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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    well, i rolled the dice thinking i'd get a better incentive - oh well! Got a quote for a XLE FWD, with Option 3 (DVD), Mats, Fog/deicer, Alloy, and tow for $28,039 - what'd you guys think?
    also - does mentioning you'll give them an excellent rating on the Consumer Satisfaction Survey really work in negotiations?
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    That's probably true. I wonder how it works out for the Canadians. A lot of them buy their Siennas in the States.
  • Anyone else surprised that Toyota kept their incentives at 1,000.00? While I like the Sienna, if I can get the Oddyssey at the same price, I will go with the Odyssey (I like the way it drives, the leather, and the extra storage more).

    Have Siennas been selling that well? Or does anyone know if Toyota is to larger Volume deals to dealers?
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    i agree- i took a chance hoping the incentives would go up - but no. then i hear the news last nite that toyota had a horrible 1st 2 months of the year. i don't get it either.
    i haven't seen the honda in person - i've done side by side online - but looked like it was more expensive. i also didn't see any incentives - am i missing something??
  • CTRollCTRoll Posts: 8
    You hit the nail on the head.I am one of those fence sitters but was happy to go for a Toyota because of the lower price. Now that Honda has the better incentives I will probably go with them being the Odyssey was my original choice.

    My third option is to sit on the sidelines which may be the best option of all.

    I am not sure what Toyota is thinking with their incentives.
  • xphstosxphstos Posts: 1
    Was wondering what price is everyone paying over invoice for the car. I went to a delearship today and the best they told me they could do was 2000 over invoice. Which seemed really high, The TMV shows a price of only about 500 over invoice. Which I think is a fair price. I paid that on the last car I got, so was surprised that they wanted 2000 over invoice for a toyota. Also, I am in the Northeast CT/NY if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.
  • aan1234aan1234 Posts: 31
    I was offered invoice minus rebate ($24200) on the spot after Sienna test drive about 3 weeks ago. 2009 8-pass LE VP2 (QF) + DRL(DL) + mats(CF), MSRP $27725, invoice $25687, rebate $1500. Arizona.

    I think I could do better. There is 2009 CE in a local ad for ~$1500 under invoice and minus rebate.
  • Where did you find Honda's incentive? I couldn't find it in the Edmund's incentives section. Is it a regional thing?
  • dsmking1dsmking1 Posts: 16
    That same LE with all options you mentioned plus 16" AL is advertised at 22590 after rebate in MD.
  • Can you please tell me the dealer? It is very good deal. From Leesburg Toyota I got following deal.

    "The selling price is $24,267.00 plus taxes, tags, freight, appearance protection package, and processing fee. This is including the rebate.(without DVD) - bad deal

    For Darcars "Our Internet price today for a 2009 Sienna LE 8 passenger package 2, with a DVD entertainment system added is $25,860 plus tax/tags and $100 processing fee, after rebate. This includes freight." - Not good deal
  • You should not pay a dime over invoice, as a matter of fact, you should be paying invoice minus rebate minus part of the holdback.

    Don't go into dealer until you have negotiated thru the internet sales team.
  • dsmking1dsmking1 Posts: 16
    There is an Ad in Washingtonpost for LE 7 passenger with EVP#1, CF, RL for $22590 + freight+tax+title+processing fee of $100. Others matched except Koons (both locations) and give evp#2 and AL (16" AL). Add $150 for 8 passenger. Good luck.
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    what is the holdback on the sienna??
  • hokiedjhokiedj Posts: 2
    I'm confused. The site does not have any incentives for the 2009 Sienna for the washington area but Edmunds show that there's a $1000 cash to customer. Is there an error?

    Anyone in the DC area bought a 2009 XLE with package #4? I'm thinking I should be able to get it around $31,500 out the door without the rebates (assuming).
  • bhoward99bhoward99 Posts: 27
    Anyone care to comment on the HZ option - Laser Cruise Control and HID Headlamps ?

    Was this option worth the additional cost ?

