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Acura RL



  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    Now that Tom Elliott is retiring and being replaced by Mazda's COO John Mendal (Effective Dec 1), maybe we'll see some more aggresive styling in future Acuras.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Your explanation was perfect and right and several postings ahead of mine.... DAH Next time maybe I will read all the posts before wasting anyones time...Thanks :-0
  • 1) When I close the mic near the overhead console with my thumb, I hear a low grade rumble of the engine. The rumble is loud. However, I am not sure if this is real noise, normally canceled by the noise cancellation system, or feedback because I am closing the mic. For example, you don’t hear the same rumble if you are outside. Owners, try this out and let us know what you think.

    2) When the head lights are in the auto mode, there is an annoying warning noise when the car is turned off and the lights are on. Since I know that the lights are going to be switched off in a minute, I don’t want all that beeping to warn me. Can I turn that off?

    3) I wish Acura had integrated functionality of the center console display, hands-free phone and the nav better. All of these have independent features with somewhat different user interfaces (handsfree phone is all voice vs. center console is a rigid menu system vs. nav with a much nicer graphical UI) Plus there are two talk buttons, one for the nav and one for the handsfree (and one other for onstar).

    4) Can I make the car lock automatically when all the key FOBs walk away from the car? That would be a nice feature to have.

    5) How many of you are primarily using voice to input the Nav? Sometimes, when the voice input does a wrong thing and I have to manually get to the right menu, I cannot go back to voice. For example, in inputting an address, if I get to the screen using voice I can speak the address. If I get to it using the joystick I get a letter-by-letter spell screen.
  • >>Can I make the car lock automatically when all the key FOBs walk away from the car? That would be a nice feature to have.

    Yes, that would be a nice feature, but it doesn't work that way.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    "Great information in your post, but painfully difficult to read. Perhaps I'm just an old fashioned, old school fart. I could manage your final run on sentence fine, it was the previous 30 strung together that had me swimming."

    That truly was a lot of great information. I enjoyed the content...but can you imagine how long that post would have scrolled if he had done the St Mary's grade school english class thing? Good Post Soapkng!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Hey, sacguy. I can't get into all the details about the A6 4.2 in the RL forum, but the reason I chose it over the RL was the rear seat space and the V8. It has some serious giddyap and I didn't feel that in the RL. And the trunk is remarkable for a midsize car! You can check my post in the Prices Paid thread on the A6 forum. And now I'm being offered an even better deal from a different dealer! :-(
  • I have to agree with ksoman on many of the points he mentioned.

    My first impression was that the interior of the RL was stunning. Beautiful control layout, comfortable seats, lots of features, etc. I thought to myself "this is the car!". Until I drove it that is. This car rides no better than my 2002 Volvo S80. If you prefer a lot of gadgets, then this is the car for you. For me, however, ride quality is also important and the RL really missed the mark here.

    My complaint about my Volvo S80 is that it is very jarring over large bumps. Very much so, in fact. It has always irritated me since the day I leased it three years ago. So, this time I decided that I wanted a luxury car that actually provides a luxurious ride. Unfortunately, the RL missed two marks for me: 1) This car is also very jarring over bumps and 2) this car is not at all quiet (mostly road noise). After test driving the Mercedes E320, Audi A6 and BMW 530i earlier the same day, the Acura missed the mark here by far. The Mercedes, Audi and BMW were far quieter, and when they hit any significant bumps, it was a non-event (amazingly so in the Mercedes).

    Another mark missed by the RL for me was exterior styling. It just doesn't move me. Same problem with my Volvo. It's a nice car, but every time I get in it I'm just not excited by it. When I was walking around the lot with the Acura salesperson trying to find a Lakeshore Silver RL they had in stock, he kept thinking that the TLs were the RLs. In fact, at one point my salesperson thought a used Honda Accord on the lot was the RL. If I'm leasing a $50K car, I want it to be unique and special. The exterior of the RL is anything but unique and special.

