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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hutieuhutieu Posts: 2
    it seems to be good price if you got 2011 LE 8-Pass 2WD under $27,856. I live in Huntington Beach CA, I just purchased LE-8Pass-2WD for $30.5 OTD(including tax, DMV, doc. fees..) If anyone here wants to purchase Sienna, just have to wait for a while (during Xmas time) the price will drop like crazy.... I can't wait, I need it for my vacation trips during this summer.
  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    No documentation. I got the invoice price and was about the pay while we noticed the automatic door was an issue. Turns out it was because of a sticker blocking the sensor - but my wife thinks otherwise and therefore we are waiting for another van. Almost went with black - but with black and predawn side by side - predawn wins hands down.
  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    Correct. Is that a bad price?
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    I paid 30,200 for my plain XLE FWD. I was never in the market for a AWD so I don't know their prices. I thought AWDs generally go for 2-3000 more than a FWD - maybe I am mistaken ?
  • hokiehighhokiehigh Posts: 16
    I got the same deal another poster reported earlier:

    2011 Sienna XLE with carpet floormats, roof crossbar and door sill protector for $30,197; $99 processing fee plus TTL
    color: white/beige

    I wanted all season floormats but dealer said they were recalled by toyota, I don't know where else to get them. I also want to buy splash guards, anyone know where I can buy them?

    The insurance premium is higher on Sienna comparing with Odyssey, this is the third car on my policy, the premium increase is $544 (Sienna) vs. $407 (similar equipped Odyssey). I suspect this is due to IIHS hasn't officially tested Sienna yet, the insurance rate will go down once tested, hopefully.

    Hope this helps.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Help me understand here. A sticker was blocking a sensor for the automatic door, and your wife wants a different van????
  • jsan202jsan202 Posts: 1
    Where did you buy your Sienna at(Dealership/State/City)? I need to get a good deal on an XLE with Navigation and DVD entertainment package, can you help?

  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    well - let me tell you the whole story.
    She was at home and we went to pick up the van - and when we took delivery - and papers were being signed by my father inside, me and my brother were out checking out the van - and we noticed the door was not functioning when we tried to open it using the button on the head console and the keys.

    Then I remembered that this was the same van we test drove couple of days ago and the van had the same problem at the time but we did not care as we were just exploring our options.
    So the dealer told us to come back after the weekend and promised us to fix the door. On the way back I spoke with the wify and she said it was just a bad sign so I called the dealer and cancelled that van and asked them to look into getting us another with the same color.
    Meanwhile I read the post here on the forum that details the exact same problem - which strengthened my suspicion. The dealer called us yesterday and told us that it was the sticker blocking the sensor but I can't really see how that can be the case as we all looked at the van very carefully at the time we were about take delivery and could not find anything at all. Also - when the door was fully open, we could not close it using anything other than the manual push. The door would just stutter but not move. So door not opening and closing - one with very little knowledge about mechanics but who is spending his hard earned cash would be nothing less than hesitant to take delivery. And someone like me, would just outright deny the delivery.
  • dann80dann80 Posts: 18
    what was your price before tax, title and fees?
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Ah, now I understand. I would have done the same.

    I have made the mistake in the past of taking a new vehicle and getting a "will fix" in writing for later. Fixes did not suit, but then stuck with the vehicle.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Black is a hard to KEEP clean color. 15 minutes after a wash you can see dust on the finish. Automatic car washes are very hard on the finish, and will leave swirl marks that will need buffing out, by someone that knows what they are doing. Even the touchless washes are not great, as they don't get all the dirt off the vehicle.

    That said, there is no color that looks better when clean. :shades: (IMO)
  • Hello all. Its been awhile but we have been busy searching for the car we want. We live in RI and this exact trim is hard to find - they have FWD but we want AWD which we always had. Finally found it today 5/22 at Toyota Nashua - 80 miles+ from where we live. This is an excellent dealership and we had a haggle-free experience with them. I will gladly email anyone who want salesperson names.

    MSRP is 45,339 and here is the breakdown:
    39,770 Base Price
    220 Special Color
    4,025 Limited Premium package
    800 Delivery processing and handling fee
    44,815 This matches truecar and edmunds
    67 Alloy wheel locks
    82 Extra 2 wireless headphones (so we have 4)
    51 Cargo Net
    324 Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    45,339 total sticker/msrp price

    41,195 is the negotiated price internet/phone. I believe this is $200 below the total invoice price including options. I asked for $500 below invoice and they said that they can do on LE but not on this model. After we agreed on $41,195, Internet Sales rep requested $500 deposit but found out the next day that they never charged my card - they just needed credit card info to hold the car for me.

