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Volvo S60



  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    gbrozen: Thanks for FYI...good to know for future reference. Great day to you. vwdawg
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hello all: 2001 S60 with 80,000 miles. About a month ago, my wife started complaining of an odor of gasoline inside our S60. It seems to be getting worse. I did a visual of the engine compartment and underneath the chassis, but couldn't see any obvious fuel leaks or drips. It's not only annoying, but I have obvious concerns that it could cause a fire. Has anyone ever experienced this problem, and did you find a solution? Thanks much! vwdawg
  • zagridzagrid Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    Hi, vwdawg. Volvo has issued Recall 220 pertaining to a defect found in a specific version of the fuel pump in the model year 2001-2004 S60. Investigations found that "the fuel pump can when exposed to cetain environmental conditions (hot climate and temperature ceiling) over time and in combination of varying fuel quality, develop cracks in the fuel pump flange. If the condition occurs you may notice fuel smell and/or fuel seepage. The corrective action will be to inspect the version of the fuel pump installed in your vehicle, and if necessary replace the fuel pump with a part of a modified design...This procedure will be completed at no cost and will take approximately 3 hours." My local dealer has conducted a test on my S60 and XC90 within the past 90 days during routine service even though I had not noticed any smell. As it turns out, my S60 had the faulty version of the fuel pump which was replaced. Sounds like this may be what's causing the gasoline odor. zagrid
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hey, zagrid: Thanks for the great overview of this issue. I did some additional online snooping after sending out my post, and found essentially the same info you discussed. Interestingly, my S60 spent several years in Arizona, and several writers mentioned that Volvo's fuel pump recall pertained ONLY to cars which were "purchased or registered in the states of Arizona and Nevada". I found this rather strange, as I recall that temps in California, New Mex, Texas and the Gulf states can also exceed 100 degrees for extended periods. I guess the current question is...did Volvo later broaden that recall to other states? I need to discuss with my local dealers to find out if my S60, now registered in Minnesota, has the faulty pump, and would it be covered by this recall. Since I can't locate any obvious leakage underneath the car or in the engine compartment (and NO odor in the engine compartment), I strongly suspect that the fuel pump is the culprit. I'll post the outcome later. Thanks again for the reply! vwdawg
  • zagridzagrid Posts: 2
    Hi, vwdawg. According to the recall notice that I received from Volvo, the recall pertains to 2001-2004 S60 vehicles (as well as other Volvo models) "that were sold, or registered in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories".

    Furthermore, the letter reads "If you are receiving this letter and do not currently reside in one of the states or U.S. Territories listed above, or if your vehicles is not a part of the model years listed above, it is because our records indicate that your vehicle was originally sold in one of these States or U.S. Territories, or has been fitted with the concerned component and is eligible for this recall".

    Hope this helps and good luck !
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hi zagrid: Thanks for the FYI...much appreciated. Also wanted to provide an update regarding what happened after I wrote my original post. I stopped in to my local (Minneapolis) Volvo dealer (Borton Volvo, which I have to say, seems to be a "class act" and were VERY helpful). They asked me for my VIN, and they looked my S60 up on the system. Lo and behold...there was a fuel pump recall notice...pump will be replaced tomorrow! I'm assuming that since my S60 lived in Arizona for several years, it was eligible for the repair work. Maybe something to keep in mind for all Volvo owners...might be a good practice to just call or stop in at your dealer and get a VIN check to see what's in there. OK...this is my first real contact with Volvo regarding a "problem", and I have to say, I AM impressed. volvophile/vwdawg
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    edited October 2010
    On Saturday, here in U.K., I attended a Volvo S60 Track Day - FOC courtesy of Volvo. Around 40 guests, a bunch of hard-core pro drivers and maybe a dozen of the new S60's - all diesel - either D3 165bhp or D5 205bhp, (twin turbo) and all Geartronics, all FWD.

    Pro drivers and guests put the cars through some brutal high-speed handling tests and we were all amazed at the grip/composure/comfort/responsiveness of the new chassis. Makes my '06 S60 D5 feel quite wooden by comparison. The new car is a totally different animal to the old one. One of the pro's compared it to his own BMW 330d; "Almost identical in the dry but the Volvo leaves the BMW for dead in the wet".

