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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • First time poster.

    Getting a quote of 47k for 2012 awd limited premium package with options otd price- Chicagoland area.

    Good deal?

    Please comment.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    What's the MSRP? Here in the DC area, fitzmall discounts their loaded ones by about $3500 or so. I'm not sure what your taxes are there, but we can do the math if you know the MSRP.
  • I got a quote for 2012 Sienna XLE AWD. No optional packages. Is the Out the door price of $37000 reasonable? Is it even possible to go lower? It took me few days to get to this price.

    Please let me know. I'm in northern NJ area.

    Also, is it possible to deal in the rear parking assist sonar to the van? Does this sonar come already installed from the factory, or is it something that dealers can put in to the basic model?

    Thank you!
  • I agree with quizzer on this. Bay area dealers do think their Sienna are the best van in the world. No wonder Toyota has month over month lower sales compared to GM, Chrysler and Ford and even Honda. I guess they are not that hungry and still playing the limited stock meme though there is 100% production AD running on TV everyday. Time for incentives Toyota otherwise miserable sales figures coming your way for another month.

    I am receiving 28500 for 2012 LE #5338 - online quote. At the dealership, they are not willing to deal below even that number.
  • I think you can do better. I'm in southeastern PA and my best quote for a 2012 Sienna AWD XLE with the entertainment package was $36,500. I would approach other dealers with your quote and see who will do better. Especially with no options, it should be much less.
  • Wow. that is low! That is out the door price?

    Maybe I should go to PA to buy the car
  • If you're a AAA member you can get a guaranteed member price of $34640. Not sure what the out the door price is with that.
  • cmkbdcmkbd Posts: 1
    I purchased a new Toyota Sienna XLE in 2006 and loved the vehicle all the while I owned it.
    It was loaded with features, had a beautiful interior with soft plastic, and everything functioned the way it should. I only had 38,000 miles on it when I decided that I wanted to get the latest model Sienna. I liked the new style I had seen on the road and started my research online and learned a great deal.

    After my research I visited Honda and Toyota dealerships. My initial impressions at both dealerships was that the interiors were not nearly as nice as my 2006, hard plastic and not much of an upscale look. Ultimately, with my wife’s urging we decided on the Toyota Sienna mostly due to outside style and the fact that the interior on the Sienna was a bit nicer. It was somewhat like voting in an election. You have two candidates and unfortunately you need to decide which of the two poor choices would be the best.

    We made a deal on the XLE but I knew in my heart that this vehicle really fell short of what I had hoped to achieve by purchasing a new car. I was really disappointed in what Toyota calls one-motion stow seats. It still requires as much work as previously except with the new third row seats you get a horrible fit with a cheap flap that flips over held in place by Velcro. Since the flap fits so poorly, if you had boxes in the van in front of the 3rd row and pulled them back you would run into the flap and perhaps damage it. Perhaps they could have sprung for Velcro on both sides so it will stay in place. Also, the floor does not have solid footing as it did in the past. A really bad idea. The next thing that really bothered me was when the second row of seats were removed (something we do frequently when we travel to Florida) you don’t have a flat floor you have two large metal assemblies that can’t be removed and are really in your way. Next you have these awful tracks in the floor that were made to collect debris and food and whatnot. Even with the carpet mats in, it looks unfinished. In the past the carpet mat covered all of that, the floor was flat and no place to catch all the debris. Additionally, the old tumble seats worked more easily with a lot less effort. What was Toyota thinking?

    Next, looking very carefully at the specs, I discovered things that surprised me to no end. Foolishly, I thought when I moved up from a 2006 Sienna XLE to a 2011 Sienna XLE I would get all that I currently had along with the latest and greatest features. I was appalled to discover that the new XLE, second to the top of the line vehicle did not have automatic headlights. I haven’t owned a vehicle in the past 15 or so years that this wasn’t standard on including two Corollas. I couldn’t believe it and this is something I really wanted. Further I found that the nice power folding mirrors had also been removed. Every time we pull into our garage we use this feature, now we would have to open the window and pull them in by hand. Unacceptable. The next two items I could live without but was surprised that they had been removed: Puddle lights and memory seats. My goodness, the second to top of the line Sienna XLE started to look like a stripped down base model.

