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Acura RL



  • Malibuflyer:


           You wouldn't be referring to Santa Monic Acura, would you? I am having the same problem with my TrafficNav, left it for two days... they said it was fixed, but it still doesn't work. Now I am waiting to hear back. Otherwise, I love the car.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Those items belong to the buyers and there's no reason that the dealers should retain them. That's akin to STEALING! If the dealers want to retain them, they ought to PAY for them by outright purchases or a fair trade-in allowance. I don't buy any claims that their prices INCLUDE an invisible trade-in allowance.


    I have seen Acura rims on Honda Accords and Civics. I'll bet that those rims weren't given away .......
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155

    I would recommend that you contact Acura customer service (Acuracare or something like that) about your continued problems and absence of a solution at your dealer. I did that right away even though the dealer was being responsive so that nationally Acura would be aware of the navtraffic problem some of us have had. The customer service folks were very responsive and kept in contact with the dealer to make sure the problem was addressed. The dealer had to order a new XM box but it only took a day or two to arrive and it was installed while I waited about an hour or so. The customer service folks offered an additional accessory to compensate for the number of trips to the dealer to troubleshoot the problem before they elected to replace the box completely. In my experience it helped to have Big Acura looking over the sholder of the dealer to make sure that the problem was solved and I was a happy customer. I was and still am a happy customer and love the RL.
  • I will join JJ in congratulating you on your outstanding knowledge in the automotive field.

    I would alsolike to ask you and other poster about the present choice of tyres for the RL.

    Does anyone have experience of 'playing' on snowy roads.

    Is it you JJ that live north of me in Wisconsin? Have you had a run at it?

    I am asking because I am left with the impression that this being a great car (love the ACE improvements that resulted in those 5 stars across the board, and looking forward to see the IIHS tests) it is not done full justice with having mated the SH-AWD with middle of the road tyres.

    My perspective is that in northern climates snow/icy roads is a factor and the SH-AWD could add ton of safety in those conditions if the tyres were more 'competent'.

    Has anyone changed tyres btw (and tested the car driving on snow covered roads?

    Thank you very much for your answers!



  • Hi Adam -


    You can try the "display traffic list" voice command. It should give you a scrollable, text based list of the traffic incidents that the system knows about within a 30 mile radius. If there are no known incidents within that radius it will state that. It's not a definitive check of the system, but it might give you some more information. It works down here in the DC area where occasionally the map is zoomed too far in to see any of the traffic icons.


    There also might be a traffic subsystem check in the diagnostic menus for the navi, but I don't recall. You can look around by pressing the "MAP/GUIDE", "CANCEL" and "MENU" buttons all at the same time for three seconds or so. Just be careful not to change any settings in there that you're not sure of.


    - Lawrence
  • My phone rings, it is my wife on the other end. "Hello," I say, "where are you?" not recognizing any number I know she would be calling from on my caller-id -- "I'm at the Audi store."


    The conversation might be kinda boring for y'all but the gist of it is, my wife's key fob battery died and when this kind of thing happens the dealer likes you to bring both fobs in, replace the batteries and reprogram the key to the car. Not a difficult process, about 15 - 20 minutes including paperwork (and it is free with the Audi Advantage).


    My wife knows I am keen to test drive the Acura RL and the Chrysler 300C AWD (or SRT-8 AWD version). She knows, since she has been with me, that arranging the test drives has been a bit problematic due to the popularity and scarcity of the new RL and the total scarcity of the AWD 300C.


    She wore herself and me down test driving cars for over 6 months (it was fun at first) -- and finally placed a "conditional" or soft order for the new 2005.5 Audi A4 6spd 2.0T with every possible option (after 3 TT's she needed something bigger).


    The only car that even came close was the Acura TL and one of the test drives of the stick shift version was on a rainy day and the torque steer darned near "killed us" it was so violent. Not so in even an Audi S4.


    But I digress (so what else is new?)


    Her call to me today was from the office and desk of our 150 year old, 40 of them selling us Audis, car salesman, who has Tuesday's off. The general manager told her she could use his office to make phone calls, do some paperwork (she is a lawyer) and catch up on emails (on her BlackBerry) etc.


