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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pax2upax2u Posts: 12
    Check Autotrader ( Within the last week to 10 days, I saw exactly what you are looking for at a selling price of $34,995 (MSRP was about $39,000). Shocked at this price, I contacted the dealer to verify (I think it had been on their lot for a while, thus the reduced price). Pretty sure it was Libertyville Toyota ( in IL (we checked so many it is hard to keep track). I know...not the ideal location for you, but use that information when you negotiatiate with local dealers.

    Keep looking until you find someone who will agree to your OTD. We contacted over 50 dealers coast to coast until we found two that continued to say, "We'll beat any offer by $100." Keep going back and forth (getting everything in writing), until you get the absolute lowest OTD. Don't worry too much about actual selling cost. Even if a dealer says that they'll sell to you for X amount under invoice, they may add on crazy fees. Get the OTD (out the door amount: selling price, tax, title, license and any fees).

    Good luck!
  • pax2upax2u Posts: 12
    Correction: It was St. Charles Toyota in IL, not Libertyville where I saw the XLE w/ Premium package for $34,995. Just looked on St. Charles web site, and that Sienna appears to be sold. Contact them anyway to see if you can get the price in writing (again, to take to local dealers for negotiations). St. Charles' web site is:
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Beware. Just because you get a good price in writing does not mean they will honor it when you show up at the dealership.
  • pax2upax2u Posts: 12
    Simply put...then don't do business with that person/dealership if they don't honor the writen offer. I dealt with extremely honest salespeople at both Jack Safro Toyota and Heiser Toyota in Wisconsin (indeed, honest car salespeople do exist). I highly recommend both dealerships (at least the salespeople we talked to).

    For everyone else looking for a Sienna: Stay positive - you will find a good deal out there...just keep looking. Of the 50+ dealerships we talked to (got 'bids' from), we only needed one to honestly honor the lowest number. Found that dealership/salesperson without strings.
  • alf11alf11 Posts: 2
    Just bought a new sienna last week for my wife and kids.
    Its an xle fwd with navigation and included floor mats , etc...
    Final price 33,333 + TTL

    Got this nice deal from in San jose , ca.

    And today i went back and bought another car from them for myself,
    A 2011 camry LE, with leather seats upgrade for a total of 20,600 minus 750 rebate = 19,850 !!!!

    See QT he's a good guy. Recommended..
  • pats_fanpats_fan Posts: 9

    I'm in Sacramento, willing to drive to San Jose. Can you be more specific on your purchase. Which package did you get, any options?

  • madipacmadipac Posts: 21
    Can anyone recommend a good third party all season floor mats for 2011 Sienna? I know their was a recall on the Toyota made floor mats and they are not planning to sell any right now.

  • key4871key4871 Posts: 13
    Anyone with 2011 and ent or prem package get a DVD disc as part of their manuals?

    On page 199 of the navigation system manual it says to refer to the manual th at comes with the DVD video disc provided dealer has no clue what this is referring to.
  • You should have received a seperate manual just for the navigation system.
  • raghu_vsraghu_vs Posts: 5
    I have consistently noticed that the odometer reports speed atleast 10% lower than actual. Confirmed this with GPS.

    Has anybody run into this?
  • Hi,
    So the XLE with Premium pkg (dvd/nav) is not available in the color combination that i want except in a DEMO. How much lower should i be asking for for the demo. Otherwise they say it's a month and a half wait for the van to arrive if I order it new through toyota. The new price is $35K for a $39, 700 msrp (roof rack, mats..).
    Thank you!!
  • Bigdaddysienna,
    I am ordering the same color combination as you, is it more money to order a car compared to one already being in stock? Thank you.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    edited July 2010
    You didn't say how many miles on the demo. I would want the demo to be at least $1,000 less than new, more off if it has been titled.
  • Actually I don't know the miles. Can't be too many since the car is fairly new right? Not sure what "titled" means??
  • lsouterlsouter Posts: 13
    We picked up our "swagger wagon" last night. I LOVE the color which is in short supply in MD/DC/VA area for some odd reason. My husband and I LOVE it!

    $32, 478 plus TTL

    Pacific Pearl XLE w/NAV package. Bought it from Fitzgerald/Lakeforest Toyota in Bethesda. Just in case you are wondering - pulled no games. The price on the web was what was on the purchase order when we got there - no other fees other than the standard processing charges and TTL were added.

    The salesmen were all very busy, understandably so. The van had been cleaned and was up front when we arrived. I think I saw at least 3 other Siennas ready and waiting for pick-up last night. One was even waiting on the owner to fly in from North Carolina. Our salesman, KW was great. All in all a wonderful experience.

