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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bmw4me2bmw4me2 Posts: 23
    Hi beethoven1,
    I noticed in today's Chicago Tribune that Elgin Toyota in Elgin, Illinois is selling Sienna LE's for $26,990 plus tax, tag and $154 dealer fee. They have a ton in stock.
    They also have a $299 lease deal on the LE for 36 months with $0 down . Add for tax, tag and dealer fee.

    I hope this helps!
  • madbadger1madbadger1 Posts: 10
    I have had a hard time to find the best deal in Chicago/Milwaukee Area. I need some quotes of 2011 XLE Base FWD Model or with NAV or with Premium Package. Please if anyone can help me to find a dealer and the sales' names who would like to give the best offe, we will buy it soon. Thank you for any help.
  • madbadger1madbadger1 Posts: 10
    Thank you very much.
  • maruthimaruthi Posts: 1
    Just bought the XLE 2 weeks ago runs great.Sorry for sharing a little bit late. I have bought it in MD. Price is 29700 + TTL(100 processing+ 6% Md tax+ 289 tags) or 31870 . The dealer has given floor mats and door sill protector. I had wonderful experience from this sales person who was refereed to me by Edmonds. I have got this from Darcars silver spring MD. I can share the sales person name if you can PM me.Price was what he has told me over the phone and it all went smooth.
  • bmw4me2:

    That's a good news for us. Thank you so much for the information.
    Btw, do you have a link to their ad. or somthing? I tried to search Chicago Tribune online but I cant find such info.

    Thank you,
  • bmw4me2bmw4me2 Posts: 23
    I don't know how I can get you a link to the ad in yesterday's Chicago Tribune but the ad reads as follows: "New 2011 Toyota Sienna LE 3.5 V-6, alloys, traction control, ABS, Triple zone A/C #29994. Buy for $26,650 or lease for $299 per month for 36 months. Lease is for 36 months with $0 due at signing. Security deposit waived. Plus tax, title, license and $154.38 doc fee. To qualified buyers. Offer expires 8/2/10." Please let me know if I can help.
  • ksan1ksan1 Posts: 4
    Sure --

    Here's what I've gleaned from talking to the various internet managers of the car dealers in my area.

    My price was a little bit of luck too (exlpained below), but hopefully you can use the tips below...

    XLE+Premium+Mats+Roof Rack
    MSRP: $39,709
    Holdback: $650 roughly
    Mktg Support: $350
    Invoice: Around $35-$36 - I'm hearing different things on this one.
    Breakeven point: $33,200 - this is from the manager I worked with said that he would honor $33,800 and that at least gives them $500-600 (dealer holdback).. I thought that was pretty fair.

    KEY: Work dealers against each other - drop names/dealerships with them freely, but be honest as they can call you on your claims. There is a lot of inventory right now and while the Sienna is new, there is a lot of competition for it, especially since they all know that the Odyssey is coming in 2 months and they're going to get destroyed by it.
    ---- Also, the fact that you are shopping for a minivan, means you have kids & limited time to shop, you should use this to your advantage! Try and make it a quick sale for them & they should be OK with getting less profit.

    Useful things to know:
    1) How many dealers are in your area with the exact model & options?
    2) How big are the dealers? Part of a Automall or individual? (the bigger dealers seem to be willing to go much lower)
    3) Are any of them close to each other? Are they a far drive for you?
    4) Do any of them have Price-Match guarantees? (i.e. "meet or beat")
    5) Do any of the dealers offer anything extra? (Some offer free carwashes, some offer loaner cars for all repairs >$200, etc) - use this as negotiation points if a dealer is only willing to "meet" the price.

