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Acura RL



  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    It'd take some time to see a few more RL. I took me 6 months to see a few TLs on the street last year, and it's a higher volume car than RL.


    I've seen one RL so far in Bay Area, and I would say at least it looks much more 'different' (from others) than the old RL was.


    In terms of recognizable style I've to say Euros have the advantage. A big reason for such is that they got the same style from entry level to large luxo, emitting a constant image over and over, just in different sizes. That's not quite the case for the three Japanese brands.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    "Just curious as to the reaction most people get from their RL."


    Hello Nebraskaguy...I'm curious what a Cornhusker is doing in "DC" where they at least have 3 Acura dealerships. Anyway I'm visiting my daughter down here in Houston where they have 5 dealers listed. I've gotta tell you, I miss driving my RL a lot. It's sitting in a cold garage in S.E. Wi. where they only have one dealership. I did not see too many RL's while driving around in that area but know that dealership was selling all they could get allocations for. There must be over 50 2005 RL's in that metro area by now. The car definately has the approval of my neighbors... 2 of whom are Acura owners. The Doc across the steet really loves his TL and bought a second one for his wife (identical to ours at the time), so when he spotted me in the new RL he just stood there and smiled with his thumbs up...It's great to have friendly neighbors. I expected this forum would get lively after the "settlement" issue and it did but now Pat has things shaped up doesn't take much...this is a good forum with good people by and large... meanwhile I am enjoying spending this time with my granddaughters here in Texas but I will drop in on occassion to read the "Good Stuff" on this forum.
  • I'm fascinated by this conversation. I really don't expect my RL to draw long looks. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of the car, but it isn't a head-turner the way some others are.


    My wife drives a bright red 2002 Thunderbird. Now THAT car turns heads. People seek us out to comment on it, shout encouragement as we drive by, wave and give hand signals, walk around it in parking lots. Stunning to look at but not near the car my RL is.


    I kind of like the fact that the RL is sorta stealthy in the looks department. I feel like it is my little secret.
  • >>I kind of like the fact that the RL is sorta stealthy in the looks department. I feel like it is my little secret.


    I basically agree with you. However, it's still nice to hear a car I love being complimented.
  • jmatthejmatthe Posts: 51
    Wheels...I am looking at the same setup as you are intstalling. Can either you or patrick3 post a picture of the car so we call all see what will make this great car stand out? please!

    Also, soapkng, how is the ride? Jim
  • great post---but, it's all about the CAR!!! as an attorney, I may agree with a great deal of the comments about lemon laws (no need to get into that here and now) let's get back to talking about the car. I've learned a great deal from this forum and would like to enjoy continuing...


  • I live in northern NJ and have had people pass me on the street and look "amazed" and then "thumbs up" to the car. The parking attendants at my office building tell me that people are "always walking around the car and smiling". I am soooooo happy with the car,could care less about what people think, (if I did, maybe I would have bought a MB---only joking, I loved the AWD etc. etc. ).


    It is interesting I also have seen few on the road yet, but my dealer (GREAT dealer--Wayne Acura--told me, only 15 per month!!! BTW, he still got my C.silver early---couldn't please me enough.


  • could not agree more!!!


  • I think it was a small needle nose plier. You've probably had them put on by now. Did you go with the polished silver or chrome TSW Montage wheels.
  • jmatthe,


    It's been raining like crazy in SoCal for the last couple of weeks, so I've not been able to take a picture of my car. As soon as it clears up (more rain over the weekend), I'll take a picture and post it. I think the group will be "amazed" at the difference the 19" wheels and sportier, low profile tires make. It gives the car a absolutely beautiful look and I get constant comments.


    That's pretty impressive considering I live in Orange County where MB's, BMW's and Jag's are a dime a dozen.


    The only complaint I've had to date is that my wood steering wheel has been on backorder for over three weeks. Besides that, the car's been a dream.
  • soapkngsoapkng Posts: 21
    Jim - I installed the wheel/tires this afternoon around 5pm and the only ride on them so far was on the way home in traffic, never exceeding 40mph or anything fun. The paper is still on the left rear and I'd say I need to get at least 50-100 miles on them before really commenting.


    However, having said this, my initial reaction is good in that the lower profile has not seemed to affect the ride, it still has the great balance of sportiness and comfort (although I do agree with some reviews that say it needs to reduce the initial impact harshness and increase a bit of rolling resistance, but in general, it's a great balance of handling and comfort).


    I love the tire pattern and look forward to being on my second set of any Goodyear tires, especially this one so highly regarded/reviewed.


