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Acura RL



  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    My first reaction (after seeing the sight for the first time) was a bit harsh. It wasn't the cheesiest site I have ever seen. I was P.Oed!! I seriously question their credibility however and for them to select a Honda product and an Acura product (1st and 2nd) as the "MOST DISAPPOINTING CARS WE SAW THIS YEAR" while they show a Mercedes Benz banner ad on the top of the page. Well you be the judge.



    Also they were not fawning over ANY car...QUITE THE CONTRARY!

    AND...Their assessment of the RL ended with.."The only redeeming feature? The dash/console design and the best nav system on earth. Keep those, scrap the rest and start over. BMW, MB, Lexus and Infiniti are laughing in their halls!" was laughable to me!....AND A CROCK!
  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    Just got back from a week at Mammoth Mountain where we received over 7 feet of snow. The RL did great on roads that had over 1-2 feet of snow on top of thick ice. That includes very steep roads accessing the ski hill's parking lots.


    In addition, there was snow on the highway for about 20 miles travelling out of the ski area (several cars were stranded off the road) and the RL kept hugging the road even at speeds of 35-40 mph.


    This is by far the best snow sedan that I have ever driven.
  • Thanks for the feedback. Do you have snow tires? Did you notice the dashboard AWD graphic working hard? How did the ABS feel when stoping?
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Now folks for some car comments:

    Just returned from 3500 miles. Chicago to Orlando and back. The flatlands and mountains. Car performed wonderfully. MPG was 24 to 27. Gas prices 1.81 to 2.25. Oil life usage about 12.5% per 1000 miles. One ticket, 82 in a 65 zone.

    XM radio was great - listened to it about 90% of the time. No reception issues, even in mountains. Does not work well in tunnels but neither does navagation.

    Used navagation extensively. It never faltered and got me back on track when I took a wrong turn here and there.

    Trunk space is wonderful, saved me bundel from those outlet malls on I-95, the wife could just not buy as much as usual.

    On the road about 8-11 hours a day with freqiuent coffee stops. No issues with comfort. The dual a/c controls etc worked well.

    Handsfree phone worked without flaw when signal was available. I use a sony/erickson phone with gsm technology and that is not as wide spread as the older signal type. Did get stuck outside of Savannah on night on I-95 and called hotel that I would be late. Had trouble with my cell signal but switched off to On-Star and no problem. I never thought I would have need for 2 phones in car but this time it helped. For the cost of 100 minutes, about $30 I would recommend getting an on--star number for longer over the road trips. The transmitter in-car is 3 watts (I think) where a normal cell is about 1/10 watt. Big difference when you really need to call.

    I did buy a back seat cover - the type folks use for the dog and that worked well - put my cooler right on it and we had pop and sandwiches all the way.

    All in all a great trip in a great car - even the NC highway patrol liked it!!!!


    Good Driving everyone.!!!!
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    Where in Chicago did you get your RL? Satisfied?
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Nice Post...I really enjoyed reading it...and for a change...we are back to positive feedback. Good driving to you too!
  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    I just have the stock tires supplied on the car. I was worried that they would not be good enough (according to the Tire Rack review) but they did very well.


    I did not let the ABS kick in too often as I generally went very slow when driving downhill and approaching stop signs or traffic lights (the roads were extremely icy and serious FWD trucks with serious snow tires were sliding all over the place).


    The few times the ABS kicked in, the results were quite good with the car coming to a stop and staying mostly in a straight line. You can really feel the brakes pumping (fairly harshly) when the ABS activates, but they do their job well.


    I did get a few chances to look at the AWD graphs and could see the different wheels getting different use, but it is hard to watch as you are driving in blizzard.
  • Interesting coincidence in our choices of cars.


    My wife refused to accept the RL as an acceptable car for a variety of reasons. Mostly, she was coming out of a Lexus LX470 and needed something a little more fun to drive. She was willing to accept the less expensive TL 6-speed, but not the RL. And, after test driving the RL and TL 6-speed myself, I couldn't blame her. We both prefer manual transmissions, and the TL's short throw action was as crisp as any BMW 3 or 5 series I've driven, including my 2002 M5.


    However, after considering the TL and a few other sedans, I decided to surprise her with something completely unexpected, a Cayenne Turbo. A friend who is the manager of a Porsche dealer called to offer me a great deal on a custom ordered one that the purchaser defaulted on. Ridiculous money and a ridiculous vehicle, but one test drive (and $15k+ savings) was all that it took for me. My wife loves it! Plus I get to keep my M5 and we actually have something that we can drive - gently - in the snow.