    Bottom line: I went with the Mercedes E320. It had the best combination for me of styling, ergonomics, features and ride quality. It just looks, feels and drives like a $50K sedan. I just couldn't get excited about the RL exterior, no matter how hard I tried. And the ride quality really disappointed me. I also disliked that the rear seats don't fold (a minor gripe).

    I was also surprised to find that the Mercedes lease price was in the mid $500's vs. the upper $700's for the RL. Considering that the Mercedes I leased was $56,000, it appears that the lease price for the RL is extremely inflated. The RL is definitely a car to buy, not lease.

  • Many congratulations on your purchase, the E320 is definitely a great choice and so were all the alternate vehicles you considered. They all have their unique bouquet of strenghts and weaknesses and I guess it is the specifics of each assortment that lures each one of us to make different choices.
    Although, as repeated 'ad nauseam', I am not on the market until the '07 model arrives (I do not think I can cheat my wife out of the SUV category, so I'll have to be patient until my car needs updating) I am still intrigued by the reports of people that has spent time comparing such high caliber vehicles and so I wanted to ask you some facts in regard to what you mentioned.

    I believe the 'drive feel' is too personal to be exported/catered to another person taste but the noise issue would appear to be ripe for an objective evaluation.
    Therefore I would kindly ask if you can put quantifiers and qualifiers side by side in your evaluation.
    For example, my deduction is that the background noise levels between the E320 and the RL were in favor of the former rather than the latter (road noise + external inputs + wind noise if moving briskly?). If that was so did you also test the sound qualities while operating the vehicles such as carrying a conversation, a phone call in the vehicle, listening to your favorite radio station or CD? If yes, what were your impression (I would appreciate if you would be able to give each vehicle a 1-10 score, with 10 being best)[sorry for the runon sentence, the native romanze language at work here!!;-)].
    As you may have guessed the technophile side of me was under the impression/spell that the noise reduction (< 180Htz) and noise cancellation systems (other higher frequencies intruding the habitacle) were state of the art and would warrant the best available listening experience!
    Once again I would value your inputs if your exeprience was counter to the impressions I just expressed (mind that I am not that concerned about the 'tombal silence' in a lux ride as much that my music listening and conversations can be carried out just as if I were in my living room).

    Dear JJ,
    Thanks very much for the attribution of the "QHM' title. Humbly accepted, I'll see if I can use to land a moonlighting position in the PR corner of the Honda/Acura enterprise!! LOL.
    By the way in keeping up with your attribution I wanted to share with you (as retribution) that I got news of Forbes coming up with (what sounds) a rave review of the RL (yes, yet another one!). Keep cheking their life style section!

  • Habitat1 - In the past, on other forums, I found that even if I entered paragraph/breaks in typing my post it was all compacted together when listed.

    As this was my first post on this forum, and now I know better, I will be sure to create paragraphs so you old-fashioned, proper english-speaking chaps will have an easier time getting through it :-)

    And, yes, I do like the RL, even with it's quirks - I guess the perfect car has still yet to be created.
  • steveaccord,

    I find the Mercedes E320 to be a "9" on your scale in terms of quiet ride (I will reserve a score of "10" for cars such as the Mercedes S430 or Lexus LS430 sedans).

    Certainly the noise levels in the Acura are not enough to prevent you from carrying on a conversation, but the ride is definitely not quiet. There is significant road noise, especially over rough pavement and bumps. I'd give the RL a "6" or "7" in this respect. A friend of mine has a new Toyota Camry that is quieter than the RL. Granted they are two different cars, but I would expect at least the same silence from a $50K luxury sedan.

    There certainly are many definitions of luxury, but road noise in any $50K luxury sedan should not even need to be discussed. It should be a given that the sedan is quiet, accelerates well, handles well, and is ergonomically correct. Once these criteria are met, other fun features such as navigation should be added. I feel that the basics should be right before adding all the gizmos.

