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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • robcomrobcom Posts: 1
    I am trying to buy a 2010 XLE with EVP#3 and other options. I am very particular on ext and int colors. I have been in contact with several dealers within 50 miles of my location (philadelphia, pa) none of them seem willing to deal at invoice price. Is there anything I can do to get them to offer me invoice pricing? I started to make my offers at 2% above edmunds invoice pricing and those who claim they can get the vehicle I want still will not budge, they all seem to be in the range of 1500-2500 over invoice.

    Any advice?

    I am looking to buy within the month but will wait if it means getting the vehicle w/ options I want at a fair price. Should I start to pursue our second choice (Odyssey)?
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    2010s just hit the floor less than 1 month ago. You will not be getting much of a deal on them until most all the 2009s are cleared out.
  • gasser1gasser1 Posts: 1
    Was in the market yesterday for a Sienna limited vs Odyssey touring, same dilemma as many others have faced. Summary of Toyota experience: surprised that here in the Atlanta area practically all the 2009s are gone, and only a few 2010s have arrived. Great deals on 2009s if they have what you are looking for. Some dealers claim the 2010 will not be here til sept, wrong, drove one yesterday and saw 3 others. We started the day thinking the Sienna was a better drive, and my wife preferred its appearance. Everyone told us it would be a little more $, and we were willing to pay a premium if necessary. Well, after reading the blogs here we found out that the nav system does not allow programming for a new destination while the vehicle is moving, bummer. Also, the XMSerius radio requires a $450 upgrade. Neither of these things is true for the Touring. I love my XMSerius so that would add $450 to the deal. Thanks for the heads up from others on this pt, very relevant info that is glossed over by other official reviews and, of course, the salesfolks.

    Our potential deal on the 2009 Ody Touring:
    price 34,500 (incl the del fee)
    "doc fee" 598
    6% tax 1956
    trade in (2,500)
    walk away paying 34,554
    with a hint from Honda they would shave $200 off if asked

    Thus we entered the land of Toyota, essentially telling them to give a us a price that would convince us to buy a similarly equiped Sienna.

    We looked a 2010 FWD limited with EVP #2 (995) plus the electric folding rear seats that they add to every darn limited ($750 to fold my seat twice a year? no thanks). It also had floor mats(249) and was white (exta 220). We woud pay $450 to install the XM if necessary.

    Did the obligatory drive around in a White Sienna, during which the salesman confirmed our new information that the Nav will not reprogram to a new destination while in motion. N.b., you can select a new destination if it is one you have already entered, e.g. to home. Also discussed the XM upgrade. Then returned to discuss numbers.

    Toyota's offer:
    35,975 (includes the Manf Delv fee)
    450 for XM
    396 "doc fee" ("the lowest in the state, others charge over a $1,000", whatever)
    (3000) trade in (500 more than Honda offered)2029 6% sales tax
    2029 6% sales tax
    35,850 out the door price

    actually you need to add $22 to each of the above for tag fees.
    These nos are fairly precise but the tax may be off a little, I was told you reduce the sales price by the trade in price and that is what is taxed, not sure if the doc fee is taxable, probably not.

    Well, roughly $1,300 apart.

    So we called Honda and said we would go with the "better driving similarly equiped vehicle" for $1,300 more. He then shaved off the hinted $200 to make it a $1500 difference.

    Since my wife was really put off by the Nav system lockout, and actually preferred the Honda color (Slate Green) to any of the Toyota colors, we went with the Honda.
    Upon informing the Toyota folks and giving them the reasons why, they quickly hung up--but then called back in 5mins.
    Now the offer was "throw in the XM for free, plus 6 months of XM service, AND add $1000 to the trade in," essentially making the deals equal out the door at 34,350. I think he wanted to call it an increased trade in value so that the books would reflect higher price paid for the 2010. In my mind, they were now offering a White 2010 FWD limited with EVP and electric fold down for 34,975 (plus their $400 doc fee). Make of it what you will. I think that shows if you get a motivated seller you can get a good price on even the new 2010s.

    With regard to the trade in, my research showed that if we detailed the car, worked hard and got lucky, we might have sold it for $3,500-4,000.

    So what did we do? We told the guy at Honda that now it was a wash pricewise, and we preferred the Toyota. Didn't tell him that Geico was going to charge us about $380 more each year to insure the Sienna. He said, well, I already gave you my best price, why didn't they do that for you at the start? Which is what I was wondering myself.

