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Hyundai Sonata 2005 and earlier



  • I took delivery of a 2004 Sonata LX with the package 7 last week. So far all is good and I am really enjoying the car. Nice and smooth ride and loaded with more features then a Mercedes Benz.

    I do have a question about my floor mats. My Sonata is Desert Sand with the beige interior. It came with black floor mats. They look so out of place. I asked my dealer if it had the right colored floor mats and they said all the 2004's have black floor mats.

    I just don't like the look so I called the Hyundai customer service number. They of coarse did not have a clue on what colored floor mats my car was should have. All they would say is my dealer should order the correct color for an exchange.

    Did I get the incorrect color for my floor mats or is black they only color they come in?
  • The Elantra has color-keyed mats available (I have two sets), so I would imagine the Sonata does as well. Check the website, for confirmation.
  • I just got a post card saying my plates are in.
    So I will be heading back to the dealer in a couple of days. I will tell them again I got the wrong colored floor mats. Hopefully they will just order the beige colored ones and exchange them out. If not I might just buy the beige ones and keep the black ones around as a spare or for use during the winter. I was planning on ordering the cargo net anyway.

    I know for a fact that my Sonata came with the wrong mats. My dealer was still selling the 2003 models but I wanted the LX with package 7. So we had to drive up to the second lot. They just got the 2004's in and they have not even been prepared yet. They still had the plastic all over them. I had a choice between White Pearl, Slate Grey or Desert Sand. I thought the Desert Sand color was the most classy. As I was checking out the car for defects I noticed it had black mats sitting in the trunk.

    Of coarse I was so excited about buying the new car I forgot about the wrong colored mats. I mentioned it as the salesman was going over the checklist. That is when he said all the 2004's are coming with black mats. They stay cleaner. I kind of doubt that.

    Unfortunately it seems dealers are not very willing to fix anything after you sign the paperwork. Although the wrong floor mats is pretty obvious error.
  • I have an 03' sonata with beige mats (Car is pearl).
    I'll take those black mats off your hands if you want to get rid of them.
  • My 2000 GLS V-6 is in for its 60K check up and they recommended I replace the timing belt for $325.00 is this a little early in miles to be worring about a timing belt?
  • No, 60K miles is NOT too early! Better to do it when recommended (most cars require this at 60K) than to have it snap and damage key engine parts. This isn't like waiting another 1000 miles for your next oil change.
  • I have owned my 2004 Sonata LX for almost a month now. So far everything has been great and everyone loves the style. In fact a co worker went out and just bought one just like mine only a different color.

    I am currently trying to figure out if my Sonata is equiped with a cabin filter? I have been told that some have it and some don't. Mine is a fully loaded LX with the package 7. The owners manual talks about it but only says (IF INSTALLED). Not sure if it is related but I have the Type A auto climate control system.

    I believe on the 99-01 Sonata's the base did not have a cabin filter but the GLS and above models had it as standard. Not sure if this is the same for the 02 and above models.

    As a folow up on my floor matts my dealer exchanged them out with the proper color with out any hassle. However now that I had both colors installed the black was not half bad actually. It added a bit of contrast to the interior and they don't show dirt at all. Maybe I will order a set of black matts in the future.
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    Yep! Only the base model Sonata lacks the cabin filter though it can be added just for the cost of a replacement filter element (~$35.00 U.S.). When I put one in my Sonata, the only sources I found were Kia and Hyundai dealers. The only complaint I have with these filters is that while they're apparently a HEPA-type*, they do not contain activated charcoal for odor control. (Stinky diesels still stink if you're behind one.)

