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Acura RL



  • Outside temp moved to rear view mirror OR

    outside temp displayed with total odometer mileage NOT trip odometer.


    Oil pressure and voltmeter added to Fuel/Temp guage.


    Programmable option to use HFC voice and data through OnStar cell phone so that one will not have to depend on Bluetooth quirks and another cell phone. Also would like to be able to dump address book from cell phone, pocket pc, or palm devices to OnStar address book - maybe also Nav system address book. Would save a lot of adding stuff by hand. In other words provide a sync facility for these devices.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I forgot about another change to wish for --- how about a low engine oil level indicator, or warning. Actually I think this should be standard fare for all cars. If they have something trivial like low windshield washer warning, why not something for oil? Even the Echo econo-hatch has an oil level indicator.
  • The car would be dead if AWD was made an option since the car would remain FWD.


    The RL is a bargain, relatively speaking -- make that a 300HP V8 and rock on.


    Or, make the car RWD, base, and AWD an option.


    AWD -- at most -- accounts for $2,000 at the retail level. Still seems like a bargain.


    The M's from Infiniti may have the formula you would like. They seem to merit all our attention if we are indeed looking at such cars as the Acura, Audi, Chrysler 300C AWD and perhaps even the new GS from Lexus.


    A few years ago I bought an Audi A8 -- the next year, 1998, tiptronic was added, more features were made standard and the price took a few K dive. The following year, more standard features and a lower price yet.


    I have noticed that each year the cars seem to cost less when you factor in features and price/performance just seems to get better all the time.
  • LOL!

    If you do the math, even with Mr. Greenspan helping out the Acura Canada thieves with the last rate hike (and lower $CAD), I think Santa Claus needs to cut the MSRP about 13% to put more than a handful of these on urban Canadian roads. By the way - that Infinti M is AMAZING - and all for 20K less - you even get heat/ventilated seats standard. Ironically, Acura aimed for 'BMW cachet' thinking a jacked price would do it. The M reviews are coming out and saying M beats the Bimmer - on .....head to head lux comparo/value. Maybe just jacking a price isn't such a hot 'Automotive Genius in Charge' strategy.
  • natenate Posts: 12
    Make heated seats like Audi. Heat the whole seat(no cold spots), heat passenger back area and back seats, and more than two settings and not just luke warm and very hot. get rid of the continous chime for seat belt. power plug in the trunk. ski sack. folded back seats. thighter suspension. more cupholders. less idiotic messages on nav screen. put outside temp with heating system display. a tire size that is available from other manufacturers. these are just some suggestions for the next model.
  • It is my belief and observation that Acura targeted the Audi A6, not the BMW 5 series. Conversely, it would appear that Infiniti targeted the BMW 5 and more or less ignored the A6.


    I have read the Car and Driver article on the A6, watched the TV version of C&D review and read several reviews of the Acura RL, one in each of the big three (or is it four) US mags: Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend and Automobile. Recently and historically the editors opine or state as fact that Acura targeted the A6.


    In some respects this makes sense since Acura's RL was always FWD (as was the Audi even though quattro was always a low cost option).


    According to these editors, Audi has -- with the new A6 -- become the "most luxurious" of the German brands (of course leading one to the conclusion that BMW remains the most sporting, although somewhat austere).


    Then you read the comparo of 6 of the premium class current members and number one and number two (so says Motor Trend) are the Infiniti M35, closely followed by the Acura RL. Poor ol' Audi goes to number 4 of 6 -- but still its interiors are said to be "jewel like" and "puts the others on the truck" (C&D).


    Where was I, Oh yea -- Acura's own marketing people not too many years ago said that the RL was meant to be budget luxury (with some performance ability) from Japan, like Audi was budget luxury (with performance abilities [aplenty]) from Germany.


    Each company probably targets a competitor, a segment, etc. Infiniti w/RWD seems to be a natural to go after or be compared with BMW; and, Acura with SH-AWD (I wish the Japanese would stop with all the letters of the alphabet when they name something, but that is another subject) based on a FWD platform (just like Audi, currently and historically) seems to be targeting the Audi buyer, perhaps not the Audi loyalist, but someone who has, shall we say, an open mind.


