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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    as long as Toyota insists on including a rear entertainment option ONLY with the premium package--a lot of people are going to walk away. Nobody else does that. I think the climate may have changed enough where Toyota isn't about to get away with doing whatever it wants in terms of packaging. This is a deal breaker for me.
  • toyota of tampabay internet dept.

    Good Luck and share your exp.
  • Thank you stoyota, I certainly will share my experiences!
  • I'm in SoCal getting 2011 Sienna for invoice + 555
  • Finally we got our 2011 Sienna (Black color) XLE w Premium Package for base 38500+55 (license)+540 (DMV)+3368(Tax)

  • Finally we got our 2011 Sienna (Black color) XLE w Premium Package for base 35800+55 (license)+540 (DMV)+3368(Tax)
  • That seems really high for the 2011 AWD..I just went to test drive the 2011 and was interested in the 2011 AWD LE and they said the Sticker was you have that high of taxes?
  • Our sales rep suggested just having one installed. Now I'm thinking about just getting the kids IPODs and skipping the DVD player...just can't decide.
  • Can you share which dealership in the bayarea please?

    I am thinking to getting an xle with prem pkg.

  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Well, I've got just the portable ones in my Odyssey--honestly its a massive pain in the a**. They don't work very well, hard to use, hard to do anything with it while the van is moving, etc.

    My parents have an 09 Chrysler Town and Country with integrated twin DVD systems. (In fact, their van has almost everything under the sun on it, and they paid $24k...NEW). The dual DVD system there is better than the Sienna because it provides one DVD for each row--like an airplane. After seeing how well the integrated system works, I'm kind of sold on it--aftermarket just can't match it, and when you have it installed you get into voiding warranties and all of that because you are messing with the electronics.

    (BTW--for the record--we all agree, my dad included, that my Honda is a much better van than the Chrysler--its not even in the same ballpark--just that particular feature is nice).

    Anyway, I'm not really in the market right now--but if I was, the way the Sienna is configured would be a dealbreaker. Before we did anything, i'd want to see the new Honda anyway.
  • pvk1pvk1 Posts: 1
    Its FairField toyota. 35800 base and 8.75 tax + DMV fee + Doc Fee. 0 Down + 3.64 for 5 years APR.

    I took a 4 year maintenance for 1450 (very optional.. need not have to take it but I took. Should not influence the above price) which goes with the loan.

    Will review the forums and will decide to keep the maintenance or cancel.

    Hope this helps.
  • Yes the dealer is Fairfield toyota. I have posted details with my husband's id. Hope this helps.

    I appreciate everyone who provided inputs on this forum which helped me in the negotiation process.

    Thank you all
  • Yeah, we thought it was high too. Our sticker MSRP was $32200 though. I'm not sure what it included though. At the time, we were more in the market for the 2010. My husband really wants the AWD though. It was actually the only 2011 LE AWD in the immediate area for us though so I'm sure when more come out, they're going to deal more.
  • 6sam66sam6 Posts: 8

    I joined this forum today. This seems to be a great place with awesome information. I am looking to buy my first new vehicle (have a 99 camry). Looking for XLE 8 Passenger base model. Did not like the dual screen system, based on my test drive.
    In Missouri, I received a quote of 30429 (possibility of additional $500 discount). Excludes tax, ttl, doc etc. Includes vehicle+destination.
    Please comment on this price. What would be a best achievable price based on this quote.

  • OK explain this. The premium package is basically the same thing as buying DVD package and nav package separately, only difference is the Toyota connect or whatever they call the OnStar knockoff. Yet buying the premium, by hundreds of dollars, than buying the two a la carte. So much for volume discounting. . . . It wreaks of taking advantage of people because surely Toyota won't let you order each separately.

    They are going to have to be a lot hungrier for business given what's been going on at Toyota. The Sienna '11 is nice, but it's not THAT nice.
  • I was checking Toyota inventory in the S. Florida region and they do have quite a few of the LTD edition enroute to dealers with only the NAV package (ND) and without the Rear entertainment package. So at least in the LTD edition we can opt out of the pricey dvd package and still get the best of the "premium" package. What I don't get is their CX package (Xenon lights and rain sensing wipers) is not included in the base LTD edition but is an option. If you pay $40K for a car these days, you expect to get Xenon's thrown in...