    Both the Acura and Mercedes have noise cancellation systems that work to some degree, but in the Acura I not only heard but "felt" significantly more road noise than I would have like. The Acura just doesn't have that same solid, vault-like feeling. Granted, the E320 is not dead quiet, but rather it provides a nice mix of quiet isolation from the road while at the same time providing accurate, precise handling with a good sense of road feel. There's a difference between providing a good sense of road feel vs. feeling the road over every imperfection.

  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    I find it funny a person would say they want their 50K car to have unique and special styling yet went and bought a MB E class that to me looks like every other MB sedan save for the headlights. Likewise, I feel the BMW styling is so close that when I see a 5 and 7 on the street I can't tell them apart right away but that is common among German car companies, IMO. I don't know how an Acura salesman could confuse the TL with the RL. They don't look anything alike.

    I just priced an E320 4Matic on MB's Cdn site with comparable equipment to the RL. Price came to almost NINETY THOUSAND! For that price I'd get a loaded LS430 for a few grand more, especially if my main concern was noise and ride quality. Oh and for 20 grand more than the RL I'd sure as heck hope the E320 was quieter. What exactly would you be paying 20 grand more for if it wasn't quieter and didn't have a smoother ride?

    To each their own opinion/choice though.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    Interesting you say it is way off the mark with respect to noise compared to those 3 cars yet Car & Driver has tested the A6, RL and the 530 and surprise surprise, the RL had the lowest sound levels at idle, full throttle and 70mph cruising. For a car that "missed the mark" with respect to noise it sure did well based on sound meter testing:)

    I can only guess the tires on the RL are the culprit of the road noise that bugged you and would guess with other tires the level of road noise would decrease.

    Personally I found the car's noise level fine when I test drove it and I come from 10 years of driving Lexuses, including extensive time in the LS430. While the RL is not LS quiet (for 20-30 grand less I don't expect it to be) it seemed fine to me.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    Interesting you say it is way off the mark with respect to noise compared to those 3 cars yet Car & Driver has tested the A6, RL and the 530 and surprise surprise, the RL had the lowest sound levels at idle, full throttle and 70mph cruising. For a car that "missed the mark" with respect to noise it sure did well based on sound meter testing:)

    I can only guess the tires on the RL are the culprit of the road noise that bugged you and would guess with other tires the level of road noise would decrease.

    Personally I found the car's noise level fine when I test drove it and I come from 10 years of driving Lexuses, including extensive time in the LS430. While the RL is not LS quiet (for 20-30 grand less I don't expect it to be) it seemed fine to me.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525

    BTW, were the road conditions similar when you test drove these vehicles? That can make a difference between noise that you hear on the inside. I suspect C&D or other automotive sources follow most of a set route for road/track tests so comparisons from them are far better evaluation than driving under different conditions. We should see comparisons of these cars sometime soon, even better way to "compare".

    From the looks of it (C&D review), Acura RL may end up in C&D's 10 Best this time around. Either RSX (likely) or TSX will have to be displaced though (since a brand gets to keep up to two models).
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    After driving an RL a few weeks ago and riding in my marketing directors E320 CDI, I'd agree with your assessment that the E320 is a quieter car, even with the CDI engine.

    My impression is that a significant amount of the difference is in the tires (lower profile on the RL) and tighter suspension on the RL. I suspect you would have found a 530i "sport package" or 545i 6-speed to be noisier than the standard 5 series as well.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but it appears that the RL doesn't quite meet the preferences of "enthusiasts" like me who are looking for a premium sport sedan, nor the preferences of someone like you that is seeking a premium luxury sedan. It does the middle fairly well; we'll just have to see how that plays out in the marketplace.

