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Acura RL



  • We were traveling through Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Part of the time was on four lane highway that was not interstate. We also had our three children with us. Ranging in age from 14 - 28, everyone likes something different in the food category. You can enter in to look for waypoints along your current route. Then you can choose if you are looking for gas stations, restaurants, lodging, etc. In our case, we chose restaurants. You are then given a choice of what kind of restaurant you want, fast food, french, italian, mexican, etc. I pushed on "fast food" and it showed us all the fast food places coming up on our route bye name and how far they were from our current location. We picked the one we wanted and then the nav system programmed in a route to that restaurant. It was great!!


  • It was great to enjoy the RL in the snow yesterday. The joy did not last. Today, the passenger door handle is working only occasionally, and the blue light is always on.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "Ranging in age from 14 - 28,"


    Wow! First of all, 14 years' difference. And secondly, the 28-yr-old still goes on vacations with you guys!
  • That sounds great. THanks!


  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    It appears to me, that after reading other professional reviews of the RL and as an RL owner, that Edmunds engineers are "clueless"!
  • I do want to remind you that I have driven the A6 3 times -- I have NOT driven the Acura RL; I did drive the TL last year and found it to be a delight and still, IMHO, the most handsome Acura ever. The rumors of the TL getting AWD make me pause to reflect if THAT would not be my "charismatic" choice.




    Having said all of this, those of you who know my wife's and my history of cars since 1977 (28 Audis, 1 BMW, 1 VW) know that our [Audi] dealership experience is sooo compelling, it makes leaving the "family" difficult. You also may know that the Acura and Audi dealerships are owned by the same person.


    However, being a "Platinum Medallion" (you know like Delta Air Lines) Audi owner may not translate to "special treatment" at the Acura dealer. At this point, THAT is a big issue. Possibly one that cannot be overcome even if the Acura proves to be superior (which I am not ready to concede, yet.)


    On the other hand, the Acura and the Chrysler 300C AWD "seem" to be bargains; the Audi somewhat less so. But since I lease, this may be moot as soon as the "passion" for the new RL and A6 begin to subside.
  • patrick3 - how is the ride on 19" wheels? I'm shopping for 18" wheels but am curious how the 19" look and ride.
  • I think it is the premise that "money talks"!! We were paying for the whole trip and he is a doctorate student with little money!!


  • Am wondering if anyone else is having with unlocking their RL using the dimple? I have had nothing but problems with this feature. The service techs have worked on it once and thought they had fixed. Then we took the car on a road trip through snow and ice and it quit working.


    Then it worked for a day when we got back. Now it is not working again. It's getting frustrating.


  • I just had the now famous handle problem happened to me too. The light also always stayed on.


    My dealer's soonest appt is in 10 days. It doesn't know if there would be parts, depending on the problem....... The service adviser is not aware of issues with the handles. There will not be a loaner available, because the appt will not take more than 4 hours. Etc, etc. I will have to call the dealer back to see if there would be a cancellation so that I could get in sooner.


    This is in sharp contrast to my experience with Lexus. I called today about an issue with the Nav screen door. I got to talk to a service advicer who immediately recalled a potential known issue, toke as much information from me as possible, decided from what I told him that he needs to order the parts, offered a time for me to bring in the car and a loaner without me asking.


    Well, I am thinking that it is not worth being treated like I have a Yugo after I spent $50K+ for Acura's top of the line sedan. I do enjoy the drive of the car, but there is a point that it is just not worth it. For me, that point is very near.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I hear ya! I think children learn this "skill" at a very young age, and it stays with them!
  • mungoacmungoac Posts: 16
    Welcome to the club. But if the door lock is your only problem, perhaps you should consider yourself lucky. On the other hand, if you're in MSP, perhaps you should jump for joy if the damn thing even starts. I spent 5-6 years there in the 60's and owned a Jag. I still wonder how I survived. Stay warm...
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Just returned from Houston where we were entertained beyond words by our grand daughters etc but because we flew I really missed driving the new RL. Now that we are safely back (Hate flying in fog!), it was great to get behind the wheel again of this fabulous car. As luck would have it snow finally fell and lots of it but by the time we returned the streets were almost DRY. Really looking forward to driving this thing in the snow now...chomping at the bit. So I"m going to catch up on all the posts I missed. Always enjoy reading MarkCincinnati and the on going posts comparing RL to Audi etc. Have one thing to add this time. Test Drive it Mark. Test Drive it. You have ogled this car long enough...test drive it and I promise you and the Mrs. will enjoy it very very much!
  • Well, it's only supposed to be -20 this weekend!! I had an '83 Jag and it hated starting while being outside all day while I was at work!! The doors sounded like they would fall off when I got in the car:)


  • Have any of you registered for the Acura owners website? When you go to the regular Acura site, you can click on "owner" and can register for a site specifically for Acura owners. Think we need to all get on board and really let them know we are tired of this problem with the dimple unlocking device!