    Scariest part of the day was the Police Pursuit. S60 D5 being chased by a full Police-spec V70 D5. With pro's driving both, the S60 just walks away from the Police car on a nasty slalom+high speed course. Having been a passenger in both cars; the S60 was remarkably flat and comfortable. The Police car was most unsettling, (I actually felt nauseous after the run, as did a few others), and some interior trim was popping off due to chassis flex. Driving that hard ! Apprently, in 9 weeks of Track Days, the V70 Police Cars have never caught an S60 - even when the pro's are playing privately. Most impressive.

    Sure, the rear legroom is not in the S-class league but I feel that the new S60 is at the top of it's class in so many ways. Haven't driven the gasser versions - but why would you with a choice of punchy, quiet, economical diesels ? :shades:
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 23,803
    but why would you with a choice of punchy, quiet, economical diesels ?

    haha. Well, for YOU maybe. Not on this side of the pond, though. :cry:

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hey alltorque: Have you heard any scuttlebutt about Volvo bringing these diesel rigs to the North American market? I love my old '01 S60, but it would be nice to move into a diesel at some point. volvophile1
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    Vwdawg, Asked my local Volvo dealer if he knew anything. Went like this :

    "Do you know if these diesels will be available in the American market?"

    "Well, they have the current ones so I guess they'll get the new ones".

    "No, they don't have any at present".

    "You're joking, aren't you ?"

    "No. Absolutely serious".

    "Well that's just stupid; most of our sales are diesels. What do they sell then ?"

    "New S60 will be T6 AWD only, I think"

    "@£%^*%£^(*)^%$£^&;*&" Response unpublishable.

    So, no use to you at all, I'm afraid, but at least you have a supporter in a UK Volvo dealer. He did tell me that there are some new gasser engines coming out which will "blow your socks off", incl a T4 1.6/180bhp, T3 1.6/150bhp and a T5 2.0/204bhp. BTW, the D5 is a 5-cyl 2.4/205bhp and the D3 is a 5-cyl 2.0/185bhp, (a de-stroked D5). There will be a 1.6/105bhp diesel with low consumption/emissions a little later.............think it already appears in the C30/S40/V50 as eDrive or somesuch.

    Sorry cannot be more optimistic on the USA diesel front.

    There is a move, over here, to smaller, higher-rated gasser engines, e.g. VW's 1.4 TFSI, (Turbo- + Supercharged), with 178bhp. Thinking seems to be that governments are currently targeting CO2 but will turn to total-emissions, incl NOx and particulates. Small, high-output gassers make it easier to comply until they figure out a way to further clean-up diesels.

    Keep the faith.
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hey, alltorque: Thanks for the update. The problem with the American market, I think, is not Volvo's, but our own. Gasoline is still cheapo cheapo here. In Minnesota it's currently under $2.75 USD (and most everyone even complains about that!). There aren't many V8 engines sold these days, but smaller SUVs with V6s getting around 22-26 MPG are still quite popular. There are some smaller sedans with 32-35 MPG popping up, however. So...we ugly Americans still burn massive amounts of petrol like it's an entitlement. Sad to say, but until we start paying $5.00 or more at the pump, most Yanks won't demand the smaller, high-output gassers and diesels that you're talking about here. Sooner or later, we'll come around, but only when it hits our pocketbooks hard. Good day to you! vwdawg/volvophile1
  • vwdawg, Your logic is faultless - as ever. Maybe that nice Mr Obama will hike fuel taxes to fund his Welfare programme. We recently got rid of our Socialist government and are now having to pay the price for 13 years of disastrous over-spending.

    I hope you get the good engines etc before your wallets are emptied but experience tells me you probably won't.

    Will be watching your upcoming polls with interest. Further Volvo info as it comes available. Have a good day.
  • That's exactly right. One good if perverse way to educate oneself on this matter is to take OSD on a new Volvo in Gothenburg. You do get a full tank of gas when you take delivery of your car, but the first time you have to fill up your new baby with $2.00/liter petrol and do the math, that $8.00 per gallon gas really gets your attention. Furthermore, in many if not most European countries, the car itself is taxed, either when purchased and/or annually thereafter, accordingly to the size and type of engine, i.e. according to its fuel consumption, a sort of progressive gas-guzzler tax. It is only a matter of time before such measures will have to be introduced over here as well.

