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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • singbethsingbeth Posts: 3
    Price on our new LE Sienna - white/taupe with EV Pkg #2 and DRL - 24, 827. Subtract the $2000 rebate, add a $55. Doc fee, $1835 tax, $234 in License fees = 24,591 out the door. I was a little irritated that it didn't come with floor mats, but I bought them online for less. We went to Modesto Toyota, good treatment! We had online quotes for Bay area deals that were 500 under invoice, and Modesto wouldn't match that (lose money) because we didn't trade in or finance, so they had little wiggle room. We walked on Fri. night, but then decided that we liked the salesman there so much that we would go back if they would give us invoice price. Which they did, hooray! I never knew i would be so happy driving a minivan :)

    One question, has anyone moved thier second row middle seat to the forward position? We are having challenges with it hitting the tray table - even when folded.
  • hi everyone dose anyone no if fog lights can be added latter, the one they found for me did not have them. I will post my deal on my arctic frost xle pkg. #3 early next week. thanks in advance.
  • perl5perl5 Posts: 17
    A queston: are Salsa Red Pearl and Salsa Red the same? I can only find Salsa Red Pearl from toyota's website, but fitzmall has one as Salsa Red.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Was it ever?

    I thought the 8 pass model came in CE and LE. That's how it was for MY2007.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    That is a grand less than a similar model cost a year ago.
  • fishrcoolfishrcool Posts: 1
    Wow, that's the best I've heard.
    Can you tell me which dealership? Thanks much!
  • chuckee1chuckee1 Posts: 8
    I finally bought my XLE today from fitzmall,
    package 3-
    paid 28,333
    msrp 33,514
    2k below invoice, no haggle....great experience
  • perl5perl5 Posts: 17
    before TTL? and after $1500 rebate?
  • siennamisiennami Posts: 116
    As I understand it, the "Pearl" colors have a more metallic look with little "flecks" (for lack of a better word) in the paint. As one person explained to me, the Pearls show the reflection of objects even if the vehicle itself is dirty. I've also read that you can only get the pearl colors in the LE or XLE trim, but don't quote me on that, because they may have been referring to the Arctic Frost Pearl color. I've always thought the color of my CE was Silver Shadow Pearl, but according to the explanation I read, it isn't, although I can plainly see most anything reflected in the paint on my van, and it sure as heck ain't clean!
    Hope this was clear as mud! ;)
  • siennamisiennami Posts: 116
    Now I don't feel so bad that my CE didn't come with floor mats. Where did you find yours online?
  • singbethsingbeth Posts: 3 I just googled sienna floor mats. They were also available at a much better price from (I think) and I almost got them there, but with our pick, we were able to get carpet mats for the front, all weather mats for the 2nd and 3rd rows, and a heavy duty mat with 2" lip for the "trunk". All from one place. I paid tax, but they don't charge shipping! Total? 285.22 I think that's a little more than just the mats from Toyota, but here I have the good trunk mat as well. Here's hoping the tan color matches fairly closely :confuse: Even though we would have paid more for our sienna, it still seems cheap not to come with mats. Know what I mean?
  • faltukfaltuk Posts: 2
    Your total comes to $24951, not $24591. I bought Red Salasa Perl LE with EV Pkg #2 and DRL + 16" Alloy Wheel + Wheel Lock + Floor Mats for $24371 OTD in VA. The OTD includes $800 taxes, $340 Doc Proc. fee , and $685 freight.

  • chuckee1chuckee1 Posts: 8
    the price they quoted to me was exactly what I paid, it was after rebate etc. Since I will be registering the vehicle in NY, they did not collect any TTL fees or taxes, they only added $19 for temp tag.......

    once again they were a pleasure to work with
  • perl5perl5 Posts: 17
    Thanks. But I am a little bit confused. Fitzmall has one as "SALSA RED" for LE FWD. :)
    Do they look very different?
  • faltukfaltuk Posts: 2
    It' same. Do you see any color name with perl at fitzmall? Silver Shadow perl is also Silver Shadow.
  • singbethsingbeth Posts: 3
    Great deal for you. Good job checking my math. I know I often transpose numbers. You paid significantly lower taxes! Enjoy! I guess we get the good winter weather here in CA. :) Are you enjoying the drive as much as I am? It's funny, I've never owned or ridden with someone who has one, and that famed new car smell? It smells like rental car to me :D I made it to 30 and this is my first car purchase. Is that weird or what? O well, our 92 Camry still runs great and only has 119K on it. We are going to sell it to my Aunt. Hopefully in 10-12 years, when my son is 15-16, she'll be ready to get rid of it and it will make a great "old" car for them :D
  • talmasitalmasi Posts: 5
    Got the following quote from a dealer in the Bay Area. Lowest so far. Has anyone found a better deal or want to buy together to save more money?