    13,000 tradein value - they matched the offer we got from carmax so we are happy with this deal as well. 349 doc fees is what they charge. We got a 3.99% for 6 years or 2.99% for 5 years from AAA. They matched it with 3.74% APR for 6 years with TMCC (Toyota Motors). Lastly, we got the 2yr free maintenance.

    We also got the $668 5 yrs/unlimited miles tire warranty - we got this because we had a friend who has the old Sienna with run flat tires and it cost them $1000 to replace all four. We understand that this does not cover wear & tear but covers the any damage to the tire and rims (except if you hit a curb).

    Last week, we also made a deal with another Toyota dealer. Prior to going there they also had a Sienna LTD AWD Blizzard Pearl with premium package MSRP is 44,815 (no other options). I didnt want to put a deposit on the car over the phone because they wouldnt disclose the selling price and just kept saying $500 below invoice (I was skeptical on what their invoice price is). The Blizzard Pearl was sold when we arrived at the dealer. They then convinced us that they can do a delaer locate & swap in 3-4 days and there are 11 in the area. The catch is we need to settle on a deal on the LTD AWD Salsa Red they have in stock which they will swap. We agreed on the price for both Sienna and our tradein which is not bad. The problem is 1 week have passed and they are not able to do the swap. Their financing was not able to match the AAA APR and they never mentioned the 2yr free maintenance to us. They are now offering us to order it and wait for 3-4 weeks or buy a different vehicle (Blizzard Pearl LTD FWD or Salsa Red that they have). We just decided to cancel the deal with them.

    I am so glad we didnt agree to order since we now have our Swagger Wagon home. :shades:

    Email me at if you have any questions.

    Thank you all for all the inputs - this forum has been very helpful.!
  • dann80dann80 Posts: 18
    Wow, they were willing to go $500 below invoice on a LE? I wonder how they can afford that. Their holdback amount would seem to barely cover this amount.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    The dealership knew the customer wanted a Sienna Limited, not the LE. So they could say they would go $500 under, knowing the LE was not what the customer wanted.
  • I am not an expert on whether the holdback amount is included/excluded in the invoice price found in If you have tried that site there is another price lower than invoice which is dealer cost, so this tells me that they are still making money even at invoice. I also noticed that edmunds invoice is lower compared to truecar - dont know who is right but the invoice of all dealers I have spoken with matches truecar and not edmunds.

    The lowest quote I received in truecar in my zip area is $100 below invoice from Balise Toyota of Warwick. Prime Toyota and Route 44 Toyota both came back and said they can beat that at $500 below invoice. However, both of them used to have the Pearl but has been sold and I now have to order it. Toyota of Nashua has the Blizzard Pearl in stock but only agreed to $200 below invoice.

    $300 difference for us is better than waiting for 3-4 weeks. We are VERY HAPPY with our purchase :)
  • That is a possibility but it wouldnt hurt to call the 3 dealers and ask. I wasn't skeptical since I received that offer from 2 other dealers who also knew i wanted Limited AWD. The 2 other dealers offered the $500 below invoice on any Sienna trim. I wouldnt recommend Prime though due to the experience we had but maybe it will be different for others.
  • hokiehighhokiehigh Posts: 16
    purchase was made at Fitzgerald Toyota @ Gaithersburg, MD. Highly recommend.
  • Thanks all for your input. Based on all the info in the posts, I knew the purchase price I should be negotiating for Here are a few important points I would like to share, and I'm pretty sure many of you had this type of experience in this area of the world.

    Firstly, please be aware that dealerships in NNJ and CNJ area are not that easily going to quote you a price online or via email, you might have to work hard just to get that number.

    Then if you're determined on a upgraded Sienna trim and with package features, which are not the bulk of the sales and available inventory,then there's less chance they have it on their lot. You might be told its available, as a way of lure you to the dealership however once you arrive there, you'll be told eventually it was just sold prior to your arrival-which you know is not true.

    Additionally, since they probably dont have the car on the lot and they have to swap with another dealership either affiliated or not, you have less of a chance making a deal on the spot by offering your lowest price.

    Furthermore, if the car is not on the lot, you might be told you"ll have the car in a day or 2, when in reality you might have to wait days if not weeks.

    Quotes over the phone have little meaning, as you'll probably be told in person, it was a misunderstanding.

