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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You will only pay Tax Tile and Registration in your state where you will register the car. If they ask you to pay for out of state, you know you are being scammed.
  • Already sent you email for a while. Please check your mail box. thanks a lot.
  • Bay area, the best quote I got is 35,500 (39,000 OTD) for 2011 XLE with premium package (navi and DVD). Is it a good price at all? Thanks.
  • Why is your OTD so much higher? What is the exact break down?
  • State tax is sky high 9.25% for CA.This is the major reason.
  • and I was complaining how high 7% was...
  • How about the price though? Is it a good deal or not?
  • What are the exact options? I am sure you have floor mats, right? What is the exact MSRP?
  • It's with premium package and floor mat/door sill protector. MSRP 39,734.
  • I got quote for 2011 XLE without Navi and DVD at OTD $34,810 at Austin, TX.
    Is it good deal?
    Please share OTD if there is anyone near by Austin, TX got 2011 XLE recently.

    Thanks in advance.
  • At first, I wanted to save money and decided to buy 2010 Odyssey EXL for $31,500 OTD, but the dealer wanted $32,300 OTD. Finally, I bought 2011 Seinna XLE without NAV/DVD for $33,500 OTD in Florida.
  • dev_pdev_p Posts: 22
    Just came back from dealer in NJ got this quote. They don't have the color I want and it could take 1 month to get it. Thats a long time of waiting - so decided not to go for it.

    27,346 + Destination $810 + tax + MV fees $399 + $249 documentation fee = 30800

    Want to see if anyone got better than this?
  • email me for specifics, place, person. etc...mine was 263xx, plus tax, registration. The fluff of $800 shipping was included...I paid 273xx OTD
  • Mail you again.

    Thx a lot. :)
  • gbitgbit Posts: 10
    Which dealer is this from ?
  • oz9oz9 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    i got 350 a month taxes etc rolled into payment on a LE lease 3 years 500 out of pocket in ny
  • minnu2minnu2 Posts: 10
    edited October 2010
    Pls give feedback on the price for the 2011 Sienna 2WD 3.5LV6 LE 8 passenger +leather+DVD only priced at 30K +++ near Atlanta suburb. O.T.D price is 32,400. Can I get a better deal? Thanks.
  • Is the DVD aftermarket installed by the dealer or the dual screen? Unfortunately the aftermarket DVD didn't come with RCA input at one of the dealer in Chicago suburbs. The dealer quoted $32,899 with DVD + leather & CY package.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    $32,899 for LE with aftermarket DVD?
  • minnu2minnu2 Posts: 10
    Nope its not dual screen. It is (toyotas) installed by the dealer.
  • Yes. It had dealer installed aftermarket leather seats also with warming option for the driver & passenger seats for $2999. The rate includes that.
  • When I start looking for my Sienna, I searched this web site and found it very helpful so I thought that I should join and post to thanks all of you. We got our Sienna XLE + NAV + MAT + CROSS BAR for $33,109 + TTL in the bay area. I hope this help those of you in the bay area looking for a reasonable price. I tried offering them $ 32,500 + TTL but no deal accepted.
  • cbad14cbad14 Posts: 6
    Thanks for your info. I am looking for the same configuration. Was their offer of $33,109 their first offer or did they negotiate down. I was offered $35,500 today before TTL. Sounds like there's room for improvement in their offer.
  • jasoldjasold Posts: 1
    I got a quote of $32040 includes destination plus TTL in the N/NW suburbs of Chicago for a 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE with DVD (Entertainment Package).

    Please provide your input if this is a good price or can I go a little lower?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • dev_pdev_p Posts: 22
    I am going to pull the trigger on this.
    Total OTD in NJ comes out 30500.
  • A month ago, they were qouting $33K. They mentioned that Toyota raised the price by $500. You can probably talk them to $33K.
  • cbad14cbad14 Posts: 6
    Thanks for your reply. I'm in the southeast.

    Does anybody know if the pricing on Toyotas differs much by region? Or should a price offered in one region be just as acceptable in another region?
  • Purchased the car last friday @ 26,930 + TTL, total OTD 29,900 (1500down since no car loan history, APR 3.09). Is it a good deal?
  • got a quote from dealer for LE V6 AWD $30234, not including TTL. Is it an okay price?
    Invoice is $38,665 + $668 Ad fee + $810 destination

    When will be the best time to buy 2011 Sienna? There is no incentive or low APR right now.
  • gshellgshell Posts: 4
    Just replaced the rear pads and rotors on 2007 sienna. How you your adjust the parking brake....thanks
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