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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    Can you clarify if the new camry has 5 spd auto or not?
  • ralpiralpi Posts: 26
    My '02 XLE also came with the Bridgestones. While I am a Michelin advocate, the Bridgestones (Potenza RE92) are very comfortable and smooth, and handle acceptably. As far as wear, I only have 9k miles on my car in first year, and I do not have any expectations they will be as durable as Michelins I have owned. One very bad point about these tires: not good in the snow. I will possibly install dedicated snow tires next winter. We do not have much snow on LI, so if you live where this is a concern, different tires may be in order.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    The new V6 engine available on the Camry with VVT-i will have the 5sp auto transmission. This transmission will ONLY be mated to this engine, so will not be on the 4Cyl or older V6 engines.

    Hope this helps.

  • stnickstnick Posts: 177
    Alpha 01. They are the Bridgestone Potenza model, probably the same as what is on ralpi's 02 XLE, previous post. I understand about tire ratings. The temp and traction ratings on this tire are A and A so they have some attributes. BUT, there are a large number of tires out there of many different brands that have good traction, quietness, and a far better wear rating than do the Potenza thats on the XLE. I just feel that Toyota could have put a longer wearing tire on that class of car. They probably do ride softer and quieter than some, usually attributed to softer rubber compounds,faster wear. No biggy, I could wear them out or take them off as many people seem to do with OEM tires. Regards, Nick.
  • Hi,

    I'd appreciate it if someone can answer my following questions:

    Is the 2003 Camry 4dr LE automatic supposed to have the security
    alarm? What about cigarette lighter and ashtray? How do I find
    out if security alarm is installed and works. Here's the

    I bought a 2003 Camry 4dr LE with auto transmission on Jan. 19
    with the following options:
       Code Description
             50 state emission
       AB antilock brake system
       BE side & curtain air bags
       DJ JBL radio/casette/CD package with 8 speakers
       Z1 Pref. package #1

    The car was made in November last year. It has keyless entry and
    power driver's seat. The salesman told me that if the remote
    control has a red panick button, which it does and the button
    works, the security alarm is installed. The driver's manual says
    that the alarm is armed after the key is removed and all doors
    locked, and the alarm will go off if the door is opened using
    neither the key nor the remote control. Well, I unlocked the
    car, turned the key to ACC, lower some windows, exited the car,
    closed and locked all doors. After a couple of minutes, I
    reached over the lowered window and pulled the small lever to
    unlock the door (without using the key or the remote control),
    and opened the door. Nothing happened. No sound, no blinking
    lights. The salesman claims that the alarm will go off only if
    someone pries open a door. The car keys I have are the regular
    ones, not the ones with transponder chips.

    The manual also mentions a security indicator light on the
    dashboard near the 12V power outlet. Such a light does not exist
    in my car. So, do I have the alarm or not? If I do, how do I
    find out if it works? If I don't, is the alarm supposed to be a
    standard feature or do you have to add it as an option?

    BTW, there is no cigarette lighter or ashtray either. Are these
    supposed to be standard features on the LE?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    The LE model of the Camry does not have either an ashtray or cigarette lighter or Alarm as standard equipment. The ashtray and lighter are accessories that you can get from the parts/service department. They go where the 3rd cup holder is in front of the gear shift and have a cover that goes over them that works similar to the one that covers the other cup-holders.

    As for the alarm, the way that you checked is exactly the way that I would have recomended that you check. Also if it has a factory alarm, it will ALWAYS have an security indicator somewhere on the dash. It is a black rectangular replacement that fits in one of the placeholders on the dash. When it is activated, it flashes with the red LED light in the center of the rectangle. The panic button is on the remote regardless of if the vehicle has an alarm or not. Also the code for the security system is either V3 for vehicles that don't have keyless on them already or V5 with vehicles that have standard keyless.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ken, Thanks so much for your help. It amazed me to see your
    answers so soon after I posted my message. And you described
    everything clearly. Thinking you must be someone who know a lot
    about Toyotas, I tooked a peek at your profile. Too bad you
    don't work at a nearby dealership, or I'd recommend my friends to
    go to you to buy Toyotas (I live in Maryland).

    Thanks again for your help.

  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Thank you for the compliment. I work hard to be as up-to-date about our products as possible and know how to work the systems on the vehicles. I appreciate the feedback. I'm just glad I was able to help.