    They brought her coffee, bottled water and offered her fruit or pastry. They "fixed" the car, washed it and made her feel like she had moved into a 5 star hotel.


    After some 27 Audis ALL from the SAME place, since 1977, her point was "we'll sure as heck never get this kind of treatment from a Chrysler dealer and even though the Acura guys 'get it' -- our ownership and loyalty 'perks' are NOT going to be transferred to the Acura dealership." She continued, "they'd practically have to give us the RL to make up for the red carpet treatment we receive from Audi -- I mean, I walk in here and the service tech, service writers, service manager, office manager, sales manager, lot tech and sales people treat me like a long lost, loved cousin."


    "You must be nuts to even want to consider another brand."


    I must admit, I am starting to wonder if she may be right -- and then I just now am starting to see a hint of some (not much) issues some people are having with their new cars. Now, none of the issues I have seen seem to be outside the norm or outside the norm of a brand new model.


    But, going to our current and long term dealer (and brand) reminds me of my freshman year in college (the only year I lived in a dorm). We didn't lock our doors, in fact we often kept them open and we walked in and out of each other's rooms and made ourselves at home. "Hey can I borrow some shampoo, toothpaste, whatever. . ." "I have the new fill in group name here album, wanna borrow it?"


    I am wondering just how great this Acura OR ANY vehicle would have to be to offset the loss of the "long time, long term," "privileges and perks."


    My mind, I keep telling myself, is NOT made up -- but my attorney wife may have just won another case. Uh oh, here comes the jury.


    I must be weak -- I am certainly weakening.


  • bghorm ---


    You guessed correct -- Santa Monica Acura.


    I have already 'opened' a Case with Acura Client Services but called again today to let them know of my lack of progress.
  • Malibu:

         I have done the same with client services and should hear back from them today or tomorrow. Otherwise, the car has been great... but I want it perfect. With two of us registered with CS complaining of the same problem, I am hopeful we will get satisfaction.
  • You describe one of the advantages that I used to improve my deal when I got my A6. I loved driving the RL, and I made it point-blank clear that the Audi folks had the choice of keeping a 20+ year customer happy (between me, my parents, and wife), or losing a long-term customer to another brand.
  • lvdhlvdh Posts: 29
    My RL is still at the Acura dealership's service department and has been their since Sunday evening. Acura has not been able to solve the problem with the SH-AWD and VSA warning light going on in my RL or the lack of acceleration when these warning lights go on. The dealership's service manager told me that the SH-AWD and VSA problems that my vehicle is experiencing has absolutely nothing to do with the fluid levels in the rear differential (as my levels were full) and that it was not safe for the vehicle to be driven with these problems. So I purchased a 2005 RL on the evening of 12/16/04, and since then its been in Acura's service department twice and basically I have not been in possession of or driven the vehicle. How ridiculous is that! The service manager did say. however, that their were six 2005 RL's "in the area" that experienced SH-AWD problems due to low levels in the rear differential. When I discussed this low fluid issue with Acura client services, they denied that they were aware of this issue. Perhaps Acura is not being forthright with its customers.
  • lvdhlvdh Posts: 29
    jjacura - please tell me what problems you experienced with your SH-AWD. Thanks.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Steve, We have "Frozen Tundra" and an occasional blizzard to contend with here in Wi. which can make driving, anything other than a snowmobile, hazardous to your health. But our winter has just started and in this part of the state we have not had much snow. When it comes I'll have the opportunity to see how these OE Michelins perform on the new RL and I'll report on it.


    On another matter we have to read carefully the postings of the man from CINCINNATI in this 2005 RL forum... ;-) There is no way the lady with the law degree is going to let him off the hook from buying another Audi! Unless... Unless...perhaps if Acura could overnight produce a prototype 2006 "TL" with an "AWD" system and get her a test drive soon. Then Mark could give Acura some more consideration but until then there really doesn't appear to be anyway this couple will break ties with Audi. Any suggestions?
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    "jjacura - please tell me what problems you experienced with your SH-AWD. Thanks."


