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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What are your thoughts on the price of $36950 (excluding TLL and rebates) for a 2009 XLE Limited AWD Sienna with:

    Dynamic Laser Cruise Control
    High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps
    XLE Limited EVP #2
    Daytime Running Lights
    Towing Prep Option: 3,500-lb Towing
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
  • Hello everyone!

    I just made a deal to buy an 09 Sienna XLE with package no. 4. and other misc. item such as AW, TO, LF, etc.
    My out the door price came out to be $32,600 which inludes 7% indiana sale tax, documention fees and the $1500 rebate. I might add that the dealer did not have the car and had to transfer the car from another city which is approx. 170 miles away. I was told that my Bllizard Pearl color is a special color( cost $220).

    this website was very helpfull to me. Good luch to all of you who are in the market for the new car.

  • A few days ago, I bought a 2009 Sienna XLE Limited FWD in Blizzard Pearl color for $40.286 out the door including:

    XLE Limited EVP #2
    Dynamic Laser Cruise Control
    High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps
    Daytime Running Lights
    Towing Prep Option: 3,500-lb Towing
    All Weather Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector/First Aid Kit
    Running Boards
    Rear Spoiler
    Special color (Blizzard Pearl)
    Power Folding Third Row Seats
    Wheel Locks (Alloy)

    I didn't take the $1500 rebate because I wanted to go with the 0% financing for 36 months.

    I think the AWD costs a couple thousand more but you might want to ask them for an OUT THE DOOR price and you also ask them to throw in some parts. You might also want to go and to quote a price on-line so you can see if you get a good deal.

    I bought my car in Northern Calilfornia so the price might be different than where you are.

    Hope it helps.
  • annettedinh -- what do you mean "ask them to throw in some parts"? Thanks or your post #8741. Looks like we're both getting about the same price.
  • waldinwaldin Posts: 8
    We just brought a 2009 Sienna Limited in Desert Sand Mica. Our out the door price was 37,200( Incl. tax, title and extras). we took the 0% Apr as we were saving more in comparision to the $1500 rebate. Dealership is nasty (call themselves largest vol dealer in midwest) but i did most of my dealing over the internet. When I went to pick up the vehicle the internet manager didn't even come out and sent a nasty salesman who was trying to start from scratch( Hello!), not to mention the confusion they had about when they can install the rear spoiler. It took atleast 2 weeks,10 phone calls, 2 visits and a little bit of aggravation. I don't think i will go back to them for any future services. The options include:

    XLE Limited EVP #2 ( DVD and Nav)
    Dynamic Laser Cruise Control
    High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps
    Daytime Running Lights
    Towing Prep Option: 3,500-lb Towing
    All Weather Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    Rear Spoiler
    Power Folding Third Row Seats
    4 pair of head phones

    I did talk to two other dealers in the area but they did not have the color I was looking for. we debated between silver and desert sand mica( much lighter than it was 2 years ago), but we liked the taupe interior better than the stone color interior which comes with silver color. Blizzard pearl is another great color but we wanted medium color. There is no extra cost for that color in 2009 model as some people has mentioned in previous posts. Thank you all for your help and good luck to people who will be the proud owners soon.
  • Waldin -- Thanks for your post #8743. Would you post the dealer name or email? I was considering contacting "Wilde" in MKE. How'd you get 4 pairs of headphones?
  • waldinwaldin Posts: 8
    you got the name right. All weather mats, rear spoiler and 2 additional headphones i have to purchase seperately that was inlcuded in out the door cost. Good luck
  • Price renegotiated to 36,383 (-TTL).
  • I'd like to take advantage of the current Toyotathon incentives that expire on about Jan. 7, 2009, but hedge against the incentives getting better before Jan. 30, 2009.

    The salesperson said I could sign the paperwork before Jan. 7, 2009 at the current incentive, and if the Toyota incentives increased between Jan. 7 and Jan. 30, 2009, then I can resign at the better price (and then take possession of the vehicle).

    Will that work?
  • Hi:
    Looking for OTD prices for 2009 AWD/XLE preferrably with DVD and NAV. Sitting on a 2004 FWD/DVD (100K warranty) with 68K miles. Would like to trade in. What's a reasonably good deal? I'm thinking under $30K?
    Looking to buy in the next week or so...
    Great forum, any feedback is appreciated...
    Happy New Year
  • I need a geography lesson, but I think in Maryland is within driving distance. I've found them to have fair prices.
  • ymbuptymbupt Posts: 3
    Great forum! any feedback is appreciated...
    Happy New Year
  • ymbuptymbupt Posts: 3

    I plan to buy 2009 Toyota Sienna LE FWD 7-Passenger Minivan, with only option: LE Extra Value Package #1, Includes right-hand power sliding door, left-hand door closer, rear hatch closer, 8-way power driver's seat, Homelink universal transceiver and overhead multi-information display.

