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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • I found that turning off hill assist made no difference but running in sport mode makes a huge difference as it holds each gear longer to give better offline performance. It is nice to have the hill assist for around town driving as we have a lot of hills. My last update looked like it made a performance difference but it either was a fluke or something changed as it went back to the way it always was the next day. Does anyone know if these updates don't hold sometimes and the computer resets itself to default? It has been a great vehicle otherwise and my custom wheels and side window tint make it look even better. glta
  • I have turned the Hill Assistance OFF, but since I don't have the Overland Edition, I don't have a sport mode.

    I also own a Toyota 4-Runner, with 210,000 miles, has 100 less hp, and performs better at low speeds than my JGC. No wonder Jeep gets so LOW SCORES from Consumer Reports. They just DON'T CARE as far as I can tell.
  • I picked my 2011 Limited up yesterday...left the dealership to get gas and the engine just cut.

    It would not start again...had it flat-bedded back.

    UNREAL!!! :mad:
  • Well...the dealership called me back and told me that I needed a new powertrain control module. 12 miles on it and I need a new PCM. I asked..."didn't it have a new PCM?!"
  • Hi everyone,
    I've had my 2011 Jeep GC Overland a month now and LOVE it. However, driving around town tonight, about 4 or 5 cars at various times were frantically hitting their brake lights at me as if my high beams were even flipped me off.
    I know the high beams were not on. I had the lights set to auto, and later set it to the manual setting and they looked the same to me.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? Any thoughts?

  • Hello,

    I remember years ago, mechanics had a device that would measure the headlights output angle. Your lights might be installed slightly higher. Also, if you do have the Smart-Bbeam technology option, then that is another possibility. I would bring in to the Jeep service center and let them check it out for you.

    Best for now. :)
  • usafausafa Posts: 7
    Has anybody purchased the after market sport utility bars for the 2011 Grand Cherokee? If so, what has been your experience? Have you noticed increased wind noise? I've read mixed reviews on-line (pro: can take on and off, con: difficult to secure bungee chords as no holes).

    I realize I need to purchase so I can put skis, snowboards, canoes, etc on the roof, but am wondering if a new design is on the way?

    Lastly -- does anybody know of any website that will have cheaper than MOPAR's $276?

  • I have been holding off waiting for something better to come along. I did see new bars on ebay for $215.
  • Can you please help me? I can't find where is exactly located the fuel tank in the new model 5.7: here in Italy nobody knows if it is on the right or the left side. I couldn'find any scheme or diagram about my problem. Many thanks!
  • Has anyone had a problem with a vibration when the the JCC shifts from 1st to 2nd? You feel and hear it as it revs up and than shifts. YOu do not hear or feel it through the rest of the gears just 1-2. I had the dealer look at it and they are not sure why it is doing this.
  • We recently purchased a jgc and took it out in our 1st snow storm in late oct. It goes great in town thru snow, but very, very disappointed on the back roads where we live. My #1 concern buying one was it getting thru snow good and the sales person assured us we would not have any problems at all. It has goodyear fortera tires on it, which to me do not look like they have enough tread for snow. I have talked to the dealership and they say they have no problems with theirs. Well, they live in town and we live in the boonies where the roads do not get kept up like town roads. Also having trouble with the sunroof being stuck open and have to hold the button down for a little bit so it can reset itself. We only have 2500 miles on it and would really like to trade it in for a "true" 4wd truck that I know I can depend on, but will lose too much money. Will have to let it sit most of the winter and use my truck.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Why not just replace the tires?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hello,

    With regards to the sunroof, just bring the GC back to the dealership for warranty service for which they are obligated too do so. If you still do not get any positive results, call Chrysler/Jeep/Fiat let them know the situation and they will tell you what to next or try another dealership. I did.

    However, since you got the standard tire 20 inch tire, the dealership will not do anything for you. If you have read the forum, even us with Adventure Package II have problems getting the right on/off road all terrain tire. You might want to contact Goodyear and find out about their policy.

    Currently, 20 inch tires are limited in the all terrain category. Another option for the snow and many others use this option as well, a dedicated winter tire.

    Believe or not, this JGC is a true 4x4. I now have over 11K on mine and I did change the tires. The bottom line for me, I really like this 4x4.

    Best for now. :)
  • I also had the same issue and took it to the Jeep service center where they found my engine mount was broken and they replaced the mount under warranty and now i am good to go. Please check your engine mount with your dealer.
  • Hi,

    regarding the tires, I am also on 12 k mileage and the tires provided by the jeep dealers in Doha are Korean tires named Kumho. I am struggling to get my tire replaced from the Jeep dealer here in Doha as there is no comfort in driving the car as it always vibrates or wobble over a speed of 100 I am surprised Jeep providing such cheap tires on 4x4 and i am not satisfied with my JGC as I always have some problems all the time, true i love driving the car, but pretty bad that Chrysler don't give a quick remedy on the problems i have on my car. some time i feel like selling it. I have problems with my key FOB where I am finding it difficult to get my car started, it mostly dont detect the Key and while i am driving the car it always shows key has left vehicle, pretty strange. I have replaced almost 4 sets of keys from the jeep service center and still problem not resolved. chrysler have to recall all the jGC 2011 and resolve the technical problems. If I have to list a set of problems for my JGC. Its a lot to say, hope you all dont have any problems like this, other wise i love my JGC.
  • Hello,

    My FOB key also went down and they replaced the keys and a module under warranty.

