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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mmuller2mmuller2 Posts: 1
    Was offered the following today (around Chicago)

    5 Door 8-Pass Van V6 XLE FWD
    MSRP : $ 38,915

    OFFER: $34,000 + TTL

    Do you think this is a good deal? TIA.
  • van2013van2013 Posts: 5
    XLE with navigation package, blind spot monitor, 10" DVD player (Distributer installed DVD) and window tint for MSRP of $39018. Bought it last Thursday for $35200 out of the door in north Houston, TX. Comes out to 32870+ 2055 (tax) +275(fees). Also great service from the dealer team( specially the sales manger). It was my first dealer I contacted but I couldn't resist and bought it on the spot. I hope it was a good deal. Got The loan from PenFed to get this price.
  • sbpceap1sbpceap1 Posts: 5
    Van2013's price for an XLE sounds much better than what the dealer offered to mmuller2 (post#12178, above), but you have to consider the Toyota rebate. In some of the Gulf states it is $2000, while where I am in the Northeast the rebate is $750. For some of us, it may pay to travel!!!
  • borik1234borik1234 Posts: 5
    Just took a delivery on a base (the only options were mats, mudguards and couple more minor things) XLE AWD for $33K + D&H + Taxes.

    We were considering paying extra $2K for Navigation and BSM but decided we can live without them - would have been $35K otherwise

    Both prices include the Toyota $1K rebate.

    Wasted several days dealing with Stevenson Toyota East - and ended up getting this price at Autonation in about 20 min.
  • sammycccsammyccc Posts: 13
    The price seems pretty good. Where is the dealership? Thank you.
  • How is this deal? $36250 with premium navigation, roof cross bars, door sill protectors.

    Northern Los Angeles County.
  • SouthEast Michigan deal:
    got costco pricing at 32,495.00. Dealer said that's 300 below invoice, won't budged when I asked for another 500 off, so I walked out. They called back today, willing to drop 350 more to bring me back. This is set in stone, no way in hell they are dropping 500, that's made very clear. This would bring me of 2934 below MSRP. Should I take this deal? This is for XLE 2013 with add on of floor mats, roof rack, and lower body molding.

    I read the post by van2013, and he got 6148.00 off MSRP??? I have no clue how that is even possible. I'm breaking teeth just to get close to 2900 below MSRP. I used costo pricing to set the bar, but it's no where near the deal van2013 got. Heck, it's cheaper to by it in Houston and ship it to Michigan (800 shipping cost).

    Anyone feel Van2013 deal is extraordinary? truecar average saving is about 3K off MSRP.
  • oddie225oddie225 Posts: 5
    I got quote for a fwd xle with navigation package, roof cross bar, door molding for 36200 otd in Southern Cal. Does anyone know how much more can I negotiate?
  • van2013van2013 Posts: 5
    For those of you having hard time negotiating a good deal, you can always try They are in MD, their standard price is about 5k off MSRP and they used to ship cars to other states (I'm not sure if they still do). Few years ago I considered buying from them but I was able to get a reasonable deal in Houston. The link below is for the XLE prices. Good luck everyone. If you are closer to Houston, let me know and I'll send you to the man who sold me my van, you maybe able to get a good deal also. ls=Sienna&Trims=5dr+8-Pass+Van+V6+XLE+FWD+&Styles=&Prices=&Regions=ALL&Stores=&K- eyWordSearch=&Sort=Price-DESC&inventoryGrid_length=10&Wholesale=&UseCriteria=tru- e
  • those are all very good prices, I wonder why my dealership would let me walk out, when they could have dropped 500 buck less and probably would still make some profit.
    Quick question tho, why did you need to get a loan when Toyota have 0% down, 0% interest for 60 months.

    I could wait for a better deal, but by taking the 0% now, I think it will save a lot in the long run.

    decision time! :)
  • superabsurdsuperabsurd Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Van2013, could you please let me know your dealer? I live in north Houston and am looking for a 13 sienna XLE. Thanks!
  • van2013van2013 Posts: 5
    In June, the incentives was 0 percent or $2000 from Toyota, I got a 0.74 percent from PenFed and the lower price, the numbers work out better this way. I'm not sure what are the incentives this month it could be different. Good luck.
  • van2013van2013 Posts: 5
    Gullo Toyota in Conroe. Good luck.
  • wow, that's a nice rate from Penfed. Right now, they offers 0% or 1500 cash back. Assuming that I would get the lowest rate at 1.99 (with credit score of 801), it would put my interest around 646.65. So, taking the 1500.00 cash back incentive makes sense. Still not as sweet as the 2000 cash back tho. You got a hell of a deal, buddy.
  • I've tried to get one at or slightly below invoice (at least according to edmunds invoice pricing) at two dealerships so far and I had to walk out after making this offer (31000 OTD).
    This would be divided:
    $28950 for the car
    $240 fees
    $1810 taxes

