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Acura RL



  • I agree with you. The styling of the RL grows on you. I like the fact that it does not feel "overplush" on the inside. I don't want to own a big Lexus sedan. Wanted something with a little sportier feel, and the RL has it. Also, I don't care about getting 5 people in the car. I would have bought a 2-door coupe if they had it.

    This car has a much firmer, sportier ride than the Mercedes E320. I sold my 2000 E320 and bought the RL. I considered the exterior styling on the 2000 E320 more forward looking than the 2005 E320. The new E320 in my opinion looks like my grandma's car. I was ready for a change. The car with the same equipment as the RL would have cost $60,000. For what??? So I could have the M-B badge on the hood and pay those lovely enormous repair bills when it was out of warranty?? I buy my cars, not lease, and that is important to me.

    The RL is cheap for what you get on it.

  • urieluriel Posts: 9
    I, as many other automobile buyers, loved the looks of the Chrysler 300C. I had owned a 1999 Chrysler 300M (Car was wrecked when we were rear ended by a Van and pushed into the rear of a pickup truck.) After the settlement from the insurance company, I proceeded to buy a 2005 Chrysler 300C. What a disappointing experience that turned out to be! All dealers I contacted locally wanted $4000 to $10,000 above MSRP. The 300C may be a nice car, but it is still a Chrysler and not a premium automobile. No way was I going to pay above sticker for the "privilege" of driving the Hemi powered 300C. We then looked at other Makes and I decided on the Acura TL - that was until my wife was attracted to the 2005 Acura RL. Checked it out, purchased it - loved the Quality (fit and finish - luxury interior and other equipment). The styling didn't attract me as much as it did my wife - at first. After driving it a couple of weeks, I now consider it to be a better looking car than the 300C. It is certainly a higher quality product than the Chrysler. Without the Hemi engine I do not think that it would be such a hot seller. I certainly would not have traded my beloved 300M for the 300C. I have no regrets about owning the RL even though it was more costly than the TL. As to the comparison between the 300C and the RL - The RL is hands down the winner! Just look at the quality of the interior materials. Chrysler still has a way to go to reach near luxury status. Because of the arrogance of Chrysler Dealerships and sales people and the markups above MSRP, I don't think I'll ever buy any of their cars again. I find it hard to believe that so many people are buying the 300C at such an absurd price.
  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    I am about to switch from the old ATT to Cingulair and they are recommending the Motorola V551 which is fairly new. It is not listed as a compatible phone for the RL but that may be because it is so new.

    Any ideas of whether this phone will work well with the RL?
  • I am glad to see several posts which I think are quite insightful (taylORD, etc) as to the shortcomings of the new RL. I agree that it does not matter if it wins COTY. I also understand the view that people don't think it is overpriced vs. some of the other overpriced or flawed $50,000 cars. That is not much consolation.

    Acura really had a chance to come up with a very strong car (which actually could have compared reasonably well with a 7 series or S class which certainly have their own set of flaws/compromises). However, when you look at the acceleration, braking distances and the back seat and trunk space this does not create a distinctive edge vs. the competition. I like the front end styling but think the rear definitely mirrors the Accord which would be okay if the styling were not so awkward. More important, I agree with the posts that the car does not compare all that favorably with the TL. Put the SH-AWD on a TL and it compares fairly well and especially on the performance and interior space metrics. The post that back seat and passenger space don't matter because someone is going to just drive it themselves is flawed in my view. This is Acura's top of the line vehicle and there should not be so many compromises (I don't want a big Lexus either -- I want a first rate luxury performance auto which will seat 5 and brake, accelerate and handle better than the peers. All the electronic/tech stuff is nice but first Acura must win on these criteria.

    I can't understand why people would accept these shortcomings and rush out and pay MSRP for the car. However, my objective is not to talk down the car and discourage people from buying it (causing the price to fall). Rather, I am just disappointed because I like Acuras (drive one now) and especially like them vs. BMWs, and even Mercedes which have major reliability issues and have been consistently overpriced. I wanted to buy an RL but may have trouble convincing myself it is the right car even if prices come off of MSRP. TL with SH-AWD is definitely on my mind.
  • somnosomno Posts: 43
    I am about to switch from the old ATT to Cingulair and they are recommending the Motorola V551 which is fairly new. It is not listed as a compatible phone for the RL but that may be because it is so new.

