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Dodge Stratus



  • I have a friend with a 1998 Dodge Stratus w/100k miles, a 2.4L engine, and an automatic transmission. Whenever she puts the vehicle in drive the engine idles rough and almost stalls; but when she shifts it back into park or neutral it runs smooth again. The check engine light does not come on. any ideas?
  • My husband was stabbed on New Year's Eve. He spent almost 2 months in the hospital.He received a total of 10 transfusions, had an emergency fasciotomy on his thigh and each side of his calf to relieve the pressure. He had a filter put in to catch the clots that would have otherwise killed him and skin grafts to close the fasciotomy. We are trying to get our lives back on track. One of the first steps in that is getting a car. I have been looking at the Dodge Stratus R/T especially in black. This family really needs a vehicle, one that looks good as I am only 26, runs good so we won't have to turn around and fix it in the first year at least, and has a good price as recovering from such a traumatic experience has effects on finances as well. If anybody knows of something please please please let me know. You can learn more about me and my family by searching my name on myspace or searching the email address of syren_godess at yahoo
    Any help would be so appreciated as it seems like things aren't getting any better for us. :cry:
  • I need help.
    I have an 97 “Chrysler stratus" 2.0 LE, manual transmission, yes "Chrysler stratus”, now "dodge stratus".Two year ago,
    My car transmission was break :sick: . It’s gearshift control cable; I bay this part in, but after shipping, it was for automatic
    Rtansmission.During one year I search this cable, but it was not anywhere. :shades:
    Maybe my details can help someone else!
  • Drove my car to work with no issues. Leaving for lunch and nothing happened! If I turned the key back, from off, I got the radio but nothing no noise nothing when turned to on.
    One mechanic thought it was the ignition switch. When that did not work the sent it to's the computer!
    The car is three years old - 100,000+ miles - how can it be the computer?
    Now beginning it's fourth day out of service - hoping to get it resolved soon.
  • Hi Folks, I am new to this forum and here on behalf of my wife who owns a 01 Stratus SE Sedan. My reason for asking this question is an issue which recently occurred with maintenance, specifically cleaning the throttle body. The engine is the 2.7l 6 which by all information I can find has sequential multiport injection so I am a bit confused about the whole throttle body issue. Perhaps there is a reason for having one I just do not understand what that might be?
  • I have a 98 stratus and have to replace the throttle cable. How hard is this to do? It doesn't look hard looking at it. There are 2 cables. One to the pedal and the other to a vacumm maybe? Thanks.
  • dan119dan119 Posts: 1
    I was curious Kenny if you had been able to figure out what was wrong with your friends Dodge Stratus regarding the idling problem. My daughters car is doing the same thing and am hoping you can help me. Ours is a 1999 verses 1998.

    thank you
  • Wow very sorry to hear that. Well yes absolutely the last thing you need is a unreliable car that will give you more headaches. There's plenty of good cars out there in the marked, but the Stratus/Sebring is NOT one of them. Consider cars with above average and good crash test scores like the Ford Fusion, Mitsubishi Galant, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima. And the usual as Camry and Accord but those are more expensive. But avoid Stratus/Sebring.
  • I have a 98 Stratus with a 2.4 engine and have the same problem of no start on occasion. The car runs fine and starts most of the time. It cranks over but won't catch, if you wait it will eventually start, maybe in 10 minutes or maybe as much as the next day. The problem most often occurs if you are using the car a lot that day and after several starts it will fail. Each time a mechanic has looked at the car it is running so they can't find the problem. There are no codes in the computer. We have replaced crank and cam sensors, and fuel pump to no avail. and have now spent about $500!

    I would sure appreciate some help if anyone has had this problem and found a solution.
  • I tend to get "crazy" when something is wrong with my car being I am female and have experience with being "done in" by repair shops. Please help me to go to a shop with, at least, some idea of what a mechanic should be checking.
    The Stratus has 84,000 miles on it. About 18 months ago, it started to squeak. Terrible squeaking. I took it to a repair shop and either back or front struts were replaced, breaks needed pads and that was done. A few months later it started to squeak again. Squeaking is worse while driving in the city than on the highway. In 2006 I was laid off and could not afford a diagnosis, let alone a repair. The squeaking is awful. I have noticed that when there is a big rain, the car seems to squeak less or not at all for awhile. The oil hasn't been changed in a year. The right front tire has to be filled with air, regularly. And, I have a transmission fluid leak. I have just started back to work and can gradually tend to needed repairs. Any suggestions where I should start, considing problems I have detailed. Thank you for any suggestions, comments, etc.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Since "the oil hasn't been changed in a year", begin with getting that leaky tire repaired and the oil changed. I hope you at least checked the oil level during the past year, to be sure it didn't tun low. Next, have a reputable mechanic determine what's causing the squeak, and get a written estimate for repairing it. If the squeak is due to a safety related issue, you should get it repaired, if you want to keep the car. If the squeak is just annoying, but safety isn't compromised, you can determine whether it's worth fixing. The squeak may be awful, but parting with the money to fix it could be even more awful. Nevertheless, a squeak signifies that something is wrong, no doubt about that.

