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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Try other dealers. That wasn't a good quote at all. You'll find much better.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    300k miles? Wow, we should all be so lucky! :shades:
  • Yeah, the sales person asked me if I was going to trade it in...we said No Way! My husband is looking forward to driving it. We call it Travie and it's part of the family.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited February 2010
    At times I regret selling my 98 Forester ("Sandy"). The new owner has neglected it - I've seen it on the streets of DC, filthy. I wonder if it's been washed even once since I sold it. :cry:
  • sri1sri1 Posts: 23
    I am also in PA area some what 20 miles away from the dealership you have mentioned. Would you mind how much you paid for XLE7 pass AWD. I am also looking for exactly the same car.

  • I would love to hear how aggressive other dealers have been on their lease deals - the showroom of dealer we went to in Bergen County NJ was very busy but I dont know how many people were buying or just kicking tires.
    After several iterations this is the lease deal we agreed to - can anyone comment on it?
    2011 XLE AWD w/DVD. 12k/yr, 36 mos. Taxes and fees paid up front, ~$3,600.00 out of pocket. Monthly payment 550.00. I know this to be 36,200 for the sales price, 21,000 residual, leased with TFS.
    Thank you.
  • Here is what I got from a dealer close to my house. The sales person was firm on these prices. What do you think?

    XLE, AWD : $34100
    XLE, AWD + Nav : $36600
    XLE, FWD: $31900
    XLE, FWD + NAV: $34600
  • Year-2011Sienna
    Color- Pre Dawn Grey Mica
    Model- XLE 8 passenger FWD
    Option- Premium Pkg
    Price Paid - $35300.00
    Dealer Fee $ 599.00
    Tax 7% $2512.93
    Tag & Lemon Law $ 21.00
    Toyota Platinum $940.00 (7 Years or 100000.00 Miles)

    Drive Out Price $40410.93
  • Just got back from the dealer. After dancing around for a while, the "final" offer we got on a 2011 XLE with DVD (but not Nav) was $33,770 and 3.39% financing for 60 mo. Figured we'd shop this deal around to a couple other locations and see what they can do, but also wanted to see if this is in the ballpark of what others here are seeing. We're in the Philly burbs, fyi.

  • I disagree with that statement. The staff is arrogant and pretend as if they sell 100 cars a day and also pretend as if they are busy. ARDMORE toyota is the most disguisting dealer I have ever seen in my life firstly the staff is very rude and they don't realize they need to sell vehicle and not interview people like the way do it for job. On an average their pricing is $1500 off competitors price.

    My experience with them is very bad and I would never recommend them to anyone.
    Their prices are way high and therefore they don't discuss any pricing over internet or phone they just call you at their dealership and try to rip you off with high price quote.
    If you ever visit them know what the competitors pricing otherwise you will feel cheated later that is my frank opinion
  • Forget Ardmore Toyota you will get a better deal at Conicelli Toyota in Conshohocken,PA. Ardmore Toyota cannot sell vehicles their dealership prices are too high remember they have two floors to maintain too much of bills to pay and it takes forever to reach to their dealership with too many signals on the road its just waste of time and energy for you and waste of gas visiting Ardmore Toyota.
  • Anyone interested in a group buy in the SF bay area? I was thinking we get a better deal if we negotiate for 2 or more Sienna's with one dealer.

    Found out TDA was $510 for the 2011 Sienna LE 8 passenger in the SF Bay.
    MSRP was $30,209 and invoice was $28,140 which the price includes TDA of $510(advertising), holdback of $578, Whsl financial Reserve of $289 and delivery of $800.
  • I paid 37,000.

    I honestly have no idea what the other posters are talking about. The dealership has been great, and I've never had a rude experience with any of them. Even the receptionist recognized me and even after a year of not having seen me, remembered me and asked about my kids. Calls are always returned promptly, and you can talk to the owner at any time. And during this whole recall, he emailed out his personal cell number to all the customers in case anybody had questions. I really can't point to any negative experiences. Oh wait....once I waited an extra 45 minutes for my car from service and was late picking up my daughter at school. That's the worst I can remember.

    I've shopped the prices around, both at Conicelli and at Sloane, for all three purchases, and Ardmore was always lowest. In fact, Sloane wouldn't budge off MSRP despite indicating that MSRP wasn't the last word. But rather than commit to a number, they instead wanted ME to come back to them with a price to beat. Uh, I don't think so. It's not my job to make your sale. I don't think they owe me a good price, but I do think it's a little presumptuous to make me do legwork before they'll even tell me what they'll sell me the car for. They were perfectly nice, I hasten to add, but.....Ardmore got the sale.

