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Acura RL



  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    Yeah....I had snows on my IS300 because the car had summer performance tires and even with snows the car didn't have all that great handling in the snow. That was pretty much the main reason why I got the RL.


    It was nice to see the RL ace the crash tests.:)
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Thanks for the condolence, rqc. I looked briefly at the S60R, but it's too snug inside for my tastes. There's a certain level of [usable] interior space that I want to stay at or above. The A6 would've fit nicely, along with the E500. But, after driving the A6 4.2, I'm having a difficult time justifying the premium of the E500. I still might ante up the extra money and get it [A6 4.2] anyway.


    But be mindful of mentioning anything other than the new RL in here. The RL policeman might jump out and tell you you're not welcome in this free, public forum. ;)
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    Of course the RL policeman might jump out, as this is a RL forum, not an A6 forum.


    Go get the the A6, that's what you really want.


    How come you are not on the Audi forums. Wouldn't you get more information, good and bad, about a car you want?


    On this site, its the good and bad about the RL, I don't think people here want to hear about the A6, only information about the RL. You could compare, but your comments are always about the no good on the RL and the good on the A6. I'm not telling you that your not welcome, but I know for me, I'll be glad if your gone over to the Audi forums.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681're right...1 minute after your post.
  • On the 11 O'clock news in Cincinnati -- NOT sponsored by Acura -- news item: crashworthy cars.


    Of the Premium Lux cars that one could imagine would compete with the RL, NONE, that's right, not one made the crashworthy list -- the RL did.


    Now I read that folks are praising the RL over some other AWD cars for being snow worthy. Still no cars to test drive here in Cincinnapolis.


    BTW, what is the lead time to order an Acura RL that is NOT already in North America (that is one that has to be built)? Is is the "standard, normal, customary 12 - 16 weeks?


    Just curious.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I don't quite understand what your problem is, frainc. I haven't bad mouthed the RL or said anything about it that isn't true. If you don't like what I say, DON'T READ IT! And please don't respond to it! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the first time I've even said anything directly to you, yet you constantly have something to say to me. Why?


    I'm here to read about and talk about the RL (good AND bad [I don't wear blinders or rose colored glasses, and I certainly don't begrudge someone and go on a Forum Purifying Crusade against them just because they don't like the car I like/bought.]). You seem to just want to be abrasive just because someone else isn't "in love" with the RL. Surely you're not naive enough to think the car is perfect???


    And, for the record, because these forums are public and free, I can comment whatever I like, when I like, and in whichever forum I choose as long as I am within the "Rules of the Road!" I have not once insulted, ridiculed, or asked to leave anyone on any forum here, including you! So, please, just leave me alone and don't read my posts! Didn't there used to be an ignore feature here? If the mods bring it back, next time you see a post from me, just click the ignore link by my name and you'll be happy as a pig in ...


    Thank you.



    I am in the A6 forum as well as the 300/300C forum and the 300M forum and the TL forum, etc. I come here to read/talk about CARS, not to have my ego stroked.
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22

    I believe the Nav screen options are in setup, press the setup button and follow the screens. I did run the black screen for night time but found the lighter screens more readable at night. Also the setup of driver preferences includes sensitivity of the auto headlight feature and it seems to be related to the nav screen as well. I suspect the sensor, which is located on the dash next to the front windscreen (center) is the controlling point and probably controls both nav and headlamp.
  • thanks for the ideas---but it didn't help---guess I'll read the manual and /or call my salesman at the dealership.


    I hope you enjoy your car as much as I am enjoying mine.


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's tone down the personal stuff, okay?


    No one has to read any message that isn't interesting, nor does anyone need to respond to a message that one feels does not address a subject of interest.


    If anyone has a problem with what messages are posted here, feel free to drop me an email. No one should take it upon him or herself to tell others what they may or may not post about, okay?


    Let's just let everyone be and continue our conversation without getting personal.


    Thanks - I appreciate it.
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    You'll right, I guess I got carry away. No the RL is not a "perfect" car, I don't think you could find one, well maybe you could but not at a price we could afford.


    I guess after having 3 Acura's in my driveway, one a great 94 Legend with 173,000 miles and a new TL (my son), mine a TL-S, I kind of like the cars. I know that their are better cars out, but for me I don't worry about looks, backseat space or other stuff folks bring up, just that I could say after have these and other Acura's I never had a problem with one of them on the road or getting service done.


    OK, so peace and have a nice Holiday and New Year.


