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Acura RL



  • liyliy Posts: 47
    Having test driven the Infiniti M-35x this afternoon - in the rain - I must say that I am mightily impressed with the manner in which this car drives! Where the Acura RL seems to lack low end torque, the Infiniti has it in spades. Where the Audi A6 feels a little rough over bumps and somewhat harsh over less than perfect roadway, the Infiniti handles both with aplomb. (One aspect of the Infiniti that I did not like was the lack of a sixth gear - I think the Infiniti could really benefit from a better transmission).


    One of my lasting impressions of the Acura RL was the demo DVD audio disk playing as I drove. The Infiniti seems to match this audio system, and goes one better in that you can play regular dvds with the car at rest, using the glove box mounted dvd nav player (this with the appropriate optional packages). Of course the Audi, doesn't do MP-3's, and, I think, gives up some sound quality to the Infiniti and the Acura.


    Each of these vehicles has a variety of neat features, but I think that the Infiniti wins. The one I drove came equiped with "intelligent" key, lane change warning, laser guided cruise control, ventilated seats, and backup camera with a color display - as well as Nav, voice recognition, adaptive xenon headlights and intelligent controls on the dash and steering wheel.


    From the exterior, I still prefer the Audi A6. A new destinctive design - love or hate the new grill (I really like it!) - it differentiates itself from the Japanese competetion. I find both the Infiniti and the Acura way too bland; the Infiniti M-35 resembling closely the G-35; and the Acura appearing to me to have a generic look, reminiscent of its Honda cousins (and the rear ends of both resembling the newly introduced Lexus GS-300 AWD).


    From the interior feel of the vehicles, I also prefer the Audi. The Infiniti's rosewood, has a thin, metallic feel to it (similar to the wood in the new Mercedes 4-dr coupe). I don't know what process produces this type of veneer, but I prefer the woods in the Audi and Acura to those in the Infiniti. Nor am I a fan of the embroidered Infiniti name and logo on both front seats. While I prefer the interior of the Acura to the Infiniti, I am still having difficulty with the center console - so closely resembling my daughter's Aiwa mini stereo receiver. Fit and finish in the Audi A6 is outstanding - and the available premium leather - e.g., in amaretto - makes for quite a rich looking interior.


    My ultimate conclusion is that while I think the Infiniti is the best overall drive of the three, I prefer the look and feel of the Audi. I'd rank the Acura a close third.




  • Thanks, look forward to the pict. So was it working before they did the campaign on that problem? They want to do that to mine, and since I suscribe to the "if is not broke"... philosophy, I am hesitant!
  • Did you look at the BMW 5 in your evaluation?
  • liyliy Posts: 47
    No I didn't. Right now there is no awd BMW 5.


    Nor, do I care for the interior or exterior redesign of this vehicle. (Although, I guess from the distinctiveness angle, the BMW has got to win!).


  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808

    A good subjective report. At this point having purchased an RL I personally love the car, but enjoyed reading your stuff...Gee I wonder if it would be good for me to go out there now and put a subjective microscope on the M-35X and Audi A6.


    IMHO...Naw..Acura/Honda has been very very good for me!


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    As many of you know, we are comparing the RL to other vehicles in our Luxury Performance Sedans discussion. That's really where this conversation should continue.


  • I just received a Product Update from Acura.


        There are four potential problems that need to be addressed:


    Front Door Speakers


    Driver's Door Control Unit


    Powertrain Control


    AcuraLink Control Unit


    Front door speaker gaskets may allow water to enter the passenger compartment.


    When you unlock the driver's door by touching the door handle or by pressing the UNLOCK button on the remote, ther exterior and interior lights randomly may not illuminate.


    The current programming in your vehicle's powertrain control module (PCM) may cause the engine to shudder the first time you stop the vehicle before the engine is fully warmed up.


    After you start the engine inside a structure such as a parking garage, some of the vehicle's communications systems may work eratically, especially the AcuraLink real- time traffic monitor.


    I have an appointment to address these issues next week. Anyone else receive this letter today?
  • I received the letter yesterday coincidentally at the same time that it was at the dealership for servicing of the Powertrain Control Module problem, which I experienced 4 times already (grinding & shudder). As a result of already being there, the service manager performed whatever updates were required.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Acuraphile, Thanks, Will be on the lookout for this mail. By the way...did you ever check out the Chris Botti music? (A trumpet sound, the likes of no other, you can play on those RL speakers!) JJ
  • I received the same letter yesterday but I won't be able to get into the dealer for another week or so.


    socalcardude.....let us know if you notice any differences after have the updates done.
  • gnarlygnarly Posts: 13
    There are two articles in the March 8, 2005, edition of PC Magazine that give glowing reports on the 2005 RL.


