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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Toyota Sienna, XLE 2009, Option #3, with floor mats

    OTD: $29, 083.50

    Vienna, VA
  • Jayshiv,

    I'm getting an XLE 2009 Option #3 for $29, 083.50 Out the Door price. (This includes the floor mats and $1000 rebate. This is in Vienna, Va. Can you send me the details of your package, and where you purchased your vehicle from?

  • I'm still deciding on whether to go with the Sienna AWD. A few responses spooked me about the Run Flat tires and that "AWD is overrated". Teat drove the Sienna and it was okay. Honda ruined the Pilot in the 2009 make over so that is out. Now considering the Highlander. Have not taken for a drive yet. Wondering if anyone did a compare and has an opinion.


  • For what its worth, I purchased a 2009 Toyota Sienna Limited with all those bells and whistles you mention, with the exception of the AWD for $34565 + TTL. I finanaced at 0% for 3 years, if I had paid cash I could have purchased for $33565. I'm afraid I don't know how much more you should expect to pay for AWD, but I thought my information might help.

    Good luck - post what you end up with!
  • I was quoted $36,400 (39,316 OTD w/o my trade-in) for a Sienna XLE AWD Limited with options FE, GV, HZ, QL, RM, TO, CF.

    0% for 36 months.

    The car has every significant option and they are giving me $1,200 over KBB value for my trade in.

    I have the invoice price minus holdbacks at $36,147 (37,282 is full invoice). Normally I'd be comfortable this is an excellent deal, but we're living in strange, desperate times so I'd like to know if anyone has topped this or thinks I can do better.

  • I was quoted $36,400 (39,316 OTD w/o my trade-in) for a Sienna XLE AWD Limited with options FE, GV, HZ, QL, RM, TO, CF.

    0% for 36 months.

    The car has every significant option and they are giving me $1,200 over KBB value for my trade in.

    I have the invoice price minus holdbacks at $36,147 (37,282 is full invoice).
  • AWD does not affect braking, but it definitely helps cornering and overall stability. Power to all 4 wheels will always help stick a turn if your back end starts to slide. AWD will also help alot in snowy conditions.
  • Hi,
    I am looking for 2009 Sienna XLE with package no. 4 (Navigation etc.).
    I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Could someone tell me what would be a fair price for such a car in my area.
    The lowest guote I got from the local dealer is $32,850 (OTD everything included, rebate, taxes, etc.)

    Is this a fair price, or I can do better.

  • Hi jtchan83,

    Can I ask what is your quoted price? How much is it below the invoice price. Since you got the rebate, did you then not getting the 0 APR financing?

  • I've been quoted $900 under invoice for a xle with option #4. There is $1000 customer cash in MD. Have not negotiated hard yet but am therefore currently looking at a little under 31k out the door. I intend to aim for closer to 30k but that might be unrealistic
  • So I did my research, and thanks to this forum for educating me... I'm no longer a novice, but an expert.

    Bought the car today, in VA.

    I dealt with a sales manager over the phone for my entire transaction, from start to finish, and came into the dealership just to sign the papers which took about 2 hours.

    I called several dealers in the area, and asked them to meet or beat the quoted price I was getting. None could even come close, and all 5 of them recommended that I jump at this deal because they would not be able to offer it to me.

    So, this is what I got:

    OTD price... includes carpets, 2 head phones, all the bells and whistles of the EVP #3, includes tags, taxes: $28, 783 (includes $1000 rebate).

    I chose to take the 0% financing for 36 months, instead of the $1000 rebate.

    I got a 7 yr/ 100 000 mile extended warranty for $1025

    I chose to take the maintenance option (which I tried my best to negotiate the price, but was only able to get him to go down to $1150 for 4 year/55000 miles)

    Total: $32, 010 (this includes warranty/maintenance taxes, fees everything).

    The tell you the warranty will cost you $1700,. but if you deal with the manager over the phone and fix the price beforehand, this saves you a lot of time. I read that someone on this forum got it for $950 for 7yr/75,000 mile, but I was more than happy to get 7yr/100 000 for $1025. Not sure if I overpaid for the maintenance, but from what I've read here, sounds like I did pretty well.

    Let me know what you think.... Buying this car through the internet and phone was the best experience I've had... and will never go into a dealership to negotiate again. Thank you all for your advice and help.
  • Sorry, I included taxes. Price should be $28755 +TT and the good old $100 dealer processing fee.

    I really want memory seats but the Limited is $3k more and all i can see that you get for that is dimming mirrors, memory and an awful fake wood steering wheel.
  • If you don't mind, would you please list the exact options you received by their letter code? Also, what was the price pre-tax, title, etc? The taxes and fees vary by state and municipality so the OTD price has less meaning.

    You also state that you passed on the $1000 rebate, but you subtracted it from your price? Can you clarify? Thanks.
  • If you go on the Toyota website, and look at EVP #3, it lists everything that it comes with...all the options. The extra they included were the floor mats, many dealers don't include it, and they included 2 sets of head phones instead of 1. I don't have all the options written down...but everything that is in the EVP #3 is in the car.

    The car price pre-tax was $ 29,715 (if I had gotten the rebate, it would have been
    $28, 715, but I added the $1000 b/c I chose to get financing). Add $1025 for the 7 year, 100000 mile warranty coverage, Add $1150 for maintenance/autocare/oil change for 4 years/55 000 miles, and add car taxes/title/tags/taxes for warranty/maintenance, you get 32, 010.

