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Acura RL



  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    guess im new to this forum ... so the big question, i found a used 05' for $38,900 with 12k miles on it, do you think i can talk the price down any further, and if so how much is reasonable? thanks.

    Lots of info here going back to the '05 RL release in Oct '04. It would worth your while to take the time and read through the material. You will find there have been some first year issues with the RL; it has not been a trouble-free release. Study the issues and see if you can live with them. I used to own an '04 FX35 as well and have owned three Acuras (2 MDX and TL-S). In my experience Infiniti service is equal to or better than Acura; neither is as good as what I read about Lexus.

    Pricing depends on where you live. In California and Texas NEW '05 RLs with 12 miles on the odometer are going for $39,900 to $40,800 or so. However when the '05s are gone then these deals are gone. In any event based on what I read on this and other boards I would not pay $38,900 for an RL with 12,000 miles on it. Good luck.
  • "You will find there have been some first year issues with the RL; it has not been a trouble-free release."

    On the other hand, I've logged 7700 miles without a hitch - not one problem.. It's unreasonable to expect every '05 RL to be trouble-free. "Reliability" is based on frequency of repair and if you examine those bar -chart comparisons, not every Lexus is trouble free - furthermore, the difference in reliability on those charts, between Lexus and Acura, is hardly noteworthy. As far as service is concerned, I would pit my dealership's service department against Lexus anytime - appointments are kept promptly, loaners are available and when I leave my dealer after a service visit, I have every reasonable expectation that I will not have to return for a do-over. Are there Acura service departments that are flawed? You bet.
    I believe them to be the exception. Acura has always been associated with reliability. The three RLs that I've owned have proven to be no exception.

  • Does anybody know if there will be a rear view back up camera in the '06 RL. I don't see anything about it described in the new technology package at the Acura web site? If it were going to be available in 06s, wouldn't it be at their web site now? Also, does anyone know when the '06s will hit the dealers. Could it be the end of the year? There are TLs at the local dealers now, but no RLs. Just a few 05 RLs!
  • thanks a lot for the feedback msu79gt82, i think i do need to do more research, and i think you are right, my mom, sis, and dad each own a lexus (ls430, sc430, ls400), and the service they would get at lexus would make me so envious (they are treated like royalty - and the customer is always right thing totally applies to lexus, i think it may be the only manufac. that prides in service so much) one of the reasons i sold the infiniti (many other reasons too)...
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    The 2006 RL will be at the dealers in a week. :D
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Did you get the steering wheel issue resolved? I have a feeling the redwood was all they had.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    i think you are right, my mom, sis, and dad each own a lexus (ls430, sc430, ls400), and the service they would get at lexus would make me so envious (they are treated like royalty - and the customer is always right thing totally applies to lexus,

    When I was researching I looked at the RL, the M35, and the GS300. The RL MSRP had a $5000 markup over Invoioce, the M35 had a $4000 markup, while the GS had an $8000 markup :surprise: So yes I do believe that Lexus treats customers like royalty; however they are BUYING that customer service :blush:

    When I said that it was my experience that Infiniti customer service equaled Acura, that was not to imply that either was bad. On the contrary I have been satisfied with my Acura dealer (bought 3 Acuras there) and my Infiniti dealer (bought 2 Infinitis) :shades:
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    went to several dealers today including my local Acura HQ and drove the RL for a second time: car has better headroom and features than the GS (by far) and has good overall performance. However, I was amazed at how much road noise penetrated the cabin (Michelin Pilot tires). I have a 97 BMW 528, with 132K on the clock and 45K on the current set of Michelin Energy tires, which was MUCH quieter over the same roads as the RL. Folks, this should not be the case in the new LPS segment. Acura should either put in more sound deadening or change out the tires. Seriously, for any Acura folks reading this board, this is a significant enough issue to keep me from buying the car. We want some snarl in the LPS segment when we are on the gas, but we want quiet cruising otherwise.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Several discussions have taken place in this forum about the OE tires and a number of owners have changed to the Michelin Ultra Performance A/S Pilots and swear by enhanced road handling and smoother ride. (Dennis721 has them on his RL) Cstiles and Hendjaz are other owners that talked about the tires in this forum.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    You can easily change out the OEM tires for the Michelin Sport A/S, which are wonderful, using the stock 17" wheels or if you prefer the 18" wheel then you can consider also the Pirelli zero nero M/S tires. Can't go wrong either way.

