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Acura RL



  • stevenr27

    I test drove an Audi A6 before I bought the RL. I agree with you on the exterior styling. I don't find the front end of the RL to be that attractive, and I really liked the new A6 front end. The Audi also had more seating in the back seats, and a huge trunk.

    I just turned in an A6 on a lease and had one small problem after another for 3 years. I would never own an Audi. I would drive it till the 50K miles is up and then trade it in.

    I bought the RL for the following reasons:
    1. Much superior dash-ability to get to the radio, AC directly from buttons on the dash, not just through the controller.
    2. Audi 6 disk changer was in the glove compartment.
    3. RL Nav system far superior. Voice recognition on Audi only turns it on if I remember correctly. The Nav system on the RL is unbelievable. I've used it three times in the past two days. It's easy to enter a location vocally while on the road. My wife is techno phobic and she asked to "find nearest grocery store" the other day while on a road trip with my daughter. It worked great for her. Incidentally, my wife never like the Audi but loves the RL. Everythiing on the dash is easy to understand vs Audi. I also used the NavTraffic the other day. Traffic was backed up and I choose another route.
    4. I prefer the interior on the RL
    5. Satellite radio extra on A6
    6. Drive on the A6 felt stiff to me. I know Audi's have been criticized for not having enough road feel so suspension was tightened up. I'm not an "enthusiast". I drive to work & back @ about 75mph. Rarely push the car and the fact that it doesn't do 0-60 in less than 6.8 seconds is not important to me. I wonder how many of those obsessing about the low end torque ever use it.
    7. Really liked the Lakeshore Silver color with taupe interior.

    This is the best car I have ever owned.
  • There are reported problems with the AWD lockng up. If you go to the RL, 3rd Gen forums, there is a thread on the issue. According to the thread, Acura has issued a TSB (technical service bulletin?) for dealers to check the fluid levels in the differential. A couple of RL purchasers report the transmission needed replacing in their RLs.

    On a separate topic, is any one willing to report any the terms of lease deals they have signed up for? Not much being reported in the pricing forum for the RLs.

  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    Gator is correct...for clarification I did head over to Acuraworld and you go to 2nd gen forum (not 3rd, doesn't exist at least not yet) and the title of the thread is "Saw 05RL on lift today at dealer service".

    That will take you thru some postings re: SH AWD locking...some are referring to the tranny problems on the TLs that had occurred....interesting and something to be aware of.

    Not sure why people would post complaints if they weren't valid. Also I didn't see where the TSB reference was but it's kind of late and I'm tired...
  • My lease came out to:

    MSRP $49,470
    Bank fee $595
    42 month lease
    Residual 51%, $24,179
    Money factor .00255
    18K miles
    $789/mo. Xtra miles from 15K were $25 per mo
    Out of pocket-first mo payment & fees

    I have seen .00255 quoted on other posts. I believe money factor equals 6.12% interest. I compared purchasing the car with 10K down & I owed the same amount at the end of 42 mos.

    Good hunting!
  • liyliy Posts: 47
    Based on the postings in that forum, it appears that the "lock-up" issue is ascribed (by Acura) to "low fluids in two areas of the differential." I guess this deserves some follow up.
  • larry6larry6 Posts: 26
    After reading about SH-SWD problem on this forum and the Acuraworld forum, I called the Acura Company's customer service number (800 382-2238 select option 3) yesterday to ask about the problem. I received a call back from a fellow from the technical service department who acknowledged that 'yes' there has been a problem with a FEW of the 05RLs 'rear differential' due to an occassional failure at the factory to properly fill the rear differential with sufficient fluid. Dealers were asked to rectify this problem by checking these fluid levels and further, that new vehicles are being checked now even before they arrive at the dealer. Thus, the problem does not seem to be a major glitch with the design of the differential system and I continue to look forward to the arrival of our 05RL. If others of you have different or additional information about this problem or others, please don't hesitate to inform the rest of us.

