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Acura RL



  • dibdib Posts: 9
    When you say the RL shows the phone #, does that mean (with caller ID enabled) it shows the incoming phone number or does it just show the number that you have dialed?

  • pvspvs Posts: 9
    it shows both
  • aclcaclc Posts: 20
    My wife had the Toyota nav system in her Land Cruiser and presently has it in her Toyota Sienna. The 2005 RL nav system is far superior to Toyota's. Toyota needs to work on there voice recognition...Her 2003 Land Cruiser had poor voice recognition. I impress my wife all the time with the RL's voice recognition for climate control, audio system control along with nav controls.
  • acuraphileacuraphile Posts: 131

    Sorry if i misled you into thinking that I had bought the V710 - I've just been waiting patiently for some assurance that it has no bugs.

    I read the recent posts, which were encouraging. However, I called Acura today and they said that the V710 still can't pass their engineers' tests, and that calls were being dropped, among other things. It's possible that they're just stuck in that groove and haven't kept tabs on the situation. I would love to buy the 710 and have been assured by the Verizon store in Manhasset, Long Island that every 710 in stock has the patch. But, is Acura's criticism justified? Are there any recent 710 buyers here that have had difficulty? I've read nothing but plaudits recently.

    My leg brace was given 45 degrees of flexion today, with the promise of 90 degrees on June 3rd, my next surgeon's visit. I haven't driven my RL in five weeks! I look out the window and lick my chops! -;)

    Warm Regards,

  • pvspvs Posts: 9

    Have Acura tell you the version of the V710 software they are using. I bet it isn't latest

    My phone does not drop calls and everything works as advertised. By the way, why don't you try it and return if you don't like it
  • ram4ram4 Posts: 2
    i have narrowed down my choice to these two cars. like the nav in rl but the rear camera in the lexus. the acura lease is about 725 - 750 for 4 years and the lexus is around 800. any thoughts have others compared the the acura as much fun. the lexus name and reliability and the service may be a plus. any suggestions welcome
  • rajabhatrajabhat Posts: 15
    As regards RL vs. GS: how often do you put your car in reverse and would actually ***need*** the rear camera? Very rarely. I love my 2005 RL but admit the ride is a little tight, just a little choppy...I'm used to it now, have found I get precise handling as a payback. I've heard the GS does not ride too cushy either. Main thing is that XM Satellite radio is totally integrated into the RL (you can give a voice command XM channel one thirty three for instance) whereas GS makes it an add-on and I wonder whether the radio info shows on the big nav screen like in the RL. List price for an AWD GS with Satellite is probably a few thousand more than the RL.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    George, Good to hear from you. I was away for 3 days, a serious scare, which turned out to be undiagnosed though I had a huge barage of tests at our regional medical college hospital which is nearby. The symptons pointed toward a stroke but every test proved negative and normal so I am back to resuming my lifestyle which is basically pretty bland (No smoking, drinking, or chasing women :D ) and also back to driving the RL which shouldn't do any damage except spoil me with all those creature comforts. I can understand how you would be chomping at the bit by now to crawl into that plush leather #1 seat mode, turn on the XM radio to "Franks Place" and cruise around town with no particular place to go. Take care. JJ
  • acuraphileacuraphile Posts: 131

    (No smoking, drinking, or chasing women )

    Glad that your tests proved negative. However, chasing women is considered aerobic and should be encouraged, according to JAMA -;)

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    I understand George, but if I thought about it seriously, it would be far more dangerous to my health and way too risky according to K.A.R.E.N. (38 year veteran of Domestic Watchdogging! :cry:)
    To Your Good Health,
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    jj, glad to hear you're OK. Take it easy, my friend.
  • shell7shell7 Posts: 7
    I have been reading the forums here and would appreciate your assistance. I am about to buy a 2005 Acura but am torn between two models: the MDX or the RL. I got scared a bit after seeing all the problems the RL was having (electronics, battery, locks, brakes etc.) but have also heard a few negatives about the MDX as well. I am getting out of an 02 TL because had to replace the transmission 2X now and i do not want to get out of one headache just to get into another. Any helpful suggestions out there? I could really use as much input as possible! Thanks guys!
  • dennis721dennis721 Posts: 62

    I owned a 2001 MDX the first year they were out and I just bought a 2005 RL about 2 months ago. I love both vehicles, but man the are as different as night and day. SUV AND A LUXURY CAR? The 2001 was in the transmission recal for adding a second gear oil line. Had minimal problems with it, just a one problem really, a stuck air flow control valve. replaced under warranty.

    I havent had one problerm with my 2005 RL!!! You have to remember a new model change always has a few bugs and on here you are hearing mostly from people who have had a problem. Most of the other proud owners are out enjoying their trouble free RL's

    I am would not be scared to buy either again, but I would have to decide if I wanted a CAR or SUV.