    [lvdh] None at all...hope you didn't misinterpret a previous post? I referred to a question that came up back in October about a perceived problem somebody ELSE had with a Locked SH AWD...and the problem was solved by Acura.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    Well - I suppose you could buy 27 Acuras - and then see how the dealer treats you. . .?

    Just as a test.

    - Ray

    Kidding . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • . . . and she started us down this path of looking outside our comfort zone!




    I must say, that the TL, exactly as it was with just plain ol AWD, not even SH-AWD, would or should wake the market up (look out Audi and BMW A4 and 3 series, that is).


    I had lunch today with a fellow co worker, he drove his X5 (only his second BMW) -- he says it is hard to exit the womb-like embrace of a wonderful dealership experience. And, from his perspective Acura, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, and a couple other -- "get it!"


    Fast forward to 27 more of anything, and even at this rate, I'll be an octogenarian.


    I don't know if I can wait that long.


    No matter what I actually end up doing, I can only suggest that there are many perks that can accrue to "loyal, repeat customers" -- if you, reading this, are in your first Acura and you are younger than I by a at least a decade, perhaps it will be worth your while to form a long long term relationship with Acura (unless they totally underperform, of course).


    A great car with a poor dealership experience is still a poor car, but a less than stellar car can be quite acceptable (or so I can imagine) with an outstanding dealer experience (and company treatment for that matter).


    When I read about some of the stuff people have to put up with from the vendor, then are treated royally by the dealer, I do not question their sanity for remaining with the vendor (within limits of course).


    Reading some of the posts here and elsewhere, one can almost come to the conclusion that all vendors and dealers can learn from Lexus -- they are just THAT good.


    I dunno, my Audi dealer certainly treats us "like we're somebody."


    That may not make ALL the difference, but it sure goes a long way.


    Reading the last couple of posts is a bit frustrating (car in the shop, etc.) but here is where the dealer can really shine (as can Acura). For it is difficult to judge how you will be treated when nothing goes wrong -- but, if you are treated well when something does go bump, you are likely to remember the treatment and the resolution rather than the incident that precipitated it.


    Some folks on this forum (not just Acura) seem to want to dis almost anything European or American or sometimes just German in general. They may be right -- perhaps the Japanese makers will rule the world soon (Toyota predicts it will pass up GM in 2005 -- and THAT's a statistical FACT!). Perhaps.


    Remarkable improvements, however, happen every day as do shocking downhill slides -- we'll just have to wait and see.


    Thanks to all you cyber-psychologist's here on edmunds, as I muddle through this process.


    I will comment on my test drive regardless of my final decision. And, it has come to my attention that I may not go for the superior product, opting instead for the superior overall experience.


    Worst snow in many years falling as I type this here in River City (aka Cincinnapolis).


    Merry Christmas.
  • All right,


    I possibly know the situation you are in! At least I presume that is somewhat related to what happens to me in another field, that of computing. For various reasons I started my dealings with hardware platforms from Digital/Unix and had my "windows" at version 1 through 3 (probably the worst ever minted by the Redmonds guys) because I actually had DOS when involved with the AT boxes (the early enclosures for PCs) to run Lotus 123 and other early software. Then I was given the opportunity to use a Macintosh and everything changed. I liked it so much that I even stayed on when things started to look not so good, and as you have hinted benefited of great enjoyment once they stepped up back on the saddle! After 25 years of computing I still deal with some of each flavor but when I buy with my moneys is invariably an Apple computer! (So much in fact, that in our household of 2 adult and a 4 yo we have 4 computers, 3 laptops and one desktop!)


    I guess like for your Audi buying experience, you come to learn wath to expect and looking out there you do not see anything that really justifies 'switching' to another brand/product (for me and my computer preferences the killer is how productive you can be, light years ahead of any Wintel offering). I suspect we are both strongly subjectives at times but still it works and makes us happy. So unless you really find something that makes it worth to leave the Audi shores don't do it. Having your ego stroked now and then is not necessarily a bad thing, and it works for you, In addition, as you suggested, is not absurd to think that the next breakthrough may just come form Audi, so why rush to abandon it. :-)



  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    Well we are getting our first real snow fall right now and I just drove home in it. The RL handled fine. I didn't push it to see what its limits were because I do not know the car yet nor am I experienced enough with snow driving. What I can say is that with normal cautious winter driving the car had no problems at all with its OEM tires.