    The price before TTL is $ 23,300 which I got so far, is it good deal? if not, what the price should be for a good deal?

    Great forum! any feedback is highly appreciated...

    Happy New Year!
  • Hi,
    I picked up my new 09 XLE Sienna from the dealer on the new year's eve. Although, the car looks great the experience with the dealership was one of my worst.
    I had several offers from my local dealers. The lowest offer was $32500 OTD. I took this offer and prsented to Tom Wood Toyota in Indianapolis, IN. I went Tom Wood hoping to be treated well as a repeat customer (I bought my 05 Highlander from them). The manager look at the offer and came back telling me that he can not beat this price and the lowest he can go is $32650 (OTD). However, he said that he going to make up for the $150 by giving me two free services and an extra headset. I agreed. Ofcourse, he got my signiture for the price and did not mentioned anything on the paper regarding 2 free services and a headset.

    The day that I was picking up the car (he did not have the car and had to bring it from another dealer 170 miles away), instead of giving me the two coupons for free services, he gave me two coupons for free oil change. When I said no to the oil change, he got very nasty and acted like a jerk. Anyways, I got the car and the two free services in " I owe you form". Now looking at his I owe you form, which has my signiture I find there is a statement which says the service has to be done in 30 days of the date of purchase.
    So discusted with the experience, that I decided not to call him and talk to him.

    I will never go to Tom Wood Toyota again!

  • @Tariq:

    Do you mind if I ask what you expected for the promise of "free services"? Two free oil changes sound like "free services" to me.
  • ashtanashtan Posts: 1
    Hi Everybody, Did anyone buy a 2009 TOYOTA SIENNA XLE AWD in the Boston MA area recently. We are looking to buy one with package #3. What is the maximum price that we can pay for this.
    Thank you.
  • waldinwaldin Posts: 8
    I think thats a good deal. Any deal thats keeps your OTD cost below 38,800 with 0% apr for an AWD is a good deal. Try to include all weather mats. Also you need to know that AWD does not come with a spare wheel.
  • Do you mean $36,383 +TTL? If you are OTD at 36K then you are several thousand below actual dealer cost.

    We were looking at the same car with a quote of $36,400 but got cold feet on the AWD due to all of the bad reviews. If you can forego the AWD, consider a loaded XLE. You can get virtually all of the same features in FWD for about $6,000 less.

    The only things the XLE lacks compared to the Limited is memory seats, automatic wipers and laser cruise control. We didn't think that those were worth $4,000. We bought this car for $30,800.
  • waldinwaldin Posts: 8
    yes, I meant $36,383 +TTL. I do agree with you about the AWD reviews. My cousin has an AWD and he changed his tires after 25K miles. He was told that the quality of rubber used in runflat tires is different from the regular tires and is more prone for early wear and tear.

    In addition to the memory seats, automatic wipers and laser control as you have rightly mentioned
    some of the standard featues on Limited in comparision to XLE are:
    int day/night automatic rearview mirror
    ext day/night automatic electrochromatic mirror, fold them with push of a button.
    heated front seats
    parking distance sensors
    power sunroof
    front fog lights
    stability control ( not available on XLE)
    High intensity discharge lights
    daytime running lights
    power folding third row (only in FWD)
    17 inches alloy wheel.

    If you are getting these features as a package with XLE then you can cut a great deal.

    For people currently in the market, I think dynamic laser cruise control is a great feature mostly offered in new luxury cars. This is in addition to your regular cruise control. This feature is very helpful on the highways where the laser keeps the safe distance between you and the front car by matching the speed.

    Good luck to all the future owners.
  • I have these items you listed on my XLE:

    heated front seats
    parking distance sensors
    power sunroof
    stability control (where did you see it isn't available? Mine has it)
    daytime running lights
    17 inches alloy wheels

    You can double check on Edmunds, but with EVP#4, I believe that only the wheels were an additional option.

    IMO, the day/night mirrors aren't necessary with the tinted rear window. The HID lights were available in an additional package, I think.

    It's totally a matter of preference as to whether the missing tech features are worth the money. I have most of them on our other car, and think most are either a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] or gimmicky. But like I said, it's just my opinion.

    I still would advise potential buyers to compare and contrast the Limited with the XLE before they buy, however. In the end, the "Limited" tag on the rear is the most expensive option of all.
  • hause7hause7 Posts: 153
    Stability control is standard on all models since 2008. We had an 04 Limited AWD and now have a 07 Sienna XLE FWD with all options and the only option we miss is the laser cruise and front parking sensors but wasn't worth the extra $4-5K.

    With AWD all you have to do is take off the stock run flats and swap on regular tires, that's what we did. Carry a spare in the rear well of the van on long trips.
  • Just wanted to make sure I read this correctly because if I did then our latest offer is a bit above that. We're looking at an 2009 XLE Sienna with EVP#4 and options:
    AW 17" Aluminum Wheels
    LF Fog lamps w/Day Time Running Lights and Windshield Wiper De-icer
    CF Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    TO Tow Prep Package

    Best offer so far is $31,000 + TTL

    I guess I felt pretty good about the offer until I reviewed the dealer invoice and noticed all these additional fees. When added up they total just under $2,000. It seems to me that that is an awful big profit. I feel like there should be more give on the dealer's part.