    Good luck, and let us know what happens.
  • Dear hpmctorque,
    Thank you so much for responding to my post. You cannot imagine how helpful your response is. First, you have provided me with direction, and I don't have to wonder what issue to tackle first. I have decided to purchase two inexpensive tires to replace the hideous front tires, and to get an oil change this week. Both rear tires look really good. I do wonder about my breaks (and struts) although I am not experiencing difficulty with stopping. You won't believe this, hpmctorque, but today I went out to run and errand and my side view mirror and casing on the drivers side was broken. I park on a small street and suspect someone sideswiped the mirror. I have talked myself into hoping their car did not sustain any damage as I want to try and end 2007 with positives despite my natural inclinations.

    Thanks, again, and may you and your family have a wonderful holiday.
  • I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus and every so often while driving the Gas Gauge beeps and then moves to E then back to the line of gas remaining. Can you tell me what is going on?
  • at4x4at4x4 Posts: 2
    02 stratus not getting any heat though the vents what are some things I can check before replacing the heater core Im posting this for my wifes friend so I will get more details shortly whether or not its over heating or smells ect.......
  • at4x4at4x4 Posts: 2
    More details, its not over heating and it doesnt smell like antifreeze
  • Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just bought an 04 stratus sxt as my first car yesterday, and I've noticed that when I'm slowing down,right at 30mph, the car does this jerk then proceeds to slow down. It only has 50k on it and it's driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated
  • I am from russia.I have 2002 stratus with engine 2.7.I use engine oil mobil 1 5w50 and I have no what problems with the engine.Many people use this oil and too have no what problems with the engine.And that the bulb of pressure of oil did not blink, it is necessary to remove condensation from an end face of a socket on the gauge.Thanks for attention. I hope that my advice will help somebody. Forgive for bad English
  • 96es96es Posts: 3
    my 96 ES V6 is making a rattiling noise and i dont know where it's coming from.
    when it's trying to start i hear it under me like a loose floor pan or something but when it's running i hear it over by the passenger side i have no idea what it is please help
  • 96es96es Posts: 3
    i have herd a lot complaints about the airbags not going off in a crash i have a 96 ES V6 and i want to know if it's safe to drive because if the airbags aren't gonna go off i dont want any thing to do with it
  • 96es96es Posts: 3
    it's probleby just the transmsion shifting from second to first my grand parents intrepid did that i suggest taking it to a delarship and see what they say
  • I bought my college daughter a 2004 Dodge Stratus with the 2.7 engine. It now has 40,000 miles on it.

    I didn't really do the research on this engine before I bought it and now all I hear what a bad engine it is from car experts.

    I'm curious if there are any people who use this site that have put a least 100,000 miles on this engine without the sludge problem ruining the engine.

    Also, I'd like to know what maintenance schedule was used for those who got longevity with this engine.

    I currently have been changing the oil at 3,000 mile intervals with Mobile 1 synthetic. I hope this helps.

    I live in a small town. Today I heard at the auto parts store that there are a least five 2.7 engines in town that are shucked and the owners changed the oil regularly at 3,000 mile intervals. Supposedly these blown engines had less than 70,000 miles.
  • vvicevvice Posts: 2
    Mine has 175,900+ miles on it with no engine problems thus far besides a very small oil leak around the valve cover - (tightening the valve cover bolts has stopped or significantly slowed the leak, so no gasket change made yet), and a water pump failure a few days ago.

    I change oil every 5M miles & filter every 10m miles. The most important thing I've found with mine is that it does NOT perform well at high RPM's. Avoid exceeding 3M rpms - even when starting from a cold start - and mine gives no trouble and even gets 31 - 33 mpg.

    My only complaint with the engine and EVERYTHING else about this car is that you have to disassemble the entire vehicle to change or repair ANYTHING. The left front wheel & wheel well has to be removed to get to the battery!
  • egummegumm Posts: 1
    I have a 98 dodge stratus 2.4 cylinder. I have never had a problem with it ever. Until. My car was running hot. I put in a new water pump. Mind you, you have to mess with the timing. So I fixed the timing after that. It is correct now. Ever since them My car has not been running right. I changed the distributor ignition coil. It is only running on 2 cylinders. First it ran, it just seemed like it wanted to stall when you were stopped at a light. then all of a sudden it wouldnt start. Now for some reason. We have to jump the battery to start it . But, Im not driving it on only 2 cylinders.I took it to a mechanic he told me he couldnt fix it. They think it has something to do with the wiring hernis. Do you think that is possible? It would be a great help.

    I will be back on my computer tomorrow or sunday...

    Thank you in advance.
  • jeeper87jeeper87 Posts: 1
    :) Hi guys, I have a 95 dodge stratus and when I turn on the defrost it squeals really loud. This only happens in defrost. If I turn it off and then back on again it is ok for 5-10 mins and then it does it again. What could be causing this? Any info is appreciated.

  • 99strat99strat Posts: 5
    My 99 is currently in an automotive electrical shop with similar problems. My mechanic said alternator, but the problem returned. The electrical guy thinks it's an electronic control module. I'll let ya know how it turns out.
  • I went to basic training and advanced individual training. When I came back my 01 dodge stratus wouldn't start. So jumped started it with my truck and it started fine except that the whole car was vibrating. After about 5 min the car was still vibrating but not as badly. When I put some gas in the car and drove it home. It wouldn't start anymore. I got the spark plugs changed and the battery checked which was still good. I'm getting a whirring sound so I'm almost certain it isn't the starter. Any ideas what it could be. I'm open for any ideas.
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