    Well, I couldn’t justify spending this much money and being this disappointed. Therefore, I decided that I was gong to have to move up to the Limited model. This proved disappointing as well. I was told that I couldn’t get the Limited with just Navigation but rather, would have to order the navigation and dual DVD player. The DVD player would never get used. Specifications clearly indicated on the Toyota site that I could order either one separately or as a package. But I wasn’t able to do that. I passed on this in favor of a 7” Magellan GPS (the same size screen as the in dash unit but far easier to use) for $147.00 with free map updates instead of the expensive updates with the Toyota product. The Limited also is only available with two moon roofs. We didn’t care if we even had one – but not an option. I am also amazed that Toyota would make standard Ottoman second row seats with a caveat that they are not to be used with the vehicle in motion. What are we supposed to do with them, invite friends over to sit in our van in our driveway? This is the height of dumb. However, the next item truly irritated me. I could only order the Limited with the $890.00 Convenience Package (HID headlights and rain sensing wipers). I didn’t want either of these. In particular, I hate those new headlamps when they are coming at me and didn’t want to do the same to others. Isn’t an option supposed to be an option? But again, no choice.

    At this point, I’m still not certain why I decided to forge ahead and spend $42,000.00 on a vehicle that fell so short in so many ways.

    Last Friday the Vehicle arrived and I picked it up. It looked very nice and I thought I’m going to get over some of these irritations and really enjoy the vehicle. That didn’t really happen. The first thing that occurred was the dealer offered to set up the BlueTooth for me – except it was such a complicated procedure, he asked the sales manager to get involved who also had great difficulty in getting it set up properly. (I have since spent several hours trying to get it to perform properly with no luck). Then I was informed that this particular “Luxury-Upscale” audio system was only capable of holding 26 phone numbers and apparently each had to be entered individually. We have two other BlueTooth products. One is a Garmin GPS that loads my phone book right into the unit the minute I connect ($150.00 item). Also, we have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata (Base model). As soon as I turn the car on, the BlueTooth gives me a message that it is loading the phone book (Not 26 items) all the items in my phone book or contacts list. I am so upset about this that it is hard to put into words that this $42,000.00 vehicle doesn’t even have a decent audio system in it.

    Moving on. As soon as I began to drive the vehicle I noticed something very wrong about the steering wheel. The wood design on it is very slippery and slides through your hands creating an unsafe driving environment. I can’t believe there is no texture on this part of the steering wheel so that it is not so slippery. This is not a petty issue. Someone should look into this. I really do believe it is unsafe.

    Trying to find something to be positive about, my wife and I decided to try out the second row ottoman seats. What a joke. I am 6’2” and didn’t expect them to work for me but she is only 5’4” and could not put her feet up unless the seat was all the way back - therefore no one could sit in the 3rd row and only if the front seat were all the way forward making it difficult to sit there. Basically this is a useless product and should not have ever been included not to mention, these seats are even harder to operate than the XLE seats and don’t p
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I passed on this in favor of a 7” Magellan GPS (the same size screen as the in dash unit but far easier to use) for $147.00 with free map updates instead of the expensive updates with the Toyota product.

    I have one also. Does your have the video input? It would be in the lower left, at the bottom of the unit.

    If so, register your Magellan, then consider ordering the backup cam. It lists for $150, but you get a 10% discount coupon when you register, so I paid $135.