    The other issue about diesels vs. gassers is that, the last time I was in Europe diesel fuel was selling for about 20% less than benzine. I have no idea what the current delta in Europe is, but in the US, diesel is appreciably more expensive than even 93 octane standard fuel. Little wonder that American customers won't buy and car makers won't import and sell diesel vehicles.
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    volvobuff and alltorque: I have actually considered the Gothenburg (or Madrid) option, but current financial situation will not allow. I assume the Yank bureaucrats allow the Euro-diesels and small gas rigs across the pond, right? Petrol in Minnesota is now around USD 2.80/gallon, and diesel is around 3.10, about 10-11% higher, which would be more than offset by 20 or 25% (?) higher mileage. I bought a new 2005 Jetta diesel wagon in late '04 (42-44 MPG!), and at that point, diesel was a bit less than regular petrol. For some reason, within a few weeks, diesel shot up in price. I'm not a hard core conspiracy theorist, but I can't figure out why diesel is now more expensive than petrol, when for 70 years or more it was cheaper, and is still cheaper in Europe...a move to keep diesels out of the American market? I had to sell the Jetta a couple of years ago due to a couple of kiddies heading to college...still miss that car! Oh well...I'll wait to see what Volvo does over here, and act accordingly. Gothenburg/Madrid sounds like an appealing option. Great day to both of you! vwdawg/volvophile1
  • Here in my part of the UK, (fairly typical), fuel prices are as follows - to-day :

    Unleaded Regular Gasoline : $7.01 per US Gallon equiv.

    ULSD : $7.17 per US Gallon equiv.

    That's using an ExRate of 1.56USD to 1.0GBP. (Haven't checked to-days ExRate but the get the general drift).

    Delta is not that great but the superior mpg of the small diesels rather swamps the slight difference.

    Keep smilin', Mein Herr.
  • jarekjarek Posts: 24
    Would anybody know if Garmin GVN 53 navigation module will work with central console display of new S60?

  • Noticed that the 2012 S60 (FWD, T5 engine) is showing up on the volvo site. Priced a little better @ $32k vs. $37k for the AWD. 300 hp. Doesn't give availability date....I imagine early next year...
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hello, all: Just a followup to my 8/24/10 post. A few weeks after the fuel pump on my S60 was replaced under warranty, I took a family road trip to Chicago. I was parked in a ramp, and when I returned, noted a puddle of something under my car! A quick sniff confirmed...petrol! Being Sunday, no service available, and needing to get back to Minneapolis, with a bit of trepidation I drove it 400 miles home and brought it back to Borton, my dealer. They started an inspection immediately and found a bad O-ring on the fuel sender unit. Despite this NOT being a warranty item, they stated that the pump replacement should probably have revealed this, so the only charged me $18 for the parts! So...if anyone has their fuel pump replaced, and a proactive move, you should advise your service advisor to take care of the O-ring at the same time. Again...can't say enough good things about Borton Volvo and Chris, the service manager (she's awesome)'s a dealer that actually goes above and beyond the call! vwdawg/volvophile1
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,043


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  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Volvo, already financially marginal, is now in the precarious position of being moved lock, stock and barrel to Red China. This, of course, would be brand suicide.

    Does anyone trust Geely when they say they will leave Volvo in Europe and not move the whole operation to Red China to maximize profits? One realizes of course that they are not known for telling the truth.

    To see Volvo go the way of cat and dog food, baby cribs, brake rotors, etc. would be tragic indeed but this lingering doubt about their veracity (or lack thereof) is keeping me from buying a new S 60 T AWD. A great car but who wants Red Chinese rotors in two years??!
  • The previous post is utter Sinophobic paranoia. There is no evidence whatsoever that Volvo is being moved to China. A few models are being assembled in China for sale only in China, and that has been taking place for years, long before Ford sold Volvo to Geely. There are no Chinese-made parts being used in Swedish or Belgian-built Volvos. Period.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    The previous post is utter Sinophobic paranoia.

    Utter rubbish and the epitome of denial and departure from reality. You must live in a cave if you have no perception of the negative effects Red Chinese garbage has had on the ongoing fall in quality of the marketplace in virtually every industry in which the "PLA" operates.

    Did you even know the "PLA" is the arbiter of the little island of capitalism that had to be created in Red China in order for the place to avoid the fate of Cuba or North Korea?