    My wife and I rarely agree on anything, we both decided we would rather buy the Honda. The Nav, the XM, and the higher insurance all weighed against the Toyota in the end. And for what its worth, we liked the internet guy at Honda.

    Hope this price info helps some of you. Really think about the nav, doesn't seem to bother my father in law who has a Lexus. The Honda nav isn't all that great either but at least it doesn't lockout. Ford's Nav is Kick Butt, but really expensive.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yup, if you want a bargain, pick up a leftover 2009.

    I'm sure the dealer will soften up and offer deeper discounts on the 2010s in a month or two.

    Given the 2010 is a carry-over anyway, just shop an 09 for a bargain.
  • carbuy3carbuy3 Posts: 2
    I bought 2010 sienna xle two days back from 355 Toyota, Rockville, MD. I requested for e-price from their site inventory for a selected vehicle with the below details on it.

    YR/Model: 2010/5346A
    DESC: Sienna XLE 7 Passenger
    Miles: 57 miles

    Optional Equipment on the vehicle:
    FE(50 state emission) - 0
    AW (17 inch 7 spoke alloy wheels ) - $130
    LF (Fog lamp package: Wiper deicer, fog lamps, DRL-Day running lights) - $180
    QJ (DVD + heated seats +++, see on Toyota site for QJ) - $4750/-
    WO (Front intuitive parking) - $500/-
    WL (Wheel locks) -- $67/-
    DK (Preferred owners portfolio) - 0
    *** Note: No floor mats.

    I negotiated the price over the email. here is the email trail.
    Me: e-Price Request: I am planning to buy sienna xle-evp3. Please let me know for how much I can get?
    Agent-e-price email: My name is xxx with internet sales at 355 Toyota of Rockville. I would like to thank you for your interest in our dealership . I am here to assist you throughout the entire sales process. I can provide you with all the information, including pricing, that you will need to make the best decision.

    A 2010 XLE #3 will be $29,700 before tax and tags. This is good for a new Sienna but may not compare to the old Odyssey because of rebates and incentives at the end of their model year. If you want to see our selection of XLE's please let me know.

    Please be sure to ask for our Internet Manager xxx or myself if you call or stop by. This is to insure that you work with the internet department and receive our pricing that is not available to all customers. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you.
    Me: Thanks for your reply. I understand that the deals are on 2009 model. But there is no difference in the model from 2009 to 2010. In this down economy, I am not comfortable spending 1200/- more just because it is 2009 vs 2010 ( I got a quote for 28500/- on Ody as I mentioned in the previous mail) . I know the new Sienna model is coming this fall. By considering all, but still being a Toyota fan, I would like to have a final offer of 29000/- from my side before pulling the trigger on Ody. If you can match this price, let us schedule time today for finalizing the deal.
    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, every Toyota dealer is out of 2009 models and all we have are 2010s. Even if I could convince my manager to do a deal of $1000 below cost at $29,000, that would be before Tax and Tags. I understand where you are coming from and if there was a 2009 we would have a deal. Thanks again and let me know if there is anything else that I can do.
    Me: You got my point. I understand that Tax and Tags on me. let me know the outcome from your manger regarding the Price.
    Agent: We do not usually go under our E-Price, but we have to be competitive until Honda runs out of 2009s. One of my Sales Managers will go down to $29,200 on a 2010 XLE #3. Thank you and let me know what you decide.
    Me: Please hold to the price I will be there around 6:00 PM.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
    I walked in around 6:00 PM and asked the person I negotiated that is he going to stick for the price he quoted in the email. he agreed to that. he added $100 processing fee. But I said processing fees was included in his quote. Then he went to talk to his boss. His boss asked to share the processing as 50/50. Not to waste time on 50 bucks, I quickly said OK. During the finance negotiations, I got the quote from Toyota as 6.9 which I declined. Then they tried with bank of America. With 5000/- down, I got for 5.25 APR. Also they suggested Toyota platinum coverage warranty for 6 year 80k for 1500/-. I said I need for 7/100k. They agreed. Then I said the warranty price is too high. I can get it for 1200/- over the net. they immediately reduced it to 1250/-. So I got the 7/100K for 1250/-. here is the total cost breakup:
    As on the Sticker:
    MSRP: 29,725/-
    Optional Equipment Price:
    AW (17 inch 7 spoke alloy wheels ) - $130
    LF (Fog lamp package: Wiper deicer, fog lamps, DRL-Day running lights) - $180
    QJ (DVD + heated seats +++, see on Toyota site for QJ) - $4750/-
    WO (Front intuitive parking) - $500/-
    WL (Wheel locks) -- $67/-
    Delivery and Processing and handling fee: 800/-