  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    We have an 04 MDX and an 05 RL and both have been without problems. My RL was in the first delivery last October and other than an initial XM radio box issue, which I don't consider to be an Acura problem, there has been nothing to complain about. This actually surprises me as I knew I was taking a chance being among the first to get a completely new car and expected that it would have some issues. So far, so good though and keeping my fingers crossed. Our family collectively has had many Acuras and have always been lucky regarding reliability. Have had many other cars too, mostly European, but keeping coming back to Acura when they come out with something as significant as the RL.

    As mentioned, the MDX is a completely different vehicle and is among the best values of any SUV out there. I would not hesitate getting either again and would not be concerned about reliability as a general rule, although every vehicle line will have exceptions, but rather focus your selection on the kind of vehicle that suits you the best right now. If its a sports/touring sedan in the luxury area then the RL should be looked at closely. If it is a SUV then I would think that the MDX would be a finalist in a SUV in this price range. The safety features and the third row seating, as well as the value, gave the MDX the edge over similar vehicles for us.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Bodble2, Thanks...I appreciate it.
  • washdcguywashdcguy Posts: 17
    I cannot comment on the MDX, other than to say a friend has one and enjoys it a great deal. But my RL, purchased in October last year and enjoyed ever since, is spectacular. Never a problem; I've not had a single thing go wrong with it. And it is a grand drive.

    I'd simply advise that you choose the one that suits your needs best.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Sorry to hear about what you went through, but I'm very glad you're okay!
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Pat, Thanks a bunch...It's great to be back in the RL forum.
  • shell7shell7 Posts: 7
    I thank all of you for your responses. Both vehicles will suit my needs right now and they both drive beautifully. I am very concerned however about getting into a new vehicle that may cause me more problems than the current one i am in. I am getting out of my '02 TL because of the trainy being replaced a few times already. i just don't want to kick myself later on down the road because i got a new car that has more problems than the one i traded out of! The forums on the MDX have been nothing but negative with '05 MDX owners telling me to stay far, far away. So i am looking for as much guidance as possible. I work for a dealer and know the rule about buying into a vehicle in its first year...yet the MDX has just as many complaints as the RL does and the MDX has been out 4 years now!. Needless to say, it is hard for me to decide.

    I thank you again for your advice.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    I too have not had anything go wrong with the RL. It has really continued to be a pleasure to own and drive. An amazing car!
  • shell7shell7 Posts: 7
    How is the gas mileage been for you? I have an appt. to test drive the RL and MDX tomorrow to help finalize my decision. Also, how do you find the steering to be? I drove the new TL and felt the steering was much tighter than on my 02 TL. Much more so that it was almost unpleasant to maneuver! I wonder if the RL will be the same way? I love the way my TL drives now; that is one positive thing i can say about it!

    How do you find your car drives in regards to other Acura's you've owned in the past?
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    The gas mileage has been 17-18 around the city and about 24 over the open road. I had 76,000 miles on my 2000 TL and loved the way it handled and rode. But the new RL really puts the TL to shame, particularly on any corner or curve you want to manouver. Give it hell on corners and curves if the salesman will let you take it out alone, and you will be amazed! The sound system is sure to play the demo dvd sound disc...crank it to about 23 test level...but not much higher or you may take out a bank of bose speakers. There are 10 speakers surrounding you! Tinker with the paddles on the steering wheel with the shift lever in the manual takes a little getting used to, but when adept you can coordinate this with the SH AWD and do some amazing things on the road!
  • I own an 03 MDX, my neighbor bought the '05 MDX because they liked ours so much a few months ago. I also received one of the first '05 RL's in October. No problems to date on any of the vehicles. I also had a 2002 TL before my RL and I did have the recall problem fixed, but it didn't need a whole new tranny. With anything you're going to have some problems, but with the Acura's I've owned and from speaking to many people I know there a few if any issues. I understand that you may have had issues with your TL, but I would definitley believe you're in the great minority.....either way you choose you will enjoy the ride...good luck!
  • rajabhatrajabhat Posts: 15
    My 2005 RL is a great car, truly. Some (2) initial problems were completely resolved. If someone can wait for a 2006 Acura RDX SUV, it sounds fascinating.
  • cedar33cedar33 Posts: 3
    If the red SRS light stays on all the time it may be due to an extraneous occurrence and your SRS system may not actually have a problem. If you’re fairly handy, you can reset it without dropping a C-note on your dealer. The method is detailed below. If the light comes back on and stays on after you successfully complete the reset, you have a problem in the SRS system; if it resumes normal operation, it was a one-time occurrence that triggered the code and you are good-to-go!