    In my opinion, the RL is a very nice car for the mainline Japanese upscale sedan purchasers. Namely, those that might have been drawn to Lexus or Infinity. But, notwithstanding all of it's technology and capabilities, it didn't do much for either of us emotionally, on the actual driving front. I do think the TL has a leg up on the RL in this particular dimension, especially the 6-speed version that we drove.


    I'll be signing off here, as our choice took us in a different direction. But I wish all well and appreciate the other opinions and information gleaned. The debates are certainly lively.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    I'd a few calls from a few dealers I'd talked to in the last one month. Everybody is saying, will negotiate below MSRP. I drove past eh Acura dealership closest to me saturday night and there were 3 sitting on the lot.


  • Hey,

    Good to hear from you about your circumstantial purchase of a Porsche Cayenne TT. I suppose we should be on the Porsche forum, but just in case your looking here. I love my Cayenne, it's like no other car/suv I have ever owned and performance combined with full time four wheel drive. I ordered mine the way I wanted it and still got a $6000 discount. Mine is the S though.


    I do own a 2004 TL too though and I thourghouly love it too. It still is in my mind a whole lot of car for the money. My wife drives it the most as it is her car and my car is the Cayenne S.


    Along the lines of my previous post, while I really wanted a new RL, the more I look at my Red TL with the under body spoilers and wing, I do have to say the TL looks a lot better to me then the RL and I have to say I like the look of the TL interior better too. I have the parchment interior and Acura used a black dash and steering wheel and the contrase of the blackand parchemnt is really stricking compared to the RL parchment on parchment.


    I still like a lot about the RL and would like to own one, but considering the dealer attitude about giving a little, they may just convince me to just keep the TL and invest the $20,000 trade deal they offered me on the first request for a quote. Keeping my 04 TL with only 1500 miles on it is looking better all the time with some of the bugs that are cropping up. Wait and see prices dropping and bugs fixed is probably what I am going to do.
  • rlownerrlowner Posts: 12
    HA! it probably should have!
  • jrozesjrozes Posts: 5
    To anybody who has replaced the stock wheels on their RL: is it possible for the tire pressure monitoring system to work with aftermarket wheels or are we truly limited to Acura's offerings? Thanks.
  • I've had my RL a week now and just got my cargo net in the mail. I bought the car through a broker, Autoland, and was able to get it for about $1700 under sticker. They threw in the cargo net as a way to make up for some bumps in the process.


    My question is, does anyone have one and can you tell me where it is anchored? There were no instructions in the box that came from the dealership, just the net, two bolts, two anchors, and four clips. Looking at the trunk there are no obvious places for the bolts to go.


  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    Go to the following page:


    and click on the link for the cargo net and you will get a .pdf file with instructions for installing it.
  • spclstspclst Posts: 6
    Thanks for the update....actually, I just ordered the 18" of your wheels (didn't want to go as big as 19")...but I wanted to follow up with you to see how you handled the tire-pressure-monitoring system? Were you able to move the valve sensors (from what I know, the sensors are in the valves...?)?


    Thanks for the info.


  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Schaumburg, Muller Acura. Dealer is ok but has problems with knowledge especially electronics. Sales guys the usual with one or two having spent time to get knowledge. Service staff very good and cooperative. My issues - all minor and easily solved were taken care of promptly. Parts another story but not uncommon - they never have any. I had a bulb out - I thought - turns out just not aimed properly (the one in a door pocket - blue) - so I called a week in advance to be sure they had one - or - time to order it and it was not there when I arrived - turns out I did not need it but it bothered me they could not get a blue bulb in a week. Now to be fair - I have had same issues with other manufacture dealers. These guys just don't want inventory overhead costs eventhough it requires customers to make 2 trips for often minor problems. It appears this is a trend through-out the industry. Otherwise the dealer was as good as any other - pick your salesman based on demonstrated knowledge of the car and all will be good.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    Thanks for the tip. Just in time inventory, I guess. I test drove an RL at that dealership. Liked the salesman I dealt with. No hard-sell approach, seemed like a decent, honest guy. I imagine they'll be selling at sticker for awhile, at least until the competition (GS300, M35/45) gears up.
  • Thanks for the referral on the cargo net install! Just what I was looking for.
  • Motorola informs me that the phone with the updated software, originally scheduled to be in the stores by mid-January, will be delayed. Expected delivery to the stores now estimated mid-March. Disappointing. I will follow up from time to time.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Hello Acuraphile, I'm with AT&T (now Cingular) and have been looking at a couple of their phones with bluetooth technology. The one that interests me is the Motorola Razr V3. Are you familiar with it or any recomendations on other bluetooth models? The other consideration is leaving AT&T when our service contract ends in August. Any recomendations on cell phone companies...we are wide open, and welcome suggestions. Thanks.
  • Scottjohnson......Please let us know how your installation of the cargo net goes. When I purchased my RL I had gotten the dealer to throw in a cargo net. The sales person after we made the deal suggested to me that I not get the cargo net. He said his service department told him that since the installation required taking apart the truck they were worried that the interior lining of the trunk would not fit as well afterwards as the way it came from the factory. While it could be just some BS I doubt the dealer was trying to save the cost of the cargo net [$35 if I remember correctly]. Anyway, I did not put it in but would still like one if you do not have any trouble with the installation. Let us know how it goes.