    Try asking a brake mechanic what he thinks of Red Chinese calipers and rotors and then decide if you would entrust the lives of you or your family to them.
  • My Volvo has done this too. It usually happens in the summer- only a couple of times in the winter- the dashboard just goes blank. The repair guy said it was something with the computer, they allegedly fixed it, but it still happens. I don't even know how fast I'm going when it does, its SO scary. I wish I knew which type of Volvo's this affected, mine is a 2001 s60 piece of you know what.
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    Hi All: I'm considering picking up a clean 2001 S60 that was sideswiped by another vehicle. If one put all new metal on that side, it wouldn't be worth fixing, but I have a body guy who is amazing at pounding out damage, so he could rejuvenate it for reasonable cost. The problem? The owner thinks the "fuel safety shutoff" switch was tripped when the car was hit (I didn't know that could happen except for a rollover). In any case, it won't start. Does anyone know how to reset the cutoff? My dealer tech says I have to bring it in so he can hook it up to the diagnostics (OK...$200 for a tow, $150 for tech thanks!). Can a regular OBDII diagnostic tool accomplish this? Thanks for any suggestions. volvophile1
  • If so, lets hear about pricing, which packages, extras and overall brief review. I guess its too early but I haven't found one consumer review. :confuse:
  • Attached link will give you an insight, but to the T6 AWD rather than the T5. Have driven S60 D3 and D5 Geartonics on-track over a series of high-speed and manoeuverability exercises and I have to say it made my '06 S60 D5 Geartronic feel rather "wooden" The chassis re-work is astounding - it's not just a body job; they really have re-engineered the whole thing. I loved it. The 205bhp D5 S60 utterly demolished a similarly powered V70 D5 police-spec car - both cars driven by pros and each with 3 x passengers. The S60 was very composed at very silly speeds and angles whilst the V70 was all over the place and bits of interior trim were coming loose due to chassis flex. One of the pro drivers runs a BMW 335d and said that in the dry the two cars are pretty well matched whereas in the wet he'd always opt for the S60.............and all the S60's we were in were just FWD, not AWD. 249963/
  • Thanks for the reply. Did the model you drove have drive selectable settings? (sport) They offer a dynamic package for $900 which includes a dynamic chassis, 18 inch wheels and speed sensitive steering with driver selectable settings. I'm wondering if its worth it or even necessary on the streets of NYC. The article said that a t4 version was coming but it is the t5 in the US. I test drove it and it was pretty powerful and responsive.
  • From memory the cars we drove were pretty standard and really had all the toys you could usefully want/need incl the Pedestrian Safety and Anti-Collision systems, (which are brilliant). My concern with the 18" wheels would be same as with any car with biggest wheels possible - they don't do the ride quality any favours and, if NYC streets are anything like most of the U.K., (i.e. nearly as good as Beirut), then I'd certainly stick with the standard offerings and enjoy the ride. If, on the other hand, NYC has glass-smooth racetrack road surfaces then go for the 18" .............. but I wouldn't. Bigger wheels only offer benefits at the outer limits of handling but at the expense of thump/crash/tracking gone/possible tyre & wheel damage over bad potholes. For me, big wheels are a triumph of style over substance..................but each to his own.

    We only drove the diesels as those are the ones that will account for the vast majority of sales over here. The D5, (205bhp/310lbft), is a very nice bit of kit but it might be a cold day in Hades before it reaches the shores of The Colonies, (sorry, can never resist). ;)
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    For those with this car, what has been your experience with the NAV system.

    I examined one in a new S60 with its dial affair and found it slow, unintuitive and rather primitive. But how is it in real life when you get used to using it on the road? How does it compare to a Garmin?

    Thanks for any insight you can provide?
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    edited February 2011
    Just a personal opinion but I would only take a built-in NAV system if it was standard fit, no-cost option. For much less money you can buy the top spec TOM TOM and move it around at will. Doesn't have to be windscreen mounted, either. Just buy the appropriate Brodit clip mounting and fit it wherever you like. Fast ? Accurate ? Intuitive ? Yes, that describes TOM TOM units to a tee.......and map updates are likely to be cheaper also, when needed. I've been using the same TOM TOM GO 300 since about 2005, (but have bought new map cards for a few £'s), and it's never let me down once in Europe or USA, (used in a hire car for a holiday in Nevada & Arizona).

    Sorry, not answering your question.............well, not the one you specifically asked. Just trying to point you at a potentially better option. IMO, of course. :D
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