    I do a lot of highway driving, and thought the Laser Cruise Control would come in handy.
  • aan1234aan1234 Posts: 31
    In today's newspaper a dealer gives $500 gift card for test drive and have Sienna CE 7-pass EVP1(AG) + DRL (RL) + carpet (CF) (MSRP $25910, invoice $24007, rebate $1500) for $19995 including rebate and destination. Plus TTL + doc fees ($400). ~$22473 OTD minus $500 gift card. AZ.
  • bhoward99bhoward99 Posts: 27
    According to the CR Report I just bought today the holdback for
    the FWD model is:
    Limited = $713
    XLE = $595
    LE8 = $524
    LE7 = $521
    CE8= $494
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I plan to trade in my 2006 Toyota Sienna LE for a new 2009 Honda Odyssey EX when the dealer gets an EX in the color we want. ;)

    Checking internet pricing, I learned that Toyota Sienna's have depreciated MUCH faster than the Honda Odysseys. A used 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE has a lower trade-in value than a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L.
  • txbz751txbz751 Posts: 9
    Planning on buying a new or slightly used Sienna in the next 3 months. We would like one with AWL and an XLE (leather, DVD, etc.). We live in WV. What is a reasonable price? The best I have gotten from a local dealer is 32,600 without tax, etc. Please help.
  • wenhqwenhq Posts: 14
    For LE8 2009, FWD, with EVP#2, alloy wheels, RL, CF, I got quote from Boch Toyota (Norwood) at $22,7xx, Bernadi Toyota (Framingham) at $22,9xx. these quotes were from end of last month. I think the price should be similar now, since the incentives are not changed. Please let us know what deal you will get.
  • txbz751txbz751 Posts: 9
    Is it still possible to get a new 2008 Sienna XLE? Would there be a significant price drop from the 2009 if you got one? Just trying to get my family in a good van with little money. Please help!
  • Hi, so I ended up getting LE8 2009, FWD EVP #2, AL RL CF for $22,900. I tried to get it down lower than that but no one would budge. Does everyone this this was an ok deal?

  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    That's awesome - You could have gotten it for free I guess. That would have been better.
  • jay1339jay1339 Posts: 3
    i am looking for toyaota seinna .if u are intrested then tell me price for 2006 car
  • my local dealer offers $1500 cash back until 3/31.. (Seattle area)
    anyone knows the possible incentive after that?
    I am not sure when is a good time to buy (with this economy).
    When will the 2010 cars come out this year? when that happens, will the 2009 cars get a price break or with more cashback?

  • aan1234aan1234 Posts: 31
    I went to the dealer on the weekend. I had to go anyway to decide between LE and XLE, if I need running boards and choose a color.
    I asked them if they can give me the same discount for LE. They agreed on it but (I guess they would come later and say that the manager did not approve it) after that they said that all cars have dealer add-ons (paint protection, itching, tinting and so on) for ~$2000 and wanted me to pay that. Then they wanted me to split 50/50, then... I don't like those games so I just left. They did not even have the ad car in stock before the add was ordered. The previous week the same car was for 20999 and it was not in stock. Isn't all this illegal?

    Another dealer in the area offers LE 7-pass EVP2+DRL+CF for 22988 and they have 4 for that price.
  • I think they have to get better, then again, i thought they would have had to be better this month. With the 2010s on the way, I gotta believe that Toyota is going to have to unload these 2009s sooner rather than later or risk really having to blow out the 09s later.

    That being said, I don't know that another 500.00 in incentives will help that much. I think it has to be something drastic to help in this economy. I think 1500 off with 0% financing would be drastic enough to sell a lot of units. That being said, I have no idea how much money Toyota makes off of each one of its cars.
  • Hi, I am in Twin Cities, MN.I got quotations from a few dealers for 2009 Sienna LE+package#2 and the lowest quotation is ~$24950+TTL. It seems very high to me. What kind of price do you pay in MN? ?Thanks a lot
  • bhoward99bhoward99 Posts: 27
    Anyone know when the 2010 will arrive here in the US ?

    One dealer is telling me Sept. / October this year.

    I would bet that the Toyota and Honda versions will come in around the same time ;-)
  • eddieraseddieras Posts: 49
    question- i've been shopping for a sienna xle in the chicago area - got numerous email/ phone quotes mostly within a few hundred dollars of each other. my question is with one dealer. i was given the name of a gen mgr there by a friend so i just called and told him the exact car i wanted and got the price (no work on his part) - but he's not the most competitive. i did mention to him that this is zero work for him - and he doesn't even have a salesman involved, hoping for a better price - he rounded it down to $28,000 from 28,139 (!). that includes the $1000 rebate and is for pkg 3 (dvd), mats, fog/deicer, alloy wheels and tow pkg.

    is it unrealistic to expect an even better price from him seeing the above?
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