    Kudos to SUMNO for the link.
  • jjacura:


    Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the RazrV3. I, too, have a contract that doesn't expire until mid-June although even when it expires I'll remain with Verizon, a wonderful, reliable service company. I have never been "dropped" nor can I recall being without a signal. I can't believe that Verizon/Motorola won't come through before long. Until then, I'll simply keep my cell in the car and pull off to the side if I get a call (when feasible).


    I'm so spoiled. My cell phone was hard-wired in my '96RL and came to life when the ignition came on. It would always be charged and I'd use it portably when necessary. Should I get the V710, it won't have a cradle, which is a big handicap. I'll need to be more attentive to assure that it's charged either at home or with the flimsy little in-car charger. I'll miss the cradle; a great convenience.


    The latest issue of CONSUMER REPORTS that arrived yesterday proclaims Verizon as the best service. The issue also rates cell phones, so that should be of some help to you.


    I'm enjoying the RL enormously. Not one problem, so far! Knowing the tire pressures is important for me. At age eighty, it's uncomfortable to have to bend to check pressure every ten days or so. That feature is a big plus for me.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    I did notice one thing about that link for installing the cargo net. it was for a 2001 RL You may want to check with your dealer to make sure it's right!
  • The tire company that installed the wheels had to go to a hardware store to purchase a tool to make the tire-pressure monitor work. It took them so time to do it, but the system works fine with the new wheels
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092

    I recently obtained a Motorola V551 (Cingular) to pair up with my wife's Prius. It works very well. The HFP (Hand Free Profile) works great. The V551 support OPP (Object Push Profile) to up load phone contacts (one by one, though!) and OBEX to send data files (pics, mp3, etc.) To see a list of phones and what Bluetooth functions they support, please visit and search their products qualified.


    Yes, Verizen has the best coverage IN GENERAL, but they also have pretty out-dated phones and crippled Bluetooth (only HFP). Cingular now have the best selection of phones (MPx220, Razr V3, etc.) and OK coverage for me. I got my V551 for free and the second one with $50 rebate (promotion ended 12/31/2004), and it has most functions I would use (video, camera, nice display, speaker phone, web browser, ... etc.)


    For some other phones, I would suggest you to get on the web to read reviews from owners. would be a good place to start.


    Just FYI.
  • Now that is what Acura should be known for. I'm glad that McGrath had the professional courtesy to step up to the plate and do what Napleton could not.


    It's clear that McGrath knows that even with what cost they may have lost on the trade in (if any) was a small price to pay for the excellent publicity; not to mention the immeasurable value it has done for Acura's reputation (Acura Management, this case study should be taught at your next customer service training).


    I'm glad it has worked out for you - congratulations!
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    BRAVO to McGrath Acura and congratulations to you Lvdh on the resolution of your problem. McGrath Acura is indeed to be commended for their professionalism and dedication to customer service and satisfaction. This is an object lesson for not only Acura dealers but for auto dealers in general...
  • WOW! This is the kind of treatment (although I have never had any car have the kind of troubles you have had) I only thought I could even hope for as a long long long time owner and loyalist to my dealer (Audis since 1977).


    This is a great resolution to your issue -- and hopefully you will find yourself in a position to reciprocate with this dealer (and actually with Acura, since there must have been "something" that allowed this transaction to transpire, since superfically, I cannot imagine how this was in the short term profitable for the second dealership.)




    Now, tell us what you think about the RL!
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    the second dealership - many high-demand vehicles, like the RL, or for history's sake, like the Mini Cooper, VW New Beetle, or even the Ford Expedition when it came out in 1997, easily pulled over invoice at auction, sometimes close to MSRP.


    I guarantee, that since dealers want every RL they can get their hands on, these things are pulling over invoice, possibly near MSRP, with miles on them.


    The dealership didn't get hurt, they sold another new RL, which gets them allocation for another one, plus they have a 400 mile RL on their lot that'll be gone by the end of the week at a $2-3k profit.


    We'd have to take another look here at who really profited from this transaction - the consumer or the dealer...


    The dealer has now gotten some great free advertising, while their competition was also bashed for free. Ain't life great?
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