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Acura RL



  • >>I am a verizon cell phone subscriber and am in the process of getting a new cell phone. Would like any comments you would have on the best phones to go with this new Acura


    If you're looking for Bluetooth, I believe Verizon still only has one option - the Motorola v710. Unfortunately, some of the best features of the phone have been disabled which means some of the RL features don't work - messages through AcuraLink, for example. My understanding is that other carriers have not disabled the features and might be a better choice unless you're wedded to Verizon.


    However, if you don't care about the Acura features and all you want to do is make and receive phone calls, the Verizon version of the v710 is perfectly fine.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    "Would like any comments you would have on the best phones to go with this new Acura"


    Jdh, I am an 05 RL owner and also a long time VZW customer. I have the Motorola v710 and believe it is currently the only bluetooth VZW phone available. It pairs very well with the RL but not perfectly. It is fine for the primary purpose of sending and receiving calls but does not yet send or receive data via Handsfree Link. Updated software for the 710 is to be issued anytime now which should allow for full featured pairing with the RL, according to the VZW personnel I have talked to. Existing phones can be updated at VZW stores and if you buy a new one close to the time you get your RL then it probably will already have the updated software. The HFL and v710 combo work very well and should be even better in coming weeks. Hope this helps.
  • >> Updated software for the 710 is to be issued anytime now which should allow for full featured pairing with the RL, according to the VZW personnel


    It depends on who you talk to. One bulletin board I scan claims Verizon personnel say these features will never be activated.
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  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    "It depends on who you talk to. One bulletin board I scan claims Verizon personnel say these features will never be activated."


    The people I have talked to with VZW have indicated that it is not a matter of if the update will be released but only when. We will see. In any event the 710 works fine with the RL for phone calls (as well as calling numbers of restaurants, etc. that are in the Nav information) and I have yet to see or have an actual need for data transmissions via the 710 when in the RL.


    Bluetooth and HFL are a wonderful feature, regardless of the phone and service provider as it truly eliminates any hands on use of the phone when in the RL. Just leave the phone in a brief case or pocket and ignore the phone itself, while still actively using it.
  • thanks for the help--I played with the menu button and then the brightness button + or - for the dash brightness. It works out that if the brightness is turned to max. the nav. screen does not operate in auto mode;l I just lowered the brightness one notch and it worked perfectly.


    Still don't know how or if a setting exists to unlock all doors when the car is stopped and transmission is placed in park????
  • I'm new to Edmunds and considering an RL for my wife. She now drives an SUV, but with two of our three kids having their licenses, she doesn't need to play soccer mom as much as she used to. I drive a 2002 M5 and thought the RL would be a nice alternative to another 5-series. Also am considering an E320 CDI.


    We test drove the RL together a couple of weeks ago and two nights ago, my wife went back to the dealership and test drove it a second time. Then she decided to test drive a 2005 TL 6-speed. She came back announcing that's what she wants! Claims it has 90% of the features/luxury of the RL and is more fun to drive. She said that if I prefer the RL, I can take that and give her my 3 year old M5. She is not as stubborn about the E320 CDI since she has a preference for the E class styling and a manual is not avaiable, period.  

    I do indeed prefer the RL to the TL, but I'll be darned if I'm giving up my M5. Is there any chance that the RL will come out with a "sport" model with a 6-speed for the 2006 model? The dealer said that he didn't think so. However, he then vascillated and indicated that there has been some rumor of it, since the old Legend did have a "GS" version that could apparantly be ordered with a 6-speed.


    Does anybody have any official information or strong evidence that a RL "sport" is in the works?


  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    The just out Forbes test drive review of the RL is at Very positive review. The article correctly (IMHO) points out all of the many positives and notes as a negative the trunk space. Accurately defends the size of the rear seat area as being in line with the chief European midsized luxury/sport competitors. Sums this up by saying if you want large rear seats and large trunk then buy a big American car.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    It depends on who you talk to. One bulletin board I scan claims Verizon personnel say these features will never be activated.


    I concur with nebraskaguy that Verizon has crippled their bluetooth functions, specifically the data transfer portion. They are doing this to charge customers on some data networking add-up features. There has been no definite date on when they will restore it back to what Bluetooth should be. I wouldn't hold my breath, though.


    On another note, to get a bigger rear seat room than RL? Look no further than the coming Infiniti M in March, 2005. It is also said that the GS will be larger also, but I have no data to prove it. Both will have larger or same amount of room (hip, leg, shoulder) than the RL.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    I doubt there will be a 6 speed manual RL next year.


    As for there being a sport model, well, the A-spec RL I think is going to come out next year (believe as an after market add-on for current RLs) and that should increase the handling a bit if that is what you are looking for.