    Of course I think yours has a backup cam on a smaller screen already, doesn't it? If so, never mind.
  • mejazzmejazz Posts: 6
    edited October 2011
    I am in Austin TX and I purchased a 2011 V6 LE with XM Radio, blue-tooth, and USB connection (plus some other crap thrown in by Gulf States Toyota like 3M window film, paint sealant, fabric protector etc.) for $29.1K+TTT (not using the $1000 rebate) - is this a reasonable price for an 11 LE V6? Could anybody from TX please comment. TIA
  • mejazzmejazz Posts: 6
    BTW I am assuming couple of items as add-ons as i am not sure what is standard on LE V6; here is what i think are additional equpment: (1) the Blue-tooth controls on steering wheel (2) Stereo has XM Satellite Radio (3) There is a USB Connection alongwith AUX-in. Are these BT, XM, and iPod add-ons or just standard with all LE V6?
  • mac718mac718 Posts: 2
    I've also been offered $31,800 + TTL. I'm holding out to see if they come out with an outstanding finance deal. I'm debating between an Odyssey & the Sienna. I'm doubting Odyssey will come out with any great financing, but I'm hopeful Toyota will.
  • I too am in the market, and was at a dealership last night. I would like to know exactly the deal you made. They are trying to get $29,500 for an LE with options overpriced by the dealer. On a 2011 consumer report says I should have paid $27,637 which includes the $1000.00 rebate. The 2012 Is sticker priced at $31,327.00 They want $29,500 + TTL I want to know if anyone knows the real price. And the real mark up the dealer uses.
  • mejazzmejazz Posts: 6
    I got the 2011 V6 LE for $291xx+TTL without the $1000 rebate (used 60mo special financing) with no factory options but with distributor (GST -Gulf States Toyota) installed Window Tint (though LE comes from factory with privacy glass!), Premium Carpet mat set (include door sills protectors), Vehicle Shield Package.
    I honestly believe i paid too much as it is a 2011 - could have gotten at least another $2K off it on that basis especially as i traded in a newer vehicle that gives them another $3K-$4K profit margin.
    The thing with CR is that they probably are not adding the GST regional AD fee of $948 (sucks to be in TX suckered by the distributor) plus maybe the $810 destination fee.
    So for a V6 LE, around $29K+TTT in TX might be a reasonable price but for current model (2012) - the 2011 should be discounted further.
  • mmggmmgg Posts: 7
    I was offered $30,989 +TTL for 2012 XLE base.
  • mejazzmejazz Posts: 6
    Yeah, i realized i paid too much. basically i was happy with paying less than invoice but should have gotten more discount for an outgoing model. But I intend to use this van for next 7-10 years and for now i got a safe family vehicle and am happy about it - not going to stress over it :)
  • i just wanted to share the deal i got today since this board has been helpful to me. I purchased a 2012 sienna xle w/ carpet floor mats and door sill protectors (msrp 34340) for 31200 plus ttl. i might have been able to get a couple hundred more but ive already wasted 2 months researching and haggling pricing. that was the most i was gonna pay and feel i got a great deal considering truecar was at 31360. hope that helps everyone get a great deal on theres. this was in the chicago area incase you were interested.
  • mmggmmgg Posts: 7
    Glad to hear that.. I got mine today too & I am in Chicago area.. enjoy the ride!!
  • vanshopper2vanshopper2 Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    We plan to purchase a new 2011 Sienna, adapted for disabled driver. It needs 3 factory modifications: a dropped floor; a side-entry power-driven ramp; removable Captains' chair and front passenger chair. All these are Toyota-factory-modifications; then, sent to Convert-A-Van type of dealers. We would love to know the price-to-the-dealer, so we can estimate how much profit margin he has. Otherwise, very difficult to negotiate with him.
    The prices that 3 dealers have quoted, are all approx. $ 55,000. The new
    2011 off-the-shelf Sienna is $ 23,000 - $ 24,000.
  • ldanldan Posts: 12
    Pat Lobb Toyota of McKinney
  • I talked to several dealers. The second dealer was in Bryan, Texas. They had a few 2011 and 12's to chose from. Best deal on a 2011 LE was $27,800 this one had the extras except for the alarm system.

    I talked to another dealer between Spring, and Huntsiville. Best deal on a 2012 LE with Several extras was $29,000 +TTL

    The dealers have the options marked up several times. They claim they don't, but how do they suddenly start marking down a vehicle when you lose interest.

    The hold back of $810.00 can usually be negotiated away. That money is used for advertisement from the manufacturer. The first thing to do is ask the salesman or look at the sticker to see when they got the car. If they just got it, holdback is pure profit. I rarely see the same vehicles in the paper as the ones on the lot.

    SECOND: Options are on there to make money, not lose it. There is always negotiation in options since they are marked up several times. I take the total amount of options and divide by four. Now I know the number to offer them for options. Don't pay etching fees, usually dealers can do this for $50.00 and charge several times more.

