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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • skokesskokes Posts: 3
    i think this is a sweet deal since i am paying about that before Taxes and Fees in Midwest.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter is interested in talking with owners of a 2008 or 2009 Toyota Sienna who are also parents. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than Monday, November 3, 2008 and include your city and state of residence, the model year of your vehicle and the age of your child/ren.


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  • Dealer asking $30,499. Is this a fair price for the year/package/miles, etc.
  • josh35josh35 Posts: 2
    acgator, that sounds high. I have an 06 XLE Limited AWD with every option and 45k miles. Just had it at a Northern VA dealer for appraisal and they only offered me $19,500 trade value for it. They said they just don't want to accumulate used cars heading into the fourth quarter--not even AWD Siennas.

    Yours has a lot fewer miles and is CPO, but I still bet you could buy it for $26k. If you have $30k to spend, I'd look at an 07 or 08 with the better engine. 06 was the last year with the lower horsepower engine. Last piece of advice--think twice about the AWD. I've had to put $1000 worth of new run-flats on this van every 15k miles. My next van will be FWD with regular tires.

    Good luck.
  • Silly question but is the sales tax applied to the sales figure minus the rebate (20,000 purchase - 2000 rebate = 18,000 x 7% tax or is it 20,000 purchase x 7% tax - 2000 rebate)?
  • lawgirl,

    I just bought the same van in Massachusetts for $24250. Course, this is after a few weeks of the stock market in turmoil, retail sales down, and people running scared.

    I fought hard, but like you I don't know if I could have done better. The dealer holds most of the cards after all.

    I think we both did well :) My nuclear option was to get up and start to leave, saying that I was going to buy a liquidation 2008 EX-L from the Honda dealer. That closed the deal.

    I am happy now, but honestly I hated every minute of it. Hope you've been having fun with your van, I get mine Monday!

  • I've just got this baby last night. So excited.:) The car itself is almost 26k. OTD price is 28200.
    She has ~28.4k miles on, fully loaded except the running board. It was a lease van. Sticker price $31,990. Most of my negotiation were done solely via email, no phone contact at all. (thanks for your great advises)- My last offer was 28.5k OTD and he accepted at 28.9k. But I did not receive his last email because we were on the way to their lot already. So to make the story short, I stayed there from 7pm-9pm, and drove off their lot and paid 28200 OTD.

    We drove this baby around and around the neighbour for almost 1 hr in the middle of the night, did not want to go home. Silly huh?

    So what do you think about the deal I got
  • hause7hause7 Posts: 153
    Good Deal!

    And no not silly, we did the same thing. We put 3,000 miles on our Sienna in the last month we owned it. We bought a used 07 XLE. Love it :)
  • tester1tester1 Posts: 33
    May I ask what is the MSRP for this Sienna? And which state you bought it?
  • Had a deal with good dealer in Tampa (Stadium) on an XLE with pref pack #3, $30,200 ($28,000 for car) OTD and they were going to bring in an acceptable color. Couldn't get closer on Sienna and wife preferred over the Odyssey.

    Over the weekend saw, then bought, a certified '06 XLE Limited (no res or nav) with 14,900 miles for $23,000. Did get 7 year extended warranty (only 9 months left of original and transferable) for $1050 - no deductible. In the end we get essentially the same vehicle (06 vs 08) with a few more whistles and forever warranty for 4 grand less than we were going to pay.

    I just want to say that these posts are great and a wonderful help. Also in Tampa Bay, Stadium, Brandon, and Sun Toyota were good folks to deal with.

    Thank you to all who posted and shared their experiences.
  • Hi Tambaydriver,

    Congratulations on your new purchase. You must have felt good about it. At least we don't have to keep searching for the deal and to decide which year to buy. I think $1050 is a great deal for 7yr/100k extended warranty. The financial guy offered us ~2000 for our purchase of 2007 model. So we did not buy. So $23K is the OTD ?including the warranty?