    Any ideas of whether this phone will work well with the RL?
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    It really confuses me why some people compare the RL against the 7, S, and LS, when in almost every way--power, features, size, room, luxury, handling, and purpose--it is much more comparable to the 5, E, and GS.
  • >>The RL isnt really overpriced but it is totally indistinctive and thats going to cost it sales in the long run.

    A month ago, I would have sort of agreed with you, even though I've always liked the new RL. However, now that I've owned mine for over a month, I can say that every time I look at it, I like it a bit more. I believe it has the kind of styling, that while it won't grab you immediately like some, will wear very well.
  • gnarlygnarly Posts: 13
    The November 22nd edition of Newsweek magazine (page 52) indicates that the Acura MDX and RL are "probable" hybrid vehicle models ... in 2005. Other 2005 debuts include the Lexus RX 400h and Mercedes E320 CDI. The 2006 debut list has the BMW 5-Series and Honda Pilot. The sources they quote are J. D. Power & Associates, Ward's Auto Infobank, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and R. L. Polk & Company (but not Honda and/or Edmunds ... so how authoritative can it be?).
  • I forgot about the pricing for the other cars. Thanks for bringing that up, mmratner. However, a cheaper price should bring in more customers for a very competitive class, if the car cannot do so itself, which is what I was trying to say. Also, I'm not sure what the mark is set for luxury tax, but if the RL can just retail for a few grand below that mark, customers won't have to pay luxury tax.
  • proeproe Posts: 157
    I think there will have better choices next year and beyond. Personally speaking, I think 2007 Skyline GTR which is unbeatable against any car on the track will dominate AWD market and RL will be looked as a rock star that fades too soon.
  • There is no luxury tax. It was phased out by Congress.
  • i honestly don't think we should be comparing the RL to the GTR. No doubt the GTR will be an awesome performer when it comes out but I'm not sure if RL buyers are even looking at the GTR. They'd probably prefer the 4 doors, and luxury features/ride over the all out performance craziness of the GTR. Two different markets right there.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I don't think anybody is actually comparing the RL to the 7, S, or LS, except the Acura salesmen. The RL simply doesn't compare to those cars. It's unfair to the RL to compare it to them because it is simply outclassed in almost every possible way when it comes down to luxury.

    I'm in the market for a new car now and have been looking at the RL really, really hard. And the more I look at it, the more I come away thinking that it's just a really nice premium brand car; not a luxury car. From the exterior, there's NOTHING that stands out about it. That's my and my girlfriend's biggest worry, as shallow as that sounds. It doesn't turn heads. It simply disappears in the sea of uninspired looking cars.

    I currently drive a 300M Special (black) and keep it spotless. My girlfriend says when we're out she always sees people staring at the car or turning to look. I don't usually notice because I'm driving. One day we were out for a drive on the freeway and a guy caught up to us and lingered around for a bit then came alongside us and gave us the thumbs up. I have noticed a few times when people see me coming onto the freeway, they speed up to catch me, loiter around to get a good look then head on their way. I get compliments on a regular basis at work and often times will get people coming over at gas stations to get a good look and ask about the car. I don't foresee that happening in the RL. My girlfriend doesn't want to lose that, and I don't either, to be honest.

    But back on point, I am always looking for something in the RL to justify me giving up my Special for it but nothing ever stands out as being worth it; size and looks being the biggest detractors. I'm also looking for what make's it a luxury car. If you laid out the feature list of the RL and my car, they would probably be equally as long and the RL doesn't really have an "advantage" per se. We both have DVD based satellite nav, satellite radio, power everything, Xenon projector beam headlights, etc. And the [300M] Special has way more interior space. I believe I read it in here that the RL has 99.1 cubic feet of passenger space. Mine has 105.1. If you took the badges off mine, would that make it a "luxury" car? True luxury is about making the driver and his passengers as comfortable as possible, not gadgets.