    Sub-total before discount: 36,152/-
    Extra value package discount: 4,485/-

    Total: 32, 667/-

    e-price agreed for the above: 29,250/- (email 29,200 + 50 processing fee)
    7year/100k Toyota warranty: 1,250/-
    Md state sales Tax 6% : 1,830/-
    Tags: : 180/-
    On Road Total: 32,510/-
    Out from the dealer around 8:00 PM (2 hours in all).

    Thanks to the forum participants for helping and sharing their experiences. I Wish all the future Sienna owners a happy buying experience.
  • andrew007andrew007 Posts: 3
    Hi I'm new to this site. A technical question, can I mass e-mail dealers for a lowest quote or do I have to e-mail them one by one? Just started shopping for a Sienna LE with powered sliding doors

  • andrew007andrew007 Posts: 3
    OK I figured out how to do this on Edmund, but it seems like I can only e-mail to those dealers that offer "free quote". In my area (CA) there were only 3. So I went on to Toyota website (I'm looking for Sienna), and I was able to pull 49 dealers within 50 miles from my zip.

    Now how do you guys e-mail them? one by one to each dealer? that would take me more than a hour. Is here a way I can contact all of them in one e-mail?

  • dckozak1dckozak1 Posts: 18
    I mass emailed Toyota dealers in 2000 when I bought my last Sienna and received some very negative responses because of it. Not too concerned about hurting some dealers feelings, the bad was I may have received less price quotes than had I emailed separately. My suggestion would be to use the blind copy function of your email program (ie; bcc) and post all your dealer list at the same time under that heading. Good luck.
  • Just go the dealer's websites (yes one at a time- you should only need to go to a handful of dealers)

    They usually have an 'email us' or 'contact us' link.

    I bought my '07 Sienna this way- I emailed 3 dealers about specific cars that they had in stock.

    I ended up buying from the dealer with the best price especially considering the experience I had both via email and at the dealership. The price they gave me was the price (not to mention a great deal well into their holdback), and the actual buying experience was very easy and friendly-surprisingly so considering that this was our first car purchase in a decade.

    The Sienna arrived from the railhead on Friday, I bought it on Saturday- when dealing with them I knew it was in transit.

    Now I'm looking at Highlanders to replace my other car and I'll likely be back, but I'll still be shopping price first. I really dislike dealing with a lot of dealers and their tactics.

    I'm in suburban Boston and there are a number of dealers within an hour of me. On my Highlander, I'm not getting into a transfer, just dealing with stock. Theyre common enough to easliy find the color and package I want.
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    OK I figured out how to do this on Edmund, but it seems like I can only e-mail to those dealers that offer "free quote". In my area (CA) there were only 3. So I went on to Toyota website (I'm looking for Sienna), and I was able to pull 49 dealers within 50 miles from my zip.

    Now how do you guys e-mail them? one by one to each dealer? that would take me more than a hour. Is here a way I can contact all of them in one e-mail?

    If you are okay with entering the email addresses one at a time, you could put them the "bcc:" field, instead of the "to:" in your email application/progam, and the dealers won't see all the contacts.
  • tangjctangjc Posts: 7

    I am interested in buying a sienna XLE with option 3 or 2, has anybody bought it in some dealers close to Chicago? Any dealer recommended.

    I am now a Honda guy, for Honda most people go to Elmhurt Honda because they can give you the lowest price. Since I am so new to Toyota, not sure if there is such one dealer so I don't need to hassle with other dealers.

    I am OK with 2009 or 2010, whichever is cheaper.

  • andrew007andrew007 Posts: 3
    That's exactly what I was looking for here at Edmunds. Where are the e-mail addresses of the dealers? But they only show the list of physical address. And the worst part is out of 50 dealers I could only e-mail to 3 of them because only those 3 had "Free Quote" options and gave me the check box to include them in my e-mail.

    That's when I decided to go to but over there I also had to contact each dealer at a time, fill out a form for each dealer. To save time I just copy and past the body of my e-mail so that I don't have to type the same thing over and over again. But still, filling out the forms for 50 dealers is time consuming. I want to e-mail to all within 50 miles so that I could get the best quote.