    Of course, I could be wrong.
  • I am waiting to buy this car - all I want is ventilated seats (like Canada has) and that will close the deal for me (if not, the M35X looks promising)

    But if I was starting a wish list I would also add

    1. a backup camera

    2. laser cruise control
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Hey guys I started a new comparison topic and wanted to invite you guys over.


    clpurnell, "New M35/45 vs Lexus GS vs BMW 5 vs E-class vs A6 vs RL" #, 8 Feb 2005 4:53 pm
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Excuse Me...I am not doing her job....she's great. (Pat the Host) But I just want to say that anyone interested in joining CLPURNELL'S comparison discussion save yourself some time and go to:

  • Like you, I would expect it to work since the player is obviously DVD capable, but after several tries, I am convinced DVD+RW discs don't work. (They just spit out without trying to play.) I'm borrowing a DVD-R drive to test that format out this weekend.


    FWIW: my local dealer didn't have a clue (he thought I meant video DVDs...) and the Acura help line couldn't answer the question either. Their suggestion? "Try it!"
  • I think that the manual clearly states that the only DVD format that is supported is DVD-Audio, so if you are trying to load up a DVD-+R(W) with either MP3 or regular audio files, it probably won't work. If you can figure out how to write a DVD in DVD-Audio format, you probably have a chance.
  • Not that there is any shortage of media options, but how about a USB port that can accept data sticks and able to read MP3 files or port to accept an I pod?
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    "or port to accept an ipod?"


    If BMW can do it...sure..why not? See this:

  • Yeah, read about that, but apparently the BMW setup underdelivers on menu options (five "BMW labelled" playlists and tough to navigate) Acura would do it better if the current setup is any indication. For me the Data Stick would be a better solution if you could view files like an MP3 CD on the Acura system.

    Just hate messing with CD's.
  • llwysellwyse Posts: 56
    I agree with most of the suggested improvements in the RL, especially ventilated seats. I would add two more I didn't see that should be givens on a $50K car -- rain sensing wipers and FUNCTIONAL coat hooks. Even my playtoy Mini Cooper S has both.


    And to markcincinnati -- I agree that the RL target was likely the Audi A6. And the A6 is actually the car I wanted when I bought my 2003 A4 and also when I decided I wanted to replace the A4 (and bought the RL). Multiple reasons why I ended up buying the 2003 A4 instead of a 2003 A6. The single reason I ended up buying the 2005 RL instead of a 2005 A6 is the ugly front end. I might get used to it over time, but I wasn't getting used to it in the timeframe that I had the buying bug.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    A wise choice my friend. The RL will serve you well.


    Jmatthe: I agree with you on the Data Stick... Incidently, I have a large cd collection and have tried about 1/2 of them in the RL. Was surprised a few days ago when one of those CD's actually was read by the disc player and the name of the record appeared on the screen along with each individual song tile. It was a new Chris Botti cd but there were no markings on it to indicate why it was any different than all the others. I'll have to research this one further.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168


    Has anyone purchased a 2006 RL? I have read some postings that their all wheel drive makes noises in hard turns when under power. I like the car but am concerned. I am also looking at the Infiniti M35 awd.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168


    Has anyone purchased a 2006 RL? I have read some postings that their all wheel drive makes noises in hard turns when under power. I like the car but am concerned. I am also looking at the Infiniti M35 awd.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168


    Has anyone purchased a 2006 RL? I have read some postings that their all wheel drive makes noises in hard turns when under power. I like the car but am concerned. I am also looking at the Infiniti M35 awd.
  • Assuming you really mean 2005 RL. Mine doesn't make ANY odd noises and the SH-AWD is a blast to test.
  • 0K, you do mean the 05 RL because.... the 06 isn't out yet! (just kidding around) I have never experienced any noise with the SH-AWD; but the truth be told----go for the RL , you WILL love it and the SH-AWD will love you!!!! Just a pleasure to drive.


