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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • huntlo711huntlo711 Posts: 2
    I picked up a dark grey 2011 Sienna xle fwd with nav package yesterday. Paid $32,141 plus tax/title and $499 for the Protectant package. Solid deal! I found out the reason why was because Toyota let Muirfield Country Club (dublin, oh) use the Sienna to transfer golfers/families for the Memorial Tournament. So, it had 325 miles, big deal. Very happy with the deal.

    ********************************************************************************- ******************The finance guy wasn't flexible with the 7 year bumper to bumper warranty. The lowest we got was $1100 and I had contact info for another dealership to get this for $900. However, I called Geico to get a quote on insurance and they offered the same 7 Year/100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty as part of my insurance. There are zero exclusions from the warranty and it cost me 30 bucks/year with $250 deductible. I thought this was a great deal and had no clue insurance companies could offer a warranty as part of my auto coverage.
  • chucksrtchucksrt Posts: 12
    I used to work there (not in sales) and they are the worst. I recommended family and friends there and they would not give a deal. Everyone ended up at faulkner. The best dealer in the area is Champion/Sloan toyota in Phila Pa. They give good deals up front. I went to team because they had the largest selection of Sienna at the time, I knew they wouldn't get me the right deal but I let them make an offer and it sucked!!! When the sales manager came out to talk he said "sure other dealers can beat our price but who would you rather do Business with" I almost laughed in his face and said I want to deal with the dealer who is best willing to work with me. I warn everyone I know who is looking at cars to stay away from them. Don't bother wasting your time saying anything to them, the sales manager is a friend of the owners family and nothing will happen. Their sales tactic is, we are the newest, the biggest there for we are the best. They will never learn!!!
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 23
    edited June 2010
    so if my dealer refused to offer:

    * $1039: 8yr/100k miles extended warranty with no deductible
    * $360: 3rd & 4th year free pre-paid maintenance (on top of the free 2 years from Toyota)

    can I get the wty from another dealer? will that work?
    Or car + wty must be from same dealer?

    Also - if I did not use the wty after 8 yrs - will i get refund?

    And - is the 100K on top of the basic wty?

    can anyone recommend a chicagoland dealer?

  • I would recommend call Toyota Financial Service directly (1-800-228-8559). You will get the answer for all your questions :-)
  • We recently bought our 2011 Limited AWD Sienna and love it. Here's what we got:
    Exterior: Blizzard Pearl
    Interior: Light Grey
    Trim: Limited AWD
    Options: Premium Package, Convenience, Package, Door Sill Protector, Mats,
    and Roof Rack
    Price: $42,250 (Excludes Tax, Title, License)

    In the SF Bay Area, the dealers are pretty snobby about their prices especially for the Blizzard Pearl because there is not a lot of inventory. But, when I called Vacaville Toyota and asked for their best price, Deborah Pryor-Bruns (Internet Fleet Manager) gave me the $42,200 price over the phone and then followed-up with the email. I also asked for the roof rack crossbar to be included in the price, but she said that the $42,200 was their best price. However, she did offer to split the cost with me. So, we paid an additional $50 for the roof rack thus coming to $42,250 (excludes TTL). This is the best price and haggle-free price I could get. And I called a few dealers and even tried some of the internet options (i.e. Costco Auto Program, TrueCar, etc.).

    This transaction was very smooth, and Deborah was awesome. Dennis (her husband) who also helped us was great. I had to reschedule when we would pick-up the van. So, Dennis was her back-up. If you’re looking for the best price (haggle-free) and great service, contact Deborah.

    Thank you Vacaville Toyota :shades:
  • iautoiauto Posts: 8
    Finally I lost my patience and bought Sienna v6 LE for $27500 + TTL.

    Also got 8 Yrs / 100K miles extended warranty with 0 deductible for $1500.

    Couldn't find a better deal.
  • t_mt_m Posts: 9

    You can certainly buy the extended warranty from another dealer. The $1039 price was quoted earlier on this forum from a dealer in the midwest who can do the whole transaction over the phone. If your dealer, doesn't match it, just don't buy it from them and buy it over the phone for a much better price.

