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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We have an aftermarket remote start installed on our other 2 cars and absolutely love it. The aftermarket remote start has an effective range of between a quarter and a half mile depending on conditions.

    We would have gotten the Toyota remote start on our Sienna but our option combination was pretty rare. When we bought our XLE w/ Nav, there were only 6 of them in Chicago. Toyota probably thinks that most minivan parents want just the DVD or DVD w/ Nav but not just the Nav. The only one equipped with Toyota remote start wasn't the color we wanted.

    The option is about $500 on the sticker. I called a few dealers and they wanted around $650 to install it after the fact. For the Smart Key, I'm not sure if you can install it yourself or if you need to reprogram the Smart Key system to recognize the remote start. For the non-Smart Key, it seems that Toyota has issued a stop sale on the original remote start unit and has just introduced a new version.

    Remote start is great for either Chicago or WI winters but I guess you need to decide whether you want the Toyota one or an aftermarket. Aftermarket versions will give you a much longer range, ability to get in the car without the engine shutting off, ability to leave the car running (and locked) when you step out for a quick errand, and 2-way capability. The BIG plus with the Toyota version is that everything is integrated and you won't need to carry 2 remotes. It will be fairly expensive to integrate the remote sliding doors and trunk into an aftermarket system.
  • kcdave1kcdave1 Posts: 4
    Update: I now have an offer from a local dealer for $30,782 for a 2011 XLE-8 Passenger Sienna (Model 5348) with the Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill protector, Pre-Dawn Gray exterior with Light Gray interior. I'm making some progress playing the dealers off against one another.
  • lordkamalordkama Posts: 23

    I recently purchased all season floormats made by Husky---Husky Weatherbeaters-- comes in gray, tan, and black. The gray matches very well with my light gray interior. You can Google it to see where you can purchase. I got mine from It shipped directly from the manufacturer-- about $220.00 for front, 2nd row, and 3rd row mats. This essentially covers all the carpeting inside the van and do not slide around. You need to remove the carpet floormats and hooks to install them in the front but can cover the carpet in front of the 2nd and 3rd row seats.
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    How's the fit in the second row? With the mats installed does it still allow the second row seats to move forward and backward? I bought some cheapo floormats from BJ wholesale and when installing it in the second row I notice it impedes the forward and backward movement especially the when seats need to slide forward for third row access.
  • Thank you for telling me about remote engine start. I decided to get one XLE FWD with mats and sill protections, roof cross bars, mudguards and remote engine start $30800 + Doc. $145 + TTL + TAX. I hope this would be a fair price. In the meantime the salesman tried to sell us XLE w/ Premium Package (NAV + DVD) for $34800 + Doc. etc. We need to make a final decision soon before the end of August. I will be appreciated any comment about the quotes. Thank you very much.
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    It depends on what you want. We went with the XLE FWD with mats, door sills, etc. The $30,800 price is a pretty good price. I got mine for just a bit lower (a few dollars only), but I got the 2 year maintenence and a 100k mile warranty too.
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    edited August 2010
    10761 of 10763Re: All Season Floor Mats for 2011 Sienna [lordkama] by s2kmr2 Aug 07, 2010 (5:56 am)
    Replying to: lordkama (Aug 07, 2010 2:06 am)

    How's the fit in the second row? With the mats installed does it still allow the second row seats to move forward and backward? I bought some cheapo floormats from BJ wholesale and when installing it in the second row I notice it impedes the forward and backward movement especially the when seats need to slide forward for third row access.

    ********************************************************************************- - ***************

    We got some clear mats to put over the existing mats in our van. They fit EXACTLY as they are cut specific for the van. We got front, middle and third row. The mats fit perfectly around the tracks, so the seats still slide easily. They are outstanding. $164 for all mats shipped.

    Here's a link......
  • olloll Posts: 1
    2011 Sienna Limited AWD Cypress pearl with Convenience Package (CX), Premium package (PT), also FE and LT not sure what they are may be roof rack and mats??, 3T and CF.

    MSRP 46004
    PAID 41900 (includes dealer installed remote engine start)+3461.20(tax)+ 482 (License) + 63 (Registration) + 55 (document prep fees) +8.75 (California tire fee) + 20 (smog abatement fee)
    TOTAL 45990.04 - 2500 (Down payment) at 3.24% APR.
    It is going to be a dealer trade vehicle.
    I live 150 miles from this dealer and the dealership will deliver for free.
  • omen62omen62 Posts: 9
    Hello, I am looking for a little advice here. My wife and I are in the market for a new mini-van and have decided that we're going to get a new sienna. We looked at the 2010 Honda Odyssey, but I am hesitant to buy an old model in a redesign year even if you can get a good deal.

