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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • advan13advan13 Posts: 6
    I'm curious to know if the Edmunds rebate is still available and they can be combined.
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 12
    Interesting, I far as I know the Edmunds $750 rebate hasn't been available since late June, but since you had 45 days to redeem it its possible these two rebates could overlap if you timed it right.
  • isodyokisodyok Posts: 17
    advan13, thank you for the link. I am sure many prospective buyers would appreciate this.
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 12
    humm, wording on the autotrader rebate they email you only mention Rav4, tundra or gas highlander even though the picture includes a sienna
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 12
    just called, the rebate form is only good for the vehicles listed in the email so apparently the sienna does not get the $750 despite being advertised and mentioned in the FAQ as such (unless someone is getting an different rebate form emailed to them then the one I got)
  • sunghasungha Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Just bought a brand new 2012 Sienna XLE with RES & NY + Remote Starter + All Weather Mat at OTD $37000. Given our tax rate is 8.25, I think we got pretty good deal. Oh yeah, of course 0% for 60 months!

    I got alot of information from this forum and thought I would like to share my experience as well.

    Without Tax & Fees, my purchase price was around $33900. I declined Warranty from my dealer cuz they were asking 8yrs/100K miles for $1990... !!!

    Now looking for the best deal on Warranty!

    Thanks Edmunds!
  • I feel like i have a great sense of what i should pay for an XLE with premium package. What is the best people have been able to do on XLE with Nav, but no Ent/DVD. Specifically XLE, AWD, 7 pass, Nav/Entune, no other add ons. Thanks in advance!
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 12
    edited August 2012
    V6 LE (model 5338) + Alarm, Floor mats, roof rails and destination= $31,240 MSRP - $3,740 discount -$1K northern California rebate down payment match (in lieu of promotional APR) =$26,500. I also have the $750 rebate Edmunds was offering a month back and the current $250 debit card promotion.
    This was kind of an ad car special but was pretty much what I wanted (well all LEs in this area seem to come with at least the alarm/floor mats which I could have done without).
  • xetownxetown Posts: 10

    did you already purchase? i'm in Northern Cali too and looking to buy soon. i split my time between Sacramento and Vallejo. If you're interested in a group by, let me know when and where. thx xetown 'at' hotmail DOT com
  • rc2rc2 Posts: 6
    I am trying to buy all weather floor mats for my new 2012 Sienna - to protect the carpets.
    Any experience or suggestions as to where to buy the OEM (genuine Toyota) floor mats? Thanks appreciate all responses.
  • lxowner2lxowner2 Posts: 51
    I got mine from a dealership in Michigan, I forgot which one, who sold me a bunch of accessories, all cheaper than the dealership who sold me my vehicle. I connected with the dealership on Ebay. I paid $122 for the full set of OEM all-weather floor mats, which are great.
  • lxowner2lxowner2 Posts: 51
    What was the sticker on the vehicle? I am sure in excess of $45K, so I think you did very well.

    Not that great on your extended warranty though.
  • knit4meknit4me Posts: 1
    2012 XLE AWD Nav w/entune (loving the magic open doors!)
    roof rack cross bars
    floor mats with door sill protector

    theft protection(vin etched windows) added at financial office and I did not know it was on vehicle. Price negotiated was OTD so I didn't care b/c it didn't change the price. It did lower my insurance a bit.

    Purchased 8/7 in Denver(Arapahoe)

    MSRP $38,699
    Price $34,158.87
    Vin etch $399
    Dealer fee $499
    5.5% tax $1,928.13
    Rebate -$1,000
    OTD $35,985
  • what was the msrp on this one though chuckisc?
  • Any Toyota dealer should have these available. I double-checked that they would be thrown in with my sienna at the time I ordered my 2012 XLE with RES. The mats are shaped to fit the toyota floor precisely. I was able to negotiate them to be "thrown in" with the van...but after purchase, you will likely have to pay around $175 if memory serves. They are pricey as there are so many of them, and the rear mats are large. I also hear that WeatherTech has figured out the floor patter for 2011 and newer Siennas (though have not checked them out yet). I heard from someone who bought weather tech mats that they have a deeper contour and hold more liquid/dirt than the fairly flat Toyota mats that I have.
  • I purchased a cypress pearl 2012 front drive XLE with the rear entertainment system (RES), including floor mats, mudguards, and door sill protectors and hood deflector (for some reason, Toyota wouldn't build the van without the door sill protectors when I ordered the RES option)--paid $34,400 plus $500 state registration for all in cash price of $34,900...this was ordered back in March, not delivered until end of June due to issues Toyota had manufacturing a late RES XLE without Entune or Navigation in this colour with these options (parts issues caused a delay, then shipping delayed, etc, etc). I think this price is beatable now by at least $1000 if not more--and if there had been ANY of this model with these options available in North West USA, I probably could have picked it up a more cheaply if I had not had to resort to ordering it in the colour and options preferred from the Factory. Hope that helps.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    is $34,900 OTD ??
  • Guys,

    I just bought a new 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE, Front Wheel Drive, Premium package. Here is all the information about my car. I hope this will help you out. Please make sure to check the MSRP before you buy your next car because dealer make a fool out of you by lowering MSRP price. Mine MSRP was about $40750.