    On page 83, columnist Bill Howard calls the RL, "... the latest and perhaps finest example of the marriage of automotive, computing, and entertainment technology." His column ends with "... you won't find a better $50,000 computer on wheels."


    On page 152, Mr. Howard reviews various navigation systems, including in-dash, dash-tops, standalone, and PDA software. The Acura RL system is given the highest 5-star rating.


    The PC Magazine web site does not post in-print articles until 30 days after publication, so I cannot post pointers at this time, but the articles are worth a read if you are interested in their take on the RL's technology.
  • Thanks for the update acuraphile. My real-time traffic has not been operational with the different color lines for the last three weeks. I will be watching out for the letter. Please let us know what you find out?
  • Everything seems to be ok after the software update of the Powertrain Control Module, but I'm experiencing one new "quirk". While driving last night and this morning, the car tried to lock the doors after it had already been locked. It did it twice this morning on my 15 minute commute to work.


    Now I don't know if this is specific to the update, but it did start right after I picked up my car from the dealership. I guess we'll find out after other people get the software update.
  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    Wow, you folks must be pretty happy with the service you're receiving from Acura. These service bulletins that actually list the known problems are amazing.


    As an owner of an E320, I am envious. Mercedes is never proactive with the service on their cars. When they experience problems they always pretend that they've never seen it before even though it is a well known issue (by anybody that surfs sites such as this).



  • Does the wood steering wheel seem much thinner than the leather one?I was thinking about upgrading mine wheel and wondered if it's worth it thanks
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    "Wow, you folks must be pretty happy with the service you're receiving from Acura. These service bulletins that actually list the known problems are amazing. As an owner of an E320, I am envious. Mercedes is never proactive with the service on their cars. When they experience problems they always pretend that they've never seen it before even though it is a well known issue (by anybody that surfs sites such as this)"


    What a "GREAT TESTIMONIAL" coming from an owner of a Mercedes Luxury car. This is really special for all of us RL owners. I for one appreciate him coming forward.
  • For the most part only 16-18 miles per gallon, that's with city and highway driving combined in 1 tank of gas. $70 per week in gas to drive my RL.
  • I just got my wood wheel installed and it does not seem thinner than the leather one. It does however have wierd copper color triming inside of it. My dealer said that they are triming the new RL's with that all around the car. very wierd...
  • How was the quality of your e320? Which model year? I'm just curious, since both the RL and E320 was on the top of my list last year, until I finally decided to go with the RL.
  • I just had my wood steering wheel installed today. It was on national back order so I had to wait for it. Driving home, the wheel felt great. It looks awesome and I think it is well worth the extra money to dress up the interior. I have not had it long enough to see if the wood is heated. On my first drive with it, the wood felt colder than the leather section. It's all about the look in my opinion and it looks great. My suggestion: Go for it. Hope this helps.
  • I drive a mix of expressway and city. I am getting 16.4 mpg consistently. I only have 1200 miles on the car so I am hoping for some improvement after break-in. I have not had a long highway trip to see how much improvement I would get.
  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    I have a 2001 E320 4matic. It has had quite a few issues. Some due to the vehicle. Most due to the incompetant service department. I've appended details recently to the E320 forum so that I don't bore you folks here.


    I do find it interesting that in the luxury performance car discussion (or whatever it is) there is somebody that insists that the quality/reliability of a car is not important (or of minimal importance). They preach that from the minority view as though it is the majority. Their claim is that if that weren't true, everybody would drive toyotas. Guess what, Toyota Camry is the number one selling mid sized car. Honda Accord is number 2. There is a VERY LARGE number of people out there for whom quality and reliablity are important.


    Me, I work for a living. I splurged on car that I was in love with. I count on that car to get me to and from work every day. My Mercedes frequently lets me down. I would not buy another.



  • Wouldn't you know it, at the Cincinnati Auto Show, last nite, the Acura RL, The M35x and the GS300AWD were side by side by side.

    I got in all three.