    The 3rd and 4th year extension for pre-paid maintenance are a different story, though. I think that you have to buy this from the dealer at the time of sale. They cannot sell it for more than MSRP ($440), though. So they can't rip you off too much. My dealer told me that the invoice price for it is $335 so see what you can buy it for.

    The 100k is not on top of the basic warranty. I don't know about the refund. I think it's too good to be true.

    Good luck :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I just can't believe anyone would shell out 40K plus for a V6 minivan

    Those are pretty rare.

    To get an idea - the local no-haggle dealer had 107 Siennas in stock. The median price was $27.8k, and they topped out at $39k street price.

    Things like a $2500 DVD entertainment system really pad the prices. Plus the power folding 3rd row, laser cruise control, Navi, etc.

    I've seen loaded Tahoes break $50k msrp.
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 23
    edited June 2010
    got a quote of 300 below invoice. called dealer - he said that must be a mistake, no way he can offer that price for AWD. :(
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Keep shopping. It can be done for that.
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 23
    I looked thru several pages of forum, and could not find the contact for kansas dealer for the 100K/8yr $0 deductible wty.
    Can someone pls IM me the contact info (or does edmund not hv IM features?).

    Best quote so far for XLE AWD is a couple hundred above inv in chicagoland. (only tried 3 dealer so far). But $400 extended seemed to be "it".
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 23
    thanks t_m...
    the dealer said its $400 per year, total $800 for the extra 2 year. Is that right?
  • t_mt_m Posts: 9
    The contacts and full pricesheet for the kansas city dealership are in this forum:

    The autocare agreement is NOT per year. I paid $360 for both extra years. The dealer is ripping you off.
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 23
    can u tell me which dealer? I think 500 below inv for XLE premium is great. Best on zag is 300 below inv for chicagoland.
    Did u also get the extnd wty from same dealer?

    U can just provide dealer name (no need salesman- since that is not allowed). tks.
  • sanjay_ssanjay_s Posts: 2
    We bought today Sienna V6 XLE FWD in Chicagoland with options: Entertainment (EY), Navigation (NV) & Carpet Floor Mats W/Door Sill Protectors for $34,700/-. (plus 2 year free pre-paid maintenance from Toyota)
    My Trade-in value $3k which CarMax estimated for $2k. So total cost $31,700 + tax, title & doc.
    Dealer arranged financing for 3.19% for $0 down.
    We were looking for Predawn Gray Mica color & very few dealers had options we were looking for. Many dealers said they will order this color or exchange with other dealers but no one could guarantee van will come by this month end.

    Hopefully made a good deal….
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 23
    edited June 2010
    "We bought today Sienna V6 XLE FWD in Chicagoland with options: Entertainment (EY), Navigation (NV) & Carpet Floor Mats W/Door Sill Protectors for $34,700/-. (plus 2 year free pre-paid maintenance from Toyota)
    My Trade-in value $3k which CarMax estimated for $2k. So total cost $31,700 + tax, title & doc.
    Dealer arranged financing for 3.19% for $0 down. "

    thats unlikely.....that's 4K BELOW invoice....i would like to know the dealer too. :)
  • sanjay_ssanjay_s Posts: 2
    I bought it from Northbrook Toyota. BTW Elgin Toyota gave $34,500/- + 2.5k trade-in offer but didn’t have the color in stock so said they need to order it. Also CarMax have listed it for $34,998.

    So i started negotiation with Northbrook on Saturday from $34,000 & closed it for $34,700/- today.
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 23
    edited June 2010
    sorry. I think I was pricing the AWD.
    I think u got a gd price. :)
    I usually use zag . com as a start/guide.

    I might just go for the FWD. Had my mind set for the AWD before. But I hv tried a few dealers and none will budge since demand is greater than supply.