    As far as the wheel itself goes, I can't say I'm so thrilled. I think that your statement about wanting to see 'what will make this great car stand out' doesn't really apply here - these wheels will not do that. I may change them again and take a bit more time than I did this time...I admit that I was so into getting rid of the stock 17" that I may have jumped too soon into the first decent set of 18" wheels I could get and, even in 19", these are not going to make anyone stop and say 'wow, look what those wheels do to that car!". But, I'll give it a few weeks/months and see if they 'sink in'.


    I will see about taking a photo tomorrow, though I live in Los Angeles and it's been raining here all day and is supposed to for the next few days, so I'll do what I can (and, I need to see about how to post one here too).


    Oh, one more thought...If I were doing it again, I might consider 19" with 245 40/19 (if that's an available size, I haven't checked, but this one would only increase the total diameter .071" which should be more than acceptable).


    Let me know what you end up doing and I'd also love to see a photo of the finished work.


    And another last thing - this total package cost me just over $2k, not bad considering the tires used - basically because the wheels are pretty inexpensive.
  • mungoacmungoac Posts: 16
    OK, Steven, I'll tell you something about the car. I can tell you that the much discussed SH-AWD concept works and amazingly so -- I think.

       My shakeout cruise with this car was in Quebec a few days before Xmas, when I had a few days off. (Having lived most of my life in NYC, I have learned that getting the hell out of Dodge with some regularity is a must for one's sanity and humanity).

       I was passing a long line of trucks on Hwy 40 enroute from Montreal to Quebec City in a snow storm when the two left wheels suddenly encountered 4-6" of snow, the right wheels a mix of bare concrete and up to 1" of hardpacked snow. I was going pretty fast.

       For just a fraction of a second the car shuddered, not quite fishtailing, and then SH-AWD kicked in, it seemed. As the sensors, circuitry and mechanics worked their magic, the car vibrated slightly but took me through the problem, straight as an arrow.

       A half a mile later my wife let out her breath and asked wether that had worried me. No, I said, it excited me.

       Was it SH-AWD or was it providence? Personally, I think the former. As a fairly experienced snow driver, I probably would have adjusted the wheel slightly to the right and eased up on the gas a bit to avoid spinout in this situation. But I thought here's a chance to see how the much-ballyhooed SH-AWD system works and if it wasn't providence, the ballyhoo is dead on.

       The endless debate on these boards about wether the RL does 0-60 in 6.7 or 6.4 seconds amuse and entertain me. I'm 61 and as far as I'm concerned, the time spent doing 0-60 should be about 75 years. The normal human can tell the difference between 0.3 and 0.6 seconds but not between 6.4 and 6.7.

       Suffice it to say that the RL has more than adequate power and acceleration. It is the 60th car I have owned or otherwise had in my possession. It is a long and mostly dreary list, but the 2005 RL is by far the most enjoyable ride to date.

       My experience with Japanese vehicles is relatively light. Through the late 90's I drove a succession of Detroit luxury brands. The models are insignificant; they have long since and deservedly been consigned to the scrapheap of automotive history. Friends, reacting to endless carping about the non-existence of reliability in Detroit iron, would suggest I try a Japanese brand. I can, in moments of weakness, be hopelessly politically incorrect, and would shoot back, "Who the hell wants to buy a car from people who can't drive?"

       But in 2000 I threw in the towel and picked up an Acura CL, type-S, natch, and put 34K miles on it in two years. Then came a Lexus with a fine Mark Levinson music machine but a hopeless nav system. The woman who promised to love, honor and -- oh fugettaboudit -- but at least to read a road atlas correctly, developed a white-hot hatred for the Lexus nav system. It was the lawyer screen and its ramifications -- no input while wheels are moving -- that drove her over the edge.

       I put 10K miles on it in two years. The Lexus is fabulous, comfortable, spookily reliable and not least boring. I think I must have decided on the RL at the New York Auto Show last year. I haven't regretted it and the sound system is even better than the Levinson, IMHO.

       My complaints are few, mainly limited to some electronic glitches. My main concern is that a couple of calls to Acura's client service dept have revealed a notable lack of communication between that department and Acura engineering. The guys who answer the phone know nothing about this car. I suspect that this does not bode well for Acura in the next JD Power Initial Quality Survey -- and for the resale value of our car. But meanwhile, happy trails.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I suspect the lack of communication between customer service and engineering is due mainly to the proliferation of call centres. You encounter them everyday with department stores, banks, government, etc. Those people are hired to essentially do one thing -- answer the phone and take messages. They really have no tangible connection to the companies that hired them, nor their products.
  • soapkngsoapkng Posts: 21
    I was concerned that the tire pressure monitors would be difficult to transfer, but it's easy and the car never knew any different. The monitor is a unit on the other end of the valve-stem approx. 2" x 1" and pretty thin. The installer just unscrewed it and placed it in the new wheel, being careful in mounting the tire to not hit or damage it. No problem.