    Just info, my son had a 2001 A4 that was nothing but a pain in the a$$. Had to go Lemon Law and got Audi to take the car back, plus some extra money.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    I received my RL on 14 Oct 04 and have approximately 4,600 miles on – Having posted my first impression I’d like to follow-up with a few, additional, secondary impressions and observations:


    Appearance – Although not an immediate head-turner, the car looks good! To me it exudes a sporty, elegant demeanor highlighted by the superb paint job, which enhances its deeply luxurious appearance. Someone pointed out, that the darker colors on the RL look best and I must agree. Mine being of the Opulent Blue Pearl variety tends to accent the chrome trim and makes the grille much more prominent than on the lighter RLs. Although there might be a family resemblance, I personally fail to see the comparison to the Honda Accord as alluded to in some of the auto forums – similarities are no more so than among the other luxury marquees such as Audi, BMW and MB.


    Non-Owner Comments – I’ve received the most complimentary comments from young people, especially young Asians. However, although not raving about its looks, virtually everyone in my circle of friends and acquaintances gave the car a thumbs-up and commented on how attractive and “good-looking” the car is. The interior, especially the lighting, receives the most accolades – “spectacular” is the most commonly used adjective describing the interior.


    Ride – Is firm, taunt, and reminds me somewhat of my 89 Legend Coupe. It’s agile and very responsive - if not attentive, I find myself drifting towards the curb – there is no play in the steering wheel. Yes, I do feel an occasional bump in the road and I get definitive feedback on the quality of the road surface, something I actually want. The RL’s aggressive rake or slope of its hood make the driving appearance somewhat unique – it gives me a feeling of being in a bubble barreling down the highway, almost eerie. I think the weight of the car has much to do with its refinement and overall smooth ride quality.


    Performance – It performs strongly! Its passing performance is superb. Punch it while cruising and the acceleration feels turbine like – very exhilarating! Because the car is so refined and quiet, I often find myself “running-up” on cars in front of me without realizing it - necessitating hitting the brakes - stopping power, feels very substantial! When it comes to high-speed cruising, the car is very well mannered, composed, consistent and sure-footed – it instills confidence without being fussy about it. Gas mileage, although not earth shattering is acceptable given the cars weight and AWD configuration – I’m averaging about 19 mpg right now.


    Technology – Needless to say, it’s ultra impressive and has, IMHO, no peer! Since there are so many superlatives in this arena – I’ll leave it to others to list them


    Comfort – Seats are excellent and interior room is sufficient for my needs. Recently made a 2,000 mile trip and it did not tire me out – very comfortable. I like the storage spaces (especially the hidden one in the glove compartment). Interior fit and finish looks and feels luxurious. Overall ergonomics are fantastic.


    Dislikes – Are few indeed. I dislike the shift gate; it does not accommodate smooth lever movement. The rear blind spot is very annoying - maybe its me, but it seems that on a number of occasions, when changing lanes, I almost swerved into cars approaching from my rear. I dislike the reminder “binging” when exiting the car and the headlights are in “auto” mode – why is that? Defeats the purpose of the “Auto” mode. Lack of a power outlet for rear-seat passengers is inexcusable! Although not a major problem for me, I’m somewhat concerned that I can’t out accelerate a TL and barely nip the Honda Accord. For US $50k, I sort of expect to be top dog in the Honda Family and not have my top speed, governor limited to 134 MPH.


    Summary – I’m very pleased with my purchase, the RL is an outstanding vehicle and I highly recommend it to anyon
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    I can appreciate your comments Pat, it's the way it has to be in these forums. I can tell you though that sometimes it is not easy to turn the other cheek in here. There definately are individuals that come in here with the sole intention of agravating others and are very good at it. That being said I will just say from personal experience that the 2005 RL is a great automobile and could really care less about what anybody else drives. Just don't drop in here with your inane BS about how great your ride is compared to the RL and waste our time.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Mark, Hard to believe you don't have a few RL demos to test drive by now. It just doesn't seem possible that Acura would not have more of a presence in your fine city and market. Wish I knew the answer to how long it takes to actually order one from the factory because it may still depend on the number of allocations your particular dealer has coming.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Again, if anyone has a problem with a posted message, just drop me an email. Retaliating is not appropriate. There isn't any such thing as "the other person started it so I can do what I want" - just keep that in mind and everything will be copacetic.


  • Shotgun, your description is quite nicely worded and I agree with almost everything! I purchased mine on Oct. 13 (2 days before the official launch date) and have 2500 miles on it.


