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Kia Optima 2006 and earlier



  • I have a kia Optima 5 speed with approx 50,000 mls. I got it used with approx 32000 miles 3.4 years ago. No problems at all, its been a great car. A month or so ago I was driving along and it bucked a bit, not when shifting, just as I was driving. Didnt happen again. Last week my gas was low but no light on and I was in 3rd and driving along and it bucked again, I didnt see the engine light on and assumed it was just low gas. So I filled it up with regular gas and it still happened. I then filled it again with mid grade gas, had the oil changed and checked the air filter. It was fine. No engine lights on. I did travel alot these past 2 months, approx 6-800 miles. It is still happening without warning and no lights on. Spoke to dealer and another shop and both want to charge 100 or so to run tests/codes cause they arent sure what is going on. Couple friends have said that maybe it is the fuel filter (was camping with dirt roads for a few days and near the ocean too so near dirty roads) another said maybe plugs. All are baffled that the engine light doesnt come on. Hard part is I am not in a position to pay $100 to diagnose then pay for parts too. Can I change the fuel filter myself? Does it sound like that is it? Should I just change plugs? Would appreciate any input you have. I have another trip this weekend and worried but I need to go so have to find out what the concern is. Thanks
  • the fuel filter is extremely easy on this car. it is located in front of the drivers side rear tire and is rather visible. the part is about $15 at autozone, and only requires a wrench set for instalation. but expect to get gas on yourself. other suggestions, spark plugs and wires, dirty injectors, or fuel pump.
  • i recently bought this car with 73000 miles on it and soon after it started to have a rather rough idle. i have asked a few of my mechanic friends and they say that it is a misfire due to a slight suction at the tailpipe when the engine seems to be misfiring. i have tried many things to fix this problem but with no luck. the engine is not throughing any codes so i think i am shooting in the dark.
    things i have done
    1 oil
    2 plugs
    3 wires
    4 air filter
    5 fuel filter
    6 injector cleaner
    7 induction service
    8 found and fixed a vacume leak to the pcv valve
    i just cant think of anything else that would cause the engine to misfire like this. please help!
  • Hi Folks,
    No authority on the subject, but we own an 04 optima that had similar problems. The wife was complaining that "her" car would start to buck then the problem went away. it was intermittent and didn't happen when I drove it soo... at first I tossed it as bad fuel as there were NO CODES. After another week or so, it totaly quit in the driveway. I got it to limp at 2-3k rpm and went to a local autozone (no affiliation!) where they will run a scan for free!! the error code pointed to a crank position sensor (error code P0335). Limped it to the dealer (warranty item) and they fixed it. About a week later, same problem only a LOT worse. Back to autozone this time it was another sensor (can't find the paperwork sorry..I "think" it was a timing sensor) had to have it towed from autozone to the (this time there was no limping it at all it took all I had to get it the mile to the AZ) dealer where they replaced the crank sensor AND the new sensor error. two months so far so good.
    Good luck, I hope this helps and you back on the road!
  • About 2 months ago I purchased a 2006 KIA Optima LX V6. I like it for the most part. However I have run my battery dead twice now because I left my headlights on. My car does not make a warning sound when the headlights are on, the ignition is off, and the door is open. I had a 1993 Honda Civic that did the same thing. I was able to fix this problem by finding a site that gave me instructions on how build and connect a warning device. Does anyone know if there is the same option for my KIA?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    This surprises me because on my 07 Optima and my 01 Elantra, the lights go off when the ignition is shut off. I thought that was pretty much standard on all HyunKias. Are you sure you haven't done something to change the normal headlight switch setting?
  • I like my 2005 Optima so much, I'm ready to buy it again! planning on buying my wrecked Optima for salvage value, which is $1200. Just before I had the wreck, I had a new timing belt and water pump installed. The vehicle has been VERY cheap to maintain, and other than those pesky light bulbs, has not required any attention. The vehilcle has 68008 miles on it, it's the 2.4 liter automatic.

    Just as a PSA, the Optima does lose a ton of value as it ages. My insurance company totaled the vehicle for damages of $4500 + my body shop said they might uncover more damage after they pulled off the door. The front passenger door was bashed in pretty good.

    I have found the cheaper body shop in the area, and I plan to get if fixed far cheaper than the $4500.

    A couple of questions: If anybody has done this before.