    Performance/Safety? Well, nothing remarkable there. The nod goes to the RL for straight line speed, but I believe the nod goes to me for the fun stuff. I don't know the figures on the RL, but Motor Trend got a 64.8MPH slalom speed in mine. Car and Driver (or Motor Trend) got a .89G skidpad (Chrysler claimed a .91G; depends on the diameter of the skidpad). And Car and Driver got a 60 - 0 stopping distance of 114' (that's Porsche/Corvette territory!). Top speed is supposed to be 155MPH. We both have electronic brake force distribution, ABS, etc.

    I could go on and on for features, but I hope I've made my point. My car stickered for $33K+ in 2002 (not what I paid). Where's the $17K+ premium in the RL? The ride wasn't remarkably quieter or better. Noise levels were actually about the same, which was quite shocking considering the Audio Pilot was on in the RL. (I am now convinced that the feature only works when you're listening to the radio.)

    But, I'm not bashing on the RL at all. It's definitely not a bad place to spend some seat time. I just fear I'd get bored driving it. It's been 2 years with my car now and I still love it just as much as I did when I drove it off the lot the first time, if not moreso. It just handles like crazy.
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    Please then keep your current car. Many people here don't need a car that yells "LOOK AT ME".

    If you and your girlfriend need that to feel good, then forget about the RL. The RL is for drivers who know about value and enjoying the car for what it is, not for what people who need others to look at them.
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    What some people call edgy, others call overwrought and garish. What some people call dull, others call tasteful and subtle.

    Acura isn't really in the business of "in your face" cars, particularly in high volume cars, although some may argue that the TL qualifies there. Sure, that's a disadvantage to someone who needs that thrill. But it's not a disadvantage to someone who can appreciate a subtle but attractive design.

    Chrysler is pretty much in the business of "in your face" cars... other than minivans and trucks, it's the only market niche in which they've been able to be relatively successful. However, today's "in your face, gotta have it" cars often become yesterday's news in 2 or 3 years. And if your marketing plan relies on a series of runaway hits that have a 2 or 3 year shelf life and then fade in a big way, you'd best hope that you don't miscalculate on your next "in your face" design, because if the market doesn't take to it, you have little to fall back on.

    As for the car that started this exchange, the 300C has styling that's extremely edgy and polarizing, and it will probably age very quickly, when people looking for edgy designs tire of it and move on to the next big thing.

    Anyway, based on your comments, you clearly don't want an RL. It's not intended as a "beat you over the head" design, which seems to appeal to you. But the RL won't be burnt out and tossed aside for the next fad in a couple of years, either.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I knew somebody would take that the wrong way. We don't "need" others to look at us. I said it was enjoyable, not a need. There is a difference. Everybody feels good when somebody compliments them. It's human nature. And you can't seriously think that people buy luxury cars "just because." They buy them to be seen in them. Why do you think Johnny Longdollars would buy an S-class over a C- or E-class? To stand out, not to blend in; which is exactly what the RL does. It simply goes unnoticed in traffic (and a parking lot, for that matter).

    And I'm not alone in thinking that the RL is NOT an example of "value." It's about $5K - $8K overpriced for what you're getting. The same for it's competitors. The big difference is the perceived prestige factor of a Benz or Beemer. That alone is enough to get people to open up their checkbooks for the overpriced cars. There's no prestige factor in an Acura. They were building prestige back in the days of the Legend, but through it right in the trash with the introduction of the Vigor and, later, the RL.

    And the RL is not for "people who know about value." The Honda/Acura fans that "know about value" buy the TL versus, say, a 3-series or 5-series (or the RL, actually). The RL is for people that have to have the "top of the line." And, yes, they want to be seen in it. Unfortunately, they are going to blend in. People like you and I who are "in the know" are going to know what the RL driver has and will show interest, but the majority of people who just want to get from point A to point B will walk/drive past an RL without giving it a second glance. Their biggest question about the car being, "What trim level is SH-AWD? Is that above the EX trim? Hmph... I didn't know they changed the Accord already."