    There is usually profit built into the base price as well. Do you really think they show you the real invoice price when they flip the screen around to show you invoice? Why do you think they get up and go see there manager. They don't really sell the vehicle under invoice unless they have taken you on your trade. It's just a shell game, learn it, then win it.
  • Will there be any impacts to Sienna inventory like how Honda is being impacted?
  • wtlwtl Posts: 11
    Purchased a xle with nav, cross bar and other stuffs for 32000 +ttl with 36mo at 0% and dealer matched the trade in offer with carmax for our old car. Compare with our 99 sienna xle, I agreed with those complains others that Toyota is making new xle’s interior looks so cheap, plus many useful options are dropped from xle line from where it used to have, however, the longer I own it, the better I feel that we are making the good purchase decision (as opposed to the odyssey).
    One thing that I do notice and did not see anyone mention here is that Toyota is really, really making this van cheap. If you open the front door all the way, then stands behind the door looking toward to the front, and looking at the front bender panel via the gap between front door and the A-pillar (around two door hinges), you will find the metal front bender panel stops short of covering the whole area and something looks like insulation material (black form of some sort) extend out of metal bender panel. The metal front bender panel is “screwed in” to the body instead of “soldering” (or whatever you call it) to the body frame like the way I understood what it should have been done. While I question the integrity and strength of such design (cost to fix the fender bender), I don’t know if this short fall will cause any problem in the long run. I suspect at minimum it will trap some dirt as the time goes by and eventually disintegrate the insulation form, eventually causes more problems in the future.
    I know all 2011 are designed this way, but I am wondering if it changed for 2012? I would appreciate anyone been driving sienna and park outside for 6mo+ please provide your observation if you see any problem.
  • Oct 28th, we purchased a 2011 XLE with NAV, DVD, and 8 passenger seating for $36,000 and took the $1,000 cash from Toyota to bring price down to $35,000 (the Sticker was $39,500ish) . We added the 100K extended warranty for $1200. The warranty was through Toyota and has no deductable. With today’s complex cars that have tons of electronics the warranty seemed like a good idea.

    We traded in our current Sienna, 2004 LE with 159,000 miles and had some problems. The Driver door had the popping sound, VSC/Trac-off/engine lights were on, the Driver Sliding Door power lock was broken, the Pass Sliding Door wouldn’t open because the power door cable broke, also it was flagged for frame damage from a previous repair after a deer ran into the back corner. They gave us $6,000 for it, which was the same as Carmax offered. The Dealer said that Siennas hold their value better than most cars and that it is best to trade with just under 100K miles so that you get the most use out of it and the most value for your trade in. They said that ours was hurt by the previous repair and the high mileage.

    We knew that it was time to replace the van and shopped many sedans, SUVs, and vans and even with all the door related problems on the prior van we ended up with another Sienna. The new van doesn’t have the Safety Connect, a power passenger seat, or auto head lights. I believe that the 2012 would have had these but would cost more.
  • My quote was 2012 xle AWD standard $35,500 plus TTL plus cost to get car because it was out of state. Did you ever hear back if other poster's quote of $36,500 include entertainment package was out the door price?
  • Was your $36,500 otd price? I'm looking for 2011/2012 AWD XLE standard and quote I received was $35,500 plus TTL plus cost to get car bc none in state for both. Odd that the price was the same for both years.
  • I received a out of door quote for a 2011 Sienna LE V6 AWD in the NY/NJ area at approximately 32,300 without any additional options. This so far is the best quote I've gotten in the area among dealers who still have this model.

    Do you think I'll be able to negotiate the price down a little more? It was priced about $1600 below invoice and what are realistic car options I can get thrown in if the price remains as is. Thank you.
  • I got an out the door quote for 31300 for the same vehicle at toyota of henderson in NC. It was from Sean- internet sales manager I believe. You probably don't want to travel all the way here, but if they ave you a quote in writing, you might be able to use it as leverage to get your price lowered.
  • I have an offer for 2012 XLE wit NAV + Ent. for 35,000 TTL in TX area, it's good to go OR working out more on this? Please help us
  • urglieurglie Posts: 20
    Not a bad offer at all. I got a much higher offer than that for the same model.
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