    *I'm going strictly by the appearance of the filter medium compared with replacement HEPA filters used in residential forced air heating and air conditioning systems - no where on the Sonata's cabin airfilter or its shipping carton does the acronym, "HEPA", appear.
  • I've had my Sonata for about 9 months now and it's been a great car from day 1. I do 95% city driving and I get a consistent 20MPG. I have roughly 7800 miles on the car now and the only problem I've encountered was about 80 miles ago the engine light came on while I was driving the car and with that, whenever I applied the break or turned on the blinker, the "R" (reverse) light on the instrument panel came on. Took it to the dealer and they had to replace some switch (I forgot what its called) to fix the engine light problem and they found a faulty ground that they fixed which solved the "R" light problem. No charge, no hassles and the dealership was great. The other thing I have found with this car is that when you start the car in the morning, if you only let the car warm up for about thirty seconds, the transmission will have trouble shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear but if you let it warm up for about 90 seconds (longer in cold weather) the transmission will shift smoothly. Power wise, its no drag racer but has been more than adequate for my needs. Handling has been good but there is body roll in sharp turns. The ride is smooth, quiet and comfortable. My 9 year old daughter loves the fold-down center console in the back seat. The build quality is excellent. It really is a tight and solid car. When I had the car in the shop, the dealership gave me a Chevy Malibu as my loaner-car that had about 500 more miles on it than my car and the Malibu just didn't feel like it was put together as well as the Sonata. Now the question is; would I buy another Hyundai product? Answer: in a heartbeat!
  • Hi -

    Long time, no type.

    Purchased *TWO* identical Sonatas in early 2000. Year 2000 GLS V6 w/ package 13 (both).

    Here's the latest:

    (1) the plastic "shell" housing the wheel wells in the front - the right front (passenger side) is cracked. Oddly enough, this is considered "cosmetic," although the break allows water to spray into the engine compartment and the quarter panel under wet road conditions.

    Given the warranty considers this "cosmetic" and given water gets in, I gotta pay to fix it.

    (2) a bit of protective trim on the seat frame (driver's side front) is now peeking out from under the leather. Unfortunately, it does not want to go back under the leather.

    (3) the driver's side window regulator snapped - for the THIRD time, but the dealership decided to charge me $14 + tax to "lubricate" the window tracks: the broken regulator is still in the door. Had I checked the itemization at the dealer, I would have inserted my foot in the service idiot's anus.

    (4) developed a crack and some water in the passenger side headlight (suspect it's related to number 1 above).

    (5) have the warped break / rotor thing going on, despite the same situation being fine not-so-long ago.

    Ladies and gentlemen, after living with this car for nearly four years and watching it wear - AND while taking good care of both vehicles as far as general and preventative maintenance, I announce, with sorrow, I have concluded that the 2000 Sonata is a bit of crap (not to mince words).

    I loved the "tightness" and "quality" when it was new, but it seems to wear out *MUCH* too quickly.

    As for the plastic wheel well - this is the first time in my life I have *EVER* found a structural component of a vehicle to be considered a "wear part."

    Thus goes the story of my first two (and last two) Hyundais: next time, I'll pay too much for a Honda that's a bit more durable, crack-proof, and water-tight.

    You can bet I'm gonna raise hell on these issues, though: this is the stupidest situation I have encountered in 20 years behind the wheel of a car.

    *grumble, grumble, grumble*
  • This is just amazing: the dealership refuses responsibility for the misdiagnosed window regulator at this point. AND Hyundai Corporate cannot get their hands on the Hatfield Hyundai (Columbus, OH) to get an appointment to inspect this cracked wheel well.

    Lemme tell ya, my rose-colored glasses are off . . . and the color is much more brown and the smell more foul.

    I'm pretty darn angry!


    Well, count me in as a supporter of fast, high-quality light rail because the consumer never deals with the maintenance!

    Hope y'all have a good weekend . . . .
  • drimpledrimple Posts: 47
    Sorry to hear of the problems you are having. I bought a 2000 GLS in March of 2000 and absolutely love it.

    I just took it in for the 60,000 mile service two days ago with 59,000+ on the odometer. The dealership was out of loaners, so they called Enterprise and I got a rental 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT for the day, paid for by the dealership.

    I told them in addition to the 60,000 mile service I would like to have the rotors machined since I was getting a bit of pulsing in the pedal under moderate braking. They said no problem.

    I received a few update calls from the dealership during the day. In addition to the 60,000 mile service they: machined the rotors under warranty, replaced the fuel pressure regulator under warranty, replaced the ignition wire set under warranty, replaced the timing belt auto tensioner under warranty and replaced the radiator cap under warranty. The service manager told me that none of these parts were in big time danger of failing, but they were looking slightly symptomatic so he decided to replace them under warranty since my warranty is about ready to expire.

