vast improvement over the old Rugged Trail T/A, moreover, far better in handling wet conditions. I do not plan on doing any heavy duty off-roading at the present, but from the reviews that I came across received excellent marks for light to medium off-roading. I can not tell you about snow and ice at this time.

    Between the BFG Rugged Terrains and the BFG All-Terrains it comes down to functionality. For me, I am glad to get rid of the Michelin Latitudes and have a tire that finally works with my Adven II package.

    Hope this helps and best for now. :)
  • Thanks for the info. I live in Minnesota and wonder how these will do in deeper snow - however, they have to do better than the latitudes.

    Any drop in fuel economy?

    Keep us updated on how they perform.
  • With almost 5000 miles on them, I still maintain the fuel economy. With my V6, on the highway with speeds @ 65 mph, 23.5 miles to the gallon. At 85 mph, I average around 21.5 per gallon. New York City mpg, average is 12. Overall, with summer blend of gas I was surprised that I did not lose any fuel economy in this smooth riding tank. Coming into the winter blend of gas, I am sure as always, I will drop a little.

    In Petersen's 4X4 review, they said in testing with snow, they got good results. rain_tires/index.html

    No indication of results for heavy deep snow. If I have problems with snow, as I sand before in forum, I will invest in a dedicated snow tire. I do travel in the winter north a lot.

    Best for now. :)
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    I was fortunate enough to have my Latitudes replaced by Chrysler. Took a long time but well.worth the effort. I replaced them with the Mich LTX2's. Great tire. For an aggressive tire the noise level inside didn't imcrease very much. With windows open it's still not bad. Tire handles and tracks perfect. Wet traction is great. I've hit many pretty deep highway puddles running about 70 - 75mph. and they pretty much didn't waiver. I've used the GY's on my old Bronco many years ago and these LTX's are much quieter and handle better. Milage is better than I thoight it would be. I have the 5.7 Hemi in the Jeep and I averaged 20-21 mpg over the 7300 miles I put on the Jeep. I even had a rooftop box on top. My speeds ran as high as 85 on some of the western highways. It ran perfect the whole time.

    Took my 2011 GC Overland offroad in Utah's Canyonlands in August and they were great. Took me anywhere I wanted to go (within reason, didn't go on trails where ya need winches and maybe new paint.)

    Point is, the tire is a great replacement for the Lats.
  • new_jeepienew_jeepie Posts: 59
    edited September 2011

    To begin with, one of these days I have to travel out to Utah's Canyonlands enjoy what you guys & gals experience. :D

    I am glad you stuck to your guns and fought Chrysler. Whereas, I took a another a path, but, I am still waiting for my reimbursement in some form. In the end, I will also win.

    When I spoke to Michelin about what would be the best replacement option, they directed me to BF Goodrich. They felt I would be better suited with the Rugged Terrain T/A rather than the LTX A/T2's. I followed their suggestion and read up on the previews. The Petersen's 4X4 review sold me.

    I guess the Lat's are good for a Ford or a Nissan. But a JEEP, needs a real tire with gusto. And yes, the Michelin tire family does have the right products. I hope Chrysler fixes their stupid mistake.

    Happy trails and Best for Now. :)
  • I purchased my 2011 jeep overland in November of 2011. I had problems with my keys from the start and currently still am. They told me that I was the only one as well. :cry:
  • Hello,

    Check with dealer's service department or go online to the owners section of to lookup if you had the latest RRT performed for the FOB. My understanding now is the FOB is still a problem for a small percentage of owners since the last RRT. I have read in other forums that the modules has to be completely changed.

    If the problem still reoccurs, make sure you notified Chrysler/Jeep customer service to establish a problem ticket or whatever they call it now.

    Best for now. :)
  • Purchased a new 2011 JGC Overland Summit with 5.7L Hemi early August. Lat week check battery light comes on immediately after starting. With restart 30 minutes later, light does not appear. Went to dealer to check battery and cables, everything checked out. 3 days later while driving all of the warning indicator came on, the radio shut off, and the windshield wipers came on and could not be shut off manually. A few minutes later, all of the warning lights disappeared except the check battery light. Checked out at dealer, checked all of the error codes and problems noted. Of course, they could not recreate the episode. Odd that all of those error codes would appear on a diagnostic. Any ideas? Of, course it is related to the computer.
  • I have a 2011 JGC and have had it in three different times. LIke you the problem is better after the latest RRT, but still has a hesitation between 2nd & 3rd. It almost stalls and then surges. Jeep has not been any help - completely disappointed.

    Have you had any luck getting a new fix or another RRT?
  • Have you turned off the Hill Assist option? Many of us here on this forum have done so and have much better results.

    Best for now. :)
  • Yes, others on the forum have made the following suggestions: turn off Hill Assist feature in your vehicle set up program, turn the console knob (Quadra something) to Sport. These two simple things have worked wonders for my '11 JGC Overland. I'm still not 100% satisfied with the tranny performance, but I've movie from 70% satisfied, to 95%. Good luck!
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