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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Are you aware of any good financing available on the Sienna, or are you talking in general terms ?
  • We negotiated between two dealerships. the first quote i was given was 29something. The MSRP on the car was 30,469 and then they dealer traded that and were going to give me one that MSRP for 30,650. We just bought the KIA last night, with the acceleration problems, no matter how slight, my husband wouldn't risk it. They couldn't actually demonstrate the brake overide system working to us or show us a video of it in action.
  • I imagine it should be easy to test a brake over-ride. Car in neutral. push the accelerator to half. Keep foot on gas, and press brake with other foot; engine should go to idle, right?
  • clubberclubber Posts: 8
    we are also looking at the three vehicles you mentioned,could you share some more details. I am from WI-northern illinois my prices so far are Sienna LE #2 package- 28,300 ODY--EX-25,800 waiting for price on Kia,anxious to hear more on the KIA. hope to hear from you soon,thanx
  • robooroboo Posts: 8
    Was this good Deal 36900 includes everything except tax .... XLE With premiun package dvd and nav.....2600 off msrp......
  • Just got my 2011 Sienna Limited in Predawn Mica with Premium package for $40200
    Dealt with Derrick Bates at Puente Hills Toyota, good guy pretty straight forward.
    Took forever installing the floor mats cause no one knew how to do it. They actually slides under the seat and then needs to be tucked in. We had 3 guys around the van trying to figure it out.
    He said he's willing to do $500 over invoice for all 2011 siennas if anyone else is interested.

    On a side note don't get the extended warranty from puente hills, i think they are aftermarket.
    I got mine extended warranty from Jerry at Midwest 8 year 75k for $709.
  • t_mt_m Posts: 9
    Does anyone know if the announced free 2-year autocare service plan for returning Toyota customers (part of the March incentives) is applicable for the 2011 Sienna?
  • I am checking a price. I have a dealer at 27900 for an LE FWD 6 cyl. with floor mats included in the 27900. Is this a good price? MSRP is 29999.

    Help! I need to get the best price. I am in Central NJ. The price does not include tax, tags, documentation, etc..

  • grippogrippo Posts: 4
    Got an '11 XLE in the Philly burbs today for $30,500 (no Nav/DVD & doesn't include tax/title/reg/etc.) and 3.39% for 60 months. After two solid weeks of negotiations with a number of dealers, it seemed pretty clear that we weren't gonna do much better than that.
  • sri1sri1 Posts: 23
    Congrats. Pl share the dealer info. I am in Philly burbs and looking for the same vehicle. Is the APR is from dealer/bank or Toyota. I appreciate if you could post the break down of the prices. Thanks.
  • tminivantminivan Posts: 3
    I'm hoping to take advantage of toyotas low financing rates for the 2010 sienna model. Im looking for the 8 seater LE model with power doors and liftgate. What do you think is the fair price for this car? I've been quoted 26,000
  • is that all wheel drive? What was the sticker on the car?
  • it's fwd
    the sticker is 43700 limited with premium package and floor mats
  • rwenrwen Posts: 6
    Congratulations on your new car, and looks like you got a great deal !!

    What was the MSRP of your car? Any additional options besides the Premium package, like storage bins for the well area (behind the 3rd row seat), and door sill cover with Sienna logo?

    Also, did you get the free 2 yr maintenance for the Sienna?
  • ebutashebutash Posts: 7
    $27,200 the best I got in RI/MA.
  • Thanks. What was the MSRP? Did the price include floor mats or any other options?
  • vc23vc23 Posts: 1
    After about 3 weeks of haggling, finally signed the dotted line today. Picked up a 2011 LE AWD with tow package and floor mats in VA. Here are the cost details;

    Price; 29,588
    Processing: 389
    VA Tax: 899.35
    Tags (2 year): 111.00
    Misc Fees: 60.32

    This made the out the door price $31048.50

    We had 4.35% financing and they were trying hard to sell us the 8 year 125K platinum warranty ($2080.75), ended up driving toyota financing down to 2.99% for 60 months and went with the warranty. Not a huge fan of the extended warranties, but with the cost savings, it made it a better deal.