    I just thought there must be an easier way to do this? I mean, what's the purpose of Edmund? Why at the end I had to go to and do all the manual work? That's why I wanted to post this question here and learn from your experience.

  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    I suggest doing it one by one. Yes it takes longer, but the response rate is better than if they think you are mass emailing. If you put them BCC they will recognize that you are doing a mass mailing as well.

    I didn't do 49 dealers but I did more than a dozen when i bought my Sienna (where are you to have the dealers that densely packed around you??) I basically cut and pasted the text to each dealer specifying what I wanted.

    After that, your next step is playing them against each other. June is a good time to buy: the end of the month is also the end of the quarter and they've already transitioned to the 2010MY. The last week of June they'll be begging you to come in a finish a deal- that is when you have the leverage.
  • glomoglomo Posts: 5
    I am looking for buying a sienna LE 7-passenger with value package #1 in so cal? What's the reasonable lowest price I can get now? Should I wait till July?

    Thank you for your input.
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    What prices are people paying for a LE7 FWD in the NYC area. Either 2009 or 2010. Thanks.
  • momof8momof8 Posts: 7
    The MSRP on this Sienna is $43,126. It is loaded with the following:

    PREFERRED PREMIUM ACCESSORY PKG -inc: cargo net, carpet floor mats & door sill protector, first aid kit (PPO)
    TOWING PREP PKG -inc: tow prep wire harness, receiver pkg
    XLE LIMITED PKG 2 -inc: JBL AM/FM stereo w/4-disc CD changer, (10) speakers, Bluetooth, DVD rear entertainment system w/9" screen, navigation system, (2) 115V auxiliary pwr outlets
    CRUISE CONTROL W/HID HEADLAMPS -inc: laser cruise control, high-intensity discharge headlamps
    XLE LIMITED BASE MODEL COMBO *Contents in STD equipment*

    I'm trading in a 2000 Chrysler town & country with 121,000 miles on it for $2000. This is in the cleveland area. The dealer initially gave me $38,600, but just today went down to $38,000 (including tax, title, etc). Do you think there is more room for negotiations? What is a good price as on the edmunds invoice, there was no place to add the extra accessories this car has (i.e. spoiler, running boards, etc)
  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    The end of June is the end of the quarter so Toyota and the dealerships are modivated to get sales completed before the end of the month. Some dealers who were falling over themselves to sell you a van in June won't return your phone calls in July.
  • lea726lea726 Posts: 1
    The best way to make it easy!
    There is no reason to contact 50 dealers. The entire point of shopping online is to make an educated decision, save time, and get a good deal. There are a lot of Toyota's around, ask people where they got theirs and if they recommend anyone (or don't), then contact a handful, not 50.
    Don't get so wrapped up in the best price. If you contact a couple dealers then you can also pay attention to quality. Take the best offer to the contact you liked best and wrap it up.
    If you make it that difficult just gathering quotes, you'll never make it through to the end (which should be fun - driving away in a new sienna!)
    Take it easy and good luck
  • gollsgolls Posts: 21
    How much have people been paying for a 2010 XLE with EVP#4? The 2009 Honda Odysseys seem to have some good deals right now, but I am more inclined towards the Sienna. One of the posters in this forum pointed out that this month being end of the quarter, we probably cannot expect better deals next month. What price do people suggest I target for the Sienna right now? Thanks!
  • glomoglomo Posts: 5
    2009 Sienna LE 7-passenger
    P CF Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    F FE 50 State Emissions
    F QE LE EVP #1: Power RH Passenger Door
    F RL Daytime Running Lights & Windshield Wiper

    MSRP $27355.00
    $24,988 PLUS Fees. ( $23,988 after the $1000 rebate )
    All Government and State fees, DMV fees. $55 documentation fee.

    This is in southern California.

    Is this a good price or can I do better?
  • dsmguydsmguy Posts: 23
    Anyone really know what the true invoice price on the 2010 sienna is? Dealers are willing to show me the “invoice” and have offered $50 over invoice as their sale price…but come on, they’re really not just making $50??? I know that there’s a manufacturer’s rebate, 2% of the MSRP and a fleet incentive from Toyota Motor Sales of $1000. Assuming that the MSRP is $30K, can I assume that the profit margin is $1600 above the quoted invoice price? Any thoughts as to what a fair profit for a dealer would be?
  • hi - i have read previous postings but need some advice, pronto. I am interested in a 2009 demo XLE-Ltd without nav but with entertainment. It has 5100 miles.

