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Acura RL



  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    "I thought it meant he was baiting Driftracer into some sort of gladiator type battle"


    I thought so, too - after all, my name (Jim Lewis) is in my profile, and although I've met women named Jamie, never met one named Jim.


    And yes, back to cars, please.
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Here in Chi town we just had 8+ inches of snow and previously there were some questions about functioning of door sensors in the cold. Upon returning to my car covered up to it's axx in snow I was able to open trunk (first), clean up car and open doors without any sensor problem at all. The door sensor actually detected my brush as I cleaned out the door handle area. I would say that the sensors are going to operate just fine in the cold. But - I did not wear gloves. However with the sensor detection of my brush bristles(sp?) I think the doors will operate without problem.
  • Your experience with the alerts for the SH-AWD and Emission System is similar to my experience, but they occurred while I had possession of the car. I had been reading the manuals over a period of time after taking delivery, and decided to spend some time in the car while reading and testing options. At this time, I had driven some 200 miles, and never experienced one issue. So it came as a surpise when both alerts appeared in the MID, as well as the indicator lights in the center dash and the NAV voice alerts.


    Here's why and maybe why there was an alert recorded in your car as well.


    When I was reading the manual and sitting in the car, I had the engine in Park and idling for about 35-40 minutes. What's different between this car and most others is that it has many sensors and alerts to monitor itself and report back to the driver. As with all cars, if you idle for a given length of time or you're stuck in extensive bumper to bumper traffic, your emission system builds up a level of carbons that the catalytic converter doesn't have a change to burn off because you're not running the engine at a high speed. This has happened to all of us, but without driver alerts we just never knew it. The RL recorded this and triggered the alerts system for both issues (don't know why the SH-AWD). After idling for some 35 minutes, I shut off the engine, and some 15 minutes later, I came back to resume my routine. That's when the alerts appeared. My brother-in-law explained the situation and sure enough, after I drove the car for about 20 minutes at a moderate speed, all alerts disappeared. However, the NAV message system retained the messages of the incident. I now have over 700 miles and the incident has never re-appeared.


    All I can assume, is that at some point, your car may have been left idling for a prolonged period of time during transfer and shipment that caused the alerts to trigger and record the messages, but that after the car was run, the alerts reset as in my situation.


    I spoke to my dealer about this and they agreed because they had a similar situation with another customer.


    Hope this helps. I guess we're all in a learning process.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I know many have bashed lvdh about his reaction to his RL's problem after "only" 2 weeks. If he had owned the car for a year, or 2 years, then I think he should have exercised more patience, but because he had just taken delivery of a brand new car and it broke down almost before he drove it off the lot, 2 weeks out of service is HUGE, under those circumstances. He simply did not get what he contracted for. I actually thought he showed a level of civility that exceeded what was appropriate. I give him 2 thumbs up.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    And I do think we all agree that we are glad to hear lvdh is satisfied with the hard-fought resolution of the issue.


    It really is time to get back to the cars now, folks ...
  • reallegend: Thank you for sharing your experience. Your explanation is reasonable for the emission system alert, but it is still difficult to see why the AWD system was triggered. It would be really reassuring if Acura came out with a TSB as an official explanation. Is your brother-in-law an expert in this area?


    I am hoping this is really the reason for our experiences. What if there is a worst case waiting to happen? What if there was an inherit issue with the AWD system and that it would break down after the warranty period? I would like to press Acura to acknowledge these issues. It would be good for our peace of mind, and it would be good for Acura as these issues will become more common findings among RL owners.


    By the way, did you find a way to delete the messages? Thanks.
  • I tried to move the wiper to the higher position as instructed in the manual, but found it rather hard to move them. Has anyone tried to do this? This is really a neat feature. They were supposed to move into the winter position under heavy snow automatically.
  • acurarlblue - When I explained the emission alert occurrance to Acura, they could not explain why the SH-AWD was triggered as well. However they were satisfied that both alerts reset after my short drive because the SH-AWD alert would never have gone off if there was a serious issue.


    With regard to messages, those within the diagnostic category can only be deleted by an Acura technician after he reviews any problems. They plan to do this on my first service check-up. The messages can also be deleted via a broadcast from Acura via the AcuraLink system I haven't figured out what triggers this broadcast.