    1) Get internet quotes for ALL the dealers on this model - be specific
    2) If you haven't already, go test drive the 2011 Sienna at the highest priced dealers -- you know you are not going to buy there so get a feel for the car, make sure you like it.
    3) Narrow the list to the 2-3 lowest price dealers & start to work them against each other -- You might want to also get Honda Odyssey quotes as well since brand-new Odyssey's are going for CHEAP now.
    4) When I got a quote from a dealer, I would call back and let him know that Dealer X offered to beat that price, could they do anything to get you in the store TODAY with a check? Typically, they will fall over themselves to do this for you if they know it's a quick sale - drop hints about making it quick - after all you know the vehicle by now. Also, see if they have any higher mileage 2011 Sienna's (ones that they've used as demos, etc).. Get a quote from these and shop that price around. Other dealers don't know the mileage, they're assuming everything is in new condition.
    5) Before you go to the final dealer, make sure you shop around the final price and ask other dealers to beat it (include all of them at this point).. Since this is likely over the phone, write down Date/Time/Salesperson Name/MSRP of vehicle offered/Color/# Miles/Any Dealer freebies (free car washes, etc).
    6) Go to the dealer that you have the lowest quote from and say, I got offered another quote to Dealer X that they would beat your price by X - I'm ready to sign the check if you beat it by $X. If they resist, bring up any other points of difference (like "they're also throwing in free car washes or extended warranty, etc"). Walk out the door and go to the other dealer if you don't get it.

    Hopefully that helps.
  • madipacmadipac Posts: 21
    I am interested in buying the same vehicle. Can you please email me madipac @ the dealer info? Tried to ping you, but did not know how to do it. Thanks
  • ksan1ksan1 Posts: 4
    Where are you located? My dealer was in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. I used Performance Toyota in the end - I've done business with them in the past and they are very honest and straightforward. I highly recommend them. Let me know if you want the salesperson's info - he did a great job!

    They didn't have the lowest price, but their honesty was enough to tip the scales. They also offered a pretty fair trade-in value for my car so they probably were ok with the low price on the Sienna.
  • Hi Bmw4me2,

    I just called that Chicago Elgin toyota dealership and asked for the OTD price. A sales manager told me that their price is $26,650. Then I said that you forgot your doc fee of $155. He said oh yes we need to add that. Then I asked about the $800 dest fee. He said yes of course we will add that. Then he just blah blah. Finally I still have no idea about how much other "hidden fees" they have there. Their SP is reluctant to give me the OTD price.
  • madipacmadipac Posts: 21
    We live in Metro Detroit and Cinci is very close....Can I have the name of the sales guy? CAn you email it to madipac @ Thanks so much
  • madbadger1madbadger1 Posts: 10
    Hi Saritha, Congrats! You got a good deal. I have been in the market for XLE and can't decide which dealer to go and find the best deal. Would you please let me know the sales name and what it's the exactly price you got. I am appreciated your help. Thank you.
  • lsouterlsouter Posts: 13

    This was an extremely helpful post. I am not sure if you were already asked this, but where (dealership name and state) did you get this deal? I intend to follow your advice from this post in hopes of getting a similar deal. When did you purchase the vehicle?

    I have no idea how to PM you, but would like the salespersons name as well.

  • ksan1ksan1 Posts: 4
    The dealership was Performance Toyota in Cincinnati, OH (actually the city may be Fairfield, OH). Not sure how I PM you either, but since madipac (see a few messages above) was brave enough to post his email address, you can try emailing him and get the contact info from him.

