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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Here's the thing about selling have to have inventory. The more you have...the more you can sell. Toyota was sitting on 45 days of inventory in May which is fairly normal, maybe a little short given the production problems from Japan. Sales also dipped in May due to fuel and economy so they're ok. Without knowing the days supply of Sienna's you really can't make much of a judgement call based on what's on dealer lots. My local dealer is a Toyota/Honda shop and they constantly stock 2-3 Siennas and 10-15 Odysseys. In our area, the Odyssey is FAR more popular. In fact one reason my wife didn't want another Ody is because they're everywhere here. The upper end Ody's still seem to be short supply so you may not see as good of a deal on them. When we shopped the Touring Elite was still cheaper than the Ltd even with Toyotas incentives.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I would walk even if I was sure that's the van I wanted.

    Is there another Toyota franchise near you? I wouldn't even want to haggle with a sales man who was that arrogant to begin with.
  • Interesting you mention this, I had a similar experience at a Honda dealership near me and it left me thinking the Odyssey was not for us. They left us standing in the show room for 15 minutes before anyone asked if we needed help, and only helped us after the next couple that came in was immediately greeted and asked if they needed help.
    The girl who helped us gave us the keys and then walked away and said she had something to do. 15 minutes later she came back and we went on the test drive. She knew nothing about the vehicle, which I can handle, but she should have said "Let me go get a rep who can show you a little more." She couldn't get the 8th seat out and was never able to show us how, and when I asked about the safety features of the auto sliding door it almost closed her leg in it and she never got someone to show us how that worked either.

    It's just ashame because a bad experience with a sales rep can sometimes make the car itself look bad.
  • joesteeljoesteel Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    Is this is a good price? Includes tinted front windows and rack cross bars. 8 passenger fwd XLE no other options. TTL is about $2300, price w/o TTL would be $31,200.
  • We wanted to buy Memorial Day weekend but couldn't find a vehicle with the specs we were looking for. We are settled on a Sienna even though the interior (specifically the dash) could be improved. But I'm wondering on the SE vs. the LE...

    The SE has a different suspension, is it worth the difference in price? (I realize there are other differences, but a different suspension is the only one I can justify as not being soley vanity).

    If it helps, we are a family of 5 that plans on using it how most minivans are used; school, family vacations, shopping. Our kids our little; 6, 2 and 1 and we plan on keeping the vehicle for a long time; 13+ years if it will last that long.

    We've been quoted $32,299 on the SE and $28,798 on the LE.

    Thanks for any advice in advance!
  • blitz64blitz64 Posts: 5
    There is a $500 cash back incentive in the new england area this month June. Is this $500 cash back normal (meaning it's always there every month)? Has there ever been $1000 cash back? should I wait another month to see if there are more discounts during the summer months and near year end cycles.
  • We have also been offered the $500 cash back or 2.9% financing. They also ran this deal for Memorial Day only with an interest rate of 1.9%.

    I'm not sure if they will keep running that deal, but all dealerships seem to do blowout sales at the end of the year. We are looking to close the deal on one here in the next few weeks.

    I've been using to compare cash back vs. interest rate etc. They seem to be pretty close to what the dealership quotes, maybe that will help you.
  • I was quoted a price tonight of $29,248 + tax and license for an V6 LE 8 passenger, with the option of taking an additional $500 cash back or 2.9% financing. Does this seem like a decent deal?

    Options are:
    Lower Door Molding
    Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    Anti-Theft w/ Engine Immobilizer
    Towing Prep
    Roof Rack Cross Bars
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Keep in mind that with a good credit rating you can beat Toyota's 2.9% offer at other banks and then you can take the $500 as well. 2.9% is really not an "incentive" rate IMHO since other banks can beat's just something to get people in the door.
  • rlmiller9rlmiller9 Posts: 48
    Which banks have better than2.9% interest rates?
  • Right now I've found 2 banks that can beat 2.9; Bank of America (but there is a $200 loan fee) which pretty much makes it a wash and Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

    We are planning on financing outside of Toyota and going with the $500 back for a price of $28,748.

    Sounds good?
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Think you should be closer to $30,500 before TTL.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    We were offered a couple options well below 2.9 (this was in March) but went with BB&T at 2.5%, 60 months, no fees (origination or early payoff).
  • dillydilldillydill Posts: 79
    Decent deal no.

    Check out some of the no haggle or buying service sites such as
    I was able to plug in my zip code in the american express buyers service and all your options other than towing prep and I got a price of 28326 before taking $500 incentive or financing and before TTL.

    On the toyota website towing prep's MSRP is 220.
    Still about 700 too high overall me thinks.
  • mrscoffieldmrscoffield Posts: 14
    edited June 2011
    Thank you all for the advice. Here is what we ended up deciding on, and I got the interior and exterior color I wanted:

    Options are:
    Lower Door Molding
    Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    Anti-Theft w/ Engine Immobilizer
    Towing Prep
    Roof Rack Cross Bars

    Price was $28,748 and when we told them we got 2.49% through a credit union they gave us 2.3% for 60 months and $500 cash back. We were happy with the deal and the payment. Our kids are super excited since a new vehicle is a rarity for us. :) Thanks again for the tips!!
  • I know there are many variables (location, stock, demand/supply, etc.) but I went to several dealers this weekend and they all told me this is now a "MSRP" car with little room for negotiation ... I think I paid $1,000 below invoice back in 2007 for a Limited AWD fully loaded. The market changed this much ... any thoughts?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Supply is limited on many models, so there is some truth to that. Thing is, Sienna is made in the USA, and I don't think the plants in Indiana were affected nearly as much as other places.