    Take the current $2000 rebate off that and it would mean I'd get the car for $26950. But although Edmunds suggests this is below invoice, Truecar seems to indicate this is only slightly below average for my area on this model.
    What does anybody else think?
  • oddie225oddie225 Posts: 5
    edited July 2013
    Just got a 2013 xle 8 seat with navigation, door molding, roof cross bar, carpet/door seal for a few hundred lower than 35700. Had to walk out the door to get them to lower the few hundred. Bought from Tustin Toyota, Daniel Tsai. also got the 100k miles 7yr extended warranty for 1900 and 55k miles/5 year prepaid maintenance for 800. Hope I got a good deal.
  • oddie225oddie225 Posts: 5
    Just got a 2013 xle 8 seat with navigation, door molding, roof cross bar, carpet/door seal for a few hundred lower than 35700otd. Had to walk out the door to get them to lower the few hundred. Bought from Tustin Toyota, Daniel Tsai. also got the 100k miles 7yr extended warranty for 1900 and 55k miles/5 year prepaid maintenance for 800. Hope I got a good deal. MSRP is 36800.
  • kf2009kf2009 Posts: 2
    I live in dallas texas. does any1 know any toyota dealer in dallas will match price?
    Fitzmall 2013 toyota sienna se with sunroof for $31,500.
  • depechekdepechek Posts: 3
    Hi Van2013. Wondering if I may get your salesperson's name. I am out of Houston looking for a similar deal on a XLE.
  • van2013van2013 Posts: 5
    First name is Tomas, I can't post his last name per the rules.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    edited August 2013
    Now 2013 Odyssey is cheaper. Is there still a good reason to buy sienna?
  • I had a 2003 Odyssey, purchased new. It was my only vehicle that, despite being meticulously maintained, never made it to the 100K mile mark. The transmission started slipping, and with the added (expensive!) Honda timing belt replacement requirement, I had to trade it in for next to nothing. I purchased my Odyssey based on Honda's reputation, but my older Chrysler minivan gave me longer service. I am done with Honda! Now, with the 2013 Odyssey's 6-cylinder engine that shuts down one or two cylinders for fuel efficiency, I would definitely avoid this historically troublesome engine design! I purchased the more expensive Sienna hoping for better long-term service. Time will tell. If I didn't purchase the Sienna, I would purchase the even cheaper Dodge Grand Caravan before I would allow Honda's dirty little secret (under-engineered transmission design) to cost me thousands of lost dollars again.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    Thanks for sharing your story. I have heard similar stories. Seems like the older odyssey indeed has transmission problems. Maybe the new one will not have this problem? Nobody knows..

    I still feel the odyssey is more refined compared with sienna though...
  • 2013 sienna XLE and above has Smart key which is major convenience for parents with babies or young toddler. It also has 2 yr maintenance and 0% 60 month finance. I chose Sienna because of the Smart Key. 2014 Odyssey would be a better choice with a higher price, no finance, or discount.
  • oddie225oddie225 Posts: 5
    edited August 2013
    Odyssey also has brake disc issue where the disc wears out unevenly and cause vibration when braking above highway speed. Sienna doesn't handle as well as Odyssey. Sienna also doesn't have complete flat floor when 2nd row seats are removed. The sliding mechanism stays on the car, while Odyssey floor is flat when 2nd row seats are removed.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    edited August 2013
    2013 XLE base with dealer installed floor mats, cross bars and door sill protection.

    $33,000 OTD (including 6% MD tax) with 0% financing.

    Very nice dealership and I feel it's a fair price too.
  • jombjomb Posts: 3
    Hi Oddie225,

    what was your APR? did you get cash back w/ that cost?

    was 35700OTD final cost you got? I am dealing w/ other dealers, but they didnt reduce the cost!!!
  • pooch2pooch2 Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase or lease a toyota sienna xle so far my purchase price has been34,819 thats 3,766 below msrp thats in NJ does anyone know of a better deal? I am also considering leasing I appreciate the help.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    Is it base XLE? If it is the price could be lower. At this price why not get an odyssey?
  • I have a quote of got 31,100 (+ Tax and Fees) for Odyssey for 2013 base EX-L base and 32,500 (+Tax and fees) for 2013 XLE Sienna. Still looking. Does your price of 34,819 includes taxes, fee and registration? I am in NJ as well....maybe we can combine our efforts :)
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