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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jingwujingwu Posts: 6
    where, which dealer? It is cheapest i saw so far
  • cowxl4cowxl4 Posts: 12
    toyota of goldsboro in north carolina
  • jingwujingwu Posts: 6
    I feel it is a good deal. any incentive, I will try to buy it on weekend with same price in Atlanta, GA
  • I don't think Ltd is worth paying 4K more than XLE with #4. I believe you mentioned Leesburg in the past. Is it the same dealer who is offering this price. I am in the market for the same vehicle in DC/NoVa/MD and the best price before TTL I have seen is around $30600.
    What is the sales price on the XLE w/ #4 before TTL and where are you located? Which dealer is offering that price.
  • ais2003ais2003 Posts: 11
    Great price, but look out for the warranty packages. They will try to milk you for another $2,000 if you let them.
  • cowxl4cowxl4 Posts: 12
    Yeah, the guy from finance department tried very hard to let me get one of their 7 year warranty packages, but I said no.

    The only bad thing is the finance rate I got is 5.99%, I think I will do refinancing very soon.
  • What is the breakdown of your OTD price (price, taxes, fees ect)? Thanks,
  • dsmguydsmguy Posts: 23
    incentives typically come out 2nd of each month. What dealer did you buy this at? and how did you negociate that price? Was it over email or did you haggle down to that number? that's a great price.
  • cowxl4cowxl4 Posts: 12
    sales tax: 692
    license/e-filing: 115
    Doc Fee: 498
    the rest should be base I guess: 24195 (25500-692-115-498)
  • That's a great price. I just got an 8 passenger LE this past weekend with EVP2, alloys, mats, (QF, AL, RL, CF) for $25,200 on the actual van which based upon what I have been seeing I thought was good, but that seems much better. No cash incentives available here. Were there any in your price.
  • cowxl4cowxl4 Posts: 12
    The sales guy did mention there is $1000 incentive (from manufacturer to dealer, from 10/1/2009 to 11/2/2009. You don't have it? regional thing?). He first said $26400, then $26000, but I insisted on OTD $25500 (I got this number from the Edmunds TMV, which is $25429 for this model and option #2 and carpet mats).
  • No there isn't a $1,000 manu to dealer in my area (boston) at this time. Only 2.9% financing, so my price is without that. Edmunds shows TMV for this config at $26.5 for the van I bought. That's why I was thinking my $25.2 was a good price for the 8 passenger. I'm thinking it's still a very good price.
  • cowxl4cowxl4 Posts: 12
    what's your otd price?
  • OTD for the 8 passenger $27,053 which is

    Van $25,200
    sales tax $1438
    doc fee $290
    Reg fees $125
  • jingwujingwu Posts: 6
    Please explain me what is (QF, AL, RL, CF)
  • Those are codes for the options.

    QF is Extra Value package 2
    AL is 16" Alloy Wheels
    RL is Daytime Running lights and windshield deicer
    CF is carpet floor mats and door sill protector

    If you configure the car here on Edmunds, it will show you these when you codes when you get to the options page.
  • jingwujingwu Posts: 6
    thanks for the quick reply. why u choose 8 pass? what is benefit of it over 7 pass?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    pass=passenger, so it means you get one more seat.

    In the 7 pass you get 2 captain's chairs in the 2nd row.

    In the 8 pass you get 3 individual chairs, with no arm rests, though the center one folds flat and makes a nice arm rest.

    The seats are set wider so total width easily fits 3 adults. I think they are 22" wide for the outboard passengers and 20" wide for the middle seat.
  • Seat count for me was why I chose the 8 vs 7. On the 8 the middle row doesn't have arm rests. Otherwise they are the same.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    The middle seat on the 8 passenger Sienna is awesome, especially if you have a baby (it moves forward) or a bigger family. It's also the safest seat in the house. 8 passenger versions *seem* to be a higher and a quicker sell in the used car market.
  • I'm looking at Fitzmall Toyota

    Toyota Seinna 2010 XLE model 5346, with the following options,
    1) XLE Extra Value Package #3
    2) Front and Rear Intuitive Parking Assist
    3) Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    4) Fog Lamp Package
    5) 17" Alloy Wheels

    $28,615 + $10 for the temp tag (no tax until I title it in the home state of Ohio)

    Flight to Baltimore is $60 -- and I pick up the $750 incentive that is not available in my region.

    Good deal? Anybody use Fitzmall?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The best prices around here are 2k higher than fitz. Live in st. louis area. If I couldn't get a dealer to match would fly and buy like you. Only heard good things about fitzmall in the forums.
  • I think it is good price, but you need confirm the price with those options. Once you go through each option, the dealer may say we do not have that option in inventory car, we need order from Toyota and wait for one month, you need pay extra money. ….
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I think fitz prices cars by the exact model so the one you pick is the one in stock.
  • I live in CA and prices here for a LE 8 Pass is about $2500 higher compared to fitz mall. Shipping costs to CA will be about $1000.
    Did anyone deal wtih fitz from out of state and opted for shipping?
    What are the risks invoved in this ?
  • Everything has been confirmed.

    This car was in production when I started the process.

    Only issue will be if the rebate goes away in November. Tried to close the deal in October, but delivery date was assumed to be the first week of November. Vehicle arrived on the lot yesterday
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Sounds like a very good price. Also an Ohio resident, and will wait till November to see what Toyota does (if anything) regarding incentives.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Finally, after waiting a while after the C4C madness and inventories to climb back up, we took delivery of our Silver Pine 2010 XLE AWD Ltd. last week here in the SF Bay Area.

    Our final price was $1000 over invoice and included the typical Ltd bundle of HZ (HID/Laser cruise), QL (EVP#2), RM (DRL) and TO (Towing prep). We also had OEM floor mats included in the price.

    Given what we researched, I believe this price is fairly competitive for our area for this particular trim.
  • sipaksipak Posts: 8
    Any one knows when Nov Sienna incentive might be out?

    Any one knowledge from their local dealer, please post here.
  • cowxl4cowxl4 Posts: 12
    So what's your OTD price?
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