    We live in Manhattan and are looking for the best place to buy. Here's what we want:

    Black XLE FWD 6 Cyl w/ either 7 or 8 seats (no preference)
    DVD (not totally impt)
    Nav (not totally impt)

    What do you think this should run? I have seen a couple of different quotes out there. Also, what is the most optimal set up for the XLE (biggest bang for your buck)?

    Another thing is Taxes. A lot of CT dealers were telling us that we need to pay tax equivalent of where we live, however, we would pick the van up in CT. Does this change from state to state?

    Thank you in advance
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    You pay the taxes based on where you reside, so the CT dealer is correct.

    We just purchased a 2011 XLE 8 Passenger with preferred premium package (mats, door sills, etc.) in Predawn Mica/grey. We got the 100k warranty and 2 year maint. package from Toyota. We paid just under $30,800 before tax, tags and doc fee.

    If you want the DVD then look to add another $1000-$1200

    The NAV packages adds some other features (smart key, etc.) so it comes down to what you want. The NAV package is another $3,200+ retail. We saw quotes on an XLE with the NAV pacage of $33,000+/- plus tax, tags, etc.
  • kcdave1kcdave1 Posts: 4
    Over the weekend I finally pulled the trigger and bought a 2011 XLE-8 Passenger Silver/Light Gray Sienna, with Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector and Mud Flaps for $30,550 + TTL. I bought it at Crown Toyota in Lawrence, KS (just outside Kansas City). True to their word, it really was hassle free experience and they kept their promises in every respect. I don't think I left much, if any, money on the table as far as what other dealers in our area were willing to offer.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Like you, we struggled between 2011 Sienna and 2010 Odyssey.

    The 2010 Odyssey won out. The exterior design of the 2011 Sienna is very nice. We felt the interior was solely lacking for a redesigned Sienna. Cheap interior trim, only choices of interior colors for the XLE are light and lighter, and lots of engine and road noise.

    The 2010 Odyssey is well designed and refined in its final year. Honda has the problems worked out of the current design. If you read several pages of these threads, you will find several unhappy 2011 Sienna owners. I am sure if you dig, you can also find unhappy Odyssey owners.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • pax2upax2u Posts: 12
    We too went back and forth between 2011 Sienna and 2010 Odyssey. Sienna won out. All the research paid off when it came to the amount we paid. I learned that you should not negotiate the actual price of the vehicle (some dealers could put huge fees on top of that). While TTL (tax, title, license) will be the same amount, you have to negotiate the OTD (out the door) price: Entire cost of the purchase (vehicle price, fees, TTL, etc.). Indeed you need to pay the tax based on the county in which you reside, so when you get an actual OTD price from one dealer, go to a dozen other dealers (inside and outside of your immediate area) and ask them if they can beat the OTD offer from another dealers.

    A tip for a lower APR if you finance: Get preapproved firtst! Go to your bank and to a Credit Union (CRs usually have better rates). Then bring in a preapproval letter when you purchase. Show them what rate you can get and ask them to beat it. If you want an even better APR, ask them what the APR would be if you purchased an extended warranty. (our friend who works in financing at a local Chevy dealership told us about this tip). We were quoted 3.99 APR, but as soon as we brought up the possibility of getting the warranty, the finance manager pulled out a sheet that had 2.74% APR (make sure to get APR not just the rate...). First things first: Know your credit score!!

    An awesome site to gain helpful information: This site helped me learn terminology (so the salespeople knew I did my research) and it helped me save $$.

    FYI: We just got an XLE with Navigation and floor mats w/ door sill protectors, roof cross bars and wheel locks for $34,400 (OTD). The actual vehicle selling price was $32,400. Two local dealers were willing to honor this price: and Both said they would beat anyone's deal by $100. We kept going back and forth b/t the two dealerships until we got down to a very fair price (started close to $34,000 - vehicle price only...again, we paid $32,400 - vehicle price). If you are willing to travel, I highly recommend both dealerships.
  • omen62omen62 Posts: 9
    stvroy, nobo, and pax2u - can you confirm that your cars came with leather interior please? Something is not adding up. Here is what I was quoted:

    8 passenger FWD 6 cyl w/ Nav and dealer installed DVD
    + wheel locks
    + prfd accessory package (not even sure what this is but it only adds $254)
    + the stuff that comes with Nav pckg (keyless entry, etc)

    36,594 not including taxes + 3 month wait to get it.

    This seems way above what you guys are quoting, but this may just be a north east premium?


  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33

    All XLE's have leather. It's part of the package. The preferred accessory package is the door sills, cargo net and mats. There should be no NE premium. Some folks found their deal in the NJ area.