    BTW, there is nothing extremely wrong with the OEM tire, it is just a bit noisy and not the greatest traction but it is a low resistance tire aimed at max gas mileage. Get the RL and get a tire upgrade for quiet and handling. That's my recommendation from Scottsdale this weekend. Now back North to my RL. Can't wait, although Scottsdale in October is very nice.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    I inquired about the 18 " wheels before I bought and had a salesman that talked me out of it. Maybe he wasn't familiar with the Pirelli Zero Nero tires. My RL has 11,800 miles on it now and the updates have it running absolutely perfect! By far the best car I have ever owned.

    OK the way "GO BADGERS"...they play Illinois this weekend! :-) I know Hendjaz... you're just waiting to get back to the hoops season.
  • Yes, I just settled on the redwood steering wheel. Now that I am use to it, it blends in well.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    On the Luxury/Performance thread someone just posted CR's reliability data derived from 1 million readers this year. As I recall, RL rated "average" in reliability apparently.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    That information you relayed on reliabilty and CR is not correct I am a CR subscriber and an RL owner and driver for over a year now. Reliability at CR is rated as "good" and it gets the CR check mark for "recommended". As you may know, CR does not recommend a car if it is not reliable. After a year, my 05 RL is perfectly reliable and wonderful to drive. There is nothing in today's market that I would choose over this car.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The CR reliability figures I'm referring to have just been released for the '05 model year. As a CR subscriber you will receive this with the December '05 annual issue (the book). So, what you have as a subscriber now is the reliability figures for the RL for 2004 and earlier, not the current model. CR does recommend models that have average reliability ratings, by the way, but not those below average or poor. So the '05 will still be recommended by CR in their annual auto issue next April (though as you know, they weren't thrilled with it in their most recent test).
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    CR rates the '05 RL as average - that is good! CR uses a 5 "star" rating system and the new RL got a 3. The new GS and M got a 5. As far as recommended goes CR will recommend all high scoring cars wilh a rating of 3 or up. Thus the '05 RL had good scores and a reliability of 3 and is Recommended
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    msu: "Average" reliability for a Japanese car is surprisingly low. Cars from Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc. normally rank at the top in reliability. Significantly, the '04 Acura TL also ranked only average in reliability. Is Acura slipping? If you compare the problems board for the RL with the problems board for the new GS, you'll see a remarkable difference. In fact, the problems board for the new GS hardly exists. There aren't more than a handful of complaints/problems. For Lexus, production starting with Job 1 is virtually perfect.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    I know you own a Porsche 911 and I believe you are interested in Acura. Would you let the CR ratings determine your final decision in buying a car or would you go with your heart?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Hi, jj,

    I am interested in Acura (the TL and RL), as well as the Lexus GS300 and BMW 330i. I must tell you that CR's tests and reliability data do influence my buying decisions. Example: If it were my heart speaking, I would buy the "ultimate driving machine" (BMW 330). But the reliability of the BMWs and the cost of repairs (after 4 years) has pretty much put the kebosh on that (especially a new model). In the abstract, I would also like to buy a GM or Ford product (for patriotic reasons, if nothing more), but the poor reliability of American cars, reported over the years by CR, has turned me off. I can't be in the charity business with my car purchases, but what's happening to the U.S. auto industry is tragic for American workers and the entire midwest region. I am obviously impressed, as is everybody, with the reliability of Honda, Toyota, and Lexus, but I must admit I'm a bit mystified (and concerned) by the only "average" reliability of Acura's recent TL and RL. I am curious to see if the reliability of the '05 TL has improved, and I would bet it has. I can't imagine Acura not correcting the problems that arose on the new '04 model. On the other hand, I am not a slave to CR ratings. CR panned the GS300, and on that I think they are completely off base.
  • Would you let the CR ratings determine your final decision in buying a car or would you go with your heart?