    P.S. My small hometown Acura dealer is not currently stocking RL's. They are only ordering them upon demand. They did however, have in stock an AMG C55, E55 and two SLK's on their Mercedes side. Interesting.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    The sales seem to be relatively brisk for the new RL. Acura sold 1941 units in November, after a quick start in October (went on sale Oct 14).
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I think the jury will be out on how successful the new RL will be, at least until after the first year. The outgoing RL was such a tired dog that Acura could have rebadged a Chevy Malibu Maxx and experienced a spike in sales.
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    Wonder if that is North American sales? If so how many sold in Canada?
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    >>>"Not to beat a dead horse, but it appears that the RL doesn't quite meet the preferences of "enthusiasts" like me who are looking for a premium sport sedan, nor the preferences of someone like you that is seeking a premium luxury sedan. It does the middle fairly well; we'll just have to see how that plays out in the marketplace."<<<

    It's apparent you are "Beating a Dead Horse" with a lot of personal supposition in this post.
  • r2917,

    I understand what you are saying about the MB models all looking alike, but that's the reason I leased the E320. I love the look of ALL of the Mercedes models (C, E and S class). Classic, elegant and instantly recognizable as a Mercedes. It is a look that is unique to Mercedes. The Acura's, however, look bland and too much like many other cars on the road, including the Honda Civic and Accord. If the Acura line had more unique styling, I would have considered it more carefully. I feel the same about the Lexus models as well. The Lexus ES330 looks just like a Camry, with a few extra gadgets. Surely they could have designed something more interesting. And the LS430, a car that no one would disagree has the best ride out there, looks like a big Toyota Avalon. ZZZZZZZ!

    Here in the US, there isn't nearly the same price difference as in Canada. If I were purchasing a car in Canada, I don't know if I could justify the extra $$$ for the Mercedes.

  • robertsmx,

    The road conditions for the BMW and Acura were exactly the same (the dealers are next door to each other). In addition, the conditions for these two cars were much more favorable (newly paved highway that was smooth as butter). The Mercedes had the worst conditions -- a very old, rough road with many bumps, potholes and several sets of railroad tracks. The Mercedes still had the best ride, not only due to the lower road noise, but also in terms of the way it absorbed large bumps without impacting the cabin. In the Acura, the few bumps I hit were not large, yet they were still felt as large impacts. Very unsettling and disappointing for a luxury sedan.

    The noise levels measured by Car and Driver in these cars is only based on certain frequency levels. In the Acura you also "felt" the road noise in terms of the way the road negatively affected the ride. Hard to describe, but I'm sure some of you know exactly what I mean. It's the same with audio equipment. Reviews of audio equipment measure signal to noise ratios, watts per channel, etc., but no two brands sound the same. Two amplifiers with the exact same specs can sound very different. Same holds true for sound levels measured in cars.

  • larry6larry6 Posts: 26
    Hi Folks,

       I have been following this forum for the past several weeks as well as the consumer rating page accessible from the Edmunds' Home Page. So far there have been only 12 owners who completed the rating of the 05 RL. Eleven of these provide outstanding ratings for the 05 RL while 1 rater was quite negative. Meanwhile, so many of you have been writing about how much you enjoy the new RL...I have been curious as to why so many of you have not completed the Consumer rating page (which does not appear to have changed for the past two weeks). At the moment, with the 12 reviews.... Consumers are rating it an average of 8.8. Too bad Edmunds does not also publish the median rating (i.e., 50% of the ratings are above the median score and 50% below this score). With only a few ratings, one severely negative score (or of course a severely positive score) can easily skew the ratings in one direction or the other. So those of you who love or hate your 05 RL can take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to quantiatively (there is also room for comments) express your opinion in a fashion that can be easily aggregated so as to better inform others -- of owner opinion. I would hope that many of us -- would take advantage of this opportunity to be helpful to others who are considering purchasing the 05 RL. Of course, should I purchase this vehicle - over which I am currently lusting... I promise to follow my own advice in terms of the ratings.... So, if you are interested in this process -- go to NEW CARS...find the Acura 05 RL.... and look around for the opportunity to offer your own well as read the ratings of others. Happy trails.
  • I would take consumer ratings with a pinch of salt - any buyer would want to rate their their new car purchase as good even if actual experience, post-purchase, is otherwise. Negative ratings will drive down the resale value of a new model faster than anticipated. I would go with expert ratings.

    BTW, I did attend a launch party for the RL at a nearby dealership. My observations 1. Tight rear seats 2. Poor brakes (drove one) - Hondas generally come out poor in brake tests and quality of pads - Accords, Odysseys and TLs in their respective peer groups. Wonder whay Honda is not paying much attention to this shortcoming.