    It is easy to register with this forum and as promised, I have not received a single piece of junk e-mail attributed to this forum since joining. To the contrary, I have learned about other people's experiences regarding something I am very interested in learning about.
  • Gator,

    48 Mos at 12k/yr
    $3375 down
    (includes first month, fees and taxes @ 6%)
    $675/mo including tax
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    I was interested in the 18" wheels and Michelin sport tires until I talked to my salesman (whom has been with Acura for many years) His first indication was that the ride would be a little rougher) That was enough for me.
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    Thanks for posting this in both forums Larry, this post (and dtrose at the other forum which indicates he got the same info from his service dep't) makes me feel much better about liking the prospects of this car.

    Also thanks to all brave 2nd gen RL purchasers who are willing to work out any minor kinks a new run will experience.

    I think it was Ceric who said he's looking forward to the new M45 as he'll take V8 over AWD in sunny CA...I'm looking forward to the RL versus M35/M45 thread which I'm sure we'll see next Spring!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I understand that this is an issue of concern, but please check the Rules of the Road, specifically number 8. It's not okay to send people - either via link, or encouragement - to other automotive message boards.

    I'm sorry about this, but it is specified in the MA and we've all agreed to abide by its terms.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    I just went on a test drive of the RL and really liked the car and may buy one soon. I did notice one interesting thing though, I could not see the hood at all. I am 6'1" so height is not the problem but I think this is due to the seats being much lower than other cars (like my Lexus LS 400) and the down-sloping hood.

    While the view of the road is excellent, my concern is when parking the car, will my judgment of the front and sides of the hood cause trouble? I would appreciate any feedback from current owners of this vehicle.

    Also, if the car does not lock automatically when you walk away from it (like it does in the Audi A6 that I just took for a test drive), then what does one do to make sure that the car is locked (especially if the key-sensor never leaves your pocket as some have suggested)?
  • 9482494824 Posts: 8
    It takes several parking attempts to get a feel for distance, particularly when parallel parking, but one adapts quickly.

    With respect to locking the doors, you touch a button on the exterior door handle. It's pretty cool.
  • Just curious-- I noticed that there are six buttons numbered 1-6 on the center console. Can these buttons be used to access the radio presets? I understand that you can select presets through either the steering wheel or the knob on the center console but do the 1-6 buttons work as well?
  • sacguysacguy Posts: 27
    How did the A6 compare or not compare to the RL?
  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    The A6 (I drove the 4.2 liter V8) is a little faster accelerating to 60 mph and definitely has more umph from 60 t0 80 mph as would be expected from a V8. The A6 feels a little more solid (also weighs about 200 pounds more) but handles otherwise very similar to the RL.

    The interiors of both cars are very nice, but the Audi is a little more plush. Most of the extras on the A6 are included in the RL so that to get the same features would cost you about $7K more with the A6.

    I personally like the style of the A6 better (it looks more substantial and distinctive) but for the $7K difference and tremendous difference in reliability, I will probably buy the RL.

    Still thinking about it for a while, though.
  • >>Just curious-- I noticed that there are six buttons numbered 1-6 on the center console. Can these buttons be used to access the radio presets? I understand that you can select presets through either the steering wheel or the knob on the center console but do the 1-6 buttons work as well?

    Yes, the buttons access the presets as well.
  • >> ...then what does one do to make sure that the car is locked...

    When you touch the dimple on the door handle to lock the doors, the lights flash briefly and you hear a beep. That indicates the doors are locked. Not quite as good as if the doors locked automatically, but it works fine.
  • I just got the car yesterday, when I try to use the dimple on the door handle to lock the doors, it does not always work. Does anyone know how it works ? Does it might be sense both pressure and temperature ?
  • If you put your fingers on the inside of the handle when you are trying to use the dimple, it will not work. Pulling on the inside of the handle unlocks the door. I found when I first took delivery of my RL that I was trying to lock the car with my fingers grasping the handle.
  • I made sure I was just touching the dimple and not the inside of the handle. I tried the dimple on the passenger side and it worked. Will bring the car back to the dealer next week to see what's wrong.
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