    Destination Charge $745
    Gasoline $16
    Dealer Holdback $595
    Dealer Advertising $ 345
    Financial Reserve $297
  • Destination charge isn't profit. It's the freight charge from the port to the dealer.

    The advertising fee apparently is charged by Toyota corporate (during Toyotathons) and not kept by the dealer.

    I believe their profit margin is represented by the holdback and financial reserve only. Of course, this is gross profit and does not take into account the overhead of operating the dealership and keeping dozens or hundreds of cars in stock.

    If you can get a quote of a few hundred below invoice, I think you are doing extremely well. Any lower and they wouldn't be making anything.

    I paid 30,800 for the exact car you're referring to, but w/o the LF package, so it looks like a good deal.

    I am usually able to get another hundred or two off just by telling the sales manager directly that I will by the car right now for my final price. Their biggest fear is that you'll take their best cost and walk to use it as leverage against another dealer.
  • Hello Everyone:

    Struggling with the offers I've been receiving to date. It seems that either I'n getting a fair, not great, deal or I'm getting a very bad one depending on what the actual dealer invoice is for the Sienna I'm looking at. Any input would be very appreciated. This what I'm considering:

    2009 Toyota Sienna 2WD
    Trim XLE
    Manufacturer Code 5346
    Base Invoice $25,563
    AW 17" Aluminum Wheels $104
    LF Fog lamps w/Day Time Running Lights and Windshield Wiper De-icer $144
    CF Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector $163
    TO Tow Prep Package $176

    Equipment Packages
    QN XLE Extra Value Package #4 $3,312

    Total Options and Packages $3,899
    Total Invoice Including Options and Packages $29,462

    Destination Charge $745
    Gasoline $16
    Dealer Holdback $595
    Dealer Advertising $345
    Financial Reserve $297
    Total Fees $1,998

    Total Invoice Including Fees $31,460

    Dealer's Best Offer so far: $31,000 + TTL

    Depending on what you read all the fees seem to be everything from BS to negotiable to legit. Again, thanks for any insight you could provide.

    Southern Califorina
  • jumroojumroo Posts: 2
    Bought a 09' XLE EVP #1 at fremont,CA on 30th dec. Got All weathers mats., fog lights, carpets

    I paid in cash and got 1500 cash back

    Is it worthwhile to keep the 885 Money back warranty?

    Also, found a deal at frys for 599 + 150 install for a clariion in-dash receiver with navigation gps and hook up for camera (200 with install). Is this something that I
    should consider or are there any toyoya warranty issues with this?

  • Seems like you've done your homework, re: costing. Are you working via Internet on several cars or is this from a walk in?? I would suggest emailing as many dealers (as you are willing to drive to to purchase) requesting details of cars meeting your needs. Make sure they give all the details regarding installed options and figure an invoice based on that. For get about the "add on charges", let them figure what is a showstopper regarding thier "best offer", just get the best price you can and if its not enough under retail (based on the wisdom your getting on these boards) pass and keep looking.
    Remember its a buyer market. You got the money, they want the money. Many have the cars!! Keep the pressure on!!! :)
  • ymbuptymbupt Posts: 3
    Hi, Everyone,

    when you buy 09 Sienna, do you consider the shippind data, which indictes when the dealer received this car from Toyota.

    there are two options for the exact same car , the first one is: ~ 20 mi mileage, but dealer received it on 07/2008, second is: ~ 90 mi mileage, dealer received on 10/2008.

    which one should I choose? if the shipping data should not be considered when buying a new car? thanks a lot!
  • Koons Toyota, near Tysons. I'd be happy to give you further advice if you want - just send me a contact email address.
  • I think $31K + TTL OTD is a great deal. Any dealers reading this, i'm interested ... buying in CT/MA/RI area...
  • Final negotiated price on 2009 XLE Limited AWD EVP#2 was $36,383. 0% 36-month financing. In addition, I paid an extra 6.5% sales tax and title/license fee (no other dealer fees).

    I have the option to take additional incentives from Toyota if they become available in January 2009 (without giving up the 0% or $1500 rebate from "Toyotathon").

    2009 XLE AWD Limited EVP #2
    Dynamic Laser Cruise Control
    High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps
    Daytime Running Lights
    Towing Prep Option: 3,500-lb Towing
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector

    I had a lower quote of $36,000 from Wilde Toyota in Wisconsin, which I rejected in favor of working with a local salesperson.

    In hindsight, I might have focused harder on an XLE AWD EVP#4. . . .

    Thanks for all your help and posts/feedback. Good luck out there!
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