    I have said many times that there is no such thing as a perfect car. Therefore ALL car buying decisions involve a compromise between what the buyer NEEDS, what they WANT, and what they can AFFORD. Lets face it in our affluent society most of us want and desire much more than we really need, yet we all must yield to the budget at some point. And that is where Reliability Ratings play a major part for a lot of us.

    I'm sorry but I can't afford to pay needlessly extra for an unreliable car; I do not care how many "thrills" it may provide when it is working. My heart can't take the frustration and aggravation of having my expensive car in the shop at the rates some of these so-called "fine luxury" autos apparantly need to be there :blush:
  • calhoncalhon Posts: 87
    You have a very low tolerance for reliability issues, and that's okay. Still, I suggest you make sure your decisions are based on absolute reliability; not whether the model is above or below average.

    Keep in mind that the CR average is for a each model year and reliability has been increasing steadily for decades. Cars CR rates this year as "average" are equivalent in absolute terms to the ones rated "above average" 10 years ago.

    Similarly, some cars rated "below average" this year have the same absolute reliability as others rated "above average" 10 years ago. Average reliability will soon be at the level of the current Honda Accord -- a model most people consider very reliable now and 10 years ago when it was less reliable than it is today.

    Other things equal, higher reliability is obviously better; but other things are rarely equal in the real world. So, be careful not to chase diminishing reliability returns at the expense of other priorities.
  • You have a very low tolerance for reliability issues, and that's okay.

    Interesting how folks judge people :confuse: From what I can gather some people could care less about reliability, all that matters is the heart passion. Others appear to crave reliabilty above all else; for some reason you think that is me :confuse: Others, myself included, look at what I need in a car (seats, space, featuures, etc), what I want/desire (more luxury and bells and whistles that I really need :blush: ),and what I can afford. I can get more bells and whistles for my money if I choose reliable over troublesome. For most of us I suspect, our decisions are a compromise that best meets ALL our criteria. :shades:
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Hey Bartalk, I too like the BMW 330 and did give it some consideration before buying the RL. One reason for hesitating on the BMW is....My son drives an (out of warranty) M3 and my wife or I have followed him over to his service department many times to give him a ride to work while they service his car. He is extremely fussy about that car and drives responsibly so I think it definately is a reliability issue with the car. (We are retired and don't mind giving him a ride.) Bottom line on CR as far as I am concerned about my RL....I have a great car and as much as anyone would like to hear otherwise I basically ignore those findings because they don't affect me or how I feel about this car.
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    Bartalk3, for what its worth, from my personal experience and using reliability as a key factor, I have no reservations in recommending the RL, BMW 530 or Lexus. I have recently had (have) all three makes and no complaints about reliability. My extended family and I have had and still have several Acuras (all assembled in Japan, so no TL experience) and reliability has been excellent. We have an 04 MDX assembled in Ontario (Can.) and it has been flawless. I think among the makes and models you are looking at your choice will be made on other personal factors and probably not reliability. I can't speak about the TL because I have had no experience but it is assembled in the US as you know and that can be a bit of a question mark.

    I suspect the CR survey included a pretty small number of 05 RL owners and the "good" rating may not be indicative of the broader RL owner's experience which I suspect is really more "very good". I would call it excellent but that is not within the CR jargon. Best of luck in your choice and I don't think you can go wrong given what you are considering.
  • I drove the 2005 RL several times and rejected it for several reasons The most important were:
    1. The transmission logic is slow to shift, then shifts abruptly when it does shift. This is inexcusable. The TL transmission logic works marvelously. Why is the RL so bad?
    2. It is really noisy over sharp road impacts. Tar strips which I did not even notice in other cars come through with a loud jolt on the RL. Some coarse surfaces have the same effect. It turns out that the active noise cancellation technology is NOT an adequate substitute for full sound proofing.

