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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If you're looking for LE + Ent, you should consider the after-market options. You don't need to step up to another trim level just for Ent. I got the XLE, and added after market Nav+Ent for under $2k. The factory stuff is crazy expensive!
    And that was for a professional install, you can do it for even less if you're willing and able.
  • I haven't fully researched all the differences between LE & XLE, but agree that with LE, I will be going with the after-market route for the ENT system. I am not too keen on the NAV system, since I have a few portable GPS units.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    edited September 2010
    I bought this van late last month. I started by looking at what others were paying over here. I was determined to get the lowest price possible. I went to to see what their price was for an base XLE V6 with absolutely no packages or options added. It was around $29400. I added my local tax rate to that as well as the pure profit " processing fee" that dealers charge and right there and then, i decided that i would not be paying more than that. If Fitz can sell that low, other dealers should be comparable! Next i went to Google maps and typed in "toyota dealer" in my area. The maps result listed about 16 dealers. The good thing was that i could click right there from Google maps and get taken directly to the dealers website where i could email them. I prepared a standard email which stated how much i was paying OUT THE DOOR. I copied and pasted it and sent it to all 16 dealers. Took 20 minutes to complete the entire thing. I left a phone number but asked that dealers email me only. Of course those [non-permissible content removed] don't read their emails and my phone started ringing within 5 minutes of completing the mass emails :mad: . I refused to pick up the phone and proceeded to block dealers that could not follow simple instructions. Others did email back but were also clearly equally stupid. The emails i sent said exactly what i wanted (BASE XLE V6) and what minor options i was adding (mudguards, wheel locks etc) but i still received emails asking me what trim level, packages and options i needed. I immediately sent those idiots to the spam folder never to be heard from again. Only about 4 dealers actually followed my instructions to the tee. Those were the only ones i decided to deal with. Two of them provided quotes that were several thousand higher than my out the door price. They were immediately ruled out. Of the other two dealers, one agreed to my price while the other was a few hundred dollars off. I of course went with the lowest dealer. Transaction went relatively smoothly. Couple of things to look out for at the dealership: (1) Bring your own financing with you and NEVER reveal to the dealer what rate you have been offered. If you want to take a chance on their financing, tell them what rate you need them to beat or else you will not use them. For example, say you were offered 4% by your bank prior to arriving at the dealer. Tell the dealer you need his rate to be 3.75% or lower. If he cant beat that, you may want to consider going with your own bank if you have a great relationship with them. Remember, on a $30K car, the difference between 4% and 3.75% is roughly about $3 a month. I guess what i am trying to say is if you tell the dealer what rate you have received, they will do their best to slightly best it and the difference may be less than $1 a month in payments. Consider going with your own financing if you have a good relationship with your bank / credit union. (2) If getting accessories, make sure it is clearly spelled out that you expect GENUINE Toyota accessories. Crooked dealers have been known to pick up parts at Autozone and them sell it to you. Though they will work, they are not genuine TOYOTA parts. All in all, the van is serving its purpose. It is good to look at and drives okay for a van. Lots of room too.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats on the deal, but can I ask you to use the Enter key once in a while? It's easier to read posts with some white space.

    My eyes thank you. :shades:
  • Basic XLE with Floor Mats and Roof Racks:

    MSRP: $33,694
    OTD = $30,600 plus tags and sales tax and nothing else
    Good deal?
  • Pretty good, but $4-500 higher than Fitzmall. Try going back with a printout from and see if you can get them lower. Are you in/near NYC? I am, and I just drove down to fitzmall after I got annoyed by the constant bait-and-switch from local dealers. On quoted me the same price, but surprisingly wasn't able to actually procure a vehicle...
  • This is actually $123 cheaper than FitzMall altogether, for example their Stock #: 073382

    Yes, I am in NYC. Agreed, dealers in NY and NJ are so shady. Bait and switch is their only game. It is so annoying.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Beating Fitzmall is good, just remember Fitz has a $99 processing fee, so if they come back with a $399 processing fee the deal just soured.
  • Thanks for sharing this process/method. in the past I have used similar strategy, but didn't cast the 'net' as wide. I think I only contacted 6 or 7 dealers. I see the value that by asking more dealers, you can quickly weed out those who don't pay attention to the requirements in your email; ask you for redundant information or information already provided in your email; call you rather then communicate through email, etc.
  • I think one should get a google voice account for this purpose only. It's free and they give you a phone number. For it's greeting it should say thank you for calling but I very busy and would appreciate it if you only communicated with me via email. Just a thought. You tell these guys over and over and over, you prefer email, but they keep calling anyway. WTF!
  • I have quote 2011 Sienna LE at $31,000 OTD in houston Area.
    It includes omtions like mud guard, tint, matt and alarm.
    Is it good price?
  • Interesting, stock #048346 is $30,099, not sure what the difference is. In any case, you're +/- a couple of hundred bucks from one of the best prices around. If I had found that price locally, I would've taken it. I found about $1k worse, so I just packed up the kids and made a little trip of the whole adventure and bought from fitzmall.
  • joenyc111joenyc111 Posts: 28
    edited September 2010
    Internet Price: $30,099.00
    Value Price: $30,494.00
    I called and basically $30,099.00 is a price that you never get. You have to pay the $30,494.00. I asked if the difference is the destination charge and I got an answer that it is but it is not. I know that destination is $810.00 anyway.
    The price I got was NOT in the tri state area. The local dealers did the same to me, give me a price, when I try to pay their car magically disappears without fail. One even tried 3 times to take my keys for the car I drove in with. I was not blocking anybody at all.
  • Oh, and they want to charge a $99 processing fee. So, I guess I paid exactly the same price as them.
  • can't use salespersons name, posting rules for forum, but his initials are W.M.
  • dev_pdev_p Posts: 22
    I got quote from Fitzmall is giving for LE 8 pass for
    $27,747.00 + tax + title/license + $120 doc.