    PS: When I went to buy the car, they had a HUGE selection of 2011 Sienna's - I counted about 13. It looked like they were wanting to unload them & they weren't moving very fast.. Not sure how many were XLE with Premium, but we personally looked at 4 of them (1-Predawn Gray Mica, 3-Silver Sky Metallic).
  • diarmidediarmide Posts: 1
    I live in Tn and have NEVER bought a new car in my life. My husband passed away unexpectedly 3 weeks ago and I am driving around 2 preschoolers in a vehicle with no air that failed 2 emission test before it FINALLY barely passed. My husband advised me to buy a car before he passed and I have decided on a Toyota Sienna. How do I go about finding the BEST price as he didn't leave me a ton of $$ to work with. He was my machinic and I will want to get whatever it is called so Toyota will maintain the oil change/hoses/ etc. As you can tell I am green as grass but need to get a car fast as the one I have been using ( my mom's Toyota Seinna) returns to Canada with her tomorrow. Tax rate in TN is 7% and in AL it is 4% - I am not opposed to traveling to get a good price.
  • key4871key4871 Posts: 13
    edited July 2010
    ksan1, can you PM me your sales person's name. Want to see if it is same person I am dealing with.
  • Thanks for all the great info! I'll let you know how I do!
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    They are definitely hard to find in that color and equipment. Our van is sitting at the dealer now. We are in California on vacation, but the dealer has it now.
  • pax2upax2u Posts: 12
    That's a wonderful deal!

    Thank you for providing the details of your purchase. We are just days away from signing on the dotted line ourselves on a very similar vehicle. Looking at your numbers, we see that our negotiations are in line with yours (good to know!). The only thing we added was Navigation Package, and we did not order the accessory package. Adjusting for those things, I'd say we both 'done good!'

    We received OTD offers from so many dealers across the country (had to set up a spreadsheet to keep up with it all!), and those who wanted too much of a profit (we accounted for actual dealer cost) lost out on getting anything from us.

    **With the 2011 Odyssey coming out in the very near future, many Toyota dealerships might feel a gentle threat from their age old competitor, thus offering amazing deals on the Siennas now.**

    Enjoy your new Sienna! Congrats!
  • peteryguopeteryguo Posts: 4
    A dealer in Boston area (Tax 6.25%) gave this internet price after one-email inquiry. I did not do further negotiation yet. What's your opinion about this price? please give me some advice. Thanks.
  • shiboskishiboski Posts: 7
    I was just offered the XLE FWD w/ DVD for $32,400 OTD. This sounds like a really good deal, but I just want to make sure. Also, is there anything I should ask that they throw in? Extended warranty? What else do most dealerships throw in with very little nudging?

    Thanks for the help all!
  • madipacmadipac Posts: 21
    Can you please email me the address where you bought it from madipac @ That is a very good deal. Thanks
  • cro372cro372 Posts: 11
    Sounds like a great deal!

    We're working on purchasing a similar vehicle. Can you break down the pricing for us? Specifically, was was the cost of the vehicle, as the OTD price varies by dealer fees, taxes, etc.

  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    How much of that $32,400 was tax, title, fees, etc?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Please accept my condolences on your loss.

    To find the best possible price on any Toyota, just visit the Fitzgerald webiste - You may not want to travel there to buy but it will give you a clear understanding of rock-bottom pricing.

    So far as I know, Toyota does not offer any type of maintenance agreement for their vehicles.

    You will pay the sales tax rate for the state where the vehicle will be registered, not the state in which the sale transaction occurs. In your case, that would be 7 percent.
  • shiboskishiboski Posts: 7
    Price: $29,660
    Doc: $599
    Taxes (Dekalb County GA @ 7%): $2,118
    Title: $23
    Total: $32,400

    Is there anything else I should be asking for? Is this deal even possible? I'm planning on buying it Friday morning, so wish me luck!
  • beethoven1beethoven1 Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    Hi guys,

    We had been looking for two Sienna's in the past a few days and got a lot help and info from here. We just made our purchase of two Vans yesterday. We got a decent deal in MI and I would be happy to share with you guys. I think it is a good news for Midwest guys.
    I will provide as much as possible info. for your guys to get an idea.
    Note that for LE models seem like that the roof rack is included.