    Previously I drove for about 1/2 an hour, the M35x.

    Impressions: Poshest: Lexus
    Sporty: Infiniti
    Cozy: Acura

    These three cars are cut from very similar cloth (they could be second cousins).

    Interior Size impressions: Biggest: Lexus
    Smallest: Acura
    Neither: Infiniti

    These cars are of similar size, the Acura, however could be called "close" compared with the other two, the Lexus was "generous" (too big for me) in size; the back seat of the Acura a bit cramped and the Infinit would be right down the middle.

    Sat nav: cool feature, the moving map was on both the front screen and the back seat screen in the the Infiniti.

    Best looking wood: Acura
    Best looking steering wheel: Lexus
    Wood needing improvement: Infiniti

    Best standard wheel/tire combo: Infiniti

    Price: about the same a little more than $50k a little less than $50k. Too close to call on that one.

    Most standard features: Acura
    Lowest base price: Infiniti (apparently)

    Nicest paint job: Lexus/Inifiniti, tied
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 92,071
    I'm going to the show either Saturday or Sunday... anything else interesting?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • The Zephyr was interesting for a couple of minutes.

    You can tell Cincinnati is not on Auto Manufacturer's "A" list -- since we don't get too many concept cars, but we did have more than a few which is more than I can say for the Ft Worth, TX show the last time I went. Must be a pecking order of cities -- and, after all Detroit is just a short 4 hour drive up I-75.

    It was a pleasant way to kill 2 hours. The new VW Jetta was interesting and the 05 Phaeton, don't yell at me, still looks like a huge bargain compared to the Audi A8L and the Big Bimmer and Mercedes -- but, yea, I know, it's a vee dub.

    The A8L with the 20" aftermarket wheels, speaking of dubs, was really nice.

    The Acura RL did have a decent crowd, but the Lexus and the M35x seemed to "steal that side of teh convention center show."

    If I were Saab, I would be furious -- they seemed to have a really lame location and display. And, finally, either I missed the 300C SRT-8 from Chyco or there was none in attendance "what were they thinking?" if that is so.

    I'd give it a 78, it had a nice beat, easy to dance to, kinda dumb lyics and the B side was only fair. I had free tickets to get in, the Miller beer was cold (but $5.20 a bottle) -- my wife and I had fun. Not worth a second visit, not enough real estate to be covered to give it two trips.

    Having said this, if you are near Cincinnati and haven't been to a show in at least 6 months, I would certainly go -- it IS a decent product education and the people that are hangining around the various displays do seem to be the ones who have the most passion for their products. It was refreshing in that aspect.

    The Lexus guy knew the horsepower but not the torque -- he said my wife was the first woman EVER to ask that question. MCP methinks!?!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 92,071
    Well.. I might be able to make it down there.. considering I live about 3 miles away ;-)

    Acura has always had a pitiful display.. In '03, they didn't even have a TSX, which was going to be in showrooms just five weeks later.. They actually had a used CL on display that year..

    Was Saab still next door to Acura, on the south side, next to the concession area? That is a bad spot.. no room.. I think their display is whatever the guys at Just Saab want it to be..

    I usually find that 2 hours is enough for the Cincinnati show... I can live without a beer for that long.. especially at those prices...

    I think having the Chicago show the same week, keeps us from having any extras... I was amazed that last year, they had the Ford GT, but no new Mustang or Corvette..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,978
    "Miller beer was cold (but $5.20 a bottle) "

    Did you check th elease price on that beer?
    - Ray
    Who can (clearly) resist anything except temptation . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • jdhjdh Posts: 19
    I am picking up my new rl tomorrow and now have to make a decision on a new phone service and new phone. Am looking at the motorola mpx220 with service by cingular. Does anyone have this phone and service and are they compatable with the rl car.

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Too bad you missed the Milwaukee Auto Show...Home of Miller Brewery...MGB was FREE! ;-)
    (PS Pat the Host...Thank you for the e-mail, I appreciate it. You are right!)
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Jack, (Congratulations on the new RL) Consider the Motorola V551 It was recommended to me by a trustworthy nephew who works for Motorola. Cingular has a rebate which should net it down to $100. Stay away from Motorola super thin, super expensive Moto Razr V3. I understand it may be too thin...possible wire problems!
    There is a review on the MPX220 on url:
    Be sure to read all of it.
    Best of luck.
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