    Your van prices out at....
    Invoice MSRP
    XLE FWD 8 Passenger - $29,278 $32,175
    NAV Package $ 2,681 $ 3,295
    Dealer Installed DVD @$ 800 $ 1,499*
    Wheel Locks & Prefer Acc. @$ 350 @$ 450

    *If this is the standard drop down DVD
    MSRP @ 37,400 ish
    Invoice @ $33,100 ish

    You should have quotes around $33k and below. $36,594 is laughable.
  • omen62omen62 Posts: 9
    Thank you so much. This is so useful!
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    Glad to help. Look for some Toyota dealers in Maryland and North. Get your quote around $33k or less and take the email to your CT dealer. Also, you shouldn't have to wait 3 months on that van.
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33

    You should be in that $33k range all day on that van. Add the tax (based on where you live), tags (where you live), doc fee (based on dealer) and destination (from $795-$810 range) and that's your OTD price. Make sure you really focus on the out the door price too. That keeps the dealer from having an over-inflated doc fee.
  • omen62omen62 Posts: 9
    Thank you guys. I want to share with you what I figured out. After spending a couple of hours with the salesman at Toyota, and then coming home and finding this website along with I am looking at an OTD savings of 3,616!!!

    Here is what I intend to bid around NY, NJ, and CT

    For an XLE 6 Cyl FWD w/ Nav package and dealer installed DVD:

    Invoice 28,314 (per dealer)
    Nav 2,681
    DVD 800
    Floor Mats 198 (are these necessary?)
    Total Invoice 33,193
    Bid 32,953 (3% mark up)
    Tax 2,925
    OTD 37,227.35 (includes Destination and TDA)

    I figure the dealer is making roughly 1,969 off the car including holdback of 643 and wholesale fin reserves of 321

    Does anyone think that factory installed dvd is better than dealer installed?

    Also, is anyone aware of any factory to dealer incentives or rebates out there?

    Thank you all so much for your help. This is a huge savings to us. Also, if my numbers look off please let me know.


  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    edited August 2010
    The factory DVD and dealer installed DVD are different. The factory DVD package has the dual view screen where people in the back can watch two different movies. the dealer installed one is the traditional single screen drop down. It's personal preference.

    There are no incentives on the van at this time.

    It sounds like you are getting closer for sure. I still think you can get a better deal. If you are financing, have you looked at Pentagon Federal Credit Union? They have 2.99% on new and used cars right now. I can speak for them personally as I've used them on two previous cars. Their customer service is amazing and it virtually turns your purchase into a cash purchase.

    I'm confused on your "bid" price above as it's lower than invoice (good), but it says 3% mark-up (are you talking about holdback?).

    Also, I always negotiate and then get to the end and ask for a "round number" to make it easier. ; ) In your example above, ask for an even $37k.

    Keep in mind there are other perks you can negotiate. You can ask for a 100k warranty, oil changes, credit at the parts department, etc.
  • omen62omen62 Posts: 9
    Sorry, Invoice should be 31,993. Typo from my spreadsheet.

    Breaks down like this:

    Car 28,314
    Nav 2,681
    DVD 800
    Mats 198
    Invoice 31,993

    Then I'm adding in:
    Destination 800
    Misc Fees, Doc etc 550

    3% Dealer Profit = 32,953

    Taxes at 8.875% = 3k (8.875%)

    OTD (slightly modified from before) = 37,347

    Anyone have any experience dealing with a fleet manager or how I would find a fleet manager in the NY Tri-State area?

  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    edited August 2010

    Thanks for the explanation. Paying 3% over invoice is a lot. You should be able to get the below deal (using your numbers)

    I would say it should be

    $31,993 - Invoice with all options you want
    $ 800 - Destination
    $32,793 - Purchase Price
    $2,910.38 - Tax (tax isn't charged on Doc fees, etc.)
    $ 550 - Doc Fee, Tags, etc. fees

    $36,253.38 - Total OTD Purchase Price

    Many of us got deals at or under invoice. I got a deal under invoice that also included a 100k warranty and 2 year maint package (maint. package standard from Toyota, so I didn't do anything to get that). They still get to keep all of their holdback and get their doc fee. They will still make $1000+ on the van, which is fair. You have to be patient and really work multiple dealerships.

    Take print outs from this forum. If you can wait until the end of the month to buy, you may have leverage if they haven't hit their monthly quota.