    1. I'm guessing I will still have the remainder of my 10/100,000 powertrain warranty?(I'd rather not ask Kia if I don't have to)

    2. I will call my insurance agent on Tuesday to make sure he will still insure the car. Assuming he does, I'm debating betwen getting

    a. liability and uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage
    b. liability, uninsured/underinsured, and comprehensive.
  • We have an 04 optima v6 which we have been very happy with up until now. (A little background info, 46000 miles, all current services, all at the dealership) Last week my wife calls and says the car makes a “squeaking” noise when she turns, then calls back and says its hard to turn. I say take it into the local dealer. She is told that it is the power steering pump is going out and it will need to be replaced. They order the part and do the work and give me a call telling me to pick it up. When I show up the car is not ready because they “found” a broken bolt that held on one of the pumps (never could get a clear answer as to which pump), so they would need to keep it another day to fix it. When I did pick it up they said the broken bolt is from an accident 3 years earlier (my wife rear ended a car, that required body work ie bumper, head lights etc) we drove it home, Tuesday of this week she went out to start it and the smell of burning rubber is wafting from under the hood. I look at it and the Serpentine / drive belt is chewed all up and riding off the outside edge. We call the dealership service department and have the car towed in, they tell me it is the tensioner and it will have to be replaced. The next day I go to pick it up and they tell me that the whole serpentine / pulley / system is out of alignment due to the “accident” we had 3 years earlier (and all of this work will not be covered by the warranty). Here’s where I want a second opinion. We have driven the car for 3 years (oct 05 to 08) without eating up the serpentine / drive belt. Had it replaced only last week as part of the repair of the power steering pump. It was not frayed or worn. SO how in the hell can they say this misalignment is due to that accident and not the fault of the service department while doing the work last week? I have spoken to the head of service, who oversees all of the dealership’s various brand service departments, who said he would look into it on Monday, but the service head at the kia dealership is admit that this is not his departments fault and that the accident of three years ago is to blame. :mad:
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    Hi all ,

    I have not been on the post in a while, just did the timing belt, Usually I do
    a water pump at the same time. the dealer said save the money wait until
    120K. They have been doing the Optimas for years and never replaced them early.
    They do about 6 timing belts a week. It was one of the first Kia dealers to open
    in the state

    The 70K service, went well, no over pricing add ons. I found cleaning the induction fuel injector system, throttle body was like another tune-up. BG products. Well worth the extra coins. Mileage picked up too . I found the driving lamps developed
    what seems to be a cataract, inside the housing lighting on 04's and 05's

    Kia would have replaced them if under the warranty, My dealer was to call me when the lamps came in but he sold the store before he called and I was over the 3yr, 50k. It kind of got me ticked to have to hear Kia in California who had this
    request on record say no to the new dealer to replace them.

    I did inform some other owners, and they had their headlamps replaced for free.
    Kia has really been quite good , to the owners about warranty items.

    Check you lamps if your in warranty and get them done.

    Running with the Yokohama replacement tires, AVID TRZ since 55,ooo miles
    Tire Rack has them $ 40 less per tire than the tire stores. Good in Wet and dry, forget snow
    one inch no tire does well unless your driving in 3rd gear, on the Kia tiptronic automatic. Brakes went at 50ooo in the front 72ooo in the rear, not to bad.

    Street and Road driving average is 24 mpg, straight highway is 30-33 mpg
    city 18 to 20 mpg. Using Amsoil Synthetic since the third oil change, its the best for me.

    Do an oil filter change at 6000 miles top off the oil and get another 3000- 4000
    miles on the oil. You can easily stretch to 12 or 15 ooo miles for sure. :)

    The engine purrs like new. Oil was analyized and not much wear at oil at 65ooo
    Using a Wix or AMSoil high quality filter too. Change the air filter or go with the KN
    brand it makes a huge difference, on gas mileage and performance. :shades:

    Just replaced the first battery, at 78ooo miles this was a long life battery
    However since the change air bags light stays on the dealer wants $ 100 to :confuse:
    turn it off with the code machine. Anyone an do it for $20- $30
  • I have an 03 model with the same problem. Dealership wants 2K to replace the gas tank. If you find you anything let me know. I ordered a shop manual to see what I can find you about the tank. There has to be a bad vent valve that's causing this problem.
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    Please tell me what post this was first seen in ?
    And is it a CEL Optima? US car, what part of country you live in?

    What is the problem with the gas tank? If this is under warranty
    or has it had many other owners experienced this problem?
    I am unaware of the issue. I suggest you check with other shops
    as to parts and labor
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    Same here 04 EX Optima

    Lights stay on no bell noise to remind you, like when the key is in ignition.