    I plan to take the car in for a check up prior to the scheduled maintenance just to be on the safe side. As long as the alerts reset and have never re-occurred, Acura informed me that the system was functioning normally.


    I've had no issues or problems with the car since then and it's been a pleasure to drive. And I'm still learning about all the features.


    By the way, given your name, I'll assume yours is the Opulent Blue Pearl - as is mine with the taupe interior. A great color that truly enhances the car's appearance.


    Best of luck with your car.
  • I had this feature on both my prior Legends. You need to grab both wiper arms together and move them up for winter. They will move into position.


    The automatic feature will only work if you have a build up of snow and ice and the arms cannot set back to their summer position after activation. This assumes you have not already cleaned the windshield which would allow them to set down into the summer position again.
  • reallegend:


    Thanks the reply.


    The codes were deleted by the dealer. Since the dealer didn't document this service (as far as I could tell), I was thinking that it would be useful to retain the messages for future references. Somehow I am not confident of the dealership's ability to deal with the RL. I contacted Acura customer service, but has not received a reply yet.


    It was difficult to move the wipers during repeated attempts, and I finally did moved them when I was holding only the passenger side wiper arm. They must be linked together by some mechanism. I hope not moving them by holding both didn't stress the linking mechanism.
  • Does the blue color look better overtime?


    We wanted the blue, but the dealer didn't have it in stock. Our RL is celestial silver with ebony interior. I picked AcuraRLBlue, because I was worried about the potential issue with the SH-AWD system. I was not aware of the potential issue until after I purchased a RL but before picking a color. We took another day after signing to pick out the color. The night before going back to the dealer I discovered on the forums of the SH-AWD issue, so my forum handle reflected my worry at that time but not the color of the car.


    I am happy about the silver, but would be happy too to have the blue. You made a great choice.
  • mungoacmungoac Posts: 16
    I was making light, driftracer. But you seem a little thinskinned and you obviously take the business that you were -- and perhaps are -- part of quite seriously, so let's shift to serious for a moment.

      I followed your thread with lvdh, the unfortunate Illinois RL buyer, for some time and your lectures to him over his complaints were disturbing to me and a lot of others on these boards.

      The guy buys a $50K car from a dealer who for some reason decides to drop the ball when the car craps out after a driving experience of a few football fields. Then the buyer uses this and other fora to draw attention to his case -- which is absolutely legitimate. But you, allegedly having worked in the business, take it upon yourself to explain to him that he is out of order.

        That is not your privilege and it is particularly irksome is that you address these issues as if there's some special, elevated inside lore about the car selling business upon which we mere mortals should not tread. You take it upon yourself to tell lvdh how he should behave for his own sake and perhaps that of the car selling business. Your arrogance boggles the mind. It just doesn't make any sense.

       It's almost exactly 39 years since my first major battle with a sleazeball car dealer -- which I won because I used every means at my disposal and brutally at that. And the RL I just bought was my car purchase #60, in five different countries and four different states. And I have yet to see a single sacrosanct aspect of the car business. In fact, sleaze has been more the rule than the exception.

       Your suggestion to lvdh is ludicrous: humility and a soft approach is the route to success with a car dealer who wouldn't know humility and a soft approach if it bit him right in the gluteus maximus. In fact, the dealer has amply demonstrated that he doesn't care about lvdh's problems because he has his money and apparently doesn't think he is responsible when the car doesn't perform to advertised specifications.

       Crap. The dealer is dealing from a position of power. YOU are dealing from an assumed position of power -- namely your claimed inside knowledge that lets you to tell lvdh that he should eat crap.

       Lvdh scrapped and fought and appears to have attained a position of power for himself. He must have, because the ivory tower -- whoever they be in this particular case -- threw in the towel and gave him a new car. And rather quickly at that. Which leads me to conclude that your advice was bad, driftracer. All of it. And as for the dealer's lack of responsibility, I don't think you have really studied the lemon laws. They in no way let the dealer off the hook.

  • Great post, Mungoac.
  • It snowed earlier in the day. The car handled great on snow.


    The trunk didn't do as well. The carpet by the horizontal portion of the lid (near the handle) was all wet. It is hard to see if this part of the trunk is inside or outside the rubber seal. The trunk closed fine and the fit to the rest of the body looked fine.