    I have noted one thing about the RL...I think I can tell sometimes when I think the car is shifting most of the power to the rear wheels. There seems to be this very brief "pause" like the car is changing gears or like the feeling of a traction conrol coming in for a second to cut the power but I know it isn't. This hasn't happened all the time...only like 2 or 3 times, one being tonight on the snow going up hill, the other two on dry pavement around corners when I was givng her a bit of gas. Maybe somehow the system is getting confused:)


    Anyone else experience this? For 99% of the time the work of the AWD torque shifting has been imperceptible including this evening (obviously aside from going up that hill) on the snow when going around bends or taking off from stop signs/lights.
  • If anyone can comment on exactly what you see with NavTraffic, I have definitely seen some flow information sporadically display on highways in the New York area. I live in CT, so I don't get a total opportunity to understand all of the features. I've seen incident information and clicked on it, to determine the accident location, but does any of this information automatically pop based upon potential congestion with the route selected or can you only determine flow information by looking at it on the map guide. It seems like some routes are covered and others aren't, this past weekend I noticed that the same flow information indicated congestion with red lines from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon on our ride home.......there was heavy congestion on the GW Bridge and no information whatsoever was displayed. If anyone can shed some light on this topic I would greatly appreciate it.
  • lvdhlvdh Posts: 29
    The problems w/ my Acura - the SH-AWD and the VSA - are far worse than Acura intially thought. Acura diagnosed multiple defective parts, including a defective VSA module (located under the dash), that require replacement and the vehicle cannot be driven until those parts are replaced. Acura's computer diagnosis procedure occurs in steps and stops when the first series of defects are identified. Acura told me that it does not even know if replacing these specific parts will solve the problem because other problems may subsequently be identified by its computer when the next series of diagnostic steps are examined. Now here's the kicker - one of the replacement parts is not available until January 14, 2005 and the other Acura does not know when the part will be available as a ship date (from Japan) has not been determined. In the meantime Acura has rented me a $20,000 Pontiac w/ 37,000 miles. I guess Acura considers this "great customer service". The case manager at Acura Client Services assigned to my "case" essentially has been non-responsive and has not been of any assistance whatsoever. I have asked the dealer from which the vehicle was purchsed (Napleton Acura in Elmhurst, IL) to replace the vehicle with a new RL. Napleton refused. I have spoken directly to the office of the President and CEO of American Honda Motor Corporation as well as the Executive Vice President of Automotive Operations, (310) 783-2000, and have been promised that higher management will respond. Looks like American Honda Motor Corporation, Inc. would rather do things the hard way rather than the easy way which means this matter will be resolved through litigation pursuant to the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, Lemons Laws, and Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act.
  • larry6larry6 Posts: 26
    Posting your experience here -- may provide the most leverage for resolving this problem to your satisfaction. The rest of us (including prospective buyers) are awaiting Acura's response -- but most importantly -- their ultimate solution to your rl's problem. Please keep us informed.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    This is very serious, my heart goes out to you because there but for the grace of God go I. (or any new car owner today!) We look forward to you keeping us posted.
  • I have had the same intermittent problem with my NavTraffic that others have written about. After showing my service manager many of the emails on this forum he agreed to replace the XM box. I will pick it up on Friday and hope it works consistently now. That said, I am convinced that this technology is far from perfected even when it is working. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and commute daily across the Bay Bridge. I have noticed several things consistently wrong about the traffic information. For example every day I come home on eastbound Highway 24 in the East Bay which this time of year is virtually always backed up to the Caldecott tunnel. And everyday the traffic system only shows traffic information for westbound and shows it red (backed up) even though the westbound direction is always moving at the limit. My point is that everyday the system consistently shows the eastbound traffic conditions as westbound on the system and there is no information on the eastbound direction given at all. I cannot believe that this is due to specific problems with my XM box but suspect it is a flaw in the system. I would appreciate it if anyone else in the Bay area could confirm that their system shows the same thing.