    Here is the Slate Metallic Limited. It is a demo with about 5k miles. I can sell it for $33,203 including rebate.

    I offered $30 and they turned me down flat... what should I do??? help appreciated.

    DCV920 TIME: 13:13
    Model Number: 5356A SERIAL # :9S226656 Check Code: 1

    Model Description: XLE FWD LIMITED Category ..........: G
    Year ............: 2009 Current Dealer ....: 230-24073
    Interior Color ..: LB12 LB12 Wholesale Dealer ..: 24073
    Exterior Color ..: 01F9 SLATE Previous Dealer ...: 00230
    Body ............: XLE FWD 7 PASS LTD Invoice Date ......: 07/25/08
    Number of Cyl ...: 6 Ship Date .........: 07/30/08
    Allocation Number: 062 Retail Date .......:
    Engine Number ...: 6426732 Date of First Use .:
    Vessel Number ...: 728 TRAC ..............: NO
    Vessel Name .....: TMMI PRINCETON Damage ............: NO DAMAGE
    PDI ...............: YES
    Fleet .............: NON-FLEET
    Port PDS Complete .: NO

    VIN .............: 5TDZK22C89S226656
    Ignition Key.....: 62909

    Factory Installed Accessories: FE GW QK RM
    Port Installed Accessories ..: RF C4

    Vehicle Base Model ...................: $ 35665.00
    Total Accessories .....................: $ 1255.00

    3.5 Liter DOHC V6 with VVT-i
    5 Speed ECT-i Automatic Transmission
    Power Rack & Pinion Steering
    Power Front & Rear Disc Brakes
    17" Alloy Wheels w/P225/60R17 Tires
    Star Safety System: Includes Enhanced
    Vehicle Stability Control w/ Traction
    Control,Anti-Lock Brake System w/
    Electronic Brake Force Distribution
    and Brake Assist
    Advanced Airbags w/Occupant Sensor
    Front Seat Side Airbags & Curtain
    Shield Airbags in All 3 Rows
    3 Point Seatbelts in All Locations
    Child Seat Top Tether & Lower Anchors
    Tire Pressure Warning Indicator
    Front and Rear Intuitive Parking Assist
    Anti-Theft System w/Engine Immobilizer
    Full Color Keyed Exterior
    Chrome Accented Trim Pieces
    Auto Dimming Heated Pwr Mirrors w/Turn
    Signals, Puddle Lamps, & Power Folding
    Fog Lamps/Windshield Wiper De-Icer Grid
    Lthr Trim Int:8-way Pwr Htd Adj Dr Seat
    w/Memory & w/Adj Lmbr & 4-Way Pwr Htd
    Fr Pass Seat
    2nd Row Indexing Capt Chairs w/Armrest
    60/40 Split & Stow 3rd Row Seat
    Auto Tri-Zone Climate Cntrl w/Push Bttn
    JBL AM/FM/6-CD Chngr w/10 Spkrs
    w/Bluetooth Audio,Satellite Radio
    Capable, MP3/WMA Capability
    Pwr Wndws in 1st/2nd Row & Rr Qtr Wndws
    Pwr Sliding Side & Power Back Door
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof
    Woodgrain & Lthr Tilt & Telescoping
    Steering Wheel w/Audio & Bluetooth
    2nd & 3rd Row Manual Sunshades
    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base Model .........................:$ 35665.00 $ 35665.00
    50 State Emissions ........................
    XLE Limited Base Model ....................
    XLE Limited EVP #1: DVD Rear Seat ......... 495.00
    Entertainment System w/9" Display, w/2 .....
    Wireless Headphones, Two 115V Outlets. ....
    Daytime Running Lights .................... 40.00
    Rear Spoiler ............................... 485.00
    Carpet Floor Mats ......................... 235.00
    --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ..........................: $ 1255.00 $ 1255.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 745.00
    TDA ........................................:
    Gasoline ...................................:
    Dealer Holdback ............................:
    Whsl. Financial Reserve ....................:
    Total ......................................: $ 37665.00

    Residual Value ...: 24 36 48 60
    ------- ------- ------- -------
    STD 17,776 15,279 12,019 8,810
    LOW 15,993 12,733 9,523
  • george129george129 Posts: 6
    So what is the invoice price according to them. What is the model, and option they quoted you the price? The incentive they are getting is different for each region. You need to take all these into consideration. I am also looking into buying a Sienna LE with option#2, waiting for the dealer to get back to me, I will let you know ASA I get the price, I hope you do the same.
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    I am also seeking a 09 LE 7 Pass FWD with evp 2. Got a quote from a NYC area dealer of 25440 before a choice of $1000 rebate or special finance.