    I pick the car up hopefully Monday! Very excited. First minivan, but third kid. I think we'll all be very happy.
  • tscofieldtscofield Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    2011Sienaguy, what state are you in? I cannot find a single XLE in texas with the XLE Premium package (nav and dvd). :( In fact, I cannot find any XLE's in texas with the factory dvd - only nav. :confuse: Please advise state you purchased in if you would sir - or the name of your dealer would be great! :)

  • Not sure about the AWD or the NAV because I was not shopping those models. The best price I got for the XLE FWD (with mats) was 30000 not including tax and title. Columbus OH
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Could you share the dealer name in Columbus OH that has XLE for 30K? Thanks.
  • ebutashebutash Posts: 7
    edited February 2010
    Under the current incentives I able to get this vehicle for $27,200 which the dealer says they'll give me $500 below their costs ($27,700). After seeing 0% financing on this forum and getting an email from the dealer (by accident) stating 0% for 60 months...I may wait till 3/2 to purchase. (BOCH TOYOTA - MA/RI)

    BTW - When I called the dealer about the 0% they said the emails went out in error...but what I found funny is the end date said April 1, 2010! April Fools joke or a DRAFT email that was sent out by accident?
  • grippogrippo Posts: 4
    edited February 2010
    I find the Ardmore bashing suspicious. The first time we stepped out of the house to look at Siennas was to Ardmore, and the salesman was gracious, helpful, and didn't push a single bit during the hour we spent with him. The subject of price didn't even come up--all we wanted to do was test drive, talk about models, get some information, etc. We then went to Carousel yesterday, negotiated price (after an hour got to $31,770 for XLE), then for the hell of it, requested an online price for the same car at Ardmore last night, which came in at $500 less without even having to haggle. Unless they try to tack on other stuff when we actually get on site, this is pretty good. We'll probably go in this week and make our purchase.

    Wonder if the Ardmore bashers are shills from other area dealers...
  • ebutash,

    Is that for the 2011 LE at 30,209 MSRP? What incentive are you seeing because I don't see any?
  • tccofield: I am in Georgia and I purchased it from Nalley Toyota.
  • Got an email from our sales rep that said they found out all they are offering for March is free maintenance for 2 years. I love the Sienna..but that is disappointing..have decided to go buy the Kia and save myself $6000.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The person complaining probably had bad timing - they may have walked in and asked for a price the same day the very first 2011 arrived.

    That's when the price is the highest. First on the block always pays more.

    Could have been a simple case of bad timing.

    Price settle quickly as people have already reported.
  • wargoatwargoat Posts: 8
    edited March 2010
    Went to toyota dealership here in dallas this morning looking at sienna le.
    Salesman told me tommorow that Toyota is going to have big incentives and rebates for 2011. Stay tuned. Hopefully i can get sienna le at 27500 + TTL
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    If all Toytoa is giving in March is free maintenence for two years, that is disappointing. :mad:
  • Yesterday(Feb 28, 2011) I received and email from American Express,,,for their no haggle deals on new cars,,,it gave me 3 car dealers in my area,,the y gave me prices for 2011 AWD with DVD ENT pkg.,,,excluding taxes and title,,,,$35,307,,,that is a savings of $2,800, other dealers are fighting with me about this price,, except the three AMEX told me to go thru.,,,I'm waiting until tomorrow and purchase this vehicle,,,want to see what Toyota going to do,,,can wait!!! SO, IF YOU HAVE AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD,,,MAKE SURE YOU GET A PRICE THROUGH THEM,,,,,OTHER DEALERS WILL NOT COME AS LOW AS THE ONES AMEX ARE IN WITH!!!
  • that's what my rep is saying, she just sent me a quote for the LE MSRP 30,464..I can get it for 28,800. I still think that's too high, I'm seeing people with 27,500.
  • I test drove each one (sienna xle with pemium, ody touring). So here are my pros for each one. I'm not really emotionally invested in either brand, so I feel like I am reasonably impartial.

    Both felt really pretty good; my overall feeling was that there's not much between them, but given that the Oddy version is a lot older I found that surprising, I'm feeling like I should wait and see the new Oddy.

    Pros Oddy: Handles better, stiffer suspension (may be a matter of preference, but I prefer), fit and finish better than the Sienna, seat configuration better; I like the way you can put both captains chairs next to each other and create room to get in the 3rd row,

    Pros Sienna: Travel on 2nd row seats is nice; felt less cramped in 2nd/3rd rows, some nicer electronics on similar priced models (bluetooth streaming, keyless ignition, rear tailgate (only on touring), better acceleration, marginally better brakes.

    As I said, I'd probably be fine with either, but given my wife got motion sickness driving the sienna and not the ody, that would mean the Ody. And then the question becomes do we pull the trigger now, or do we wait for new version.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    First two years there's hardly any maintenance anyway. A few oil changes and maybe a tire rotation or two.
  • chriscicchriscic Posts: 6
    Color- Pre Dawn Grey Mica
    Model- XLE 8 passenger FWD
    Option- Premium Pkg
    Price Paid - $35300.00
    Dealer Fee $ 599.00
    Tax 7% $2512.93
    Tag & Lemon Law $ 21.00
    Toyota Platinum $940.00 (7 Years or 100000.00 Miles) "

    Funny... that's the exact Sienna I just purchased (same color even) on Saturday, at the identical price (ok I paid $1 more).

    Only difference is I got the floormats and not the extended warranty. Oh, I guess I also paid a stupid $130 doc fee which maybe you avoided.

    Bought at St Charles Toyota, in St Charles IL. I liked them pretty well, especially the salesguy. The finance manager was a tool though.
  • nickelnickel Posts: 147
    edited March 2010
    3.5 years ago, I bought a Sienna LE, 8 passengers, $24,300, including roof rack.
    Ok, this one maybe a better vehicle (just maybe), even if interior plastics are better with old model, and never had a delicate recall.
    But, 12% more, under the circumstances, look preposterous (at $27,200).
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