    I just put in a set of TSW Montage wheels (18" rather than 19" since, in all my research I found that going +1 improves traction, hydroplaning resistance, etc. but anything more can have negative effects - though, there is the thought process that Acura does offer the 18" option and perhaps 19" would be ok too....if anyone out there does 19" I'd love to hear how they work).


     I fitted them with Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3's, which look great and get tremendous write-ups & reviews.


     They took care to return the same sensor to the same corner of the car - I don't know if there would have been a problem if this was overlooked.


     Anyway, the Montage look...well...just ok....I can't say I'm looking at them and drooling.....but they are relatively inexpensive so if I really don't like them I can always peel the rubber off of them and put them on another set. I need to give it time and see if they work.


     I also tinted my windows and that really made the car look good, moreso than the wheels added to it. But, of course, if you look at the model, it is a similar 5-spoke pattern so it makes sense.

  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Like a kid in the candy store, I was busy and giddy exploring Edmund's design of its new website. I was particularly happy when I came across a link to Edmund's full test of the 2005 RL. However, my happiness turned into frustration after I tried to access the article twice, but failed. Instead of taking me where I wanted to go, the website said "Failure of Server APACHE Bridge". I have no idea what it meant, and I thought my computer might have been affected by ubiquitous trojan horses such as the "bloodhound". Has anyone shared my experience or was my inability to access the link immediately due to Edmund's beta-testing of its new design?


    Undaunted, I was finally led to my sought-after destination after several trials. Hooray!


    Well, overall speaking, it appears that Edmund's engineers are quite happy with the new RL. The most significant criticism, I believe, is about RL's transmission, as follows: "The five-speed is more difficult to praise. We grew tired of it constantly searching for the right gear, and its downshifts are noticeably rough for a luxury car. They're also slow to come, even if you use the paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel." The next less than favorable comments are its 0 to 60 time clocked at 7.2 (if I recall correctly) by Edmund's engineers, and its lack of real sports car feel.


    To all RL owners, do you believe that the foregoing is a fair evaluation of your new RL?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Wish I could say the same about the main site ( That error is a site problem and it is related to the inordinate slowness that the site somehow developed yesterday.


    That's a turnaround - it used to be that the forums were very slow and the main site was fine. However, the response time in the forums was fixed with a hardware and software upgrade a month or so ago.


    I don't know what is going on with the main site nor when it will be fixed, but I do know the folks who can fix it are aware of the problem.


    Whenever I can get to it, which I haven't been able to for the last 20 minutes, I'll post a link to that review.


    So stay tuned. :)
  • Soapkng,


    I'm surprised you feel the Montage wheel is ok. Did you go with the chrome or polished finish? What color is your RL. Mine is the C. Silver with the polished finish Montage wheel. The combination is outstanding and the wheels don't take away from the look of the car. As I had recommended to you, you should have gone with the 19" since it gives a more dramatic visual in size vs the stock 17". Additionally, I put on Yokahama 255/40/19 which not only are a lower profile, but are the widest tire the wheel well can handle without rubbing. I also live in SoCal and I'm waiting for the sun to come out so I can clean-up the car and take a picture.
  • great to receive your reply. BTW, I agree with the "getting out of Dodge" concept---absolutely a necessity. Also impressed with the Quebec story, I am turning 58 tomorrow and still coordinating a date to take my first road trip after owing it for one month and only 1500 miles. Also, I agree with the 0 to 60 comment; I have also owned a number of luxury cars, too many to bother to discuss, but so what, that is HISTORY.I also bought the 2001 CL type S also and loved it; after 59000 miles I wanted a new car and was sooooo impressed with all I read about the RL all I needed was a three minute drive (that blew my wife's mind!!!)and I ordered mine. I am glad you are enjoying your car; as I am loving my experience. Best of luck.


  • great to receive your reply. BTW, I agree with the "getting out of Dodge" concept---absolutely a necessity. Also impressed with the Quebec story, I am turning 58 tomorrow and still coordinating a date to take my first road trip after owing it for one month and only 1500 miles. Also, I agree with the 0 to 60 comment; I have also owned a number of luxury cars, too many to bother to discuss, but so what, that is HISTORY.I also bought the 2001 CL type S also and loved it; after 59000 miles I wanted a new car and was sooooo impressed with all I read about the RL all I needed was a three minute drive (that blew my wife's mind!!!)and I ordered mine. I am glad you are enjoying your car; as I am loving my experience. Best of luck.


  • becanebecane Posts: 1
    Will soon go back to my "summer" house in Oregon and will approach few Acura dealers to very probably purchase a 2005 RL. Is there anybody that could recommend an Oregon dealer that is willing to offer the very best price, which is my only consideration. As far as I could read on this forum, the best price so far is $47,200.
  • mungoacmungoac Posts: 16
    Happy birthday, Steve, and many happy returns.
  • much appreciated..