    Overall, the RL is a good car with plenty of electronics packed into it. However, I expect other manufacturers to follow with these soon. The RL will enjoy sales at or near sticker in its first year - once newer models of the Lexus GS series, the new BMW 3 series (yes 3, not the 5 series) come out, this RL will soon fade away. Honda has not done a good job in assessing the marketplace for this car. Given the TL's 270 hp engine and its torque problems in a FWD, perhaps the TL needed an AWD as an option (a la E 320, BMW 3 series). By building this RL, growth potential for the TL is limited, and the Accord is right behind it in hp and other capabilities. The RL should have been a 8 cylinder with RWD and AWD as an option!
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    I doubt the new 3 will take many sales away from the RL. Very different in terms of cost, room, size and purpose. The majority of 3 sales come from the $35,000 325i.

    The new 3 will undoubtedly take some sales from the TL, however.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    Gotcha. As long as you know the E class isn't unique since it looks like every other MB sedan.

    I totally disagree with your opinion about the RL and the Lexus models. I have no idea how anyone could say the ES looks like a camry and the LS looks like an Avalon. I mean, the ES looks nothing like the Camry. Also, I find the RL looks very nice as does everyone I know who has seen the car in person, meaning family/friends and the people looking at the car at the dealerships I went to.

    For me personally, I gives thumbs up to car companies that try out different styles (Lexus) with their cars rather than companies who use a cookie-cutter design for all models. I do think MBs looks nice and USED to think BMWs look nice but the fact each model in the lineup looked almost identical always bugged me and that issue has turned me off those cars, not to mention I value reliability over styling.
    As for the price difference, I priced the E320 4Matic at MB's USA web site with similar equipment to the RL and the price came to 65 grand, a difference of 15 grand. Pretty much the same as the RL vs 320 4Matic difference here in Canada so it is hardly closer in value there in the USA.

    I find it sad for a car that bases at the price the E320 does you don't even get a standard 6 CD changer among other features standard in cars costing less. Seems like nickel and diming to me but I geuss that is the MB motto. I find it somewhat sad you need to put in 15 grand worth of features to egt it comparibly equipped to the RL. To me, these things are what make luxury cars, more so than the road noise.
    To each their own though.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    OK what is up with people saying the back seat is cramped in the RL? I mean I would understand this if they are comparing it to something like an A8L but people say it is cramped compared to the 5 series, E Class and also the A6. I looked at the specs for each model and the RL has more legroom than both the E class and 5 series (not by much though) and is a measily 0.6" behind the A6.

    How come then it gets criticized for its rear seat? Is it the headroom (the RL has less headroom than those 3 models in the rear) or does Acura just measure the legroom in a funky way?

    I am not trying to argue that people are wrong for saying this...I am mearly trying to find out why they fele that way since the measurements dont seem to point towards the criticism.

    FWIW I sat in the back of the RL and felt the room was fine for my 6'1" body.

  • Where do you find sales data on individual car models?

  • The new 3 series will have the same interior dimensions as the old 5 series (or the new RL - I tried sitting in the rear seat of one), per BMW development boss Burkhard Goeschel (Autoweek). With 255 hp in the 330 and a turbocharged version at 330 hp, and then a M3 - the 3 series will be a serious sports sedan. Also, with AWD as an option on the base 330i, and a vehicle weighing about 700 lbs less than a RL, plus a $ 5 K cost difference comparably equipped, the RL will see the 3 series as serious competition, even if the folks at Honda think the 5 series and the E 320 should be its benchmarks.

    The 3 series is moving up the value chain to make way for the 1 series - the 5 series will have to move closer to the 7, to survive. I bought an Acura back in 1986 and have had 2 more since then, but this RL does not cut it.
  • Howard, try Automotive News, a weekly - they are meant for industry folks, but plenty of useful info. on sales by model / incentives, future models, which many web sites do not provide
  • Thank you.

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