    We actually had another deal with a different dealership ready to be finalized and Fitzmall beat them (mostly with what they gave us for our trade) by $1100. We only had to drive 20 extra minutes to get there. They understand how to deal.

  • alf11alf11 Posts: 2
    its the XLE V6 FWD , 8 seats , gray mica , w/NAV pkg & floor mats..
    i dont remember if theree was anything else...

    i paid cash, 33333 + TTL

    my sales person was QT of

    the problem is that its now hard to find any in stock..
    i know they they have the ones with premium pkg,
    i was offered 35.7 on the premium.

    if you have time and can order and wait 4-6 weeks, than its possible to get about 1000 off.

    you can say i sent you (i am the israeli redhead who just bought the sienna and the camry)
  • We bought an XLE with the Premium Package and mats for $39,200 out the door. Got the 8 year 125K platinum warranty for $1450 (I know I paid $50 more than I should have). Thank you Fletcher Jones Toyota!
  • Hello all,

    I am getting a deal of 35800 for XLE with premium package in Bay Area.
    Is this a good price ?

    Also what are good things that I should buy in terms of protections ;

    1. paint protection : dealer is charging 1400 for that.
    2. Should I get some kind of extended warranty now ?

    Your inputs will be very helpful for me to close the deal today.
  • That is a good price, but the $1400 for the paint protection is a scam. For the extended warranty the dealer I bought from wanted to charge $3800 for the 8 year 125K mile platinum. The cost you can buy from other dealers over the internet is $1399. I agreed to pay $1450 just because I was feeling nice :)

    Here is what you can buy the extended warranties for:
    6 YEAR 75,000 MILES $509.00,
    6 YEAR 100,000 MILES $749.00
    6 YEARS 125,000 MILES $1,019.00

    7 YEARS 75,000 MILES $594.00,
    7 YEAR 100,000 MILES $889.00
    7 YEARS 125,000 MILES $1,144.00

    8 YEAR 75,000 MILES $709.00
    8 YEARS 100,000 MILES $1,039.00
    8 YEAR 125,000 MILES $1,399.00

    Also make sure you know exactly what you can get for an interest rate on your car. They will try to charge you a higher rate unless you know what you can get. Check with your local bank or credit union.

    Hope that helps.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • I just picked up my xle, awd, with navi package, mats,roof rack and sills for 36000++. I got a lot of help from this board so thx for all the info. This is in the bay area so tax is high at 9.25%.

    Now im wondering about the platinum warranty. They offfered 5yr 125k miles for $1000.

    I just saw the above post by Majestyk. The question I have is does the price on the list include the 3yr warranty allready covered. So buying the 6yr extra plus the 3yr factory = 9yr total...or when they say 8yr125K for $1399.00 = 11yr total.?
  • key4871key4871 Posts: 13
    Warranty does not add on.....I showed my local dealer the quotes from Midwest and they matched the price.
  • Hello LSOUTER,

    Was this a AWD, can you be more specific about the spec. Thanks!
  • kcdave1kcdave1 Posts: 4
    I have a quote for a 2011 XLE-8 Passenger Sienna (Model 5348), Black exterior with Light Gray interior. The only option is the Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill protector. As best I can tell, the dealer invoice is as follows:

    Base $28,314
    Holdback 643
    Whsl. Fin. Reserve 321
    Floor Mats/Door Sill 198
    TDA 500
    Destination Charge 800
    Misc. Charge (may be 77
    more TDA and/or gas fee) __________

    Total Dealer Invoice $30,853

    Initial Dealer Offer: $30,957

    Using the concept found at, this essentially equates with providing the dealer a 4% profit over and above the cost to the dealer (not the amount shown on the dealer invoice) -- which is essentially taking the $28,314 base price, adding the 198 cost of the floor mats, for a total of $28,512, plus a 4% profit on that cost of $1,140 (28,512 x 4%), plus the $800 dest charge, plus the 500 TDA charge = $30,952. This means that the dealer holdback and whls. finance reserve (which the dealer gets back from Toyota) are included in the dealer's profit of $1,140 (not added to the dealer profit).

    Thoughts on this price? I think I will make a counteroffer since this was the dealer's first offer -- any thoughts on what that counteroffer should be? Thanks.
  • lsouterlsouter Posts: 13
    Our Sienna is a XLE 8 pass FWD. Model number 5348 I believe. We have the navigation package which comes with push button start, rear camera, rear sensors, ipod usb port, etc.