  • ronnocronnoc Posts: 7
    Is anybody besides me not happy about making the moonroof standard. One reason that I have always prefered the Camry over the Accord, in addition to the smoother quieter ride, was that I coud get it equipped closer to the way I wanted. That is I could get power seat, better sound system, etc. without getting the hole in the roof.
    With the Accord it was the base LX or everything. At 6' 4'' I want headroom , not a hole in the roof. Why make it standard so that those who do not want them have to go farther down scale with regards to other features. Maybe Camry won't be a good option in the future.
  • Frank I just took delivery of my LE a week ago. As Ken stated they do not come with cig lighter or ashtrays. The security alarm system is an option which I highly recommend. I do have the security light indicator right next to the 12V input. I found out my security alarm worked by accident. I set the alarm with the remote where is says lock. Then realized that I needed something out of the trunk and I opened the trunk without thinking and the horn started honking and the lights started going on and off. So I know that it's there and functioning. I think I paid $359 for this option. Since the Camry is the most stolen car in America I think the security alarm is a good investment.

  • Sorry to say there are no steering wheel audio controls on the 2003 XLE. Instead Toyota sees fit to put the stupid controls for the message center on the steering wheel.In order to lower or raise the volume on the radio or change the station you have to take your eyes off the road as you drive. Who cares about the stupid MPG or other stupid things on the message center. The time and the temperature are more than enough.To be honest with you, had I known about this I might not have bought the XLE. My other car is an Acura TL with steering wheel audio controls and I love it.
  • Steering wheel audio controls are cool. However, since the Camry has excellent ergonomics it's not that big of a deal. There's a trade-off in every car in the Camrys price range.
  • slotoyslotoy Posts: 14
    ronnoc...depending on where you live this may not be a problem. I am in Georgia and have been told that most of the South Eastern Region dealers are ordering the SE with the moonroof as a "delete option". When they do that it drops the MSRP by $900. Not sure how they are working it on the XLE since I was only enquiring about the SE with moonroof.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    I just checked gas mileage for Camry V6 VTT-i, its spec has 20/28 (cty/Hw), but Avalon and ES300 which have the same engine and much heavier, they have better gas mileage (21/29 for Avalon, 21/32 for ES300).
    I could not explain why ? Any one ?
  • Ed,
    Thanks very much for the info. I wish I checked with this board before I bought my Camry. Since I did not ask for the security alarm and don't have one as I've found out, I'm thinking about going to a dealer to have the Toyota RS3200 PLUS security alarm installed. I got a quote of $585 parts and labor. The amount you paid for this option is a lot lower than what I have to pay now after taking delivery of the car. Like you said, a security alarm is a good investment. I'll go get one despite the higher cost.

  • Question to all long time Toyota/Camry owners. We are having some real frigid weather here in PA. It's been between zero and 10 degrees of late. My Camry sits in a driveway but not a garage. I have noticed over the last few days that when I start the car the first time in the morning or after work that it starts right up but just as I turn and let go of the key I hear a brief grinding noise...sort of sound like gears rubbing or something. I can not say weather it does it once the car is warmed up because it's been too cold to run out and try it after it is parked for a half hour or so. Does anyone think this is a problem or simply due to the cold weather?
  • 18fan18fan Posts: 147
    It's been really cold here in the pits of Pittsburgh. I have noticed the same thing just over the last couple of mornings in my 96 Camry LE. Mine is within 100 miles or so of needing the next oil change, so not sure if it may be just a little low on oil.... (been too cold to check it!) But most probably attributable to the very cold temperatures. I, too, do not have a garage :( but I am very thankful for the remote starter :)
  • jpsmithjpsmith Posts: 44
    Hi, this is my first post to this board. I'm seriously considering purchasing a Camry LE V6 and am WAY interested right now since they are offering 0% APR/36 month financing. But I really want the new VVT-i engine. I believe that to get the 0% financing I have to buy a car off the lot, i.e. can't order one, and the 0% deal expires at the end of this month. Are there cars with the new V6 in dealer inventories right now?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Should be hitting dealer lots as we speak.
                                 : )
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    There is an easy way to tell if the car you are looking at has the VVT-i. There are three new model numbers. 2552 is a V6 LE, 2554 V6 XLE and 2556 V6 SE. These will have the 5 speed auto. Some dealer's web sites give model numbers and you can check by searching using these numbers.

