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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • baobabbaobab Posts: 4
    edited April 2010
    Thanks to everyone who has posted information on this forum - it's been very helpful during our buying process.

    We just collected a 2011 XLE AWD in the Boston, MA area - sharing this information in the hope that it will help others.

    After going to a few dealers and getting some online quotes, we used the Amex/Zag service. Zag delivers three quotes - in our case, two quotes and a third dealer who promised to provide a quote. Two of these quotes were better than the quotes we had received via other sources. The best quote was at invoice and happened to be the dealer closest to us; the dealer that didn't immediately provide a quote was in New Hampshire.

    Apparently Toyota doesn't build vehicles to order but ships particular Toyota-determined configurations to different parts of the country. We were told this by several dealers and also by a lady at AmEx/Zag. We wanted a specific combination which is not commonly available in the north-east: the AWD XLE with only the Entertainment package - most XLEs in this part of the country are either base models or come with the premium package. We also wanted a Salsa Red vehicle with grey interior (again, red is not a commonly available colour).

    We weren't in a rush, so rather than being switched to a vehicle that didn't have the configuration we wanted, we told the dealer that we were willing to wait. Most dealers seem to pass on the opportunity to meet specific customer requests and/or locate vehicles - they would rather just sell something that they have in stock. Our dealer did hunt down the exact vehicle that we wanted - it took a couple of weeks to arrive because they had to get another dealer elsewhere in the country to order it and do a convoluted swap. I was very clear that we wanted only the Entertainment package, and weren't interested in buying any of the smaller options like carpet mats, etc. The vehicle they got for us did actually come with a number of minor additional options, but the dealer made no attempt to make us pay for these.

    Our vehicle is configured as follows:
    XLE AWD (sticker $35,315)
    Entertainment package (sticker $2,495)
    Preferred accessory package (sticker $404)
    Wheel locks (sticker $67)
    Paint protection film (sticker $395)

    Total sticker price - $38,676.

    Our final price was:
    XLE AWD + EY (entertainment package) $34,715 = invoice price
    Documentation fee $279
    Registration and title $125

    Total = $35,119 + applicable sales taxes.

    It's not clear what the invoice price is for the small options: presumably they have a generous profit margin, so I expect the invoice would be a few hundred dollars... which means we paid a few hundred less than invoice on the overall vehicle.

    We didn't trade in a vehicle, and were pre-approved for an auto loan at 3.09% before going to the dealer. We first went in just before the March incentives expired, and the dealer offered us 2.99% financing. By the time the vehicle arrived, Toyota had shifted to their April incentives and had raised the lower bar on their interest rates, so were no longer offering a 2.99% rate. Rather than trying to talk us into a more expensive loan, the Toyota finance guy immediately said that we should stick with our preapproved rate. (The 0.1% difference between the two original rates comes to about $90 over the course of a five year loan, plus the minor hassle of coordinating extra paperwork to set up the third-party loan). We did have a net win by buying during the April period, since Toyota is currently offering two years of free maintenance to all purchasers, not just those who already own Toyotas. Our dealer gives a year of free maintenance; the second free year is probably worth several hundred dollars.

    There were a few things I appreciated about the dealer:
    1) They had the lowest quote and price (notwithstanding a brief initial snafu with their Internet sales person who quoted the full sticker price as a starting point)
    2) They found the exact vehicle we wanted
    3) They took a no-haggle approach
    4) They were straightforward about the pros and cons and didn't try to up-sell us on features or products we didn't want
    5) They treated us with respect

    The last point is important because I am a) female, b) "pretty" in the long blonde hair and size 4 sense, and c) massively pregnant. None of these factors tend to win much respect from car salesmen. Early in our car-buying process I walked out of a Honda dealership after the manager kept trash-talking Toyota despite my repeated warnings to him that I wasn't interested in hearing that sort of garbage and the pretty clear subtext from me that I'd done my homework and knew more about the fundamental issues that led to the recalls than him... Condescending, rude, and/or chauvinistic sales people drive me nuts and won't get my money.