    I do disagree with you a tad on two things: 1) the blind spot--I haven't noticed a terribly big blind spot, but that may because my previous car (Camry) had a similar blind spot so I'm extra careful to check over my shoulder; and 2) the acceleration issue, to wit: that the TL is as fast as the RL. I don't know if that is true (probably the two are very close), but, as you noted, the passing acceleration is excellent. That, combined with the superb handling, makes for a very sporting experience.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    What can I say that hasn't already? Nothing I guess.


    The car is amazing. About the only real complaint I have so far (afetr about 100KMs of driving) is that the ride over bumps is a little harsh but then again, I am used to driving an IS300 so the harshness isn't that big a deal. I just figured it'd be smoother over bumps.


    Love the interior (the gauges are so awesome and Acura beat Lexus at Lexus' electroluminescent game) love the handling, love the stereo, love the navigation and the amazing voice command system and I think it is so neat you can tell it to dial in a specific temperature and it will. Keyless access is great. I will say that as good as the stereo is it so far doesnt surpass the Mark Levinson system in the LS430. I have only listened to CDs/radio on it and look forward to getting some DVD-A disks.


    The acceleration seemed fine to me so no problem there. Same with the trunk and back seat. Both are fine for me.


    All in all, as much as I loved the IS300 and as hard as it was to give up, I think this car will be a solid replacement.:) I really like the exterior in the opulent blue pearl I got (with black interior) and the very dark tint really makes it look that much better.


    I'd take this car any day over an Audi A6. I am wondering if I should go to that forum and constantly beat the dead horse by expressing my opinion of how I prefer the RL to the A6....nah, I have better things to do with my time than try and get others to magically change their opinion of the car they own/like simply because I prefer something else.


    To my fellow RL is great to be in your club.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Congratulations r2917! You made an excellent choice - especially opting for that Opulent Blue Pearl...(smile)
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    one other thing I don't like is that the tire pressure monitoring system is in kPa here in Canada rather than psi. That bugs me and they really should have given the user an option to use psi because everyone here goes by psi.


    I guess I will just have to remember that 1 psi equals about 6.9 kPa and monitor the pressure that way:)

    Oh and I agree about the warning tone for the auto light thing...what is the point when the lights are in auto mode? This warning tone for auto mode is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on a car.




    thanks!!! Yeah, the blue is a really impressive looking colour as you already know.:)
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    r2917, Shotgun. and HoustonGuy1....I'm on your bandwagon...Enjoy the ride!
  • rqcrqc Posts: 95
    >S60 is more TL-Class vehicle than RL. S80 would be more into RL class.


    That's true of the S60, but nor the S60R. The two are very different cars, one is pedestrian and the other is ferocious. As the specs bear out, the R and the RL have nearly identical performance profiles. You could think of it as the car that fit in the RL gap before the new RL came out. It is a bit more toward sport than the RL.


    Between the S60 and the TL, I'd get the TL. But S60R owners are not cross-shopping the TL.


    Volvo doesn't have the status symbol recognition of BMW and Mercedes, but lots of folks have driven A6, various BMW models, and yes, even Mercedes, and ended up in the S60R.


    But you probably choose an S60R or BMW if you're looking for performance with luxury and in the RL or a Mercedes if you're looking for luxury with performance.


    The RL is certainly an excellent value and offers a unique set of features for its price point. I'd love to see the marketing data and expected sales demographics for the RL.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    I wish you'd hurry up and test drive an RL Mark. I can't belive none are available in the Cincinnati area for test drives. Based on your previous posts in the various forums, I'm anxious to read your, what is sure to be an objective, assessment of the 05' RL. So, will you move it buddy?!?! (smile)
  • matt5matt5 Posts: 6
    If anyone in the forum had both the RL and the BMW 530 on the short list, wondering what the determining factor for ultimately choosing what you did was. ?Value, reliability, performance, etc. I'm torn between the two.

    "Prestige" factor, obviously subjective, favors the BMW, as does overall handling/balance, IMO. And after negotiations with the BMW, which seems to be out of the question with the RL, the price differential won't be so dramatic.

    History would suggest better reliability with the Acura, but who knows with the first yr model.

    Clearly a very nice car on test drive (RL), with a spectacular interior layout and technologic showcase.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    S60R is simply a performance trim of S60. Having 300 HP and AWD does not make it an RL class car. That is why Volvo has S80, and that is the bottom line. If you disagree, you should be questioning Volvo’s decision to have S80 in the market.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    The S60R looks like a pretty nice car but I agree with others...the S80 looks like Volvo's RL competitor not the S60R.
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    Well, I'm not along, thank you guys.