    I guess it all depends on the service department at the dealership. I count myself lucky to have a good service department nearby.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    While you do have some issues worth complaining about, the wheel well liner is not one of them. It is not a "structural member". It's simply a plastic shroud that helps cut road noise and looks cleaner than looking at bare metal. Seeing as how this shroud can be broke by road debris, you better believe no warranty will cover it. Do you expect Hyundai to replace your windshield when it gets wacked by a rock?? A crack in the shroud is not a problem. It's not going to harm anything and essentially the dealer is right when they said it's cosmetic.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    My 2000 Sonata GLS V6 5-speed manual with Pkg 13 has passed 49,000 miles. Had her for 2 1/2 years. She is holding up very well. Other than the brake rotor issue, I'm a very happy camper. Fantastically reliable car that runs like a top. Heck, even the leather is wearing nicely. Seats look better now than when I bought them. (In their original state, they looked a bit too much like vinyl.)

    Ingtonge18... Think I've had my window repaired 6 times due to rock chips. She is a bit cratered in middle, but the repairs are keeping her together. USAA, my insurance company covers repairs for free.
  • Sonatabean, I'm sorry to hear of your problems. My 2003 has been great so far and the dealership has been wonderful. When I took the car in for the engine light problem, I had intended on waiting for the car because I figured it wasn't going to take too long to fix but the service rep told me that it would be better if they got me a loaner-car. I didn't even ask for it, they simply gave it to me. They called Enterprise and got me a Malibu. I had it for two days, no charge. Drimple is right, I guess it all depends on the dealers service department. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you in the end.

    Drimple, off topic note: I'm curious, what was your impression of the Grand Prix?
  • Can anyone tell me if the key slot on the driver's door is supposed to illuminate on my new 2003 Sonata? There appears to be a ring around the slot on the driver's door, similar to the one that lights up on the steering column. The dealer doesn't know if it's supposed to light or not.
  • drimpledrimple Posts: 47
    I liked the giddyup of the 3.8 liter V6 in the Grand Prix and the car handled well. However, the interior speaks too much of testosterone and is too aggressively styled for my tastes.
  • ray_h71ray_h71 Posts: 212
    According to the owner's manual, if your car is equipped with that feature, it's activated for 10 seconds when you lift up the door opener.
  • Hey drimple, I to have a 2000 gls with 54000 miles I love the car but not the service dept. Please say you are in the central New Jersey area. so in could use the same dealer. I had the plusating brake but they would not cover it.
  • The dealer is Sansone RT 1 Hyundai in Avenel,New Jersey.
  • drimpledrimple Posts: 47
    Sorry, but I am in Madison, Wisconsin. Bit too far of a drive for a New Jerseyer, methinks.
  • My dealer is Circle Hyundai in Shrewsbury. They have been great for me.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    break down of situation - Mom needs a car SOON. she did last year, but she inherited a car that would "do" for the time being. it is now getting ready to die. so:

    she is soon to be in the market again, and is convinced that she wants a Sonata. the reasons are: the warranty and price.

    she requires a V6. so, she could get a V6 in the Sonata, for the same price as a 4 cylinder Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. seriously, her current car has almost 300k miles. she drives a lot. at least 65 miles a day. that is just to work and back. not counting errands. the warranty helps in this regard, since it is nice and long. but a warranty only helps so much. it doesn't PREVENT problems, only pays for them.

    would all of you be comfortable letting a loved one buy a Sonata, for the long haul? my Mom does not know a thing about cars. all she knows it how it feels when she steps on the gas. i worry about what happens when she is driving through the mountains at 100k miles. i know that in a Camry or Honda, if maintained, there is a good chance that she won't break down. do you really feel as comfortable in the Hyundai at that point?

    anyone got their V6 Hyundai's up to that mileage yet? 100k miles or higher?

  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    First of all, the Sonata has been rated by actual Sonata owners in Consumer Reports as having "above average" reliability. That is to say, its reliability is above the ever-improving reliability of all cars averaged over the past three years. That is pretty good for a company most of us wrote off five or more years ago.