    However mine shut off, when the lightswitch is in the auto mode
    In the winter this does not cut it. :surprise:

    I do not think they will shut off in any other mode for any model
    What is strange is no bell to remind you .
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    Just replaced battery

    Now the airbag light stays on
    Only a Kia dealer can turn this off?

    Anyone know?
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    I have a 07 Amanti & a 04 Optima EX, both cars have the auto lights. I usally leave the parking lights on while i am driving. The lights will shut off after i take the key out and open the drivers door. The same with the headlights,but they will shut off after you turn the key off.You must have something wrong with the system. Check your owners manuel about the bell that you don`t hear. I beleve the dealer can reset your air bag light.-------GOOD LUCK--------( I think the EX model is the only one that does it.) :shades:
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    We can all help one another, by posting the experience's of Service & Sales
    on Edmonds. Whether they are dealerships or local shops in our cities and
    towns. vice.1.newOld.html
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    That's a great idea, capt4, right on!! Here's the link that will allow everyone to choose their own locations and go from there: Dealer Ratings & Reviews.

    Thanks for the suggestion!!
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    Thanks Pat, I also think we should ask our friends to review some good local services ( shops ) the link is on the right side of Forums, TAB

    In that way we can all get the benefit of this Forum.

    Your welcome
    Capt4 :)
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    I am confused one post says you can change the filter
    next to the rear tire, another is that it is in the fuel tank ?

    Can we get some clearance where the fuel filter is ?

  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    We should ask Kia for the badge like Volvo...

    get a badge for every 100,000 miles ?
    Anyone want to write Kia on this ?

    from the UK
  • I have a 2004 kia optima and my vehicle does the same thing. No one seems to know anything but now my cruise control is also messing up it wont come on and sometimes it wont respond.
  • lhylhy Posts: 48
    I am thinking about buying a used 2004 Optima LX with V-6 engine.

    What are your opinions about the reliability of this car, especially the transmission and engine?

    Are the general maintenance and repair costs expensive?

    Is there an issue with the timing belt wearing out prematurely?

    What kind of gas mileage do you get?
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32
    TO be honest if there is no service records on any car whether dealer or
    small garage. serviced do not buy the car.

    The reliability is good if serviced. Service is no more or less than other cars
    in its class.
    Timing belts must be replaced by 70K you can also have the car checked
    by a reputable shop for around $50 and let them go over it
  • lhylhy Posts: 48
    Are there any problems with non-dealer mechanics working on the car? Or can most generic repair shops handle a KIA?

    How about the issue with the front sub-frame recall?
  • My 2004 Kia Optima has it in the tank. Open trunk door, fold back seats of car. You will see a oval cover, remove (does not have screws), you will see a round cover with about6 screws, this is your fuel pump.
    I have not done the filter replacement yet, but according some postings it is part of the pump. Just be careful since you are dealing with a very flammable area.
  • I have over 123,000 miles on the car. I get an average of 20 MPG in Las Vegas city driving. I haven't gotten any services done to the car. I need to replace the timing belt and water pump, along with other maintenance. Very well-built car in my opinion, totally changed my view of the brand.
  • capt4capt4 Posts: 32

    I understand that you need a special tool to take the fuel filter off
    the fuel pump which is attached to it

    The dealer stated that had to take out the back seat to remove the
    fuel filter, it was laborious.and costly somewhere around $ 200+ $$$$

    Any idea of what the cost is to replace a simple fuel filter and
    why the heck did they put it in such a place? :confuse: :confuse:
  • skalskal Posts: 5
    Did you ever find out what was wrong with you gas tank.I am having problems filling my gas tank. I have a 2003 Optima. Would like to find out the problem if possible.

  • skalskal Posts: 5
    I would like to hear from anyone that has a solution to fixing a problem with filling the gas tank. I have 2003 Optima and when I try to fill the gas tank the pump cuts off about every 2 seconds like the tank is full. It takes 15 minutes to put gas in the car.
  • I have searched the web and cannot find this data. Specifications seem to be limited to basics about the engine but not this far.

    If you know or can refer me to the proper source I would appreciate it.

  • my Optima over the past 2-3 weeks has been having problems firing or starting in the morning. It trys to "roll over" then when i try a second time it usually fires and starts. It has gotten harder to start day by day. After it runs for about a minute or less you can turn it off and then it starts up fine. My mechanic hooked up gauges to the fuel pump and fuel filter, but everything comes up as normal on the computer. He is gonna try to replace the spark plugs and see if that helps or fixes the problem. He also wanted to replace the spark plug wiring (total bill was close to $500) I don't have the money for that kind of fix.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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