    Our sales guy at Toyota figured out within a minute or two of our first test drive that although my husband was the first person in the Sienna's driver's seat, I am the car person and the business person, and had done my research on both the vehicle and the costs/benefits of each option. He was respectful towards my husband but definitely focused on making the sale to me - which scored points with my husband too :D Being well-informed before going to the dealer definitely helped control and ease the buying process, and it probably didn't hurt that our current car is a german sports car.

    To be honest, given that other local dealers didn't come close to this pricing we were pleased at how good a no-haggle deal we received, especially since we wanted a specific vehicle that wasn't in stock and had to be sourced. The dealer was Toyota of Watertown. Our sales guy made a big effort to make sure we were happy and got everything we wanted, even though there wasn't much commission in it for him - not sure if I'm allowed to name him, but he's the Russian guy with 19 year old twins. When we first looked at the Sienna we'd had some initial contact with another salesman at that dealership. He was pleasant enough but young and not particularly well-informed; I really liked the guy we ended up working with and would highly recommend him.

    Incidentally, for those who were posting re: the pros and cons of bisque vs. grey interiors recently - we originally thought that we would want a bisque interior with the red exterior, but imo the bisque interior looks cheaper and more plasticky (especially the dashboard) than the grey interior. Both interiors are quite light.
  • baobabbaobab Posts: 4
    As a footnote, according to Yahoo! the extra options (preferred accessory package, wheel locks and paint protection) add another $476 to the invoice price, so we effectively got the vehicle for $476 below invoice.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    edited April 2010
    I'm glad you got a deal but there's no way the second year of maintenance is worth a "few hundred dollars." You will only be doing oil changes every 5K miles (twenty dollars and change) and possibly a couple of tire rotations on tires that you'll want to get rid of ASAP anyway. That's it.
  • gigamikegigamike Posts: 2
    The free maintenence program is one free oil change and tire rotation every 6 months or 5000 miles for 2 years or 25000 miles. This gets you a maximum of 5, and a minimum of 4 oil changes and a maxium of 5 tire rotations. Oil changes at my dealer are $30 and a tire rotation is $20. The total "value" of the 2 year free maintenence program is $220-$250.

    The salesman told me that only oil changes and tire rotations are included. Everything else listed in Toyota's suggested maintenence schedules is the customer's responsibility.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    I agree on the low value of the two year free maintenance toyota is promoting. Toyota instead should be putting a 100,000 mile 5 year warranty on all their vehicles, especially in light of all the recent recalls, including the Sienna.

    The "free maintenance" is actually a way to get the customer back to the dealership. Some will find that they "need" items that are not covered by the two year agreement, and additional service revenue will be generated.

    I also don't get the "value" of wheel locks. If the key is lost or misplaced, the locks must be broken off. Any tire and wheel thief that has been around for any time will have a set of wheel lock removers, which can be bought at Sears. If a thief wants to steal some wheels, the ones on a Sienna are going to be waaay down on the list. Large chromies are much more in demand. And if tires and wheels get stolen, insurance buys the vehicle a new set. Wheel locks just another profit maker for the dealer.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    edited April 2010
    I don't know if anything changed in 2011 (probably not) but recent Siennas only need oil changes until 100K-120K miles anyway. Add brake pads and tires and that should be the only true additional expense.

    They had the $1000 loyalty rebate instead of maintenance in February I believe and lots of 0% financing back then too. The current deals (for existing owners) are worse though they may include a few more models in financing specials now.

    The free maintenance is an amazingly-effective and extremely low-cost marketing gimmick.
  • gigamikegigamike Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    Foot in mount edit :) :lemon: :lemon:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think he means the first real tune-up falls within that range of mileage.

    You still have to rotate tires, though. There is more than just oil changes before 100k, though a lot of it is "inspect" this or that.
  • baobabbaobab Posts: 4
    No doubt you're correct on the low value of the free maintenance (I based my estimate on said German marque's rather more expensive synthetic oil + overpriced dealer service...)