    That M5 must be a blast to drive. Awesome:)
  • Hi all-

    I have reviewed this forum and many of you are talking about the new RL. I'm focusing on the "old" RL and would like to have your input


    I have an opportunity to buy a '02 RL with 9k miles for $24k. I currently have a '03 Accord EX V6 and am very happy with it, but would like something a bit bigger (I have 3 kids). I make a good income but am not the type to put a lot of money into a car. So, I am not interested in spending >$40k on a new RL or other models.


    My Accord is on a lease and is terminating in the near future. I'm in a dilemma - I really like the RL but...I'm concerned about the speed and fun to drive factor. My Accord will do 0-60 under 6.5 seconds - RL is 8.3 seconds. I enjoy the speed factor and use the Accord's abilities often. I love Hondas - have had many of them including a Legend - but am concerned with the RL lack of HP and some amenities that are not present in the RL. I know the RL is a good car and the one I'm looking at is Acura certified with an extended warranty.


    Do I buy the '02 RL or lease another Accord V6? It is hard for me to pass up an '02 RL with only 9k miles. . . but will I miss the fun factor?
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    I highly doubt that Acura will come out with a manual RL in the near future. The only car in this class that offers a manual is BMW.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    With 3 kiddies have you ever considered an Odyssey?

    a fantastic family auto.
  • jjacura - Yep, I do want an Odyssey but I have a '98 LXI Town & Country w/only 50k miles. The van has depreciated significantly and if I trade now, I'll lose my shorts. Got the van part covered and wife is happy, the RL or accord is for me.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    I'd keep the accord if I were in your position.
  • jdhjdh Posts: 19
    Thanks to nebraskaguy and hendjaz for their comments regarding cell phones and bluetooth technology.


    I am not wedded to verizon at this point as my contract is up now. I do not use a cell phone in the car that much since I work out of my office.


    Even so, I would like to take advantage of as many of the cars features as possible. Any further comments would be appreciated.


    Thanks again.
  • I have an 02 rl with 78000 miles on it,,,not one problem from day 1,,,plenty of hp for that car,,,I travel all over the southeast,,,to get one with only 9k miles on it for that price,,,I would go for it,,,then you have a decent "family" car you can depend on,,,you will travel in comfort and style (traditional) for sure,,,
  • >>I am a verizon cell phone subscriber and am in the process of getting a new cell phone. Would like any comments you would have on the best phones to go with this new Acura


    I just spoke with a Motorola Supervisor and was told definitively that a v710, with software upgrade, will be available nationwide by mid-January. In addition, I spoke to my phone dealer who spoke with Motorola yesterday and was given the same timeline. If that comes to pass, it's good news for me as my Verizon subscription runs until June 2005, and terminating it, to buy a compatible phone utilizing a new service, would cost $150. Logically, why would VZ relinquish market share and remain with a disabled v710? This info sounds real. We'll see soon enough.


    I've been harboring a nasty flu bug so I've only put on 600 miles. I'm gradually transferring my loyalty from my '96 RL to my new 2005. I'm growing accustomed to the larger turning circle, the lack of any play in the wheel and the sportier ride. In Lakeshore Silver, it looks as though it stepped out of Bvlgari's window! ;-) It's a most unusual color, sometimes adopting a gray tint, sometimes slightly lavender (of all things!).Anyone else find this to be true?

    Handsome, in any case.


    I think that the Nav manual could be more explicit and more allusions should have been made to the clues that affect the presets. I did profit from the post that suggested that the dash brightness be turned down a notch, and lo and behold, the nav map lit up right quick for daytime use. I have an appointment at Acura tomorrow morning; they promised to spend some time with me clarifying some of the stumbling blocks that I've encountered.


    IMHO, despite what Audi or Infiniti bring to market in 2005, the RL's refinement and solidity can't be superceded by too much.


    P.S. One complaint: Why was it made so difficult to check the fluids?.... coolant, power steering and washer reservoirs hidden, and covers in need of removal to view them. Form still follows function. Yes?
  • proeproe Posts: 157

    Seriously, I would buy ’02 RL as it saves you money than leasing another Accord, however, the maintenance and repair bills down the road for RL could eat into the advantage of buying it.

    I mean with around $24k, you have quite a few options. Mazda 6 or RX-8, Infiniti G35 sedan, and Acura TSX are all great choice.

    I would just get a Infiniti G35 sedan, and you get the fun factor and not far behind the RL for features.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    Jdh, if you have received good wireless phone service from VZW where you live and travel I would not suggest you go to another service provider just for a bluetooth phone, unless you have other reasons to change. The v710 matches the RL very well in that they are both very high tech. If you like the bells and whistles in the RL you will similarly like the v710 as it can do many things beyond just make calls. VZW service is the best nationally (not just IMHO but according to Consumer Reports) and is the most aggressive company in the country to expand and enhance its network. Good luck with your RL purchase and evaluation of bluetooth phones.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    Here's the thing I am wondering...isn't the 2003 accord bigger in key interior dimenions than the 2002 RL? If so, it would seem to make no sense then to trade down in interior size if more room is the mian concern.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    Acuraphile, your information on the timing of the v710 updated software release is nearly identical to what I have been advised so I have every expectation that it will occur sooner rather than later, unless they run into glitches with the beta testing that is under way in a certain part of the country.