    Good luck out there!
  • grippogrippo Posts: 4
    edited March 2010
    Thanks. This was through Ardmore, and the financing is through Toyota. Carousel originally quoted us that rate but were not competitive when it came to price. We also checked out Conicelli in Conshohocken which agreed to match any price we got elsewhere, but we got a real sleazy vibe from the guy we talked to and decided not to deal with them anymore. Ardmore didn't try to deal us any extras and were easy to deal with. In fact all of our interactions with them throughout the process were very pleasant and I'd go back there again in a second. As to be expected, they initially tried to go high on the financing and low on the trade-in, but in the end we got what we wanted. Maybe we could have gotten a slightly better deal, but at that point we didn't feel it was worth the additional effort.

    If this is what you mean by "breakdown of prices":

    MSRP (incl destination): $32,975
    Invoice (incl holdback): $30,078
    Paid: $30,500 (not incl taxes, tags, etc.)

    Everyone we tried getting invoice from basically laughed, citing the re-design and popularity, but we didn't do to bad in the end.
  • ma005ma005 Posts: 1
    Can you please share the name of the dealership? We want to buy a 2011 XLE w/ Premium pkg (dvd, nav, parking sensors). So far, we got $1,800 over invoice for Costco members. But your deal is better :).
  • we got the KIA for 25,500 and that was for the top model..I pick it up today so I will let you know, we didn't get lux or dvd because I don't like leather seats.
  • waltripwaltrip Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a Sienna LE, and appreciate the buying experiences listed here.

    However, I often see a post with a clear "price paid", but then a mention of a "trade-in" or "financing". I don't understand how one can compare a straight up purchase (no trade-in or financing) with one that contains either of those, since dealers are notorious, for example, for giving a better deal on the purchase price, then giving a poor price for the trade-in to make up for the "good deal" on the purchase. I don't know if they play the same game with financing or not.

    My (former) brother-in-law was infamous for that, he would tell me the really great deal he got on a new car purchase, but then my sister would tell me in private that he accepted a really low-ball price for their trade-in, so she felt it was not a good deal at all (but if husband was happy then she was happy). The point is, if you did not have a trade-in, or were unwilling to take a low-ball offer for your trade-in, you could never get the deals he was getting.

    If people are happy with both the purchase price and the price for their trade-in, then that's great, just seems like there is a potential for someone to post a price that is not really apples-to-apples with other posted prices.
  • b747b747 Posts: 10
    "we are also looking at the three vehicles you mentioned,could you share some more details. I am from WI-northern illinois my prices so far are Sienna LE #2 package- 28,300 ODY--EX-25,800 waiting for price on Kia,anxious to hear more on the KIA. hope to hear from you soon,thanx "

    I would pick the EX. the Sienna is way too expensive.
  • You would think so, but they wouldn't do it..I wonder if it damages the car somehow.
  • robooroboo Posts: 8
    36900 for xle premiun package 2900 off msrp bought it last friday waiting for it to come in this week does not include 7% tax for NJ
  • robooroboo Posts: 8
    no trade in 2.9% fin 60 months
  • kiki8kiki8 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    We just purchased the XLE with the DVD package (8 passenger) for $33,168 (including destination). TTL were extra. We were set to buy an Odyssey but were not happy with what they offered on our trade in. Purely out of spite we went next door to the toyota dealership and loved the Sienna. We are pleased with our purchase.

    Oh and we are in Northern CA, near San Francisco and bought the Sienna at Milpitas Toyota (Piercey)
  • tminivantminivan Posts: 3
    27,200? is this with 8th seat and power doors? If so can you give me the name of that dealership?
  • sricansrican Posts: 12
    We are looking to buy the 2011 XLE base with no addl package. MSRP on toyota website is 32K. Has anyone bought it and if so what price did you pay.

    Also, we are exploring the costco auto buying program, but the price offered for an Odyssey EX by one of the dealers was 300 over invoice which was higher than the quote I got from another dealer without using the program.

    Inputs appreciated.


  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28 has this particular XLE listed from 30,829 to 30,997 depending on locattion. The 30,829 is in Chambersburg, PA and 30,997 is in Gaithersburg, MD.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    IIRC a poster on here got a base 2011 XLE for $30,500.

    I looked into the Costco program last year. Using the Costco program, prices were higher than I could do with my own negotiations. I think all the buying programs like Costco, AMEX, AAA, etc. are good for folks that do not want to take the time to negotiate. But the service comes with an add on price. Those buying companies get a referral fee from the dealer, which is added to what the vehicle is going to cost the consumer.
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