  • I have had mine for 3 months, no issues with any noise and the AWD system is incredible in the ability to corner in any weather. So far the car has been flawless.
  • Here's some interesting information. I took my RL to the dealership to have them install my wood steering wheel and they had the following additional things they wanted to do to the car:

    - Product Update Front Dooor speakers & Driver's MPCS Unit update

    - Product update PCM software

    - Product Update Acuralink control unit (my real-time traffic was not working)


    Has anyone else experienced the first two product updates?
  • Holy, wow, was this email a joke??? Are you guys trying to design a small luxury home or a car??? Get over the ventilated seats, try opening the window. And the messages on the navi system, try deleting them. I love the car and every feature in it. Picky much???
  • I think you may be right. Which kind of confuses me more - went to an Infiniti dealer (about 100 yards away from Acura) today. There's a big yellow path direction between these two brand dealers in Canada, so the stampede is orderly. The Infiniti guys told me (while I was putting the downpayment on a cash M35x order) that they expect to take ALL of the RL interest - every single car - so you may be right about Audi, but there sure is a lot of 40-50-year-old exec managers like me who did a 180 degree turn to Ghosn's guys as soon as that $72K laugher of an RL price came out. I don't think the A6 buyer is going to jump off the Teuton track (after all, Audi is pretty sad - recalls, crap engineering, and overrated and crowded interiors - if you're an Audi buyer you probably don't fit the 'valuebuyer' profile of a Lexus/Infiniti/ACura type). I think the natural 'market steal' for Acura would have been the Japanese reliability luxo-buyer - and they lost every one of 'em in Canada with that price grab stunt- old $CAD55K RLers, plus guys like me who think its a decent vehicle thatsomeone got a 'brain freeze' with when they priced it. Now they're screwed - they have to 'reintroduce' '07 or '08 'model' changes to back off the price grab in Canada - by then, lights out on the RL.
  • Why would we give up on the ventilated seats? They have them in Canada. And you can get them on a $35K Toyota Avalon (the Avalon also has rain sensing wipers, and laser cruise control) these should be standard equipment on a $50K car! All this and more comes on the $50K Infiniti M.....get with the times Kacurat.
  • Not yet, but my dealer volunteered the same updates. I did have the XM nav unit replaced early on and it is working, but they want to replace it again. I applaud Acura for jumping on any problem areas proactively. My experience with my first year E39 (97) BMW five series was much different. Only if you had the problem or complained about it did the car get the campaign. And there were many of them on the BMW.


    Patrick3, so how is that picture of the Montage 19" wheels coming?
  • I really believe that over the average, you get what you pay for. It is called price based costing. I just came from our local auto show, and spent time (sitting still) in the new Lexus GS and Infiniti M along with the German cars. While I cannot judge driving dynamics, the materials, workmanship and paint quality on the RL are of much higher quality than the others in my opinion. The MB E320 was the worst, the BMW better than most of the write ups, and the Audi mid pack. It is all about tradeoffs, and there is no bargain in this class, but the RL is the quality leader.
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    Hey Dude chill out...


    Opening the windows does not do the same thing as ventilated seats. (neither does regular A/C)


    Besides, the intent of my suggestions were things that I would like to see added to the RL as a 2006 (but I personally would like to see the ventilated seats now a as mid year change...but do not think it will happen).


    Do you not think that Acura will tweak the car next year? Most manufacturers usually do make at least a few changes from year to I was just stating some of the things I would like to be tweaked.


    Such as:


    1. ventilated seats (front and if possible rear)(this should be very easy to do and with minimum cost since they are already available on the cars that go to Canada)

    2. rear heated seats

    3. wheel locks as standard


    Wanting these things does not mean that anything is wrong with the car. I am glad you like it.


    Anything can be made better.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    " I just came from our local auto show, and spent time (sitting still) in the new Lexus GS and Infiniti M along with the German cars. While I cannot judge driving dynamics, the materials, workmanship and paint quality on the RL are of much higher quality than the others in my opinion."


    Nice Post...Incidently, I have never spent so much time "Sitting Still" in any car before. My wife is beginning to miss me lately. :-)
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