    In addition, I frequently find that the system displays congestion where there is none and no congestion where it clearly exists. Some times it gets it right, but many time it seems totally wrong. Do others have the same experience? Unless changing my XM box totally resolves this it seems to me that this technology is just not there yet. Otherwise love the car.
  • Can one record MP3s on a DVD (as a DVD-ROM like for CDs) and have them play in the RL? Or will this only work with CDs as I imagine is the case?


  • I am also in the bay area but haven't driven in congested areas much with the car to be able to judge it's accuracy. I can tell you that the technology is new, and the problems with accuracy or intermittent display is most likely not a problem with the car. The system collects information from a variety of sources and then transmits the data to the car at regular intervals to the car as data that is broadcast with the XM signal. At times I have seen the road construction and accident information but no traffic flow information. Road construction info comes from Caltrans, accidents from CHP and other media sources, and the flow information from sensors in the road. So, the intermittent data is most likely related to the source since some of the data sources are being displayed.

    I am sure that as this technology becomes more widely used, the reliability and accuracy will improve. Right now, it is still one of my favorite features in the car and I look forward to the service improving over time.
  • I don't know...can somebody give this a shot and see if it works? It really depends on whether the stereo is capable of reading data DVDs as well as DVD-As (it's clearly capable of reading both data and audio CDs).


    Does anybody know how to make a DVD-A (using the Audio_TS folder and .vob files)?
  • Sorry to hear it. Best of luck resolving the issue, even if it means Lemon Law (BTW, have you used those words with the dealer yet--if not, you might let them slip and see what happens).
  • lvdhlvdh Posts: 29
    The following represents the Technical Service Bulletin issued on the 2005 Acura RL


    Component: Power Train: Driveline: Differential Unit

    Service Bulletin No.: 10282004

    NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Assoc.) No.: 10010558

    Date of Bulletin: 10/28/04


    This defect was investgated by NHTSA
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    It has been awhile, but I am back. Anyway, when are dealers going to get it that it is "cheaper" to fix a problem before a product is released to the public. $1 to fix problem before release. $5 to fix afterwards with great customer service and $10 if all else fails.

    That being said, I have owned honda's/acura(nsx/legend coupe)nissan and caddy. enjoyable for the most part with acura- although acura tends to be "snooty" at times(depends on dealership). Caddy sts - wonderful service/car.

    nissan-love the pathfinder, but the dealership take it or leave it.
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    Sorry to hear about your problem, you get all happy in buying a new car that you hope is going to give you many miles of maintance free problems and then this.


    My son got a 04 TL that had a oil leak from the engine and they couldn't find where it came from even after changing the head gasket.


    The sales manager called and told him that he is giving him a new TL that was the same as his in stock. So within a week he had a problem but got a new car. To bad your dealer didn't step up to the plate with this.
  • gnarlygnarly Posts: 13
    As more and more 2005 RL's are sold and their owners put a few thousand miles on them, I suppose it is normal that various first-model-year glitches and defects will be reported. However, the treatment given LVDH in connection with his catastrophic SH-AWD and VSA failure is especially disheartening. It sounds like his dealer is doing a very bad Jim Carrey impression in "LEMON-y Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events." No parts from Japan until mid-January? A Pontiac loaner? Is this the Acura "TLC" experience?


    American Honda executives would do well, therefore, to review their own advertising brochures and web site: "When you buy an Acura, you know you're in good hands. Acura ownership not only entitles you to a superb vehicle, but support you can count on whenever you need it. Acura Total Luxury Care® (TLC®) comes with every new and Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. TLC not only includes the Acura 4-year/50,000-mile warranty, but 24-hour nationwide emergency and travel services, roadside assistance, Acura Concierge Service, and more. This program of special privileges and services is exclusively for Acura owners, to ensure a satisfactory driving and ownership experience down the road."
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