    Van1: 2011 Sienna LE V6 8Pass + floor mats + roof rack cross bar.
    Van2: 2011 Sienna LE V6 8Pass + floor mats + Towing prep + Antitheft
    MSRP: $30,439

    Price: $26,900
    CVR Fee: $24
    Doc Fee: $190
    Tax: $1,626.84
    Title transfer: $15 (if you want a new plate you will need to pay $175 here)
    OTD: $28,763
    This is the offer I obtained for BOTH cars. I let my buddy took the anti-theft one since he lives at a bad place, lol

    The dealership is Draper Toyota at Signaw, MI.
    I directly negotiated with their manager Darrel and settled down the deals (model, opts and OTDs) over the phone. I suggest you do that too if you are not at their local area. When we went there, a sales man called Bob worked with us and we finished the purchase. Bob is a nice guy. He has good manners.

    I mentioned that I will recommend their dealership to other people, but they said they are not really excited about it unless and I add $1,000 before I tell you guys. Good joke, haha. Tell them that you want Alex's deal and both Bob and Darrel will recall, since I did quite a bit negotiation with them.

    I'd also like to be straightforward with you guys. If you make the purchase with them and mentioned my name Alex, I will contact them and try to get a scratch card and get from $50 to $250 (with different odds, of course). Tell you what. I will be happy to share the reward with you after I get their check. Actually I do not really care. As soon as you get a good deal, I am happy. I just want to help back here.

    Here are the take home messages:
    1: A decent deal is definitely OBTAINABLE in the Midwest area. People like madipac, mozartman and others, please just keep looking. before you get a good deal, do not settle. Most dealerships here are bad asses but there will be some reasonable ones.

    2: Be straightforward in your negotiations and it will save you much time. What I do is having my offer and asking them, deal or no deal? And that's it. I spend a total of 4 days (2 days for research, and 2 days for deal hunting).

    3: To do #2 you need to do some research about price. Since I am a researcher at a University, I make mathematical models. By collecting buying price data and the MSRPs of many deals and building a regression model, my conclusion is that:
    Your price before TTL should be 86% to 90% of your MSRP (in our case it is 88.3%). This is VERY IMPORTANT since different models with different options have different prices. This tells what you should looking for regardless of the model.
    Do not let the dealers confuse you.

    4: do NOT do business with Spartan Toyota. They are pure as*holes. They told me that they will beat my offer by $200, and ask me to come. We went there and after 1 hour, the come with a $2000 more offer and ask us to accept it. They tried to confuse me between Invoice price and MSRP, played the tricks of Dest Fee, Doc fee and many other things. Give me a break. This is not yet the end of story. After I left, they contacted Toyota and complained about my offer from other dealerships.
    They try to break your offer. Keep up the altitude Spartan Toyota!

    5: In case you wonder: I think my price is obtainable even if you buy just one Van.

    6: Our deals are not yet as good as Darcar's deals, but Maryland is just too far.

    Hope it helps and Good luck to all you guys.
    If you have questions, please replay this message and I get it.
  • 018030018030 Posts: 2
    I am in the boston area too. Just got my 2011 LE AWD @ ira in danver for 27500 want me to prefer you there ?
  • madipacmadipac Posts: 21
    Thanks for all the info. I will contact them and see what they say. Also, I had bad experience with Spartan and they did not call me back. Left two messages as I had bought my last vehicle from them. I also had a very bad experience from Victory Toyota on Michigan Ave in Canton. They wanted me to pay full price just 750 discount from MSRP on a 45K Ltd car.....I made an appt before I went their as I did not want to deal with all the BS....

    Once again thanks for all the info...
  • Visited several different dealerships looking for XLE.

    Here is the best I was able to get in my area. The worst is the PM (Nav and DVD) package as many have MSRP of 40K and most dealer were not having good deal on that. The best deals were on the LE model as all the dealer ask me to get an LE.

    Now there is not too many XLE in the area and I was only able to get about 3K or 4K under MSRP on the XLE.

    I believe prices has been moving up since car sales is trending upwards since mid 2008 (one of the worst years of 9 million car sold)

    Base XLE (with MSRP of 338xx)
    30500 + TTL

    XLE with DVD (@ Toyota of Tampa Bay)
    32400 + TTL (under 35K OTD)

    XLE with PM
    37500 + TTL
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