    16" Alloy Wheel w/P215/65R16 Tires ......... 410.00
    LE EVP #2: Power Driver & .................. 425.00
    Passenger Sliding Door, Rear Door ..........
    Electronic Locking System, Trip Computer ...
    w/Homelink and 8-Way Power Driver Seat .....
    Daytime Running Lights & Windshield Wiper .. 70.00
    De-icer Grid ...............................
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector ...... 270.00
    Cargo Net .................................. 49.00
    Wheel Locks (Alloy) ........................ 67.00

    Good deal? Or can do better?
  • dsmguydsmguy Posts: 23
    It's a 2010 XLE with the EVP#1, MSRP of $30,600 . I have the print out of the "invoice". My question is really pertaining to the fleet incentive from Toyota Motor Sales of $1000. This is different from the Toyota "consumer" incentive of $1000 or 1.9% financing. In doing some research, I saw a dealer advertising fee and Wholesale Financial Reserves fee on the invoice. both costs total, $800.

    So back to my original question. Has anyone had success in getting a true invoice price from a dealer. If I walk into a dealer and show them that their invoice price of 27,000 is really 25,200 (1000 fleet money - 800 fees). What's a fair profit margin for a dealer?

    What got me started on this is the original MRSP was 30,600 and the sales guy thought it was possible to get me in to the car at 27,750....well of course if their margin is at $2550 (27750 - 25200).

    Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks everyone!
  • gollsgolls Posts: 21
    The Honda Odyssey prices paid forum is brimming with posts (and some great deals!), but the Toyota Sienna prices paid forum is unusually quiet. It will be great to know what people have been paying for Siennas recently. Thanks!
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    If you have to ask you can't afford it :)

    Odyssey is a poor man's Sienna...
  • maytalmaytal Posts: 12
    Hi, I am new to toyota and we looked at honda's and I really thought I was going to go with one but I was super disappointed with the test drive and the handling and loud road noise. So toyota here we come...

    I am unfamiliar with the lingo of toyota. What I am looking for is a toyota with leather seats in stone and slate metallic.

    I also want DVD in the car.

    So what kind of options do I have?

    So for leather seats is my only option the XLE & Limited?
    For DVD, what package # do I need?

    Any good deals out there in SoCal for 4th of July?

  • I tried and tried to buy a 09 or 10 Sienna in St Louis, MO at the middle/end of June. I could NOT find a dealer willing to sell me a car. I previously posted about an 09 XLE LTD with DVD (no nav) with 5100 miles on it. they wanted $34. my husband offered them 32 cash. they let him walk out of the dealership, he told them he was driving to ST Louis Honda and they said FINE! I could not believe it.

    I preferred the Sienna over the Odyssey in some ways, but at the end of the day I decided the Ody was for us because of:

    1. parent cannot control DVD in Sienna, at all.
    2. Sienna's horrible crash test results for rear crashes (Institute for Highway Safety)
    3. Sienna is a bit uglier in my opinion
    4. The Sienna does not have satellite NAV, it's DVD driven
    5. The Sienna has worse residual value than the Odyssey
    6. The Ody is XM radio ready, the Sienna is not. I did not think this was a big deal until I got hooked on XM recently.
    7. I found the Ody seats a bit more comfy.
    8. The Toyota guys at 4 St Louis Toyota dealerships were total a-holes. The Honda guys were as nice as could be and willing to sell cars.

    Ackerman Toyota in St Louis was willing to sell me a 2010 Sienna XLE EVP3, for under $30K but it was slate blue and every sienna one ever sees is slate blue - a little too pedestrian for me.

    I liked that the Sienna was quieter, but that's about the only thing that I loved about it.

    So, I would have bought a Sienna if i could... but I am an Ody owner now for 2 weeks.
  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    Based on you list of pros and cons I don't see you wanted a Sienna. If I had a comparison list like that, I would have written the Sienna off and not bothered to make and offer.
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