    I too have the lakeshore silver and in certain sunlight see a bit of a light purple as you indicate so I don't think your eyes are deceiving you. It more regularly is the silver/gray in appearance and I have found it to stay looking very clean even when its not which was an important reason I did not go for a darker color. The opulent blue that others have is beautiful too but is a bit too close to our blue 04 MDX so I wanted to have some difference between the two.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Acuraphile, your Lakeshore Silver is indeed an extraordinarily handsome color! I've got the OBP but would spring for a LS in a heartbeat! The LS is a very classy and rare color - congratulations on your choice. You know, I almost believe Acura/Honda are using Color-shifting paints on their cars! My Opulent Blue Pearl changes hues in what appears to be an infinite number of ways. Sometimes it looks black, other times it appears to be deep blue, whereas other times it gives off an iridescent purple tint. A writer on another forum had a cute name for it, he called it "blurple". I'm very pleased with my OBP as I'm sure you are with your LS...both very elegant hues.
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    Does anyone care to "speculate" as to why ACURA would put cooled seats in the RL for Canada but not the US?


    I live in north Alabama and I would love to have the cooled seats during the summer.


    The cost of having the cooled seats should not be that much because the design work has already been


    I wish they would add them during the 05 model year!!!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    They have to justify why Canadians have to pay about $10K more for essentially the same car.
  • jdhjdh Posts: 19

    Thanks for the advice. I think you are right and I have been satisfied with my verizon service. I will probably stay with the v710 phone but wait till after I get my new car before buying it, therefore getting the newest software available.


    Once I receive the car I will post my opinions of my thoughts on it. The dealer was kind enough to let me have it for half a day and I really liked driving it.


    I am currently driving a 2002 A6 which I really do like but in my humble opinion the 2005 A6 does not compare to the 2002.


    Again, thanks for the helpful input all of you have given to me and I am sure others in the forum.
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    haha yeah...except of course pretty much every import car sold here is now priced at a premium when compared directly to the U.S. since our dollar is doing much better these days. I used to be so upset at the price of the RL here and swore off buying one but then I did more research and saw other brands have the exact same price difference so I realized it wasn't a big deal anymore.


    I have no clue why they put cooled seats on our RL but not the U.S. model. Makes no sense to me. Guess maybe they figured since we got short changed out of XM and acura link we deserve something.


    I will say I am glad I have cooled seats rather than those two features that for me, would be useless. Cooled seats will get used every day by me in the summer...I first experienced cooled seats on my mother's LS430 and since then (2001 model) I have been waiting for cooled seats to be a feature on pretty much every car. To me, cooling the seat is much more valuable than heating it.
  • acuraphile, have you figured out how,if at all possible, to "set" the door locks so they will unlock after the car is stopped and the trans is in the park position?? this one has me stumped??
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    The Canadian upgrade on cooled seats was discussed before, but I did not realize Acura didn't include XM and Acura Link on those cars. I can see any American living in a very warm climate ie... Arizona, Southern California, etc, would be delighted to get the cooled seat option however we live in the upper mid-west, and maybe I'm wrong but I can't say that I would be using the cool down seat system very often and am a little surprised Canadians would either. But Im sorry that you can't enjoy the XM radio and Acura Link. That seems like a lopsided trade-off, especially for the first year when XM is free. (As for heated seats...been enjoying that option for 5 years and this time of year until April they feel great!)
  • acuraphile, have you figured out how,if at all possible, to "set" the door locks so they will unlock after the car is stopped and the trans is in the park position?? this one has me stumped??




    The Acura salesman did this for me but I barely had an oipportunity to see exactly what he had done. (Basically, this is described on page 81 and pages 96,97 in the Owner's manual.) With ignition switch on, hold the info button down for more than three seconds...then release. "Customoze Entry" screen appears in the MID in the gauge cluster.Each time you press the info button up or down a new display appears. One display reads:

    Door/Window setup. Press the select button. You will come to Auto Door Unlock with choice of "Shift to P" or "Ignition Off." Pick and SELECT. Then scroll again with the Info button until you come to "Door Lock Mode." The choice is DRIVER'S DOOR or ALL DOORS. Pick "All Doors" and SELECT. That should do it. Hope I didn'r mislead you. (Rather than the info button, you may also use the up and down arrows that flank the SELECT button on the steering wheel.)


    I drove to a crazy embroidery of streets in a nearby village today where not one street did anything but weave in and out of surrounding streets. I was lost. Deliberately. I just pushed the map-guide, pressed TALK, and said "GO HOME!"

    What a pleasure! Worth a $million.


    Hope you have some success with the doors.
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