    Also, to your later post - we did not already own a Toyota, so the loyalty rebate was worthless to us and the 0% financing also did not apply. My point was that the $90 that we "lost" to the interest rate by buying in April rather than March was a wash with the extra year of maintenance.

    I'm keeping an open mind on the run-flats: apparently the ones they use on the 2011 Sienna are more durable than those on previous models. We don't do much mileage, so I'm not too concerned.
  • baobabbaobab Posts: 4
    edited April 2010
    Wheel locks may or may not be worth having - I didn't ask for them, nor did I pay for them. If the key is lost it's simple enough to order a new one, or [as you note] to buy a solution from Sears. The XLE does have big shiny wheels and perhaps those might be attractive to some thieves... but we haven't had problems with our sports car (shiny rims, expensive high performance tires, no wheel locks), which is usually parked on a city street.

    As noted above, none of the extra options struck me as worth buying from the dealer. In due course I'd been planning to invest in an aftermarket cargo net and all-weather mats, so my net gain is really just the cargo net.
  • New to the Edmunds forum I must first say, its wonderful having so many people share their auto experiences with the erst of us, its extremely helpful.

    I currently drive a 2000 Sienna XLE with 187K miles in CNJ-NNJ and I waited for the 2011 so I can get a leather 8 seater which wasn't offered before. I am looking to a buy a XLE with the premium package and remote starter. I emailed several dealers in the area, it seems they wont respond via email, they want you to come in person to get pricing.

    Firstly, Id like to know if thats standard around here in the area, and if anyone did buy the same configuration as the above and to hear about their experience with pricing etc.

    Also regarding financing if I have great credit, what should I expect to pay, and whats the best way to get any trade in for my OLD sienna .

    Thanks aill appreciate all your input, and I thank you in advance for your time , effort and input.
  • aprajithaaprajitha Posts: 19
    Any idea when the SE sport models will be available on the market?
  • r2m45r2m45 Posts: 10

    I purchased my XLE with Premium Package and floor mats for $300 under dealer invoice.$39,524.00 MSRP, my price: $35,500.00. I emailed many dealers here in PA and was swarmed with return emails and phone calls immediately. There should be no reason for you to go to a dealer until you have an agreed upon price, period. Seek out other dealers in your area, or perhaps drive to one outside of your area. Toyota is still on the ropes if they are selling a redesign for under invoice. Toyota financing, atleast at my dealer, was 6.59% for Tier 1 credit!!! I told my salesman I would pay no more than 2.9% or we didn't have deal. He agreed.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    They are in production now. Should hit dealerships any day.
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    Any idea if toyota will make LE 7 passenger FWD like they did last gen?
    I definitely don't want AWD and definitely don't want 8-pass as the stupid funny middle cup holder base. The only 7-pass FWD is limited edition but this is too over my budget....Thanks
  • Hello user baobab. My husband and I are also looking for the XLE AWD with only the EY - Entertainment package in the Northeast region. All the dealerships in our area (RI) do not have this combination so I am really thrilled to see your post and that you were able to get one and negotiate at below invoice price.

    So far, all the quotes we have received are on XLE AWD with premium package and are nowhere near the invoice price so your help would be very much appreciated. The dealers that we talked to said that they would have to order the combination we want from the manufacturer and wait six weeks. The fact that we have to wait is not issue but negotiating anywhere near invoice is proving to be difficult. But we have not tried Amex/Zag yet so that is one more option we have to look into.

    If its not too much to ask, I would like to get information on the saleman you dealt with at Toyota of Watertown and I am wondering if it is possible for you to email me at This is a new email account I created just for this purpose and I plan to no longer access this account after I receive the information I need.

    Thanks again!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I just looked on MSN the other day and the average rate is 5.42%, with a low of 2.95%.