    I have a ’00 RL that I bought new. I’ve never had a problem with the red SRS light staying on until last week. I believe the thing that triggered the code was: At the exact same moment I began to crank the engine, I hit the garage door opener button on the visor. The SRS light did not go out and remained on until I recently reset it. I normally hit the door opener and then start the car. I’ve since read that similar electrical (radio wave)transmissions can set the code and cause the light to stay on. This procedure should work on all RL’s, except the '05. The company didn’t make many changes over the years.

    Use a small mirror to look at the backside of the knee bolster (bottom edge of the lower dash) on the driver’s side (about half-way between the steering column and the hood release) to locate a small yellow plug that appears to be plugged into the back of the bolster. The wires leading to it are wrapped in a yellow covering. The plug is not actually plugged into anything; it’s there solely for this reset procedure. Carefully unhook it from the mounting by squeezing or pushing in on the opaque white tab on the bottom until the yellow plug pops up and free of the mount.

    The plug has a small yellow cover on it that is removed by squeezing the tab. You’ll see two small contacts at the end of the plug. Bend a small piece of light gauge wire into a U-shape to use for connecting or jumping the two contacts. Here is the actual procedure:
    1) car off at least 10 minutes,
    2) insert wire jumper into yellow plug,
    3) turn the key to “on” position – dash lights should come on (do not start the engine),
    4) the SRS light will light for about 5 seconds then go out,
    5) within 5 seconds of the light going out, pull the jumper out of the plug,
    6) the light will come back on,
    7) within 5 seconds of the light coming on, put the jumper into the plug,
    8) the light will go out,
    9) within 5 seconds remove the jumper wire,
    10) the light will blink twice if the reset is successful.

    This may sound difficult but really isn’t. The hardest part is getting the plug out of the mounting to begin the reset! If you mess up or it doesn’t appear to work, just turn the key off and start over. It may take several attempts to get the timing right, but it does work.
  • tonyinoctonyinoc Posts: 23
    First week impressions:
    1200 miles (I drive about 50,000 per year);
    No problems;
    No rattles, squeaks, funny noises;
    Love XM traffic on NAV, works flawlessly (L.A. area), has gotten me around sigalerts already;
    Working on upgrading Treo 600 to Treo 650 (with Bluetooth) - need to get ok because it's a company phone.
    My only complaint is sun reflecting off dash wood at times, like off of a mirror.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Wish we could have the kind of sun you get in LA...wood grain glare not much of a problem in Wisconsin...:-) At the rate you put on mileage you should pass me by in about 5 weeks. (We took delivery at Thanksgiving time) My son is high on the Treo and plans to get one for his business...not much of a need for his retired pop...I use the Motorola V551 and it more than takes care of our needs... it paired easily to the RL but even more than that use I find myself sending pixs by e-mail with it like the teeny boppers do....what next. The Treo is an excellant electronic multipurpose machine. Good luck on your upgrade.
    Just received my first RL service...the oil change, tire rotation and the 4 updates. Ready to drive up to Door County early in the morning which is the peninsula that has Green Bay at it's base juts out into lake Michigan for 60 miles and is about as beautiful of country as you can find in America. My sweetie and I are going to enjoy ourselves for the weekend. Will spend Sunday afternoon in the Packer Hall of Fame, on our way back home. Good luck with your new RL. It is a fine, fine pleasure ride with punch!
  • shell7shell7 Posts: 7
    Hi there. Just test drove the MDX and RL yesterday. They both drive beautifully. Here is a question that the salesperson could not answer however. On the RL, when you hit the audio button and begin to change stations, there is a voice that tells you what station you have just switched to. The voice does the same for when you go to messages and other options in the menu screen. My question is can you turn that voice off so that you do not have to listen to it repeat every station you click on? The salesperson told me he wasn't sure but he thought you might be able to turn the volume on that down. Secondly, if there is a way to turn the 'voice' off, will that turn off your voice recognition option as well?

    Thank you in advance.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "My sweetie and I are going to enjoy ourselves for the weekend."

    Oh, I envy you, my friend. Not only do you have a nice car, but you have such an understanding wife who would let you go off on romantic weekends! :P ;) :blush:
  • tonyinoctonyinoc Posts: 23
    I agree, that's pretty country up there. Sun's ok, but triple digits here today and tomorrow.
    One of the guys in the office has the new A6 4.2, so I get to compare with the RL directly. It's been back to the dealer twice (dead battery, replaced; water in rear lens, replaced lens). Great acceleration in the straights, but the RL keeps up on the curves, no problem. Not that we're racing or anything. Audi is jealous of my voice recognition (available but not equipped) and XM live traffic.
    Have a great weekend.
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