    Internet Price: $35,439
    Freight: $810
    Dealer Processing: $200
    Taxes: 6% (In MD)
    Tags:: $344
    Total: $39,000.58

    PREMIUM PKG -inc: dual view rear entertainment center w/(2) wireless headphones voice-activated touch-screen DVD navigation system w/integrated dual view backup camera & on-screen backup guides JBL AM/FM/MP3 stereo w/4-disc CD changer (10) speakers XM radio w/XM NavTraffic & 90-day subscription aux audio jack USB port w/iPod connectivity Bluetooth hands-free phone & music streaming capability smart key system w/push button start remote illuminated entry chrome accented outside door handles rear parking sonar Safety Connect airbag beacon mayday system

    Antwerpen Toyota
    12420 Auto Drive
    Clarksville, MD 21029
  • permiepermie Posts: 13
    I am confused why would a dealer lower the MSRP??
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    edited August 2012
    Just placed deposit for 2012 Sienna XLE 8 Passenger. The dealer did not have the color we wanted. They need to bring it from another dealer. We will get it in few days.

    2012 Sienna XLE 8 Passenger (Silver Sky Metallic)

    All Standard XLE Features
    Rear Entertainment System
    Push Button ignition
    Vin Etching
    Floor Mats

    MSRP: 36,850

    Negotiated Price: 33,500
    Trade-in: 10,500
    Final price: 23,000
    Tax: 2,050 (8.875% NY)
    Documentation: 350
    DMV: 300

    Total 25,700 OTD with 0.9% 60 months financing

    Dealer: Sansone Auto mall, Avenel NJ
  • chuckiscchuckisc Posts: 31
    OK price.
    I never thought the DVD system should worth $2000. Even your TV in your home doesn't cost that much and it must be at least 50" wide.

    We got the same XLE with no RES. $31K.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    I believe the MSRP on base XLE is 34,450
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    I know it is an ok price… This deal was done to dump my car, 09 Corolla with bad camshaft & noise from water pump. If I was putting down cash the price will be around 35.5K OTD.

    For RES I wanted the factory one. I don’t like to install the aftermarket stuffs.
  • isodyokisodyok Posts: 17
    Bought a 2012 Sienna LE 8-Pass V6 FWD (has Towing package & Carpet floor Mats w/door sill protectors) for 26,401 - including 750 cash back (in lieu of 0% APR). Only TTL extra. The dealer is IRA Toyota of Danvers. It was my best experience buying a car. Requested an online quote from their website, for a car they have in the inventory which is the largest in the area, noting that I will purchase immediately if the price is right. They gave me the best price (compared to all quotes I got for same trim) in the first attempt. I paid an advance on phone via CC (refundable if deal fails) and fixed an appointment for next day. Went to the dealership next day, test drove the car I was quoted and then paid the balance of the amount. Please try them, I think they are the best in the Boston area.

    This forum has been of immense help to me to gauge the prices paid by educated consumers and to approach the whole process of buying a car in the 21st century way. Thank you, fellow buyers and Edmunds for this knowledge platform.
  • Hello
    I'm buying a new Sienna XLE, not sure if I want a basic package or a Navigation, the reason I would get a Navigation is because it adds some other features like smart key, I dont really care about dvd, my girls rather use their Ipads, I think dvds is a thing of the past.
    The lowest price I have gotten for the sienna XLE basic package is $30300 is this a good price?? I was also thinking of waiting for the 2013 but it may be more expensive.
    What do you guys think and how much have you paid for your Sienna, by the way I'm located in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    You going to keep the Van for a long time ? I am expecting you will not trade in Within 3 years. If you are going to sell it then better get latest model.

    You are getting 4K off MSRP, Plus 0% financing for 48 or 0.9% for 60 months financing. That’s really good deal. Go for it

    I think you will not get the same financing deal for next 2013 model.
  • Yes, 34,900 was out the door--this included the state $500 registration fee. This was a decent price for the vehicle at the time of the order (late March). I still think that an XLE front wheel drive with the RES, door sills, mudflaps and block heater could be obtained for less now, if it is in existing stock at a dealer. This was from a dealer in Montana.
  • I'm financing through my Credit Union, but I have a new quote for $29950 for a basic xle, but now I'm having second thoughts, I may go for the one with Navigation with entune just because it also adds, backup sensors and push start.
    I al so want to add the remote engine starter (RES) If it all works out I might close the deal today, Toyota is also running a promotion on their facebook page, I'f I buy a new toyota before sep 4 I will get a $250 card!
  • does you xle have navigation? or just the dvd? also how does the RES work for you? I heard that when you start it and you open your car the engine shuts off, is this true?
    Thanks! I'm buying an xle as well, I'll probably get the one with Nav w/entune no dvd
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 12
    Play around with the etune/navigation if you really think you want it, I haven't heard much good about it from the people that have it installed. I understand the desire for a clean looking GPS system, but honestly most folks are happier with a portable unit for a fraction of the cost that is much cheaper to update and which a passenger can still use while the car is in motion. IMO I don't see what all the hype is about the smart key either, I've heard more than one story of a spouse driving off with the car only to realize the person they just dropped off had the key and now they are stuck with the car in the middle of nowhere when they shut it off.
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