    Just compare that with your quote removing you tag/taxes and doc ? OTD cannot be compared as taxes varies by state.

    BTW a local dealer when I showed this quote refused to give at above quote said Sienna is hot and they are going out quickly. But I would advise keep trying .
    I am not in hurry to buy just trying to get feel of prices.
  • The value price is for things like loaner car and some service stuff which I declined, as I'll never go there for service since I don't live ther. I bought a similar XLE that was $30154, if I recall correctly, and that is exactly what I paid when I went down there. I didn't even pay the $99, as I am doing the docs, etc., myself.

    They were a bit pushy trying to sell some Lojack-like system and extended warranty, but I held firm, paid my money, and left.
  • mastergunnera8mastergunnera8 Posts: 19
    edited October 2010
    Don't know the OTD charges there in Houston...Tax, proc, etc, I paid 26,300 plus tax tags in MD, the token 2yr main, 2.9% financing. Ended up at 27.343. I would think you could do better than 31K OTD...of course the tint is probably 300, mud guards 80, mats 120 or so..alarm? I know the factory comes with security, not the lojack type stuff..that may be 2-300 or so....mine came with mats and trailer prep with a sticker of around 30500 just for an idea
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The value price is for things like loaner car and some service stuff which I declined

    It's basically every other oil change for free, coupons for all other visits.
  • MD‘s tax rate is 6%. So 26,300 plus tax is 26,300*1.06= $27,878
    Plus TTL, should over $28,000. Am I wrong ?
    Could you pls tell me which dealer you purchased the car ? I'm near MD too. Thanks.
  • You got a better deal than me by $500.
    However, I did $2,000 better than any dealer in NY or NJ.
    They were a major headache to deal with too.
    Overall, I was happy with the purchase.
  • I live in taxes much lower...

    email me and I will fwd you the complete info and my AWESOME salesperson...they beat everyone I could find by $1K...the dealer nearest me (gave him last chance) said they must be doing a bait and switch and there was no way they could do that deal...but the deal was exactly as promised..
  • What deals did anyone find on the 2011 Sienna in RI or MA?
  • I could not understand why dealers in MD area can offer such low price. The lowest price I got in Phoenix is 27800. Here below is the dealer breakdown for an LE. The basic cost 25754 + destination charge 810 already exceeds 26300. How can MD's dealers make profit in the end?

    Retail Dealer Total
    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 29100.00 $ 25754.00 $ 29100.00
    50 State Emissions .........................
    Anti-Theft System with Engine Immobilizer .. 220.00 176.00
    Towing Prep Option: ........................ 220.00 176.00
    Includes Engine Oil Cooler, Larger .........
    Radiator and Fan ...........................
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector ...... 324.00 198.00
    --------- --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 764.00 $ 550.00 $ 764.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 810.00 $ 810.00
    TDA .........................................: $ 579.00
    Gasoline ....................................: $ 10.60
    Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 582.00
    Whsl. Financial Reserve .....................: $ 291.00
    --------- ---------
    Total .......................................: $ 28576.60 $ 30674.00
  • I would not worry about their profits. The car I bought was a good deal and the dealer was very eager to sell it to me at that price. One NY dealer kept on telling me that the deal I have is too low. He also said I should tell them the name of the MD dealer so he can buy from them and resell in NY. It made me skeptic about the deal, until I signed at the dotted line. The deal was good and MD dealers are legit. Obviously, you need to do your homework and be diligent. I used Koons.
  • What dealer in the Boston area? Did you go through with the deal? Details?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • How about NY/NJ/CT area? I am available.
  • Hi:

    can you pls share your experience of buying a car from another state? I am mostly interested in if you still need to pay the local tax for the state where you purchased it. Also do you just drive it back or have some company transfer it for you?

  • Thank you for this forum. I was able to get a lot of informaiton and know what is a fair price to pay for my new Toyota Sienna Limited. I think I got an OK price without any hassle.

    I got this deal through They sent my reqeust to 3 dealers and AutoNation came back with the best quote with one of their dealership, Power Toyota Irvine.

    Here is what I got

    Toyota Sienna FWD $38,700
    Special Color $220
    LTD Premium Package: $4,025
    Lower Door Molding $209
    Cargo Organizer, Roof rack Cross Bars $424
    Carpet floor Mats/Door Sil Protector $324
    Delivery Fee $810

    MSRP $44,712.00

    Price Purchased (not including TTL) $40,738.60

    The price I paid is $200 over invoice. Personally I don't think I can get this price if I walk into the dealership directly. So overall this is a reall success for me.
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