  • Looking for sienna XLE or LE with lesser than 25000 mileage - please suugest what would be the price I should bargain at the dealer if it is 2007 or 2008 model?

    One of the small dealer guy selling 2007 Sienna LE models (used rental vehicles) for KBB private party price - Are they good to buy from him and buy the extended warranty from warrantydirect at later time?

    Since it is rental leases - should I be away from them
  • awinnerawinner Posts: 26
    Here is what I am Looking for
    2009 XLE Sienna
    Package #C
    Grey exterior/Leather interior
    3 year lease
    12k miles year
    $1,000 total drive off
    $475/month including tax
    Do you think this is doable? What is everyone getting in the So Cal area?
  • SiennaXLE,

    The cost of vehicle was $23k plus the warranty at 1015 or so, with 0 deductible. There was an offer for 870 with a $50 deductible but figured we would easily eat up the difference over 7 years. Looking to add the DVD and possibly NAV and still be way under an 08. Other than the rims, hard for me to tell the difference - plus this one has the limited options that were not on the XLE #3 package. Good deal for what it is, regardless, we are happy and it's done.

    Thanks again for all the postings on this site. There is a gentleman, good guy, featured on this site in an article on car concierge services that could not beat the deals I had worked up using the info here. And they get paid for doing what we in the forums are doing for ourselves. So good work all. :)
  • suriyasuriya Posts: 9
    I got a new 08 Sieanna XLE with the following optioins
    QN XLE Extra Value Package #4
    LF Fog Lamps & DRL
    AW 17" Alloy Wheels
    For 29500 + tag + tax

    This was the last one available at Team Toyota in Longhorn, PA. It is sliver metallic. is this a fair deal or I got hosed?

    thanks guys.
  • Suriya,
    Are you a cash purchase?? Does your price include discount for (not) taking 0% or are you getting 0% at your price??
  • suriyasuriya Posts: 9
    This is 08 sienna so they would not give 0% so it is a cash purchase.. do you think it is good deal still?
  • I'm still working up info regarding "fair pricing" > I will say that the incentives I'm seeing give either $2000 back or 0% for 60 mons on 08's, vs less cash for 09 and 0% for only 36 mon. I'm in NJ, your area may be different. That said, my quick reviews suggested(your) deal looks good. I'll know better in a week.
    If I were you, I'd ask for the price with the 0% 60 mon. I calc it to be worth over $2000 at 36 mons let alone 60 mons.
  • nycnynycny Posts: 11
    Purchased a fully loaded (DVD, HID, navigation, leather seats, etc) AWD XLE Limited from Prestige Toyota in Ramsey, NJ for $37,167 in October. MSRP was $41k+. Got 5 yrs loan at 2.9%. 0% for 36 months is also available. I wanted to lease, but money factor was too high (around 4%). couldn't beat the price. I suggest negotiating over the phone (w/Fleet or Internet Manager) to save you time. It did take several phone calls going back & forth but better than showing up in person. They told me all the fees ahead of time. I avoid dealers that tell me I have to come in to negotiate the price. If they want my business, they will negotiate price and fees upfront. With Prestige, I just had to go there and sign the paperwork, no surpises! I dealt with Toyota Universe (aka Bob Ciasulli) , Morristown Toyota, Caldwell Toyota and they always play games & add on fees/don't stand by the price quote over the phone. In my experience, Toyota Universe is the worse of the bunch. This is my 2nd Toyota that I purchased from Prestige.
  • After trying unsuccessfully to find a Slate 2008 XLE, we ended up with a 2009 XLE (slate) with EVP 4, plus 17" tires, fog lamps, tow package and carpet floor mats & door sill protector for $31,899 plus tx/lic, with 0% financing for 36 months. The price actually was less than the dealers had offered on the 2008 (that they never had) even taking into account the $2000 mfr rebate on the 2008. We used an independent car dealer (Carsmith Motors in Fremont, CA), which was a completely hassle free, pleasant experience, though it probably took longer for him to find the van and get it from the Toyota dealership than if we had simply walked into a dealership ourselves; worth the wait though.
  • I too wound up buying from Prestige Toyota in Oct 00 when we purchased our first (01 XLE) Sienna. I had done an extensive Jersey wide search via Internet/email and found them to one of the few who would (at that time) even consider nego via email, let alone, come with a good price (for the time). Looking at thier website, they still seem one of the most open dealerships to showing inventory, installed options, and even invoice price(!!). Will be on my short list to negotiate my next car, we'll see if they get the business.
  • nycnynycny Posts: 11
    Good luck! Prestige seem to be really eager to sell right now. The phone negotiatons took about 2 weeks until they offered me the last price. Carsdirect told me that the price I got was at least $200 below dealer's invoice, which is difficult to beat. I wanted to wait till December to see if the deals will get even sweeter, but my lease was already ending and needed a new car. Price was good enough so I jumped on it.
  • I'm looking at a XLE, probably with AWD and package #3. Is anyone paying less than invoice, before taking into account any manufacturer discounted fiance or rebate in Lu of for any XLE or higher trim lines??. I'm interested in the NE, primarily NJ, but would be happy to hear any one's (boasts ;) )
  • I'm in the process of shopping and have been focused on the AWD option. Live in the northeast and my current van just does not cut it in the snow and even rain! Does anyone have a view or information about how effective the AWD Sienna is in rough weather conditions vs just the FWD version. There seems to be few AWD models available and is curious since Sienna is the only van aside from the Town and Country with AWD.