    Limited Edition Options
  • Guys, do not buy yet. As of March 2nd, Toyota will rollout 0% financing for '11 Sienna.
  • satishmsatishm Posts: 21
    edited February 2010
    That's great news! Any idea of if they will have a lease support program as well? I am thinking with all the bad news about toyota residuals are falling and the lease costs will be high unless the Mfr steps in to artificially support residuals or make the Money factors attractive...
  • I was looking for the same thing and there were around 10 in the area. After talking with other's they said that the AWD didn't really do much better in the snow than the FWD. Our sales rep said that there aren't that many people because they really aren't that popular. I've read a couple posts on the internet with people aggreeing that they are not much better in the snow and just more to go wrong.
  • Counting down the days till March and my new sienna!
  • What's the source on the 0% on March 2nd? I can't even find rumors on the web
  • I think that's pretty competitive. $2K off an XLE, and $3-4K off a Limited seem to be par. I'm sure you might be able to squeeze a few hundred more, but it certainly seems reasonable to me.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    I'd much rather have a 100,000 mile warranty vs. the 0% financing. I'm not as confident of Toyota quality as I was a year or so ago.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The built-in stuff is expensive.

    You could get them both iTouches for less.

    Or a couple of Nintentdo DS portable gaming systems, plus games.

    Actually you could buy 2 of each and still come out ahead.

    Or go aftermarket with the DVD player like I did.

    The massive widescreen is sorta nice, though.
  • Had a GREAT experience at Ardmore Toyota in PA. It's the third car we've gotten from them, and they've definitely earned our loyalty. Each time I've shopped around at other dealerships but find myself actually making the purchase at Ardmore. Just good people.

    I liked the DVD system, but couldn't pull the trigger for $2400. For that money I can get the kids 10 iPods and they can just toss them over their shoulder when they're done.

    Seriously, if I need an entertainment package, I'll just go aftermarket DVD, but I really don't think I need it since the kids have iPhones, and we can always bring a portable DVD player in the car for long trips.

    What I really wanted was the Limited, but without the entertainment. But I didn't seem to be able to get that. In this area, all the Limiteds are with the Premium package, not just nav. You can't even select the non-entertainment nav package on the website. So I guess I could have ordered it and waited (and hoped that the order would actually go through), but I didn't want dual moonroofs THAT badly. Besides, now that the XLE AWD has the lounge seating and the Limited DOESN'T seem to have the power stow 3rd row, it came down to only a few features between the XLE AWD and the Limited, and that wasn't worth the $3100 extra.

    I haven't picked up the car yet (it's due for a 2/28 delivery) but if this 0% is true, I hope I can take advantage of it. I have the cash, but hey, I'll just put the cash in something mildly interest bearing and make a few bucks. Why not?
  • I hear sales in general have plummeted for Toyota due to issues. They have to put out attractive incentives/lease programs to get sales back in line. Depending on Sienna sales this may or may not be included. You have to remember that this is an 2011 model release early to get a jump start on Honda. Sales expectations for Sienna will be very aggressive. If thee targets are not met, the incentives will be coming. Timing was not good for a new model release that's for sure.
  • dev_pdev_p Posts: 22
    Toyota came out with Sienna earlier as Honda Odyssey new model is slated to arrive this summer ( from other posts). With ongoing acceleration problem with Toyota Cars in general , a convincing assurance & I guess heavy discount must be given to attract buyers like me.

    Although after seeing todays testimony doesnot convince me that Toyota knows where the issue really is. From what I understand Break override doesnot solve acceleration problem.
  • Can you explain more about that "brake overide" does not correct the problem. After the hearings I am really having second thoughts, but the brake overide was more assuring. If it doesn't work though, I'm back where I started.

    The Sienna's sure aren't flying out of the dealer showrooms here in Illinois. Our dealership received three about 3 weeks ago and they still have the same three sitting there. When I went to testdrive it a couple days ago - it only had 12 miles on it...and one of them is in the showroom so I know that is not getting testdrove. So maybe I was the 1st or second to even test drive it.

    One minute I am so sure, because I did really like the car and my current sienna has 300k miles on it and is still going strong, and then I hear more from these hearings and I'm back to square one!
  • The thing that really surprised me was finding a 2010 Limited AWD that I was interested in... I contacted the dealer to get "the internet price", and all they did was knock it down from $41K to $40K!! The guy called me to let me know that I could get 0% financing for 36 months in lieu of the $1000 rebate. Given the fact that the 2010 MY is already dated, you can deal on the 2011s, and that Toyota's reputation is taking a major hit right now, I was shocked that they were not bending over backwards to get rid of any remaining 2010 Siennas... but alas, neither Toyota (in the way of any meaningful incentives) or the dealer (in the way of substantial discounts) seems to be very interested in making the sale.

    The only way I would buy a 2010 right now is to get a massive discount/rebate and 0% for 60 months. Otherwise, I will buy a 2011 later this year.
  • I would not be worried about the short term problems with Toyota turning into longer term problem. I think the new Sienna will be just as reliable (with exception of normal 1st year model issues) as your old one.

    I think purchasing one at right time is main issue. IMO Toyota and its dealer network get so arrogant that it may take some time for them to realize that Sienna is not going to sell without incentives right now and in near future. So the question is when and how long can you wait?
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