    I am wondering if anyone has run into this.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Pat pls. allow me to ask another question here, in case anyone ever run into that situation, he/she can try convince another dealer to do something similar.


    Was the loan with 1st dealer via Honda/Acura Financing directly? That seems to me the only way they can convert the transaction so that the car became virtually sold by the 2nd dealer. If the 1st car was paid in cash or financed via buyer's own bank (so that Acura already got the whole cash), would there be financial incentive beyond good will/PR for the 2nd dealer to anything?
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    Wait...I'm arrogant because I suggest that you should scream and holler and bash people in order to get something done? I think it's a common sense approach to not act like a WWE wrestler when you're trying to get someone to do something for you. Demanding and yelling doesn't get it done, telling them how important you are doesn't matter, and losing control doesn't give you control.


    I hope you've enjoyed yourself - yes, I suggested a softer approach, since having some guy scream from the highest treetops about what sleazeballs you are is NOT the way to get a dealer to bend over backwards for you, or even do their normal job - that's how you gets them to ask you to leave to they can take care of the folks who aren't screaming.


    Dealerships have really gotten away from the notion that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Dealer principals realize that greasing the squeaky wheel does very little for them in the long run, so it's not common practice. I have no idea how this man behaved, and still don't know what was wrong with the car - he enjoyed bashing me, but never explained it, perhaps for fear that I would minimize his complaint.


    And, no, it is you that don't undertstand lemon laws - dealers have very little part in the lemon law process and are on the hook for basically nothing. It's the manufacturer that is penalized by the state lemon laws and Mag-Moss statues, not a dealer. That's why so many consumers get blown off with a "no problem found" or "could not duplicate" waste of time, halfway diagnosis - if dealers were held to a higher standard by each state, I guarantee we as consumers would get those answers much less often.


    You can expect a dealership to "want" to keep your business, but when you become a liability, whether through your own fault or no fault of your own, the service manager or dealer principal can step away.


    Bear in mind one very important thing. The dealership doesn't have the authority or ability to "buy back" a troublesome vehicle. They aren't on the hook to do it, since it's the manufacturer's responsibility - you really have to understand that the manufacturer and dealership are very much separate business entities.
  • lvdhlvdh Posts: 29
    In response to my letters and phone calls, last evening a person in upper management at Acura Client Services called me and apologized for the inconvenience I experienced with my Napleton RL and as a good faith gesture offered to pay for my first 2 months of car payments on the new McGrath RL. This certainly represents the type of excellent customer service that we all expect from Acura and American Honda Motor Co.



    So it seems you were off the mark when you said "First and foremost, you are completely and totally wasting your time by writing letters and making phone calls to every at the dealership and Acura" and "you actually believe that the manufacturer cares about what you have to say. Get over it, they don't."


    In response to your most recent post, if I may respectfully suggest, it appears people are implying you are arrogant because you admittedly don't know the facts regarding this specific situation yet you post comments as if you do, and based on the outcome, your comments have been off the mark.


    Additionally, there was never any screaming, hollering, or yelling by anyone - not by me or by persons at Napleton. Even you admit "I have no idea how this man behaved" yet you suggest that I behaved poorly. Whose been bashing who?


    Let me assure you that at all times, I was patient, cooperative and professional. If you consider that which I wrote in this forum as screaming, hollering, yelling, and unprofessional, then so be it - it sure worked so very quickly, didn't it.


    Without going into more facts, did it ever occur to you that Napleton never bothered to respond to me (or was advised by its counsel/upper management to not respond to me) because it perhaps knew something about the RL it sold to me that could possibly expose it to liability for something separate and distinct from "lemon law" liability? Just something to think about.


    Very truly yours,

  • lvdhlvdh Posts: 29
    "Was the loan with 1st dealer via Honda/Acura Financing directly?"


    Yes, both RL's were financed through American Honda Finance Corp.
  • . . . those of you who know my long and loyal history with Audi (of America) perhaps are not aware that "all" has not always been rosy with our 27+ Audis. I am not going to bash any car (manufacturer) for bad product (at least my experience would not lead me to believe that could ever be justified).


    It is "easy" to praise a company when things don't go wrong; but, I have found that it is a better way to determine a company's core values based on the way it confronts situations that are less than hunky-dory.