    Hope this helps. Great time to buy a car before the end of the year. They are very willing to negotiate on anything.
  • Which VA dealership did you buy from please?
  • EdgccEdgcc Posts: 1
    Sunnyvale Toyota (CA) is selling 2009 LE with Package #2 for $23388 (CF, FE, RL, QF, cash, after $1500 rebate, before title and tax). Is this a good price?

  • Thank you for the information. As far as I know, you have a good deal.
    for some reason, I cannot get any offer lower than $31874 (base price) in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. With taxes and fees minus $1500 rebate the OTD price is $32,700.
  • Pickanyone,

    Could you please tell me what is the sales tax in MD?
  • It is 6%

    The $900 under invoive deal I was offered has not ended up being that after all. They are throwing in $1000 of advertising fees, holdback, and "financial reserve"

    so the price works out at

    31035 for an XLE with #4, TO, LF & AW

    This price is without TTL. It is also the 0% price. I could take the $1000 customer cash but I think the interest savings for 0% for three years is more than $1000.

    invoice for this vehicle is 30935 so they are really selling for 100 over invoice. Probably still an OK deal but not the one they offered.

    I am confused as I thought Holdback was built into the invoice price and represented the profit that the dealer makes if they sell a car at invoice. I need to check.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    For me it was no contest: Sienna all the way.

    Sienna actually costs less.
    Tons more space.
    The Highlander's 3rd row isn't split folding.
    Sienna had power doors (favorite feature)

    I'm happy with my 2007 and would buy another if I had to do it again today.
  • You are correct, invoice price is not what the dealer paid at all. "Invoice" includes holdback and other fees that represent profit for the dealer. Ask that they print their inventory report for the particular car you are interested in. It will list the invoice price for each option and the car overall, and itemize the "add-ins" that are included in the invoice price and CAN be negotiated out.

    We just bought the exact car you are talking about for 30,800+TTL in Chicago. Premier extended warranty to 7 yrs/100,000 miles for extra $1050.
  • We are looking for this particular sienna and a dealer from where I live (Northern CA) quoted for
    $36,998.00+fees= $40,287.36 OTD (out the door) including the running boards, all weather mats, rear spoiler, installed.

    We asked him to give us a better deal than what he quoted but it seems like he won't go any less. Does anybody know if this is a good deal? Please advise.

  • I had a quote of 36,400 in Chicago for this car, but with AWD which is a $2200 option, so I'd say it isn't such a good deal.

    We went with a loaded XLE instead since it is virtually the same car but $4,000 less. The only things you don't get is the laser cruise, memory seats and auto windshield wipers.

    In our opinion, those options aren't worth $4K.
  • Hi Car Man

    Can you let me know what the latest Money Factor and Residual Value is on a Limited AWD in the New York area, assuming I qualify for Tier 1+ pricing. Thanks very much

    Would the MF and RV change much if I traded down to a LE AWD?
  • Greetings, everyone. I currently have a 6-seater crossover, whose lease runs out in March. We have to purchase a minivan. My choices: Sienna. 2nd: Honda Odyssey. 3rd: Chrysler Town & Country.

    The best price for an '09 Sienna XLE with DVD & NAV seems to be $34-35k. I don't want to get an '08 because the $4-5k I save in purchase price will be offset by a higher depreciation. (Please feel free to comment if you disagree with this theory.) So ...

    I walked into a local Chrysler dealership today. Received an excellent service. They are offering me a Touring with package 25L (leather, dual DVD screens with independent players, navigation, power-fold 3rd row, stow-n go), with MSRP of $37.1k for $27.9k + TTL. Maybe, if I was to go back and twist their arms (have a 2nd degree referral for the GM), they might go down by a bit more. Plus they are taking the lease off of my hands ($450/month) two months earlier.

    So, finally, here's my question: Get an '09 Chrysler for $28k, or get an '08 Honda or Toyota for the same price? I'd be eagerly awaiting response from some experienced buyers on this forum. Thanks.
  • I would go into your local Toyota dealer and negotiate for the price you want. Remind them that they will have your service business as well.

    I was able to buy the XLE you describe for 30,800+TTL in Chicago, so I'm sure you could get close to that.

    The deal on the T&C sounds good, but read the reviews. It isn't the same quality as the Toyota or Honda.

    Plus, Toyota still has 0% financing until January 5th.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I wouldn't move to a 3rd choice based only on price. Plus you'll probably lose that advantage in resale, anyway.
  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    If you are concerned about depreciation, stay far, far away from the Chrysler. In the best of times their value drops like a rock. In times like this, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy (Shrub and his dumbocrat friends' bailout not withstanding, it may only delay the inevitable) the T&C possibly leave you with no warranty and no resale either.

    Between Chrysler and Toyota or Honda, any model year, new for the same purchase price, the Chrysler will always be worth less from the moment you put your John Hancock on the contract.

    See how much can negotiate a '08 vs and '09 on your favorite between the Honda and the Toyota. Make a good enough deal on the '08 and it my not matter the marginal difference in resale value 3 or 5 years from now. There isn't much difference between the model years for either vehicle.
  • Floor mats / door sill protector
    Fog lamps / running lights / windshield wiper de-icer
    Towing prep

    Price offered is $26,865 before tax & title.

    I'm in Wisconsin.
  • I want to buy a XLE with #4. I am toying between buying in the next couple of days versus waiting a month or two.

    The logic in trying to buy right now is to take advantage of any end of year offers. My best current offer is 30500 + TTL.

    The logic in waiting is the likelihood that Toyota offer better incentives, given the current economy. e.g. 0% for longer that 3 years would be helpful.
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