  • Leonardo- The ride is fantastic with the 19" wheels. No problems with the drive and there is no noticeable difference in stiffness of ride. I've promised to post pictures of the car when the weather clear's up out here.
  • I registered with the Ownerlink. There is no place to complaint. I called Acura Total Luxury Care (Acura TLC) 6 days ago, and still have not have anyone get back to me. Acura TLC could stand for Acura Total Lack of Care for some of us.
  • Looking forward to the pics. What size tires did you go with?
  • I just called this number for Client Services and registered my complaint about the dimple locking device. I was given a case number and told that someone would contact me within 1-2 days. Here are the client services contact numbers:


    Acura Client Services

    Acura Client Services stands ready to answer questions and address concerns with your U.S. Acura vehicle. You may contact us several ways:


    By Phone

    Monday through Friday, 6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard time at the toll-free phone number (800) 382-2238


    By Fax

    (310) 783-3535



    By Mail

    Acura Client Services

    Mail Stop 500-2N-7A

    1919 Torrance Blvd.

    Torrance, CA 90501-2746



    Hope this helps all of you!! I also mentioned that they should have a height adjustment on the front passenger power seat!


  • psurlpsurl Posts: 3
    I have my 2005 RL for two weeks. During the first week the front brakes began to screech extremely loudly during the first 2-3 brake applications after startup. The dealer per the tech center applied a moly lube that was not applied at the factory. A week later the brakes are doing the same thing. The tech center is telling the dealer not to have me bring the car and not to do anything. The tech center said they will check with engineering, could be 2-3 three weeks. I called the customer service center, a case worker is supposed to call me back. Anyone experience this brake problem. I am not trying to rip Acura yet. But this unacceptable for a brand new $50,000 car. I turn my cars over 3 years and never had a problem this quickly with any of my Chrysler, GM, or BMW vehicles.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    Not to sound smart alecky, but I see this a lot with surface rust that builds up while the car sits overnight. All of my vehicles do that, and we don't live in a high humidity area - the noise is much worse, for instance, on the rear discs on my truck when backing up.


    It goes away after a few applications, and has nothing to do with brake pad or rotor compound, or the effectiveness of the system itself.


    The cheapening of brake rotors has a lot to do with their ability to withstand rust.
  • psurlpsurl Posts: 3
    I did that before I posted. The did not give me a case number. They did say it will take at least 3 days for a case worker to call due a unusually high number of cases. Hummmmmmm.


    Thanks for the information.
  • psurlpsurl Posts: 3
    Each time you get in the car the brakes screech the 2-3 apllications and then goes away.


    It seems to worsen with a change of temperature and humidity. But this is in Ohio, not Florida. Its not a little sqeak. Its an extremeely loud high pitch screeching noise that sounds similiar to the noise brake pads make when they are worn completely done to the pin.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    As far as humidity, I understand the Ohio thing, I'm in PA. Born and raised in TX, on the Gulf Coast, and you couldn't see the silver from a brake rotor after sitting overnight...just rust.


    The temporary nature of the condition you're describing still leads me to believe it's humidity or temperature related, since it goes away quickly. If it were brake pad, or worse, brake caliper related, it probably wouldn't go away at all.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Recently we have developed squeaky brakes on our new RL and I am assuming it is from all the cold damp air. It only happens the first couple of touches and goes away. (It's poring rain outside right now with thunder and lightning ..which for mid-January in Wisconsin is quite unusual.)
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    near Philly...
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You may have explained why my TL also developed a slight brake squeak since the onset of colder, wetter weather. Again, it manifests itself early in the morning, or after the car has been parked for awhile. Nothing too loud, but enough to hear it with the windows rolled up.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Ceric, I want to thank you for your follow up info dated Jan 5. We were out of town and missed it. JJ


    PS. also Acuraphile...Thank you as well for your post on the same subject matter.
  • I was misinformed about the back-up sensor; I was told that it only beeped inside the car - it beeps inside AND outside and, loudly, I might add. Disturbs me, and my neighbor. Acura Service Manager, with whom I've had the best experience for over nine years, has no idea how to modify the sound. I wonder, now, if it can be toned down at all.


       That aside, the RL (I've always liked this expression)is "spinning like a top!" -:) The nav system is sublimely simple, and XM radio, especially "Frank's Place," (Ch. 73), serenades me with all the tunes I've loved over the years.


       I must admit though that the pleasure of owning this splendid car has been diluted by the disgraceful treatment it has afforded those of you whose problems have been ignored. Something has changed, and I don't feel like the same "Acuraphile" who chose this forum name; I'm simply another RL owner. Period.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    [acuraphile] It never occurred to me to consider Back-Up Sensors but keep working on getting them toned down. Maybe you can even get a creative version of Westminster chimes quarter hour sound out of them. Now that would be cool. I've listened to Franks Place and enjoyed those standards very much...if you like a little contemporary jazz once in a while try #71 (Watercolors) and another preset on my radio is #24 (Sunny) and we probably share #113 (XM Classical Pops) you may have had that one or #110 on during your drive to Montauk. But the absolute best sound comes from the DVD Audio discs and I find myself checking out that section of Best Buy a lot lately.
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