    Does anyone know what changes were made for 2006? I am curious as to whether either of these problems have been rectified. The Acura web site does not say what changes were made.

    In answer to an earlier question, the web site does list a backup camera as an option. It costs $500 plus installation. Unlike the camera on the M35, it does not show you an outline of where your car will go.
  • Does anyone know what changes were made for 2006? I am curious as to whether either of these problems have been rectified. The Acura web site does not say what changes were made.

    In answer to an earlier question, the web site does list a backup camera as an option. It costs $500 plus installation. Unlike the camera on the M35, it does not show you an outline of where your car will go.

    I believe that there are no changes (other than a Tech Package option) for the '06 RL. The issues you complained about are more than likely unchanged for the '06. However you may want to test drive several RLs - your concerns have not been a complaint for most on this board.

    The optional RL Backup Camera is essentially the one on my '04 MDX and does not compare to the one on the M35. I think the cost is outrageous, since virtually everyone else in this price range ($40k+) makes the camera standard with Navi (as Acura does on the MDX).
  • My new rl has a deep humming sound coming from the lower left side of the car. It is evident at speeds from 15-25 mph and is sometimes evident when stopped. Sounds like a vibration to me, however the dealer says it is the engine noise which I doubt. Is anyone else having this problem? Other than this, I love everything about the car.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    You might try posting this on the Acura RL owners: Problems &Solutions web site:!make=CATS&model=Audio&ed_makeindex=.- ef4f332
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    My friend Acuraphile whom I've known for about a year through this RL forum keeps in touch by e-mail which is great because we don't have to bother anyone in here with our other interests but we both continue to talk about the common interest and enjoyment we have in the RL. We also realize that this forum has sort of run its course for now it seems. The 2006 RL hasn't changed much so there isn't a whole lot to talk about here. But it's interesting because I have the feeling that there are still a lot of owners out there that probably check this forum out to see if anything is new. It would be great to hear from all of you in regard to how things are going with the car, etc. As for me, I could not be happier with the 2005 RL and consider it to be a remarkable car for my wife and I. Mechanically and electronically the car has not given us any trouble. The updates have all been performed and it even seems to run smoother than when new. (The PCM software update tweeked the gear changes just enough, I guess.) Other incidents were nothing out of the ordinary for any car owner. I had to have one of the OE tires repaired due to a sharp metal object puncturing through the bottom tread but it was repaired correctly on the inside and no more leakage there. I had a gulge on the side of the rear bumper and had it repaired to perfection. The odometer is approaching 12,000 miles and it will be a year old in a couple weeks. It handles better than any car we have ever owned and gives us a great comfort level. The XM, Navi, Bluetooth, Voice Promps, Window Shades and Key Fob features were all new to us and we use and enjoy them all. The only thing we will not continue is the Onstar feature. We don't use it. Regrets....I only have one and it probably is not a big deal. In fact Acuraphile and I were just discussing it...Is there a need to consider snow tires or better tires period? I personally would have put the Michelin Ultra performance all season Pilots on at the beginning but at this point it isn't crucial and the OE tread is excellant and with the SH-AWD I actually look forward to more snow than we had last year. (Global warming??) Haven't checked the farmers almanac yet either! What's happening out there with you all? :D
  • I, too, have experienced no problems at all - December 5th will mark the car's first anniversary. We may take it out to dinner!!

    As JJ remarked, I was concerned with the OE tires, as well. I didn't have much opportunity to see how they behaved on snow last winter. With less than 8,000 miles on the tires, my "depression-baby" mentality just won't permit me to trash them and buy the Michelin Ultras. At the first hint of instability, though, I won't hesitate. I still can't accustom myself to the HID lights - I am outrunning my coverage and the dealer obstinately drags his feet when I ask them to raise the lights. I'm going to contact Acura directly abd introduce the safety issue - my safety - to lay the responsibility on them. That might spur them to call my dealer and authorize adjusting the beams.
    But otherwise, each time I get into the car is like the first time!! It has all the comforts of home. How do you all feel now that a year has elapsed? Content?

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