    The sad part about the tire issue and this is true with the majority of the car manufactures is the tires are really not a concern of there's. As far they are concerned if they meet the government regulations, that is fine, if you want better tires, then go aftermarket. When I had my Nissan 4x4 in the past, the first purchase was at least 1k in tires. My grip, as I stated so often within this forum, since I have the Adventure Package I should have had the better tires.

    Who ever rides in the JGC with me can not believe the ride. So far, I had two problems, one I created with an aftermaket product, which has since been corrected and the keys. Now after 10 months of owning it, I am glad I dumped the Pathfinder.

    Best for now. :)
  • Hi, Thanks for all the replies.
    Yes, we stopped yesterday at Kost Tires to get a price on better tires. It's a shame though that you spend so much money for a suv and then have to dish out another 800 bucks on tires. I also called the dealership again and complained and they said they never have problems getting around (in town). Same ole, blah, blah. We live in very steep hill country with not much road care. I am looking into trading it in - on another jeep...haha. One with the Quadra ll and more gadgets to play with, and of corse more stuff to go wrong. But overall, I love the JGC.
  • Thanks for the info, I will let you know how it goes.

  • It looks like the motor mounts are ok. They cannot figure out why it vibrates. I hate to think the tranny is going already. I thought the old 5 speed would be the most reliable part of the redesigned JCC. I will have to wait for them to figure it out.

  • After having the RRT update and turning hill assit off, my GJC is slightly better but still performs poorly! If I shift manually, it's ok. Has anyone else continued to have the same problem and had any fixes or know of updates? Very weak acceleration.
  • No. I still have the same problem. If I put it in Sport mode it's better, but here in MN you can't use sport mode for 4-5 months out of the year. You need that auto mode/traction. I love just about everything else about the JGC, but the tranny "thing" would probably prevent me from buying again...unless they fix it. Hopefully the Jeep boys are reading this.
  • kgvwkgvw Posts: 29
    I've posted here before concerning off-road tires on a 2011 Overland with Adventure II pkg.
    This is a new problem concerning the backs of the front seats. I have a bit over 20M miles on the Jeep and have virtually no complaint after a ong trip out to the Utah Canyonlands area. The problem I'm having is that the plastic backs on the front seats are pulling away from the leather seats. I have a gap of about .5 inch in the middle of the top of the backs and can see right into the seats themselvs.. I already had the dealer replace them once and now the replacement backs are worse than the originals. The dealer had told me that there were a few problems like mine where they had to replace the seat back. I don't know the resolution of those cases though. Not sure what can be done here because there are no clips or such to hold the seat back to the seat itself at the top. It seems like it should be a compression fit but the plastic expanded or had some sort of memory to it.
    Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience and if it was resolved. :(
  • jak49jak49 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where the turn signal flasher is located on the 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo?
  • :) Hello all i just purchased a 2012 jgc loredo x and i have been reading this forum for awhile now trying to see if the issues that the 2011 jgc had been having are resolved in the 2012 models. Also does anyone know if they started giving the true on/off road tires instead of the touring tires with the advt pckg 2? As well as the sluggish acceleration issue? any help would be much appreciated.
  • ssuaessuae Posts: 1
    I really like the look of the new Grand Cherokee Ltd, but am concerned about reliability - never owned a jgc before. Anyone in the UAE having problems with the 2012 V8 model?


  • richjrrichjr Posts: 1
    We are experiencing multiple instances of sudden acceleration with our 2011 Grand Cherokee. Three different drivers, my wife, son and me, in multiple situations. Last one was going from reverse to drive backing out of a parking spot and caused us to fun into the parked car next to us. My foot was on the brake all the time which could be validated by the beeping of the back-up signal.

    Anyone else having an issues such as this? Thank you.
  • xc90508xc90508 Posts: 26
    Wondering if I have a warped rotor... Last several days noticed my brakes squeaking a bit as I backed out of the garage in the morning. Then today idled down the street a bit and noticed very faint squeaking, but intermittently, not the entire time.

    Do I have a warped rotor rubbing against the pads once a revolution of the tire?

    Any thoughts?

  • Hello xc90508,

    Sorry to hear you are having a concern with a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I checked for Technical Service Bulletins but could not find anything related to the faint squeaking you described above.

    You may want to consider having the vehicle diagnosed by your local authorized Dodge Service Department or a trusted mechanic if you have not already done so.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • surferronsurferron Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    I hope the 2014 JGC has a flip cover for the drink holders, and a steering wheel that's not as thick.
    I also hope Someone at Jeep reads these posts.
  • noticed you bought cross bars........i just got some and installed today and the wind noise at +40 mph is awful!! do you have a similar problem?/

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