  • Just got back on Friday from my first road trip with my 05 RL. Before leaving we took the car into my Acura dealer to fix the dimple on the doors. It had stopped working. They fixed it and also fixed a rattle the car had developed.


    This trip was from Minnesota to Oklahoma and every day but one involved snow and ice!! We went thru Nebraska on the way back and there was also snow and ice there!! Had an ice storm while in Oklahoma. I am very happy with the way the car handled. Love the navigation system, especially enjoyed the "waypoint feature". We could find restaurants along our mapped route. Quite an impressive feature.


    I still do not like the fact that it is so hard to change the fan speed on the heat system if you decide not to go with the auto control. That is a real pain as far as I am concerned.


    My biggest problem still is that I drive too fast in my RL!!! Never feels like I am going as fast as the speedometer says:):)


  • The Acura dealer happens to have a new A6 in the service area -- there is, for a brief moment then, the possibility of getting in both of these cars (not driving, getting in) within 10 seconds of each other.


    The Audi is bigger (this is neither a plus or a minus as far as I am concerned).


    The interiors of both cars are very nice. The MMI screen in the Audi seems "better integrated," but this is not intdended to be even a mild slam on the RL -- the Acura's screen IMHO looks like it was put on after the dash was designed rather than being part of the original design.


    Having said that, I think both cars have very nice interiors. I have no clue if the MMI is a "kinder gentler" version of the BMW iDrive (that is so widely criticized.) The Acura's nav system is the easiest to program of any I have ever used (assuming it is the same as the one in the TL, which I did test drive and did "play with.")


    The style of both cars has to be an acquired taste. The Audi looks better in person than in pictures. The front of the Acura is easier to like immediately. The butt of the Acura looks a little BMW-ish to me.


    The materials in both cars seem top notch.


    Acura, IMHO, was aiming at the A6 (or perhaps the other way around -- but based on the previous Big Acura, I would say that it was Acura who was doing the aiming.)


    The Acura is less money when "comparably" equipped.


    The Audi offers a sport suspension -- the Acura should offer an "A" spec'd version or in some way offer a sport package option.


    In some ways, these cars are fraternal twins.


    I really can't wait to drive the Acura.


    On another front, watched an overdose of Car and Driver TV this weekend (it was on 5 times with 4 unique shows) -- the Cadillac CTS-V (similarly priced ~ $50K) ought to merit your attention if you (unlike me) don't HAVE TO HAVE AWD.


    Good to read the positive reviews from owners here. How, overall, is the dealer treatment?


    With Lexus as "the gold standard" -- is Acura is the same league? The dealer (who owns both the Audi and the Acura store) seems to "get it" at least from a sales perspective (no Herb Tarlick's).
  • While I normally leave my climate control on Auto, I sometimes want to boost the fan when I first get into the car. It is easy to use a voice control. Just push the button on the steering wheel and say, "Fan speed 7". You can use any number from 1 to 7. Works like a charm.


    I have also found that if you don't use the voice commands much it is easy to forget exactly what to say. You can easily find the voice commands for the system that is displayed on the screen by using the command "Help". The screen will then display all of the voice commands for the function shown {Navi, radio, climate control, info screen etc.].
  • Haven't really used the waypoint feature. Can you give a quick word about why it is so useful?


  • I just read that the new Toyota Avalon can be equipped with ventilated seats, auto cruise control, and remote start - Acura I want a new car within the next year or two - I hope you are listening....
  • rotoryfanrotoryfan Posts: 111
    Thank you for the comparison between the A6 and RL. Very useful info, please pass on any more thoughts you may have.


       I am a big Acura fan ('03 TL currently) and was very excited about the new RL - but the price tempered my desire to rush to a dealer.


      My pulse in now back to normal and I noticed pictures of the new A6 - I think it's a very handsome car, inside and out. I have never owned an Audi. I probably have an (unfounded?) concern about reliability (electrical?) and maintenance costs, etc. - associated with premium German cars.


       Trying to get objective views of both cars - in comparison - although I understand the brand loyality bias that can probably never be completely factored out.


      BTW, I am new to "mid-luxury" class of cars - I have never spent over 30K but am now considering it - just want to "measure twice and cut once", as the saying goes.


  • formulaformula Posts: 17
    For those of you don't believe that Autospies exhibits any bias. Look at their recent autoshow reviews. 47 pages of pictures taken at LA and Detroit, not one Honda or Acura product in any of the hundreds of pictures. I would have to classify them as the most disappointing reviewer of the year.
  • Thanks!! I will try that! I love all the technology on the car, but it is taking a while to learn all of it. The road trip was great, because I made my husband drive and I played with the navigation system!!!:)


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