    Also, work with Internet departments, not fleet sales. Internet departments allow you to work through email/phone/etc. and get their "best price" on the van you want. Depending on your negotiating style you can give them the number you are willing to pay and tell them if the hit it you are ready to buy. You have to be willing to walk and you have to stick to your guns.
  • Just a quick comment, everyone's got their own opinion but I just got my Sienna last week and I was disappointed in the floor mats, they weren't any better quality then aftermarket floor mats, if I could do it over again, I'd save alittle cash and remove them from my initial purchase. Probably shop online for cheaper, same quality aftermarket mats.
  • Hello Omen62,

    I signed up for Sienna XLE FWD with DVD Navigation package for $32,400 plus 800 (transportaion/Shipping), NJ Sales tax 7%, NJ Registration (now 4 years in NJ) $399, Doc fees $199.

    I bought this car from Caldwell, NJ Toyota from salesman named Gary.

    With DVD you shouldn't pay more than $33,000. I don't believe there is much difference between dealer installed DVD system and Toyota DVD. However, Toyota DVD system has a large split screen with dual view.

    I would recommend that you purchase extended warrant from Toyota (negotiable) as well. 8 years - 100k miles or 8 years-125k miles. approximately $1000 extra.

    Hope this helps.

  • jcrawford999,

    That is indeed a good price. I bought the 2011 Sienna XLE with Navigation Package at $32, 400 plus NJ sales tax (7%), NJ registration (now 4-years) $399, doc fess ($199), and destination charges $800.

    You shoudn't not pay more than $33,500 for Premium Package. You can go to and configure the Sienna with options or buy a report from consumers report for $15. Get all the bids from competitors and take them to the dealership and bargain hard - you will be very happy with the outcome.

    With all the ongoing issues at Toyota (most issues are overblown by media
    ), and for your own protection please consider the extended warranty.

    I am giving back 2007 Sienna and our trasmission failed at 20k miles!!

    Hope you find the right deal.

  • DLuDLu NHPosts: 82
    Floor mats are not the only interior pieces that are sub-par, pats_fan.

    If anyone cares, we got a 2011 Ltd AWD w/ "Prem Pkg," MSRP $45,333, for $39,500. I was going to use my own loan, but they (Toyota of Nashua) were so hungry they lowered the interest rate a bit more. The trade-in we had actually got us more than I expected based on KBB.
  • omen62omen62 Posts: 9
    Do you think if I offer 32k that's a lowball for XLE FWD 6 cyle with premium package and floor mats?
  • stvroystvroy Posts: 33
    edited August 2010
    For Premium Package and floor mats that's definitely a low ball. Premium Package (NAV and DVD) is a $6k+ option ($5k invoice).

    It depends on timing, supporting documentation you have, etc. I don't think it's doable as it eats away even the holdback. Invoice on the one with Premium is $35k, so I don't see $32k as even a close start. It may show you didn't do your homework and you aren't realistic. If you want the one with Premium Package then your target should be around $35k or just under.

    I think you should offer $32,500 and move to $32,750 eventually (basically invoice) on the van we configured above then you will get for that. Moving small amounts vs. big amounts shows you are set on a figure and you did your homework. Also ask for credtis with parts, extended warranty, etc. in your negotiations. You can give up on some of those to show you are caving on some things.
  • Hello, I need some help and advice about the quote for XLE FWD with NV and EY package. Last Saturday I just ordered one 2011 XLE 8-Passengers with remote engine start, mud flaps, mats and sill protections and cross bars for $31,100 + tax. In the meantime, my salesman told us we are not obligate to purchase it if by we change our mind later although we paid $300 first. Also the dealer salesman has tried to sell us another van with NV and EY with 500 mileages on it for $34,800 + $150 Doc + $100 Title + Tax. Can someone help us to figure out the best quote price for me to get? I've tried some dealers in IL and WI, but they all started with higher quote. I would be appreciated anyone's help, because I really need my van by September. Thanks.
  • omen62omen62 Posts: 9

    I want to thank you for all your help so far. I'm sorry to be such a pain but this is my first new car purchase and I have been dealing with a pretty shady dealer (but using him as practice mostly). Last night I told him I wanted a Black XLE FWD 6 cyl with the premium pack and floor mats and that if he could get to 37k out the door then I would come in and buy it right then and there. When he called back saying he could do it for 41k I said thanks but no thanks.

    Just to be sure that I'm on par here, these are the numbers I'm working with. (these are slightly changed as I've added the premium package whereas before I was just working with Nav and dealer installed dvd). Could you please let me know if these look off?

    Base for the car 28,314
    Premium Pckg 5,000
    Floor Mats 198
    Total 32,793

    Dest 800
    Tax 2,974
    Misc Fees 550
    Total (bid) 37,836

    The hold back on this car I believe is roughly 643 but I may be wrong so I'm thinking my bid of 37k was not that far off. It's roughly 2k more than I wanted to spend but the dealer installed dvd worries me that it won't look right.

    Thanks again!
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