    I did ask Elgin for AWD before - non in stock either.
  • rke1rke1 Posts: 3
    Hello - Any suggestions on dealers offering XLE FWD in the NY / NJ at or below invoice. The best quote is $350 below invoice(From True Car) but they are taking on about $500 for Doc Fee and Etching Fee. Is it better to wait for the July 4th sale or close the deal by this month end. Thanks.
  • namariasnamarias Posts: 11
    Hello all
    I recently purchased a Sienna with financing from Toyota.
    I would like to share the details of the buying process and some of the learnings.
    I bought the base version 3.5LV6 7 seater (not LE). I got extended warranty, additional 2 year (in addition to the first 2 year free maintenance) from dealer and GAP insurance all with 0% down at 4.4% interest rate for 60 months financing.

    I would love to share the details and help fellow users here.
    Edmunds greatly helped in getting a favorable negotiating price for my car.

  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 23
    Hi Sanjay,

    can u pls email me the name of your salesperson? thank u v/much.
  • mozartmanmozartman Posts: 19

    Did you really buy 2011 Sienna LE V6 for $26,289?
    The best "internet price quote" I got here in metro Detroit is $27,250.
  • lonnie4lonnie4 Posts: 11
    Okay, I shopped arouind for 5 months and finally decided on a 2011 Sienna. I LOVE IT! Don't know if I paid too much...maybe I didn't need extended warrenty... but I bought it all by myself and I tried my best! One dealer wouldn't budge on price and kept saying this is a one time deal. So I walked out. Next day went to another dealer and asked if they could make me a better offer. They did. And face it.. the 2011 just came out right? And they aren't gonna deal too much? I paid 25,000 with trade in. I traded in my Avalon. I probably could have gotten more... but I don't negotiate well. A man at work was kind... he said that I only negotiate every 6 years.. the sales man negotiates 3 times a day. It made me feel better. But all in all my monthly payment only went up 20 dollars. I haven't bought a new car since 1995. I wanted to do this before I retired.

    Thanks for listening and all the advice I asked for prior to buying.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats Lonnie. Glad you're happy with it, enjoy!
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Congratulations on your new Sienna. Enjoy your new ride.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter for a major daily newspaper is looking for someone in the market currently for a minivan or soon to be in the market. Please send your daytime phone number to by July 7, 2010.

    Edmunds Manager UGC Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.
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  • mastergunnera8mastergunnera8 Posts: 19
    edited July 2010
    Thanks to everyone here!!!!

    Thanks to this thread (and this post) Got my deal on a 2011 Sienna LE 8 passenger from DARCARS Toyota Scion in Silver Spring MD. What a great buying experience and price!!

    My sticker was 30244 and we walked out the door driving for less than 27500. BTW my state has 3% sales tax. That killed everyone else salesperson was BT (PM me for info) and it was exactly what we were looking for. My wife didn't know which interior color to pick, so BT had 2 cleaned up and sitting there side by side for her to choose...she went with the bisque (white exterior) .

    This is a replacement for a 2004 Sienna that had 90K on it, so no trade...We listed localy on Craigslist and it was sold in a week!!

    Thanks again!!!!
  • mozartmanmozartman Posts: 19
    Posted by mastergunnera8:
    "My sticker was 30244 and we walked out the door driving for less than 27500"

    Just curious, but why the sticker price was $30,244? According to Yahoo and Edmunds
    LE 8-Passenger 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
    MSRP price is $28,900
    Invoice price is $26,444

    I am thinking of buying LE 8-Passenger 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 6A) and the best price quote I got is $27,250 in metro Detroit.

  • You have to add the $800 freight, then floor mat package and towing prep...
  • mozartmanmozartman Posts: 19

    Do you mean that $27,500 included $800 delivery charge, floor mat package and towing prep? If that the case then it is great price.

    I understand $800 delivery charge is mandatory, but do I have to buy mats and towing prep?

    Also, I am thinking of trading my 1996 Avalon with 122,000 miles on it. Do I have any chance to do that?

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