    Second, you are right that maintenance has plenty to do with the longevity of any car, Honda-durable or not. A car I bought brand new in 1987 was kept in good condition through proper maintenance (following the normal schedule, NOT the "severe usage" schedule) and lasted me more than 10 years before I sold it. It had 227K miles on it and the first major repair occurred at 191K miles (head gasket). Was it a Honda? No, a low-tech Mercury Lynx (Escort twin) with a 5-speed. Sold with original exhaust, original starter, original alternator, original radiator and original clutch.

    My 2001 Elantra has been wonderful these past two years, and is well-maintained. I encourage you to trust Mom's choice, because this company has worked very hard to overcome their past bad reputation. If only every company worked this hard to improve their products. Keep us posted!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    thanks. Mom actually had a 1983 Mercury Lynx automatic, no a/c, back in the day. got to about 200k miles. i thought she was the only one that bought the Lynx instead of Escort.

    i know that Hyundai has improved. but i am wondering if the improvement is for short term quality, vs. long term quality. not bashing Hyundai at all, just trying to find anyone that has good 100k miles and over experiences. hard to find.....why aren't people keeping their Hyundai's?
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    Wow, I also had an '83 Lynx, but it only lasted me to 33K before I traded it. The opposite experience from my '87's long life.

    I can only speculate that people don't keep their Hyundais for VERY long (if that is so) perhaps because they still fear that the old reputation may come back to bite them. I'm not like that. My '01 Elantra will be with me at least as long as my good Lynx, because I did alot of research that pointed to a strong effort by the company to do better. The effort is indeed showing up in far superior cars than they made in the past, and in my opinion, far superior cars than most domestic products. I am convinced that mine will last for the long haul. Now let's hear from people who have crossed the 100K mark!
  • I currently have a 2000 Honda Accord EX V6 Coupe that I leased that I am now turning in, in a month. I am looking to buy this time, and have had to test drive cars because of what Honda did to the Accord. I think they did a MAJOR disservice to themselves with the new body style, but that's just my opinion. I test drove a '03 Tiburon GT V6, and a '04 Sonata GLS V6. I was pleasently surprised with both cars, but I'm leaning more towards the Sonata. The sticker price on this particular Sonata was $19,333. The only option on it was the sunroof. If I wanted the ABS with TC, the sticker went up to $20,033. I don't like the fact that all I really wanted was the ABS, but it seems like I can't just get that, in order to get the ABS, I have to take the sunroof as well. I've looked up the true market value here on Edmund's, but what have some of you guys and gals paid for a Sonata GLS V6? Or what do you think would be a fair price to pay, cause lord knows I'm not paying $20,033!! And also, if you had a choice between the Tiburon GT V6 or the Sonata GLS V6, which one would you choose, and why? Thank you very much for your responses.
  • I have a new 2003 Sonata GLS V6 with the ABS and no sunroof and i love the car . This car is just such a nice driveing car and for the money you can't buy a car like this for around $17k . I like the car and everytime i drive it i like it even more . The V6 is great it will get up and go i'm up to 95 MPH befor i know it on i4 .I try not to drive fast but in this Sonata V6 it's hard to keep the speed below 90MPH on the highway . I did have new mag wheels put on it last week and wow do they make the car hug the road .I tell all my friends that Hyundai has come along way and there right up there with honda and toyota.I love the way the Sonata looks i get ask all the time if i drive a Jag S-Type the Sonata and the Jag Stype look so much alike .I would tell everyone to buy a Hyundai there great cars .
  • I bought my 03 GLS back in December 02 for invoice price, around 17K and the only options it had was ABS and mudguards, no sunroof. I haven't priced the 04's but you should be able to get something similar for around the same price.
  • Thank you lakelandfl and bloodclot for your responses. I'm getty antsy trying to negotiate a deal here. The dealership I was at last night told me that since I didn't want the sunroof, that they would "deal" on it. I said that I wanted it for free. They said that the most they could do was come down some, but not give it to me for free. It is only $700!! Not to mention that we didn't even start to talk about the sticker price. The guy must have thought I was a real sucker, and that he had me reeled right in, but when I walked out, I knew he was quite shocked. What really made me mad was when he said that there was a tiny markup on the Sonata, or any Hyundai for that matter. And that we all know is BS! I just hate being lied to. But thank you for your responses, at least I know now realistically what people are paying for the '03 Sonata GLS V6.
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