    It's the Japan-made models that are seriously short on supply. What could be happening is shoppers shift to buy American made models when Toyota is out of Japan-made ones, increasing demand temporarily.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    My experience the best pricing is done on the internet. Any time I went to a dealership and talked to a non-internet salesperson, the price was always higher, sometimes by quite a lot more than internet quotes.

    At ~$4.00 a gallon for gas, these vans are not MSRP bound. One thing that dealerships are hoping for is a surge of buying as school lets out and families think of vacations.

    I would expand my search. Go out as far as comfortable for a better price. Your local Toyota dealer will still service your new vehicle.
  • thanks - so I should still aim for invoice or below invoice, right?
  • wtlwtl Posts: 11
    can you tell me which dealer is it? Thanks.
  • zuprman1zuprman1 Posts: 1
    Hi, Did you receive this $500 cash back offer in writing for Memorial Day, or in case you bought the Sienna, did you receive the $500 during the Memorial weekend?

    I was informed of the $500 offer for the Sienna on Memorial weekend as they recieve the $500 voucher, but the dealserhip is now not honoring the offer, saying that it did not apply to the Sienna. Need some help please. :-)
  • ibeplatoibeplato Posts: 13
    hi all, our local dealer is offering a lifetime powertrain warranty covering any lubricated part (engine/transmission) if we do all of our service with them. Does this seem like a good deal? I'm buying a Sienna with the idea that i'll keep it at least 8-10 years or more. Given maintenance in the first two years is free, it seems like it makes sense to pay maybe $50-100 more a year after year 2 to get the warranty.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, engines tend to outlast the rest of the vehicle nowadays. You'll easily get 250k miles if you take care of it, but by then the interior will be falling apart, the A/C won't work, and you may have some electrical parts not working.

    For me a 7/100 bumper-to-bumper warranty would make more sense because it would cover things that are more likely to break.

    Plus, what if that dealer goes out of business? Who backs that insurance policy?
  • mike0205mike0205 Posts: 8 gives 1.99% for 72 months. I think that is the best I could get so far.
  • mike0205mike0205 Posts: 8
    I got an LE for $26775 (Silver) Plus Title and Tax from Schaumburg Toyota in IL.
    I was quoted for an XLE with DVD (16.4 inch) for$34340 plus TTL but I did not buy it since I did not like the color and they had only Green.
  • Mike0205: Congratulations on the great price! Did your price include the $500 incentive for cash buyers? Do they have 1.9% apr at Schaumber Toyota? I am looking to buy soon around the Chicago area. Thanks.
  • mike0205mike0205 Posts: 8
    Both schaumburg and Naperville Toyota will be able to provide you the price. For the Financing, I went with and got my loan pre approved.

    The transaction was very smooth with no cost of Title to us. I did not pay even a penny on the title. Also got a $100 deposited in my savings account for Gas.
  • iitrameshiitramesh Posts: 1
    I got an XLE for $33695 (Silver + DVD Package) Plus Title and Tax from Kirkland Toyota in Seattle, WA. I tried many dealers and finally got the quote from AMEX Auto buying which was $100 more than the invoice price. The same car is sold in VA (Herndon) for $31,000 + TTL. The body molding was too expensive = $395. Not sure how this will help us from scratch and ding. The center seat is not independent like Honda Odyssey. Otherwise I like this car very much...! Forgot to check about the recent recall "Stop Lamp Switch Bracket"..will check tomorrow. Got 2.9% APR 60 Months.
  • 2010odybuyer2010odybuyer Posts: 6
    edited June 2011
    Finally we bought 2011 XLE with Entertainment Package. We had to wait for 2.5 weeks to get the right color and also delay from Toyota. Bought Salsa red with grey interior. Love the van so much!!! Got it for $35,150 OTD from Crystal Lake Toyota. Includes door sill protector and carpet floor mats. Also got 1.9% APR from Toyota...

    The dealership was awesome and the dealing was smooth. Ask for Jeff Balcer if anyone happens to go there. He is the best we have seen!

    After lot of research and quotes from almost 10 different dealers in chicagoland, we got best offer from Thomas Toyota (Joliet) but they had only Sandy Beach Metallic with 50 miles on it. We took the quote and checked with Schaumburg Toyota and Arlington Toyota. But unfortunately all the dealers said they would beat or match the deal before we went but none could match it. Arlington Toyota came pretty close (our quote + $200 before TTL). So, went with Crystal Lake Toyota. Dealt with them over phone and emails till the van arrived. Very happy about the purchase! Our 2.5 yr old daughter loves it!
  • desna78desna78 Posts: 21
    I purchased my 2011 Sienna LTD from Steve (Pauly Toyota, Crystal Lake). Steve and Jeff are Inernet partners.

    Had a good experience with both of them. MSRP for my LTD with Premium and Convenicece packages + Blizzard Pearl Color was $44934. I purchased it for $40,000. After Trade-Off, I paid $32k.

    what was MSRP for XLS with DVD ?
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