  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    Steve, the bad thing about the AWD Sienna is that it comes with run flat tires. You have to have run flat tires on it because there is no room for a spare tire because of the extra bulk of the AWD system.

    The run flat tires have to be replaced very often and they cost a lot. I forget the details. If you look in the forums a bit, or google it, I'm sure you can find it pretty easy. I think it's even further back in this thread. I read it and decided totally against the AWD Sienna.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Same here. $800 for a set, and people don't even like the tires.

    I'm a fan of AWD and I still passed.
  • Hi Car_Man,
    Could you tell me what is the current TFS money factor for an excellent credit score and also the residual value for a Toyota Sienna XLE Limited in the Southeast (Atlanta), (12.000 miles per year, 36 months).

    The dealer is telling me that the money factor would be 0.00249 and that the residual cost is around 19.100.

    The configuration and sale price is:

    5356 - Sienna XLE - Limited
    Base $36,465
    Options $2,978 (XLE EVP #2, Power folding third row, and others)
    Manuf, Delv, Proc & Hndlg $795
    Subtotal $40,238
    Dealer Fees $616
    Total $40,854
    Selling Price $34,400

  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    Does Toyota in the Chicago region have 0% for 60 months or just 36 months right now? I had thought it was 60 previously, but now on the Toyota website it says 36.
  • Hi all,

    Looking for a Sienna 07 or 08 w/ just the basics.

    I saw one for 21.500 ce 07 w/ 30.000 km. Is it a good price or a bit expensive?
    Waiting 4 replies.
  • The AWD handles GREAT in the snow! It's a MUST HAVE here in Philadelphia suburbs. I have an 04 XLE AWD w/ 55K miles and bought it new. Much I like about the minivan, much I don't like (small things in the interior) . After the run-flats failed at 25K, I bought conventional tires with 2 cans of fix-a-flat and a portable air pump that all goes in the drawer under the front passenger seat. The minivan rides MUCH smoother and quieter with regular tires.

    I would like to get a new car, but I can't find anything I like better than this Sienna. The turning circle is important to me (sharp driveway turn into garage) and there is nothing on the market that can turn sharper, so I don't have to do a three-point turn into the garage. Maybe the Mazda CX-9, the Honda Pilot is too ugly.

    My advice would be to buy the AWD Sienna and take off the run-flat tires immediately, save them, and put conventional tires on the same rims. Buy a air pump and cans of fix-a-flat, and you should be OK. I've been doing it for about 2 1/2 years now. No worries.
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