    Apparently many salesmen think that they will benefit in the long run by being sleezy. In truth, most of us have a sense what an honest dealer is, and will only work with someone we find to be trustworthy,

    Im not sure what the Emunds policy is, is it okay to mention the name of dealer and sales person that I found to be pleasurable working with ?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,096
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


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  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    All very true as I am a NJ shopper for a XLE also. My rule was if the dealer did not have the van I wanted on the lot I would not bother to go to the dealership. What made it even more difficult was I wanted a plain XLE in one particular color. I notice some NJ dealers had XLEs but usually they were loaded with NAVI/DVD entertainment or both. If you are looking for one with permium you may have a better chance to buy it in NJ. That's why I made the journey to MD to get my van. Good luck in your search.
  • billikidsbillikids Posts: 10
    I've got a 2003 black 4Runner and I wouldn't say it is hard to clean. It's as easy to clean as any other car :). It doesn't hide dirt as well as other colors, but I've never seen it as a big deal. And, I've had it since Dec of '02 and the color hasn't faded a bit...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think they menat Toyota offers the vehicle for crash testing, but it's conducted by IIHS at their facility.
  • The wait is over! My new Sienna arrived 5/24 after waiting for its arrival since ordered on May 1st. They told us 6 weeks but we got it ahead of schedule.

    Sticker was 33,500. Only options we added were floor mats/sill protectors and mud guards. Didn't get NAV or DVD. Our price was 30,650 before TTL (33,200.00 out the door). In hindsight we may have been able to negotiate a teeny bit more, but in the end I am happy with what we paid.

    I love the black! I would have had more regrets if we went with an easier color than one that I actually love.
  • drgasdrgas Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    Please let me know if the price is OK and if I can go ahead.... Thank you

    These are the specifications for my 2011 Sienna

    FWD, 3.5-Liter V6, XLE 8-Passenger, 6-Speed Automatic
    XLE Premium Package with Additional Options:
    •[FE] 50 state emissions
    •[PM] XLE Premium Package - includes Dual-View Entertainment Center [15] with two wireless headphones [31], voice-activated touch-screen DVD navigation system [12] with Panorama Camera [6] including integrated backup camera with two views (regular mode and wide-angle mode) and on-screen backup guides, JBL® AM/FM/MP3 4-disc CD changer, ten speakers, XM® Radio [3] with XM NavTraffic™ [12] (includes 90-day trial subscriptions), auxiliary audio jack, USB [9] port with iPod® [10] connectivity, hands-free phone capability and music streaming via Bluetooth® [11] wireless technology, Smart Key System [16] on all doors with Push Button Start and remote illuminated entry, chrome-accented outside door handles, rear parking sonar and Safety Connect™
    Exterior:Silver Sky Metallic
    Interior:XLE textured leather in Bisque

    Paint Protection Film [38] (3P)
    Mudguards [39] (DI01)
    Carpet Floor Mats with Door Sill Protectors [38] (CF)
    Wireless Headphones [38] (WH)
    Remote Engine Start [38] (V4)

    This is the quote that I got after negotiations

    "Sienna for $35,734.99. Add ons $896.00. Title $225.00. Sales tax $2394.01. Total $39,250.00 OTD "
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats. Daddy like.
  • I also waited for almost 2 months, and finally got my silver XLE with DVD ( + floor mats) for $32,000 + tax & fees. It seems XLE base and w/ DVD are the most popular models in my area. Most of dealers have those sold out very quickly. I bought mine when the car just landed on the dealer parking lot (only 2 miles on the car when I bought it :-)
    The dealer offered me a better deal on a different color car. But I like the silver, and it worths the wait.
  • Price seems fine.

    You can try to lower it down to 39K even - they will probably give in since its close to end of month. indicates that best price for the Sienna with premium is $35,566.

    Lastly, dont forget to ask for the free 2 year maintenance being offered by Toyota - I believe its good until 6/1.
  • I agree not to go to the dealership if the van is not there. In our experience though, the van is still in their online inventory and still in their lot when we dropped in but were told that it is already sold. The good thing out of it is that we were able to confirm that it is really what we want. We even got a good deal during the negotiation. The only problem is they were not able to get one in the 72 hour timeframe that they promised and we just cant wait for 3-4 weeks.
  • sclescle Posts: 4
    LE AWD with the following options:
    Wheel Locks (alloy) [38] (WL) $67
    Carpet Floor Mats with Door Sill Protectors [38] (CF) $324
    Cargo Organizer [38] (9H) $239
    Tow prep Kit $220
    MSRP $32780

    Paid 28800 without TTL

    How did I do?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds quite good, actually. Congrats.
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