    My Audis (in 2000 and 2001) had brake rotor issues that were so wacky, annoying, etc., that I joked I needed new rotors more often than I needed a tank of gas.


    I wrote letters to Audi -- they bent over backwards to find a cure for my problems (they eventually did after nine sets of rotors, one aftermarket) -- they corresponded regularly with me, sent factory officials to my dealer to examine my car (even went on test drives with me in the car) -- and on several occasion sent me "prepaid" Nieman Marcus credit cards as a "thank you" for my patience.


    I was, to repeat, annoyed and disappointed that two $50,000+ cars had such problems.


    I am, to support an approach, endorsing communication with the manufacturer as a worthwhile exercise (I also cc'd the dealer and NEVER claimed that the dealer was the problem.)


    Perhaps I am more patient that I needed to be, but the outcome and the responsiveness has, as many of you know, made my current consideration of other manufacturer's cars and dealers, um, "challenging."
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117

    I followed your situation from the first post. I believe we just saw the power that this forum has.

    What I think happened was Honda Motor cars worked the deal out with both dealers and then presented it to you. I think you did what you had to do and the forum in the end worked for all.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    I'm happy for lvdh...


    But, I doubt it had anything to do with this forum..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    And on that note, this is THE end of this saga.


    Once again, we need to get back to discussing cars and not dealerships and not each other.


    The Smart Shopper board is the traditional place to go over (and over and over) issues with dealerships.


    Here, we are talking specifically about the RL. We've dealt with a serious and disturbing situation that has been resolved satisfactorily and it is now time to move on and stop, as has been said, beating this dead horse.


    Let's get back on track - I don't like to get like this, but if we aren't able to do so, I'll have no choice but to start removing posts.


    Thanks for your cooperation.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Anyone have one..... and then notice that no one knows what you are driving?


    Just wondering.. the last generation TL and RL, while great cars, really flew under the radar.. Most people (not Edmunds people), didn't know them from an Impala...





    (happy, Pat?)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Heh, thank you! :)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    With respect to sales volume, I suspect the new RL will meet the same fate, despite its high-tech gadgetry, and inherent competence. Some cars just seem to get mired in consumer obscurity, no matter how competent. The infiniti Q models are another example.


    I think most poeple will flock to Acura dealers to buy TLs and MDXs, but if they're shopping luxury, or luxury/sport, most will then hop over to their MB/BMW/Audi/Lexus dealers. You know, I have yet to see one new RL around town here.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Well.. I didn't really mean sales..


    Just a general knowledge of what you are driving... I have a neighbor that bought a five-year-old Jag XJ8.. EVERYONE knows he drives a Jag, even though he never mentions it... Just curious as to the reaction most people get from their RL.





    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Oh...OK. But I still think it is at least partly a function of sales. The previous TL, though bland in styling, I think was still quite recognizable because it sold in sufficient volumes. But I'd bet many people will see one of the new RL go by, and wonder, "what was that?"


    Another yardstick I go by is whether I can picture IN MY OWN MIND what a model looks like. I can't do that for the Infinite Q. And I don't think, at this point, I can do it for the RL.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    The last Q made that I recognize was the first model... Still the best looking, IMO..


    I've seen a couple of RLs on the road... I noticed them, because they are different.. But, I'm not sure that I am the best judge of that... since I usually notice everything, when it comes to


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • soapkngsoapkng Posts: 21
    What tool....? This is key...can you send me the tire co. name or phone so I can ask. I am having a new set of 18" TSW Montage wheels and Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3's installed this afternoon.....(I hope you get this in time and/or they can figure it out).


  • >>Just curious as to the reaction most people get from their RL.


    I've gotten some great reactions. A number of guards at my office building garage have commented very favorably on it. Several have literally dropped their jaws as I've driven in. The guy in charge of parking had apparently noticed my car and looked up the parking pass number since he saw me in the hallway before Christmas and couldn't say enough good things about it. A couple driving by me a while back honked and rolled their window down - he asked if it was the 05 RL and his wife said it was a gorgeous car.


    I've seen none on the road yet, but with only three dealerships in the DC metro area, and if each only got about 10 cars per month, there wouldn't be many on the road here yet. And especially when considering there are several million cars in the area it might be a while before I see one.
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