    6.59% is way too high for Tier I.
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    After months of waiting and back and forth with wife on what trim level to get (LE vs XLE) finally made the purchase of a 2011 XLE FWD from MSRP is 33,516 with options: wheel locks, roof cross bars and carpet floormats. Purchase price was 30,197. plus 19 for a 60 day temp tag. If fitzmall did the tag work they charge 99 processing fee. I will do the tags and taxes myself in NJ. The most difficult part was the time and expense of travelling to the dealership and the 4 1/2 hour drive home.

    My wife notice whistling noise on the highway, perhaps from the passenger door/window or the passenger side sliding door. Will have to do some investigating. Also the wife hates the ugly antenna. Other than that everything seems fine so far.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats on the new Swagger Wagon. ;)
  • rose33rose33 Posts: 14
    Thanks to all who post here - the information is very helpful. I hope someone can help me with the following. I am trying to negotiate a purchase price on an XLE AWD with Entertainment Package. When I researched the car at Edmunds and Truecar, I got different numbers for Invoice ($34,204 with Edmunds and $34,905 with Truecar). I want to negotiate from Invoice up but don't know which number to use. Also, I had one dealer tell me that Edmunds pricing is not accurate. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • I am looking for the exact same package and I got $34,204 Invoice from Edmunds but got $34,715 Factory Invoice from Truecar and Amex/Zag for my location which is in Northeast area.
  • joefar75joefar75 Posts: 46
    I have'nt seen any posting on here for the XLE w/ entertainment package.
    Has anyone had any experience with this Trim?

    I can get an Odyssey EXL w/DVD for 30k, I really dont expect to pay much more, or any more for a Sienna. Does that sound reasonable?
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    The entertainment package is a 2500 option - MSRP - not sure what the invoice price. I paid 30,197 without the entertainment package. So with the entertainment the ballpark figure should be around 30,197 + 2000 ? Maybe.
  • frankdux1frankdux1 Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    I recently purchased a 2011 Sienna XLE with the premium package MSRP: $39,776, from Boch toyota in Norwood, MA.

    I emailed for a price, they came back immediately with $35,000. I contacted a few other dealers and no one was even within $800 of this price, only two other dealers had a similar car so my options were somewhat limited. We did not discuss my trade in at all.

    $35k seemed pretty good to me so I put a deposit down over the phone and headed to the dealer with my trade, 2005 Honda Odyssey EXL.

    My trade-in story may or may not be relevant to you, but here it is. At the dealer, I did not haggle over the new car price at all. Instead, I put my efforts into getting the most for my trade. I expect that they would have come down a bit more on the new car, but not much, without a trade I would have pushed them more on that number. We came to an agreement on the trade in value of my Honda (which had a few issues) that worked for me. They said things like, “the Sienna is nearly $5k off sticker, we are losing money on this deal, most blue book trade in values are based on paying MSRP for the new car.” I said things like, “You gave me $35k right away with no haggling, it must some financial sense for you to sell the car at that price, I will take less than blue book for my trade but not that much less.” I hate bringing a trade into the discussion, I would have preferred to sell my Honda beforehand but it had too many issues I was not eager to pay $2-$3K to have fixed. Every time I finish a new car transaction I vow to avoid dealing with a trade next time, oh well.

    The final price of the vehicle, not including TTL, was $35,399. Boch has a $399 doc fee that they add on at the end. I might have pushed them on this fee a bit more but instead I haggled with the finance manager who gave me 3.9% for 6 years, and a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty with no deductible for an additional $1,250.

    Looking back, I probably should have agreed to $35k doc fee included for the new car, before I entered to dealership. Even with my trade it likely would not have been asking too much. I probably could have done better with the finance guy too, maybe got 2.9% like some others on this board or paid less for the warranty but I was ready to be done with the whole process at that point. I advise anyone to go after this guy, even though you are weary and longing to drive the new car away, there is room to squeeze more out of them at this point, don’t be satisfied until he gives you more than he initially offers.