    We declined all offered add-ons by the dealership (molding package, warranties, etc.) Got a 7yr/100K extended warranty through our credit union for $600, which includes the electronics package warranty with a $50 deductible. Much better price than the dealers $1800 warranty which I know they are making a STEAL off of. My advice: get a good deal on your "swagger wagon" and buy your warranty elsewhere. We also got Toyota's 2 year maintenance package FREE (it was an offer that Toyota was giving all new toyota buyers. I think it ended Aug 2).

    So far at 300+ miles, we love our Sienna. This is our first mini-van - we traded our 2007 GMC Acadia for the Sienna. We test drove the 2010 Odyssey and it just didn't suit us. Felt a little stiff and antiquated in it's design. I know the re-design is coming for the Odyssey, but our local dealer told us to expect a wait list and MSRP pricing for the redesign when it comes out this fall. So the Sienna won!We are loving it! :shades: was great to deal with. You probably can get a local dealer to haggle down to their price, but with their inventory, you can pretty much get the Sienna you are looking for in one stop. I didn't get a lower quoted price from any other dealer.

  • Last week two dealers in WI quote me 2011 XLE FWD 8 Passengers mats and door sills and cross bars $30200 and $29900. + $150 Doc. + TTL + TAX. I thought the quotes were OK although not the best. I haven't bought any yet because I am thinking to get one more option "remote engine start". Anyone can tell if the remote engine start is worth to have it. Thank you very much.
  • pats_fanpats_fan Posts: 9
    edited August 2010
    when i was pricing this vehicle, I wanted 30,400.00 and best i got in northern ca. was 30,800.00
  • Did your vehicle include the DVD or just NAV?
  • lsouterlsouter Posts: 13
    Sienna XLE with NAV only.
  • pats_fanpats_fan Posts: 9
    edited August 2010

    During my preparation for buying my new Sienna, I found this site to be very helpful. I wanted to post my final purchase costs and a few comments in hopes it will help someone in purchasing their new Sienna.

    Using information provided on this site along with, I worked the following deal.

    2011 Sienna XLE with DVD, Floor Mats and Still protector.(silver ext / gray int). Not much inventory. I had to wait 2 weeks for the model to arrive.

    MSRP: 35,804.00
    Invoice: approx. 31,472.00
    Paid: 32,400.00

    I emailed the dealership, internet sales manager (called to get his name) and explained the vehicle I was interested and the price I was willing to pay, 32,400.00. He came back and said he could offer me the Sienna for 33,800.00. I replied back that I couldn't accept his offer. I thanked him for his time and said I would keep him in mind for future purchases. I checked my email before work the next day and to my surprise, the internet sales manager said he could meet my price of 32,400.00.

    I also want to mention, when it came to my trade-in (yes, I did a trade-in because my car had some electrical issues and I didn't feel right selling it to someone) I was able to squeeze another 700 bucks out the trade in by sending them a signal the deal could not be closed without some additional $$ on my trade-in. Once the dealer knew I was willing to walk away from the deal (which I really was), I got the extra 700 with little effort). Just something I wanted to share with readers.

    Final Cost Breakdown:
    MSRP: 35,804.00
    Invoice: Approx. 31,472.00
    My cost: 32,400.00
    Doc Fees: 55.00
    CA Tax (8.75!!!): 2839.00
    CA State DMV Fee: 490.00
    Out The Door Cost: 35,793.00

    If you live in CA, the DMV has a great tool that allows you to verify the TTL fees, I did it and it was almost exactly what the dealer charged. (dealer was 20 bucks cheaper).

    I know there were a couple posting that stated they were able to get the same vehicle for approx 31,600.00. I couldn't find any dealership in Northern CA that would come close to that price. I was looking in a 100 mile radius. I did take note that the folks who got the 31,600.00 pricing both lived in southeastern part of the US. I'm wondering/guessing the cost of living might have something to do with the pricing. Its a hell of a lot cheaper to live in Georgia and NC then CA. The dealerships current financial status also probably comes into play. The more I think about it, theres probably a bunch of factors that swing the price plus/minus $800.00. If anyone wants to comment, please do!

    Although I probably didn't get the best deal out there, I felt like I did my homework and got the vehicle for a decent price. I strongly recommend to anyone buying a car, if you haven't already, take the time to learn as much as you can about the car buying process. I had a totally different car buying experience this time around versus 8yrs ago when I didn't do any research and basically got ripped off. Having knowledge about the car buying process is priceless. I couldn't believe how the salesman would change their approach once you started dropping terms like "factory holdback" and "floor costs". Once they know you've done your homework, its a different ballgame, they usually transfered me to the fleet manager or slaes manager once they knew what I was talking about.

    I hope this write-up helps someone. As I mentioned earlier, check out I got a lot of great information from the site.
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