    I don't know about anybody else, but if I spend that kind of money on a car, I don't want to feel like I'm driving an also-ran. Didn't you read some of the owners' comments of how after a few weeks the car is "growing on them?" A car isn't supposed to "grow on you!" It's supposed to spark a fire in your heart or a twinkle in your eye as soon as you see it, or at least as soon as you buy it, not "grow on you." That's like a guy saying, "Yep. That's my wife. She sure is average looking, but I married her anyway!" Or a lady having a barely average looking guy after her for so long that she's gotten used to him and desides to give him a date. That's just not how it's supposed to be. You get what I mean?

    And, again, I'm not slamming the RL. I'm just very disappointed at the lack of effort Honda put forth in giving us this car.
  • "I get compliments on a regular basis at work and often times will get people coming over at gas stations to get a good look and ask about the car. I don't foresee that happening in the RL. My girlfriend doesn't want to lose that, and I don't either, to be honest."

    You can't be faulted for being indirect...or subtle. This is a car forum, but what you've described are feelings about yourselves. Let's forget your current ride, for what you're saying is that anything that calls attention to both of you, and reflects well on you, is the soup of the day. It could be your girlfriend's hair style or your necktie. It must generate a good bit of internal pressure waiting to evoke the next compliment.Imagine how relaxed you both would be in an Rl, being the observers, not the observed.
  • tayl0rd: I'm going to have to take a slight exception with you. I work in a high-rise office building in West L.A. For the last few weeks as I have been driving down the various levels of the underground parking, the attendants have actually been applauding me and giving the thumbs-up as I drive by in my '05 RL (Celestial Silver with tinted windows and spoiler). Yesterday, one guy yelled to the attendants office for the guys in there to come out and see it as I drove by. Now I didn't buy the RL to get looks (although I love the looks), I bought it for performance, interior design and the ride. My point is that this parking garage is chock full of "luxury" cars... tons of BM'ers (7's, 6's, 5's, M series), Audis, Jags, many, many MB's, Rolls, Bentleys, a Phaeton, etc., but the RL is still creating a big stir among the guys who spend their days parking these cars. And, you are right... I like the attention.

    The 300C is a pretty neat car. I did a 2 day road trip in a friend's and got to drive it a quite a bit. Loved the power, but am afraid it's night and day when you compare the interior design, fit and finish, handling etc. of the 300 and the RL. Just my $.02. Other experiences may vary. :^)
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    Good reply, I guess we both want value in a car, but I guess I don't need or look for that prestige factor or people pointing at what I drive. I for one like the look and lines of the RL and plan to get one when my lease is up next year on my 2003 TL-S.

    By the way, my wife told me that I "grow on her" after we got married and that was 32 years ago, ha. ha.

    Well, I hope you fine a car that will give you that fire in your heart like your present 300.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    bghorm, you haven't really taken an exception with me. What you've done is a BETTER job of relaying what I'm feeling. :-)) It's excellent that you're getting the looks and attention, and it does feel good. I imagine that since it's parking garage attendants that they are of the younger persuasion? Acura is THE thing for the young crowd these days. It's a different story for us over 30 types.

    I'm afraid I've misrepresented myself. My girlfriend and I aren't all about attention (At least I'M not. There's no such thing as a woman that's not all about attention, but I digress...) I didn't by my car looking for attention at all. In fact, I didn't expect to ever get ANY attention in it. I figured everyone would dismiss it as just another 300M. Pleasantly, that wasn't the case.

    We aren't the type to have to be out on the town and in the scene. We're not flashy dressers or anything of the sort. Our idea of a night out is a movie and Chinese restaurant. We're about as low key as you can get. What I was trying to say (and failed miserably) is that we've grown accustomed to receiving positive vibes about my car and want the next purchase to produce the same.

    Heck, it could just be the way I keep it immaculate. Now that I think back over the years, I've had a Geo Prizm, Toyota Corolla, two Chevy S10s, a Mustang GT, and this car. All were kept in pristine condition and all garnered positive comments. Looking at the pattern, I probably could "rock" an RL and get good comments. :-) Then again, I also had an Accord. I kept it looking just as good and nobody EVER commented on it that I can remember. Those were boring times on the road. hehe ;-)
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