    MSRP: $27,669.00
    Dealer Invoice: $25,321.00
    Special VIP Price: $24,701.00
    Toyota Factory Rebate: ($2,000.00)
    Price After Rebate: $22,701.00
  • cvkkcvkk Posts: 8
    Hi Talmasi,
    I am sorry I am not answering your question but just curious to know which dealer you are dealing with ? I just started researching about minivan features / prices and I have not yet approached any dealer.
  • rpram1rpram1 Posts: 18
    I have a deal for the following:
    08 XLE Ltd FWD
    Pkg #2
    Dyn Laser Cruise &HID
    Artic Pearl Color
    Daytime Running Lights
    Power Folding Rear Seat
    Crpt Floor Mats and Door Sill Prtr
    Rear Spoiler
    MSRP is $40,769
    Before Rebate Price is $35,850
    After Rebate is $34,350 (no Taxes in the number)

    What do you think??
  • talmasitalmasi Posts: 5
    Sunnyvale Toyota gave the lowest. Stevens Creek will match it. Putnam, Piercey, and Capitol are very close.
  • drpooldrpool Posts: 11

    Please check my post # 8302 and you will get the answer. That was with 1000 rebate in April but today with 2000 rebate, I got an offer for the same van for 21,850 + Tax & License.

    I just delayed my idea of buying it for sometime (2-3 weeks) but am still in the hunt. Please let me know what's the best offer you can get in the bay area.

  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    Using Costco, I was quoted $27393, less $2000 rebate for a final of $25393. This quote is for my choice of White or Silver with EV2, Audio Upgrade, DRLs and windshield De-icer. It may have tow prep as well, but I need to confirm. Per the dealer this is $620 below invoice.

    We have time to wait before we pull the trigger on this, but we are planning to buy in the next few months. I'm not enthused about buying the Audio entertainment package, but in this area to get the 8-passenger with EV2 I have to take take it. My wife and boys are excited at the idea of having the DVD player, so I guess that's alright.
  • ecnirpecnirp Posts: 20
    You should be able to get a better price if you contact a dealer directly. Not sure where you are located but with the rebate you should start at invoice and subtract $2K from that. Dealers are hurting for business right now.
  • ellietteelliette Posts: 7
    I was quoted 500.00 under invoice and then I took the rebate after that. :) Good luck.
  • 01charger01charger Posts: 1
    We are looking at getting an XLE FWD with EVP 2 and other standard options. We've gotten down to $300 over invoice (not including the rebate). I'm wondering how some of the recent posters were able to get so far below invoice? ($500 under in ecnirp's case). Where is that money coming from? Hold back on the vehicle is only around $650.

    When we went in I told them I wanted $200 over invoice (not including rebate), thinking that would be a good deal. They did seem to agree to it fairly quickly. After seeing some of the other deals posted hear I'm thinking I could do better. What do you think?
  • cartman12cartman12 Posts: 1
    Price paid: $29,950 (without the $2000 rebate and includes a keyless entry for all four doors and rear hatch)

    Our buying experince was awesome and would recommend going to the Dublin Toyota if you are searching for a car in the Northern California Bay Area (sales associate Joey)
  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    I'm intending to work something like the Donkeypunch strategy to negotiate the final price. What the Costco quote did was to give me a starting point. I now know what options configuration is available with what I need and I know the most that I will have to pay for it. I posted it here because I was surprised by how good the starting point was.

    At $620 is more than a 2% discount from invoice. If someone doesn't have the time or inclination to do the work of negotiating with multiple dealers Costco seems a good way to go.
  • rajtestrajtest Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I am interested in XLE FWD (keyless entry to all four doors) (audio upgrade)... it seems like there are 2000 rebate going on as of now.... any idea how long it is planning to stay...?

    Any good deals going on at any dealer... whom i can contact... would be greatly appreciated

  • drpooldrpool Posts: 11
    I got a 2008 Sienna LE 8 passenger with carpet floor mats and EVP Package # 1 for 21,600 + Tax & License today in the bay area. I am really enjoying the ride.
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