    I believe that anyone who has a new RL did their research on the car and others in that class. I did test drive a new STS and found it nice to drive but not up to par with the interior on the RL. Once I asked about getting AWD, had to get a STS with all the goodies and topped out over $63K! BMW same thing, handles like hell but that interior is so cold and the price on a 530 is also crazy.


    I can't wait until my lease is up so I too could get the RL and enjoy the car for what it is to me and not to others.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67


    A car I look forward to reading about is the Infiniti M next spring. Of the RL competitors, that car looks like it will be the most complete package just like the RL although I expect the M to have somewhat superior handling.


    I am hoping though the Lexus GS turns out to be better than I am expecting because I am a Lexus head. I was going to get that cra but I just can't warm up to the exterior or interior of it and I just dont think it'll be as complete as the RL.


    I have another (minor) complaint of the RL. The secondary compartment in the glove box used for like the manual can't hold the 3 billion manuals that came with the I have to put the main manual in the main glovebox area and it isn't all that big and basically makes the glovebox useless. I wish they made the secondary compartment bigger.


    Thankfully though there is enough storage space in the rest of the car to not make this any big issue.
  • proeproe Posts: 157

        If you could wait until next year or beyond, you will have two more choices in the luxury sedan. First is Infiniti M35/M45. If you drop by Infiniti forum, you should find a lot of info. For one thing, M35/M45 has been sold in Japan as we speaking prior coming to US next year, so reliability should be better than RL, which Acura launched RL/Legend at the same time. Second is Lexus GS430, which will be displayed at this year's Auto Show.

    Also, BMW's new 3 series, and M4, which is M3 with new name, should make to dealership either Fall of next year or in 2007, and the one that I am waiting for is 2007 Infiniti GT-R.


    Now, following is the main reason why I decided to pass RL.

    Both Car and Driver, and Road and Track review RL more toward luxury side than sport side, which you have Lexus to beat, and I for one do not think it does it with RL. BMW has better combination of sport and luxury and price than any car, and that is why BMW is the benchmark.

    However, with RL, you get reliability, that BMW has never been good at since very beginning. Go figure. Also, RL packs more standard options than anything other car in its segment, so you also have value.


    Now the question is and has been how much money are you willing to spend on a car, which is nothing more than a mean to get from point A to point B for 99% of people, and if you are in that 1% category than car also means status to you, and I do not think you are. Otherwise, you will be looking for Mercedes Benz instead.


    My take has been you figure out how much money you are willing to spend, and you buy the best one in its class according to all the reviews, and you should be happy for a long time.
  • jdhjdh Posts: 19
    Hi everybody:

    Although I have been reading this forum for a month now, I am a new member for posting into it. I have enjoyed reading all your comments on the new RL and expect mine to be delivered some time in February.


    I am a verizon cell phone subscriber and am in the process of getting a new cell phone. Would like any comments you would have on the best phones to go with this new Acura


    Thanks for the help.
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    Hey proe, so your going to wait until 2007 for that GT-R, that car should fly, but I don't believe that the RL is in the same class as that or any BMW 3 series.


    The GS430 should go head-to-head with the RL but it looks like you want more of a big sports car than luxury. Like you said, how much money are you willing to spend on a car from A to B.


    That's the fun about testing cars and see what you really like or don't and then decide on what kind of car that fits you.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    dude you really need to take the RL for a drive before coming to a conclusion on it.


    As for the M being more relibale because it's been out in Japan for longer than the RL/Legend...I don't agree based on your reasoning but it is possible. What I do agree with is that the M will be a very reliable car when sold here and I have a feeling the RL will prove to be very reliable.


    As an owner of the RL and having been around Lexus cars for 10 years...the RL comes close to LS430 luxury and it is superior to the current GS in the luxury area which I define as features, and materials and the ride somewhat. Will it be more luxurious than the new GS? I don't know but I think it will.


    People who have never seen the RL but comment on its luxury portion really need to see it/sit in it in person. Based on the pics I didn't think it is as luxurious as it in fact is.


    You really need to take the RL for a drive. The car is most likely far more sportier than you probably think it is. It doesnt sound like it is what you'd want anyway but I think you should see how it drives before commenting on its performance/handling.


    Oh and the that is going to be one heck of a car when they bring it out here!

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