    All in all, I am happy with the car. I debated about the DVD and Nav but they are worth it. My kids, ages 3 and 6, are spellbound by the RES, it is much better than the days of hand held entertainment in the old Honda. I have hooked up my ipod touch and an old playstation2 successfully and watched TV shows and played games side by side with a DVD. It feels just as big as the odyssey, I am not ready to render a verdict on fuel economy just yet. The ride is ultra smooth and the handling effortless. Finally, and most importantly, my wife is thrilled to death, which, of course, matters most of all.
  • I just bought XLE with prem. package here in Portland, Oregon. I bought through Tonking Toyota in east portland. I worked with a guy through email, settled on a price over the email. MSRP was $39,574, paid $35,600 + DMV fees. I got financing through Band of America for 3.2% APR.

    I have been looking into buying a Sienna for the last 6 months and have been in touch with this particular person since then. He worked with me patiently as I switched my preference from 2010 model to 2011 and also changed some option preferences. We could never come to an agreement on the price, till just recently. He even got the van on a flat bed truck from 200 miles away. I may have bargained for a couple of hundred dollars less, but since we have been wanting a van for a long time, I decided to give in a bit.

    Their finance department is not the best and tried to push me a little bit into buying all sorts of stuff, but after being on this forum for long, I knew better.

    So far, loving the Van and all aspects of it, well, may be except that third seat mechanism in the second row. Right now we are keeping the seat in so I dont see the cup holder on the floor. The seat pushes forward enough for people to get into the third row. The audio system and GPS is very good, but I still have a lot to explore with this gadget packed vehicle.

    Good luck in your respective searches. This forum has been very useful. Thanks for everyone who contributed.
  • Thank You everyone for their input and guidance. Spent hours reading through the posts for the past 3 months. Turns out the tow prep optionthat I wanted was not available in the greater NY/NJ/CT area. Only carpet and door sills (which came with the vehicle).

    My tactic was to see who would pricematch Russel's Toyota's prices in Maryland and the start dealer shopping. Drove to several dealerships but only Hudson Toyota in NJ was willing to pricematch Russel Toyota's price let alone have the color that I wanted.

    I'm sure I could have gone lower, but this dealership is closer to me. Below was what I paid.

    Paid 26,882 +TTL and 274 documentation fee. Satisfied with the deal since no other dealership was being aggressive for my business and needed the car this weekend.

    Paid in cash but still did a credit application. Even for a tier 1, I only got 3.9% for 60 months.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That rate isn't bad. MSN says the average rate right now is 5.42%, so you're well below average.

    Congrats and enjoy the van. :shades:
  • atothekatothek Posts: 3
    2011 Sienna LE V6 8-Passenger 2WD

    No options (towing prep kit credited back to me since I don't need it).
    27856 out the door (excluding tax, tag, and title).

    Sunshine Toyota, Battle Creek Michigan
  • Just was quoted 33,400 OTD price for Black with tan interior here in MN. No additional options. Figured 2500 is TTL so roughly paying 30,900. Is this a good deal?

    I can get a 2010 Odyssey for 30,700 OTD without having done any bargaining. Either vehicle would suit me ... just want a great rock bottom price for that particular vehicle.

    Anyone know if this is a good deal? any thoughts? Plan to purchase REALLY soon.
  • After returned the defect (AC problem) 2011 sienna XLE back to dealer. Now, I am in the market looking for the car again. Th best quote I got now is $29788 + tax&fee (for XLE, no DVD, no Nav, MSRP 33299). But that dealer doesn't have the color I want. For the color I am looking for, they only have XLE w/ DVD. But it will be $31788 (+ MSRP 35794 ). I got another dealer willing to get a dealer trade XLE at $30300 for any color I am looking for.
    Now, I am facing the tough decision, either
    XLE w/o DVD for $30300, or
    XLE w/ DVD for $31788, or
    XLE w/o DVD for $29788, but don't know when they will have the color I want

    The DVD is nice to have, but the price difference is kind of big.
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