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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • george129george129 Posts: 6
    I paid $33466+tax& tag
  • apu2apu2 Posts: 5
    Hello all, I am looking into a 2010 or 2009 Sienna LE 8-passenger, package #2. Got a quote for $25,253. Is this a good deal? Also any advices on good dealership in So. Cal would be helpful.

    Thanks. :)
  • washbujewashbuje Posts: 2
    Ok, I now have three AWD LE that I am currently looking at in the Portland, Oregon area. All of them are pkg. 2. Color is a little different, but otherwise the same package. I think the best price I can get on any of them is $28,200, which equates to about a mark up by the dealer of $1,500 or 5.5%. This seems high to me. What should a dealer be looking for in regards to profit per car.
  • if its 2010 yes good deal ( you can get it @ 24,500 too )
  • its good deal, make sure that you are buying 2010 not 2009
  • abumgabumg Posts: 3
    Hi! Can you please tell me which dealer gave you this quote?

  • abumgabumg Posts: 3
    I am in Central Jersey and interested in 2010 CE Model. Can you please post some of the quotes that you have recvd in Central Jersey? I want to buy it before Friday. Also, are the quotes below invoice or closer to MSRP?

  • abumgabumg Posts: 3

    If anyone bought 2010 Sienna CE with PKG#1 in Central NJ recently, can they please share the price on the forum. I want to know whether it is going under invoice or above invoice. Right now I got couple of quotes and both were about about $1600 above invoice. Please help I need to buy it before Friday.

  • vjklvjkl Posts: 10
    Do you know if your offers includes destination fee? Did you ask for OTD price?
  • apu2apu2 Posts: 5
    Whoa...$24,500 is a great deal. Where can I get this in So Cal? :) Thanks
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    Yes...$800 des is included in MSRP. OTD is about 10.0ish % more which includes sale tax and DMV fees.
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    misslisa1, please give me your email; will try to help you with your purchase.
  • meriminimerimini Posts: 4
    Check online at They are fixed price dealer.
  • danda1danda1 Posts: 2
    Although i am interested in an LE as opposed to a CE would like to know your experience with the delaer when you purchase ( I am located in Edison).
  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    This is a great and helpful site and this is my first post here.

    I plan to buy either Sienna or Honda van. I asked one local dealer via mail and received the following reply.

    2010 Toyota Sienna MSRP
    Model - 5338 LE FWD 8 PASSEN Base: $27,070.00
    Exterior Color - 01D7 SILVER SHADOW PEARL Installed Options: $1,791.00
    Interior Color - FC12 ASH/STONE/DRK GRY/LGT GRY Total: $28,861.00

    I only need LE EVP #2, but many other options are included. I was offered $27599 + TTL

    I looked at this site and find out the ratio to calculate the price other people purchased or offered:

    Post 1:

    2010 Ltd, MSRP: $40,520
    Purchasing price: $33,466+tax&tag

    Ratio: 33466/40520= 82.59%

    Post 2:

    2010 XLE package 4 RES & NAV in So. CAL
    MSRP $35087
    Best Offer: $31,282

    Ratio: 31282/35087 = 89.15%

    Post 3:

    2010 le with evp # 2
    msrp $27850
    Offered: $24697

    Ratio: 24697/27850 =88.68%

    Post 4:

    2010 LE 7 Pass FWD with EVP 2
    MSRP: $28,000
    Offered: $24,800

    Ratio: 24800/28000 = 88.57%

    My quote from one dealer:
    2010 Toyota Sienna
    Quoted: $27599

    Ratio: 27599/28861= 95.6%

    did anyone in Houston area get a good deal with ratio ~ 88%? Would certainly appreciate help as I hate to negotiate at dealership.
  • apu2apu2 Posts: 5
    Does someone know the invoice for a 2010 Sienna LE 8-passenger Package #2 or where I can find this info? Thanks. :shades:
  • jetzzsjetzzs Posts: 64
    You can find it on :shades:
  • vjklvjkl Posts: 10
    Looks like great deal you got there. The best offer i got is 31,500(34,960 OTD) for the exact same car XLE with EVP 4 and no extra ear phones :-). Would you mind telling me the dealer name?

  • shadow36shadow36 Posts: 4
    That does sound like an awesome price! I would also be grateful if you could email me your offer information. Kudos on the extra earphones, as well!
  • shadow36shadow36 Posts: 4
    Anyone receive a great price for a 2010 XLE (particularly with EVP 4) in the northwest suburbs of Chicago? Anyone have any great experiences with Toyota dealers out here?
  • apu2apu2 Posts: 5
    Got a quote for a 2009 Sienna LE -8 passenger, package #1 for $25,500 plus $1000 incentive. Good deal? Or go for a 2010 version?
  • misslisa1misslisa1 Posts: 2
    I just bought a Sienna XLE FWD with evp#4 +towing prep + mats
    for invoice $32,161 before tax, title & license. I was very happy with the customer service and it was a super pleasant buying experience at Folsom Lake Toyota near Sacramento, CA. I probably could have gotten a better deal if I pushed very hard but with that model and that options package, and my favorite color, blizzard pearl, the inventory is very limited, so I feel I got a fair price, not the best price, but fair.
    I'm very happy with it! Good luck everyone!
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    vjkl, send me your email and i'll be glad to tell. I will purchase by end of week and don't want to make it public yet...actually, got quote lowered can do better with you quote.
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    thanks for this really helps in determining invoice price and most competitive price for the east coast.
  • shadow36shadow36 Posts: 4
    Wow bamboo, that's some impressive negotiating! What's your new quote now? And can you send me you offer information as well? Thanks!
  • karenkjkarenkj Posts: 7
    i know this may sound silly, but when everyone is quoting invoice on here is that invoice before the extras, like dvd or nav are added or is that including the invoice price of everthing?
  • mikey67mikey67 Posts: 1
    I like to team up for a better price if its not to late . Looking for xle w/ option 3
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    $24.5k sounds good with the incentive. That's actually a tad lower than a similar 2007 model a couple of years ago.

    Go for the 2009. The 2010 has no significant changes and will just cost more.
  • vjklvjkl Posts: 10

    How can I contact you with my email, without having to publish here?

  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    use a "junk" email that you don't mind publishing. don't use your personal email.
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