    I just spoke with our inventory manager and they are building them now but none are at port yet.
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    I have a 99 LE with the alarm system. What annoys me is that once the alarm is set, even if you open the trunk with the key, the alarm goes off. Considering the key fob does not offer a trunk button, I do not understand the rationale behind this. If you want to give someone else a key to your car they have to have the key fob too. This is inconvienent.
  • 18fan,
    What would the oil have to do with noise...ironically I am do for a 3000K oil change too but have not checked it?

    Original not for those who do not want to scroll up:
    Question to all long time Toyota/Camry owners. We are having some real frigid weather here in PA. It's been between zero and 10 degrees of late. My Camry sits in a driveway but not a garage. I have noticed over the last few days that when I start the car the first time in the morning or after work that it starts right up but just as I turn and let go of the key I hear a brief grinding noise...sort of sound like gears rubbing or something. I can not say weather it does it once the car is warmed up because it's been too cold to run out and try it after it is parked for a half hour or so. Does anyone think this is a problem or simply due to the cold weather?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Russell Toyota in Baltimore Md, is showing one in ground status. Shipped yesterday, so it will probably be there tomorrow morning or monday. We are getting a couple next friday.
                      : )
  • I'm thinking/hoping it's the cold weather! The Long Island, NY area is experiencing approx 5 to 15 degree temps and in the last few days I noticed the same sound the first time I start my '97 Camry 4 cyl with 92K morning and again 12 hrs later when returning home. This car is left outside (my new '03 Camry is garaged, so we don't hear it when starting that car). When I start the '97 after it is warmed up - no noise. I also notice a slight noise in the top of the steering column when turning the steering wheel when it is very cold also. I don't think it likes the cold. Any "Northern Climate" (UpperCanada/Maine/Alaska) owners care to comment?!?
  • robc31robc31 Posts: 3
    I have had the same issue the last few days with my 2003 XLE.I live in North Jersey and temps last few mornings, before today, have been between 0-10 above. I noticed the sound when starting the engine for the first time in the morning. I also noticed it Thursday night when I left work. The outside temp was 12. When I left work last night, temp was 21 and I did not hear the sound. Hopefully, it is just a "normal" sound after the car has been sitting for hrs. in the extreme cold.

    - Rob.
  • jpsmithjpsmith Posts: 44
    I visited my local dealer today; they didn't have any VVT-i V6's yet. The salesman said they will be arriving in a couple of weeks. He also said the new LE V6's (the model I'm interested in) would be priced $1000-1500 higher than the ones he had on the lot. He implied that the price increase was due to the new engine/trans. It was my understanding that there was no price increase specifically tied to the new engine, and that any difference would just be due to the new cars having more options? Or have they changed pricing and configurations again?
  • Thanks for the responses...I feel better that I am not alone and perhaps this is just related to the extremely cold weather.

    One good thing about the extreme B-Pillar rattles are gone!
  • slotoyslotoy Posts: 14
    jpsmith...None of the dealers I have spoken with have said anything about price increases tied directly to the new V6 with 5sp Automatic. However, I have noticed that the spoiler for the SE Models is now listed as an extra cost option on It was standard equipment just a few days ago. The same website is still listing the 192HP V-6 as the standard engine with 4sp Automatic w/overdrive. Dealers in my area are deleting the now standard power moonroof on the SE's they are ordering. The deletion is a $900 reduction in MSRP. If the new engine/transmission does, in fact, result in a $1000-1500 price increase, it will make the choice between Camry SE V6 and Accord LX V6 a no brainer. If you want leather, then the Accord EXL becomes a better choice. JMHO....
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Toyota's constant changing of equipment levels on the Camry this year has made a virtually incomprehensible tool for pricing this vehicle. Indeed, still shows the 192hp V6 and 4sp auto combo- but if you look on the first page where it asks you to select your trim, the V6 models are noted parenthetically "EOP NOV 2002". In other words, end of production, November of last year. This seems to be consistent with dealer and reader postings that have claimed low V6 availability.
    That said, I think the more std. equipment the better, and I think deletion of pwr moonroof is silly- Honda EX models, even Civics, have had this standard for years. I dont think there will be a price increase for the new V6. Refer to post #5060 on this thread. Looks like the line will be held on pricing.
    Finally, I would believe that an LX V6 Accord is cross shopped against an LE V6 Camry, and the EX V6s would square off against the SE and XLE V6 Camrys.

    happy motoring
  • I would really like a power rear sunshade for my 2003 camry LE. Where would I go to get one of these (like the one found in the link below?)

    Go here and take a look at the 360degree view of inside the camry and look at the back window.
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